[This video contains indirect advertisements] [A hero web drama closely related to life]
[HONG IK SUPER] My superpower is… Oh dear!
Is it a blackout? Myeongan! Yoo Myeongan! – My superpower is…
– What’s that? I think a flashlight is brighter.
I’ll trip! My eyes are dry right now. That’s right… This is it
for my superpower. It’s not an amazing laser or a blinding ray. I can use it when it’s dark, but… Ah! It stings! …it’s useless when bright. My family consisted of mostly merchants
who did business. [“There’s no language I don’t know”]
My ancestors were born with different powers. [Na Busang (1753-1802)]
[the pioneer of quick delivery] [“I move faster than anyone”]
They were perfect powers for merchants at the time. [“My head is better than an abacus.”] [Na Kyesan (1912-1972)]
[“The pleasure of flicking an abacus”] But my superpower…
How will it help with business? – You punk. I didn’t hit you. Don’t freak out.
– You’re going to hit me. I won’t. I won’t hit you. Let’s just all share together and make the world
a better place. Mister, I don’t have anything. I used up all my allowance this month.
I really don’t have money. Hey! You need a beating today. Here and there. Up and down. Side to side.
You need to be evenly beaten for your mind to be cleared! It’s going to hurt a bit!
Here it goes! Are you…HONG IK MAN from the supermarket? How dare you harass a good citizen? I will not forgive you for violating
the spirit of HONG IK MAN! HONG IK MAN, I’m going to go blind! More! More! More! Wait, hold on… What? What?
Hold on. That’s it?
Turn off the flashlight. Is it this? You’re a flashlight man.
Flashlight. Hey, dance. This is a club!
Fantastic baby! That’s it? This is…it. I don’t want even an amazing superpower. – Just not one that I’m embarrassed to talk about.
– I got scared for nothing. I’m scared someone will find out. If it’s a superpower like this,
it’s better to just not have one. I’m not the right person to continue
working at HONG IK SUPER. So… I will get a job. I will get a job! I will get a job. Myeongan! – What?
– I’m in trouble. I can’t work anymore! [EPISODE. 4]
[It’s Yeonhee! Yeonhee is here!] [7-year old Yeonhee]
Yeonhee, who I grew up with… [High school Yeonhee]
has never been anything but first in school. [College Yeonhee]
She has a brilliant mind. But for several years,
I lost contact with her. [But…Yeonhee is back.]
Seo Yeonhee… It’s Yeonhee. Yeonhee is here.

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