Chal Mohan Ranga Theatrical Trailer | Nithiin | Megha Akash | Pawan Kalyan | Trivikram | Thaman S

What is your name?
– Megha. Megha Subrahmanyam. Miss Megha… It’s not Mega.. Me..Gha
stress on Gha. Mohan Ranga. There is no need to stress.
You can pronounce it easily. How am I looking?
– You look like Sunny Leone’s sister. It’s just your affection. You are comparing me to great people. Who whistled looking at me?
– As if you are Pawan Kalyan! If you feel cold in Ooty,
you should wear coats. But you shouldn’t try to hit on men. Tell me what is your problem? No liquor is available after
10 in the night doctor. Where did you come,
what are you doing and what are you talking? We came to Ooty, we are boozing
and we are talking in Telugu. This man who behaves like
Aloe Vera throughout the day, Is behaving like Che Guevara
once the night kicks in. Go away from here. This is the problem with you. You are the one who holds.. And you are the one who tells me to leave. I will climb on your back Hey! I will climb on your back Oh! He is wonder than wonderful!


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