[CC/FULL] Switch EP01 (1/3) | 스위치

(Baek Joon Soo,
Supreme Prosecutors’ Office) All the gamblers are having
a field day today. – Get going.
– Okay. – I was trying to get this.
– All right. – Hey, miss.
– I’m staking everything here. – How do you know that?
– Hold on a second. It’s about time. I’m going all in. I’m raising you. Hey, don’t look. Thank you. 30,000. One. Ta-da. Here I go again. I won again!
How did I end up with this again? I can’t believe him.
He’s been raking all of our money. Gosh, I’m thirsty. I need a drink.
Oh, I have one here. He just said he was trying
to mix his colors too. I wasn’t supposed to take
money from him then. Be quiet. Start shuffling. This is the problem
with Korean prosecutors. They are blinded by their ambition
that they only care about big cases. They aren’t interested
in arresting con artists. Everyone is gambling away
their money over there. Where are all the prosecutors? Hence, my presence here, right? You’re right, sir. The prosecution is the problem. Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a beauty! I knew it. It’s my lucky underwear. Like this one. See? I can’t
forget about my lucky underwear. Wait, I lost? No, my money! Hey, your tiles are different
from the last time I saw them. Are you conning us? What? You conned us? What? Hey, pig. Stop talking nonsense. Bye, everyone. You scumbags! You’re with him, aren’t you? What are you talking about?
I lost too. No, no. – Who are they?
– What’s going on? Hey, guys. How do I say,
“Spare my life” in Chinese? “Spare my life.” “Spare my life.” – “Spare…”
– You… Who are you? We’re from Seoul Central District
Prosecutors’ Office. We received a report there is
an illegal gambling at the premises. I’m afraid
you must have been mistaken. Our boss is having an important
meeting with his friends. Do rich people talk with pistols? Move in. – How dare you, you jerks!
– Move aside! Stop resisting! How dare you con me? Sir, you must get out
of here quickly. Prosecutors are here. – Hey, everyone.
– Don’t move. This way! – Get the money.
– Hey. – What’s going on?
– Round all of them up. – There are more over here.
– Move! Get up. – Stop it, and get out of there.
– Get on with it. – Hands.
– You got the wrong idea here. Hands on your head.
Put your hands behind your head. – I’m taking everyone in.
– My husband is going to kill me. My goodness. Oh, dear me. I’m not part of this. Murder on top of illegal gambling? – Arrest everyone in here!
– Yes, sir. Sir. – Mr. Kim, get him.
– Yes, sir. Hey! Get up here! I’ll catch you. Jump! Hold on. – Sir.
– Hey. Run! – Stand still.
– Take everything as evidence. Arrest them all and bring them
to Seoul. – Yes, sir.
– Yes, sir. Hand over your bags. – What about the ones who fled?
– We lost them. You lost them? They took a boat and ran far,
far away. Far away? Then they won’t be back. Okay. The guests are gone. Let’s finish up and go! Good job. Use something with a little less
fire power. I almost really died. I’m telling you.
You’re the best button. (Button: A con term for a fake raid,
sending away the target) It should be about
three million dollars. Do Chan is the master of setting. (Setting: A pre-planned scenario) Use it sparingly. Cons are short, but life is long. I love you. Everyone, come collect your pay! (Baek Joon Soo,
Supreme Prosecutors’ Office) Sir, it’s Baek Joon Soo. (Chief Prosecutor) Hi. Actually, you’ve been
transferred back to Seoul. I’m on my way to Seoul now. Already? It isn’t until next week. I convinced him… to hand over the goods. Who? Nam Seung Tae? Where are you meeting him? Just a minute. (Switch) (A Con Artist’s Heart
Beats Slowly) Stand right there. You laughed at me,
you crazy witches! No, we weren’t laughing you. What’s your problem? Hey. Who do you think you are
to look down on me? We weren’t laughing at you. You’re driving me insane. This is insane. Hey you. What are you looking at? Hey, hey. This is so 18th century.
Did you forget it’s 2018? Did you think they’d go,
“You’re so hot”… if you hold up a knife, you loser? And who are you? Get lost, you freak. Sorry, but… you seem a bit too small… to uphold your male ego. You unendowed loser.
Stop showing off your strength. Why you… You crazy little brat. I’ll kill you. You’re dead. Be a good boy. Thank you. – Thank you.
– Sure. Hello, sir. Pardon? Ms. Oh, is there a problem? I don’t have my ID.
Please let me in. You need to go over there
and fill out the form. Ma’am! What happened to Joon Soo? What do we do? Joon Soo was in
a big car accident… Where? How?
How badly was he injured? He collided with a truck.
He fell into the ocean… He’s in surgery. What do we do? Where is he? The commonality between
the pieces is that… the artist was deeply influenced
by Kandinsky. – I see. Kandinsky.
– Yes. The composition of simple colors
and shapes… is a true expression of Suprematism. The fun thing is, they say
with Kandinsky, you can hear the music
when you look at his work. Is there anything you don’t know,
Mr. Geum? Let’s move onto the next room. Please, Joon Soo. Joon Soo. Joon Soo, please be okay. Right when he was coming up
to see Nam Seung Tae. – Nam Seung Tae?
– Yes. – Sir.
– Yes? I don’t think this was an accident. What? Those jerks. What do we do? What now? What do we do about Joon Soo?
Joon Soo… Joon Soo. Don’t you dare die. Why would he die?
Joon Soo won’t die, you punk. Didn’t you hear the doctor? His life isn’t in danger. He’ll shake it off and get up.
Right? Thank you so much for being alive.
I am so relieved. How are you relieved? They pushed a prosecutor
into the ocean. I won’t forgive those scumbags. Of course, we can’t forgive them. Those rotten scumbags. What will you do? What else? I need to first report
what happened… They tried to kill a prosecutor. – If they find out he’s alive…
– If they do? We need to move him
where nobody will know. This will work, right? Don’t worry. The director of
the hospital is a friend of mine. He said he’s going to
keep it a secret. Don’t worry. (Gapyeong Clinic) (Restricted Area) Fish and people are just the same. They flounder to survive. What happened? I did as you instructed,
but there’s a small problem. What problem? When the car was pulled out,
the door was open. And no one was inside the car. I didn’t check the body myself, but I think he drowned. You think? That means it’s a speculation. Do you know what the biggest catch
for fishermen is? It’s the fish that got away. (Identification, Baek Joon Soo) (Nam Seung Tae) Hello? Who is this? Is this Nam Seung Tae? Hi, my name is Oh Ha Ra. I’m Prosecutor Baek’s colleague. Where’s Prosecutor Baek? He was in a small accident.
I will meet you in his place. I won’t trust anyone but him. Come in. Hey, did you look
into the truck driver? I did, but his ID and name were all fake. Even the footage is blurry. – What about Nam Seung Tae?
– I just got off the phone with him. He will only meet with Joon Soo. I’m stepping out for a moment. I can pack some soju
for our trip to China, right? You should cut down on drinking. – Hey, come on. Hurry up.
– No! My gosh. You guys are so lame.
They have better drinks over there. You guys are so lame.
They have better drinks over there. I just need to change. – Hurry up then.
– Do Chan… Oh, you’re ready. (Baek Joon Soo,
Supreme Prosecutors’ Office) You were amazing. I like cash,
but it’s just too heavy. Do Chan, take a look at this. (“A Diplomat Charged with Smuggling
Drugs Commits Suicide”) Who is that? – He looks just like Do Chan.
– He does, doesn’t he? This was a year ago. I came across
it while deleting your record. This isn’t a result of
excessive use of force. The entire investigation
was carried out… within the confines of the law. What do you think?
Doesn’t he look just like you? Should we set you up
as a prosecutor? I’ll be anything but a prosecutor. Why not? (Baek Joon Soo,
Supreme Prosecutors’ Office) (Baek Joon Soo,
Supreme Prosecutors’ Office)


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