Catherine Brings The Drama After Stealing Colton FOUR Times! | The Bachelor US

I think the first-impression rose
will go to the person that he hasn’t been able to get out of his head and
she’s honest a big deal yeah I’m gonna exile no no I personally don’t feel like
there’s competition these girls they’re just like beautiful statues there’s not
much substance to them so I’m confident I’m gonna make the best impression on
him hey ru Oh Chris is doing a good job of washing after your dog come on Lucy
come on do your business come on so what do you think about Lucy she
really you could tell that she really loves you you know I’m putting her in
your hands yeah and I hope that you’re worth it you
always can tell if like a dog doesn’t like somebody that’s a little bit of a
red flag yeah we have to win this but there’s a household of – yeah absolutely
where are you from Fort Lauderdale so we did the boats and the beaches and the
wakeboarding and fishing I love a good adventure like that amazing
mind if I borrow you arrested yeah for sure
talk to you later it was nice chatting with you yes of course I’ll see you
later see you later all right good we going
down here I was so quick Wow my conversation with Colton was very
short we were interrupted look at these I thought we could drawn them together
and make little bachelor shoes yeah I’ve never had to fight for somebody’s
attention before but you know I go after what I want and I am drawn to Colton I
think this is our moment to like connect and ideally fall in love create this
whole entire amazing lifestyle together and so we need to spend a little bit
more than a couple of minutes with each other excuse me I’m so sorry to
interrupt we were just only had a few minutes
earlier and I just wanted to talk to you a little bit more can we can we color
for a few more minutes and then I’ll pass them along to you I’m sorry I just
really think we need to finish our conversation okay
Oh bratty oh we got a girl that already she’s already so you literally just
talked to him yeah you want to go back up there sure I didn’t mean to interrupt
your coloring but I think our conversation might be a little more
important all right seriously she’s ready I think Katherine’s being very
disrespectful to everyone in the house right now because everyone’s trying to
have their first impression with him yeah a lot of people haven’t talked to
him at all and so I feel like Katherine deserves a taste of her own medicine I
got interrupted way too soon and I just wanted more about you bitches hopefully
have some more time later enjoy your time together how do you like my snorkel
I love it ideally in the ocean looking at a
beautiful reef is probably why I’d be wearing a snorkel other than that I
probably wouldn’t put a snorkel on I think it was just a little tacky I
really appreciate talking here I’m in in with the snorkeling yes and also I am
CPR certified okay under practice not to mouth resuscitation you know where to
find me all right good that’s good I don’t know if she was
trying to intimidate me or if she was trying to get me off my game but I’m not
gonna let it faze me I’m here to get to know Colton he is my priority and if I
want to talk to him again I’m gonna talk to him again excuse me hi again
how are you do you mind if I interrupt um sure all right okay I’ll see you soon
all right third time’s a charm huh I think so good to see you are we gonna
go to our spot up here we until here it’s fine have you had a good night did
you have a good talk with him and then Catherine cut in she sold me Kagan yeah
he was like third time’s a charm you know what he said that oh I think it
was frustrating for all this year we were all like wait what I would not feel
comfortable sealing him for a second time right now because I have respect
for the other disadvantages everybody else that’s here no one right now is
happy with Catherine’s aggressiveness because a lot of girls still haven’t
gotten their time with him yet hi this is complete good conference doing like
honestly like girl stop with this Catherine can I steal you for a second
real quick sure I got the drummer someone I like get some fresh air and
chat a little bit wait those who were talking and do you
think that they’re having a confrontation I absolutely do so how do you feel like your time with
Colton was too short yeah yeah so I’m kind of catching one from other girls
and um just because you’ve stolen Colton three times already
mm-hmm it’s definitely rubbing people the wrong way I think it almost looks a
little desperate and I don’t know if you haven’t had like good conversations with
him but I think it’s important that you let other girls like take time you can
I’m sorry if I stepped on those toes and I’m sorry if I like insulted anyone or
was too aggressive or you bit you I looked at desperate which is hilarious
by the way but like you know what I mean like he’s my priority
corns everyone’s priority I’m just saying like respect everyone I don’t
think that I have disrespected anybody my time with him is very short I spoke
with him probably for 30 seconds the first time maybe like it wasn’t 35 it
wasn’t 30 seconds I know you think is but it was longer but it really was not
longer than like 30 seconds or a minute okay I don’t laugh like no I mean I I
know I took him from you and I waited a long time made sure you had like plenty
of time to talk to him before I went in so Lee isn’t I don’t want to argue with
you I’m like the least argumentative person definitely I do not want any like
bad blood I just yeah you don’t want bad blood so honestly I’m looking out for
you at this point and I get that that’s why I understand that people are upset
that I’ve talked to him a couple of times young people haven’t I’m here to
keep it real yeah with you with Colton with everyone
here so we’ll just love that honestly I feel good about this conversation like I
hope you do I hope you know where people how people feel if you don’t have haters
or not doing something right yeah yep I feel like become bruised you went well
all right well that was a good chat even though she was a little defensive I
think that I got through to her and she won’t be selling Colton again thanks for
letting me know so I got something for you
find the silver lining cuz it’s really it’s really really hard to be like in
the situation knowing having to make those really hard decisions me hi can I
have another few moments with you oh okay okay thank you yeah thank you hi again how are you
amazing good what’s the four times a charm
as I was walking away Colton was like oh fourth time’s the charm and I was like
whoa yeah really really so I was just talking to Colton so that’s great but I
got interrupted and I what is her name one her brother dogs Kathryn interrupted
I walked away and he said fourth time’s the charm
four times that’s unheard of I think everyone should get a chance to have
time to talk to him everyone so and I told her that what the hell I can’t like
she’s sold coming in like I thought we had a great conversation we hugged it
out afterwards and everything but obviously she doesn’t care at all for
tonight except it’s a little excessive for sure not even a little like
excessive actually excessive it’s really frustrating because I have been waiting
patiently and being respectful to all the other girls to get my time and
Catherine’s just being straight up rude how is it possible that someone can
interrupt so many times there’s so many people nothing that’s
right a lot of girls have not talked to him yet so they’re already in a panic oh
my gosh so nerve-wracking because you don’t get time you’re probably going
home you


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