CASA & IRMO Community Theatre 2015

¡Hi! I’m Lucía and I’m the director of IRMO. IRMO is an organisation based in South London; we work mainly with the Latin American community in several educational, advisory and campaign projects. We work with children, young people and adults. IRMO has been working with CASA for several years and this is the first time we do a joint job with this community theatre project. It’s honestly been a fantastic experience, we have finished today with a short presentation of both groups and well… I’ve had a great time! In four mornings we have put together this improvised short play, putting together everyone’s improvisations. Something very important is that none of us had previous acting experience, we all started from scratch. We were 5 people in total; we prepared during two weekends a play to present today. I love being part of it and I hope they keep carrying out different activities like this, to continue taking part of all the things CASA does. My time with CASA started in 2013 and it has been a wonderful trip, full of experiences, meeting people, learning What I liked the most were the games; concentration, energy, sending energy, filling yourself up with energy. It has given me so much confidence. I have loosen up, as I am a bit shy. Very nice! I liked the part of the inner way, finding more about myself. Overcoming stage-fright. Sharing with other people, learning from their experiences and from all the techniques they taught us during the process. It’s this. Isn’t it? The desire, the enthusiasm, the joy of all the people who make this possible and, it was a great experience! I’m Gaël, I’m from CASA Festival and I was directing the IRMO group. It was a wonderful experience for me because it is the first time that I work with a community group, I usually work with professional actors and… It was a wonderful experience! The idea is to give the Latin American community the opportunity to participate more on theatre and acting. People who have never had the chance to make theatre before and who might become actors, or might use what they have learnt in their own lives. Let’s see… wait, wait, wait, pause it! Cut!

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