Chanakya Theatrical Trailer | Gopichand, Mehreen, Zareen Khan | Thiru | AK Entertainments

You read out RAW from left to the right. We read it out from right to the left. Then, RAW becomes WAR. Who will lead this operation? Arjun! Arjun Srikar. There are 1000 numbers in the list… You should at least make
500 loaners by this evening. Sir! It takes until evening to give
a missed call to 1000 people. Forget about the loan! – Do you have a girlfriend?
– No. – Boyfriend?
– I had a crush in ninth grade. I am not convinced no matter
what you say. Is your house an issue?
I will book a resort. We’ll do anything you say except that. O’ my Lord… I love you!! Who are you, Ramakrishna? Sir, Abdul Salem is coming out
for the first time in 10 years. Indians must have forgotten me. Send an order to our agents in Karachi. Tell them to kill Arjun if they find him. Shoot at sight. This is Karachi…
It is hard to capture Sohail. Boom!
Karachi is mine, Azam. There is death in his every step. As per records, you have
no relation with RAW. I want him alive… Bring me the bloody Indian now. Nobody went back to India alive
from Karachi after messing up with me. The one who doesn’t fear death
is not afraid of bullets, Qureshi.


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