CE MEC… – Au cinéma

Do you know, this guy… Come on, this guy, right here… … at the cinema ! This guy at the cinema This guy on the phone at the cinema Yes, Hello? This guy who doesn’t wanna be alone AH! AH! Sir…? This annoying guy This very annoying guy Eh… ! Shh! This really too annoying guy That’s enough now ! This guy in front of Cineman This guy who cheats So you have the student card Yes But you’re not 35 ? Yes! Shhh This guy in front of a french movie Lieutenant, we’ve got a problem…the black people stink *laughs* And the Arabic people steal, and the Chinese people eat dogs! *laughs* This not very romantic guy You will see Vin Diesel in there He plays the role of a football goalkeeper That’s it. This guy who didn’t come to watch the movie Excuse me. Excuse me. Aah… they’re drooling! This guy in front of a 3D movie WOW!!! This guy who has seen the 3D film Did You like the 3D movie? This guy who wants to get the girl OH! First madame forgets her student card, 12,50€ For your mouth Then we take salty pop corn because She doesn’t like the sweet ones 7€. And now you turn the head? Then fuck off ! That’s mine I paid for that. And Will Smith dies at the end Yeah…! This guy who has to pee during the movie Excuse me I have to go to the bathroom Sorry Excuse me Sorry, sorry, bathroom! Sorry… This immature guy at the cinema This annoying guy HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO…. Eh,Eh…Shhht! This guy who laughs a lot Hahaha! This guy who laughs too much Excuse me, excuse me… Could you- *slap* This guy who drops something Sorry Sorry HAAAAAAAAAAAA I’m a moon kid STOP This guy does not have enough money Excuse me can someone tell me about the movie you saw Excuse me This guy who comes as a group. Excuse me can you shift please Yes, no problem. Thanks Uuuh… we are 17 Thanks This guy who types the subtitles This guy with his mom Your father used to take me like this 20 years ago AH… yes… This guy sound engineer It’s horrible, horrible I can’t . It’s so badly soundproofed We can clearly hear that they put the wrong compressors on the wrong tracks. It doesn’t bother people, they are watching bullshit and they like it This guy who likes to complain. I WANT TO SEE THE RESPONSIBLE !!! But who has a good reason These guys who entered in the wrong room This guy who went to the wrong building Excuse me sir, can I help you? Okay… This nice cinema agent. For sensitive souls I warn you I advice you to close your eyes. …but clumsy There is a terrible suspense but Tom Hanks ends up swallowing it by … NO NO NO This guy who watches his own movie Wait,wait, open your mirrets you’ll see You’ll see action , you’ll see the waterfall Hop that’s me! Yes, yes that’s me! I swear that it’s me it was the real kind unbearable I was in mode Eh men You know the American Way You know how to do that, hey Me he told me you’re overreacting. This guy too comfortable Does it disturb you the clope? This guy too small Some popcorn? This guy who hits your seat This guy who likes to be hit in his seat, like this This guy who stays until the end of the credits And more if we hit it off Does it inspire you too ? Yes, yes This French super-hero. I’m Sandwich man I’m Spider-Man Always stealing the show and everything. We’re a team now …and he’s tasty Tree croissant for the price of two What you gonna do ? You don’t know this guy ? No ? You don’t know this guy that I’m talking about ? So it’s fine you can still euhh (Subtitles by Sara Souradi, Hanna Lamia and Mehdi Khelifi) You can subscribe to Seb’s channel and like the video if you enjoyed it Thanks for watching


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