Cast Talks Mozart and Salieri in AMADEUS

“Amadeus” is about one of the greatest composers
that ever lived, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart… And a really, really good composer called Antonio Salieri. Antonio Salieri becomes incredibly jealous of this brilliant genius that suddenly comes into his midst and decides he’s going to attempt to sabotage this young man. One of the things about Mozart…he’s so naive and loving in this play. He wants desperately to be loved and to love other people. And he wants to be understood and he sees somebody who is giving him accolades and giving him support and giving him what seems like genuine affection, and he believes it. I think when you’re faced with the fact that everyone is saying how wonderful you are and then you see that dude over there and they’re
going, “that person is better…you just don’t know it.” That devalues what that person is saying about you and I can see that as a soul-crushing thing. When the audience comes to see this show, I think they’re going to get past the aristocracy of it. They’re going to get past the stylization
of it and the period of it, and they’re going to see human beings on stage working to get what they want. There’s this whole speech that Salieri has
about how, at the end of the day it was our music that filled your afternoons, and was the background to your weddings and to your funerals. And we were there when you gave birth and we were there when you passed. And it was our music that supplied the backdrop to your entire life. It has a little bit of everything. You got a lot of music, it’s a very funny
play. It’s obviously a very intense, dramatic play. I love big ideas. I love discussing them. And there’s no place I like discussing them
more than on the Folger stage. It’s about people who have incredible passions
and have jealousy and have desires and just are trying to fight for dreams. The set is amazing. The costumes are amazing. If you’re in any way a fan of Mozart and his music, which is some of the finest music ever written. If indeed you are a fan of live
theater performed at one of the best theaters in the nation, you gotta come and see AMADEUS at the Folger.

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