Casting Hall Productions Presents First Regional Performance of ‘The Color Purple’

So in 2015
revival of this show came to Broadway that was even more successful than the
original version from 2005. We’re the first company in the region that is
doing the revival version of the show, and really, were the only college in the
region that would be able to cast the show. It’s really student driven… they’re
building the sets they’re painting, they’re hanging the lights, working on
the focus. It’s a simple set. The only thing we’re using is chairs to
represent every location, and so the story pops out instead of fantastic
scene changes that really bogged the original down. The opening number of the
song says, “when the king threw Daniel in the loin’s den”, and so like all
those little ad-libs that the church ladies say, it’s the story of Celie. It’s
a juxtaposition, a metaphor, and so who’s the king and who is Daniel? I’m Daniel
being thrown into the lion’s den, and the King you say it’s Mister. It’s all, you know, or
whatever, life. You could say it’s life! This show really chronicles the story of
a time in America that is basically no been told. Specifically you know the lives of
African Americans post-slavery really like 20 years after that time. It’s usually
a time that’s rarely told, so the fact that this story really you know puts a
shining light on that part of history. As an artist I’m, I was, you know very
attracted to that. It’s about letting your inner truth be you know speak
numbers it’s about loving who you are and overcoming the circumstances that
surround. I think with a lot that’s going on today we need to really find that
inner beauty that’s within all of us and our show really captures that, the Color
Purple really captures what’s really inside of us, what’s inside of
each of us. It’s beautiful, it’s all very beautiful! MUSIC

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