Chalo Trailer | Naga Shaurya, Rashmika Mandanna | Ira Creations | Theatrical Trailer

You look like an educated person. Why are you here sir ? Its is a big story ! Sir I came from Hyderabad to study in this village. As I got down from the bus, this tiny idiot took me to a hotel for breakfast where Idly Sambar is tasty I’ve ordered Idly Sambar You country fruit, use a knife to cut lemon. You used a sickle, see how it got stuck in between. Are you mad ? Not mad sir, its grudge Telugu people shouldn’t go there, tamil shouldn’t come to this side. I’ve seen Basha movie yesterday night in tv Rajnikanth acted with ease in Telugu movie compared to the Tamil. Whats your opinion on Telugu people ? They are good people buddy. They are the ones who made Baahubali How many backlogs ? Three Your mouth is lying, but your hand is telling the truth 16 backlogs ? Mine can at least be shown with hands For yours, we have to use both hands and legs What happened next, sir ? Look there Seperate his head from body and get both the parts Kill him ! This is copied from Thani Oruvan and used in Telugu Cinema I hurted ! Its very interesting Whats wrong with this village, buddy ?


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