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Raidu, good news. Your town tender has come to us Rs 200 crore contract on a
mere 3 lakhs bid difference Our Ganesh construction has got it A Rs 200 crore road contract
and we missed out for a mere 3 lakhs… to Ganesh constructions We need that contract,
no matter what it takes Boss, from this moment you may
think the contract is ours He should not be allowed
to enter this town Bash him and get me that contract Where is your boss? Who are you all? What do you want? l am engineer Kumar speaking. Someone has intercepted our
staff vehicle and are threatening us Who are they? What do they want? l don’t know who they are
and what they want Come soon sir! Where are you now?
-15 Kms from our place l’ll be right there Catch them! Don’t spare them Eashwar, you!
Are you alright? l’m fine When did you come from U.S?
How did you come here? l was coming from the airport,
l saw thugs chasing women How could l ignore that?
So gave them few thrashings So that is how, you are so trim! lf l am obese it may not look nice.
lf you are thin it won’t look nice My company staff. l got a call
saying they had a problem But you rescued them before l did
– Had he not come in time…? Now that he’s back
it’s gonna be great! Where is your beautiful wife
Mrs. Kailash Ganga? She is here Ganga…? Where is she?
She was right here Scared me Last year you introduced her to me
as your love Wasn’t she a reserved type?
So mischievous now? lt’s her mischief
that l like Come, let’s go home
-Go on, l’ll come in my car Mother is not happy with our marriage
nor with our Venkatapuram trip You must reason with her l’ll go and see father Sir, l am a psychiatrist
only because of you You brought up this orphan as
your own son. l can never forget that Though you are not with us
you will always live in our hearts Mom, greetings Come Eashwar…
so you find time to visit us? After your last year visit
you didn’t even make a call! l don’t care if you are
a great doctor Don’t worry, l am not going to
leave lndia for quite sometime l will make you all happy
and l will also remain happy You will make all those here happy.
But who will solve my problem? l will do it, don’t worry How did you say, what l had in mind? That is his speciality Looking at your face he would say
what is in your mind. He is not a mere doctor,
he is also an expert mind reader How else can he treat
confused psychiatric patients? Shut up Not a big deal. There is nothing
that cannot be achieved by practice What makes you think that the people
there will cause problems for Kailash ln his construction work?
-What do you know? l wanted to reunite his father’s family
by getting him married to his cousin But if they find out that he had
a love marriage like his father… they might do anything to this girl You think it’s funny? None of you know about Akilandeshwari Even her brothers are frightened of her She is such a terror She would surely harm
Ganga and take her revenge l am not going to stay in their house Then where? l have bought the Venkatapuram palace
l am going to stay there What, mother?
-As a kid… l heard lots about that palace
That is a dangerous place. For nearly 50 years
no one came forward to buy that Are you mad to buy that palace? Don’t worry about Kailash or Ganga.
l will ensure nothing happens to them l shall leave for Venkatapuram today.
My first task would be… to meet your relatives and console them.
l’ll also check the palace thoroughly Later l will decide whether these two
should stay there or not ‘Akhilandeswari House’ Dear, dear! Have you ever called me lovingly? You always alarm me! What is so urgent?
-Look! People and cars! They are coming here Come on in, sir.
He is a big textile businessman They have come to seek
your eldest daughter Priya My sister Akilandeswari takes
all decisions in this house Though Priya is our daughter
she was brought up by my sister l’ll come after consulting my sister Kasturi married my fiance, but now she
has forgotten the 30 year animosity… and seeks my daughter for her son So l have decided that he will be
my son-in-law Okay sister. Where is that businessman?
-They heard what sister said All the cars have taken an about turn.
-ls it? lt is 8 years since we are married.
ln all those l have not seen… anybody from your uncle’s family
-These families parted ways 30 years ago This wedding will reunite them.
You’ll see all of them Come soon, come Oh Lord!
Lord of Thirumala! Look at us Our folk’s hearts are diamonds.
Come on burnish it When all the powers are harnessed… this earth would turn a heaven Think for a while The tiller would smear legs in mud… so that we can lay hands on our food lf those who clean the drain… go on leave for four days,
the town would stink lf we don’t have hairdressers… how will our head burden reduce? lf there is no one to wash
clothes in river water… won’t our prestige go ruin? Which ever job you do,
work is worship This was said by Brahmamgaaru Let people say
anything about you… just listen through one ear
and push it out through the other Even if the cloud floats
or the crow flies… the sky won’t get dirtier Even if a ball is immersed in water
it would float… Even if you are sidelined
come on up, like a flower ball Can the crescent
changing to a full moon… be prevented by glow worms? Superb We don’t know when and
how son-in-law is coming Who let that bullock cart in? Who is that? Stop, stop! l say, stop! You don’t pay heed to
a respectable man! Don’t l look like a man?
-No, no Who are you? Why did you bring in a bullock cart?
We are expecting our son-in-law From Vizag, Kasturi madam’s…
-Son-in-law! We expected you by flight. And here you
come in a bullock cart, like a simpleton Look, l’m not your son-in-law Right. Not before the wedding Are you joking? l’m not your son-in-law. Well…
-Well, you are here now Oh, how do l explain?
l’m Kailash’s friend Eashwar Before l could explain over the phone
the line got disconnected Your mother called us and told us
to expect such excuses from you… because you would be embarrassed
to stay in our home My sister has taken Priya
to the Lord Shiva’s temple Son-in-law, stop lying now Oh! You useless fellow What are you looking at?
Burn the crackers! Where is son-in-law? My wife is also missing! -Excuse me! l am scared
of crackers. -Me too Where is she? l feel you are like my sister.
-l also feel… you are like my brother What bloody feeling? She is not the girl
you are going to marry l have already married her
and she lives with me lt is true we have been married
for 8 years and have no children So don’t shift your feelings
towards him, Swarna What? You and Swarna don’t
have children even after 8 years? He read my mind!
Good Lord! Simply gorgeous Enough. l am telling you once again,
she is my wife Son-in-law, if you talk to your uncle
he would talk for the whole day Come here l burst crackers for him,
but he drops a bomb on me He is praising her too much.
-l will praise her! Son-in-law, the bullock cart journey
must’ve been tiring Go take a shower and rest What, what is this?
-Brother, let us not have him here For what?
-We don’t need him here lf you allow him to enter, we may
lose many valuables. Be careful Don’t blabber.
-Am l blabbering? He is calling me over…
did he hear what l just said? You don’t like me
staying here, isn’t it? On my way here, l asked many people
about Venkatapuram palace Everyone was scared and
no one was prepared to help me So?
-lf you take me to the palace… l won’t stay here, otherwise…
-Otherwise? l will stay here.
-Oh no! l will take you there But you should do what you say.
-l will say only what l do Both are same. Shall we go?
Go inside, go! Even the gate gives me the creeps This is the Venkatapuram palace.
Now that you have seen it, let’s go Take off your hands.
-Why? Do you want to ride in? Come inside.
-Where? Come on!
-Buddy, l’m not going inside l won’t go inside, l swore to you!
lt’s not fair to force an elderly person Had l told you, you wouldn’t have come.
That is why l’m forcing you So informal?
-Right No good showing respect
to a cowardly old man l won’t go, even if you abuse me!
-Who stays here? l won’t tell.
-Swarna! A gardener and his grand daughter!
-Really? So why are you so scared? They don’t stay inside palace.
-But we’re going in You may go in! l’ll go back home.
-Why is that rope and log hanging there? Painting work is in process.
-Then, are there painters inside? Only one guy named Gopal.
He has been painting for a month A guy staying here alone for a month,
but we both are scared to go in? But he is from another village.
Had he known he would’ve fled lt is so dark in here
even in broad daylight Basavaiah, do you know the
history behind this palace? Does it mean history?
lnmates of this palace fled 50 years ago Now some fool has bought it
and is having it painted They can’t hide what is inside
by painting the outside Let us go now.
-OK, let us go Not inside but outside.
Look, an elephant head That is a buffalo’s head, Basavaiah.
-Buffalo? What do you think there is inside?
-Ghosts, they say Fools.
-Evil spirits, they say Cowards.
-A 30-feet snake, since 30 years! That is why, that Gopal…
-A snake, really…? He doesn’t work here beyond 4 p.m One day he boldly worked after 4 p.m… And that day, things strangely
started breaking suddenly Ever since, he leaves the palace
by 4 to 4:30 p.m Why should a guy with
so much fear work alone? Where is he?
Son in law! He ditched me! Oh God! He left me alone.
How will l go out? Send me out, Gopal
You will be blessed? He came with me,
and ditched me, murderer A lion! Brother..
look at me Say something…
please Didn’t l ask you not to take
him there? Just look at him.. He looks like one of those big shots,
frozen with a smile while being arrested What to do now? Sister…? Why is there a crowd here?
What happened? Greetings, l am…
-Where is our son in law? Where is my prospective son-in-law? When they said, you came by bullock cart… l knew that you were not my son in law -Because his son wouldn’t come like that.
-You said it right l tried to tell them
l am not the groom… but they don’t believe me But you’ve understood it on your own The groom has decided to buy
‘Venkatapuram Palace’ in this village He has sent me for that. l am his friend.
l’ve been brought up in his house My name is Eashwar.
-lmpossible! l won’t allow him to buy
the ‘Venkatapuram Palace’ lt’ll be dangerous for him to buy that For my daughter too,
who will marry him Well, lady. . .
l don’t know how to say this. His marrage with your daughter… There he comes He resembles his dad You? Son-in-law? Priya, come here.
You wanted to see your fiance He has arrived. Come and see him Who’s She? She is Ganga My wife His mother wanted him
to marry your adopted daughter… but due to certain circumstances,
Kailash had to marry Ganga What is this? People from big families
asked for my daughter’s hand… but l didn’t agree,
but you have deserted us Marriages and alliances are decided
by destiny. How can we control it? What a knowledge at such an young age? You are intelligent irrespective
of your age. Shake hand Let it be My marriage definitely would have
hurt you But l’ve come here only to
see you all. Pardon me -We shall leave now.
-Where? l’ve bought ‘Venkatapuram Palace’.
We shall be staying there You mean THAT palace?
Please don’t -Why? -l went to see it,
and l got a shock lf you buy it,
you’d be inviting trouble Uncle, you are all elderly,
this is what you believe Listen to me. Just like my uncle,
you also married an outside girl However, l won’t allow you to stay
in such a dangerous place Uncle, before coming here
Ganga and l visited that palace Nothing is scary over there like he said Don’t mistake me, l’ve been a gardener
in that palace for 40 years Even l’ve not gone inside that palace.
Please think and act l’ve bought that 50-crore worth
property for 5 crore rupees… l know that people believe that
it has some problems But l don’t believe it. l want my wife
Ganga to be the owner… of a palace instead of just a house.
That’s why l bought it ln case of any problems, we’ll deal
with it. You don’t worry Go stay there You may go and stay in that house Why do you stare? l stood against buying
that house. Are you wondering… why l am asking him to stay there? Not only them, but all of us
are going to stay there… until his contract gets over.
-Oh God! lf both of them go there alone and
something happens to them… his mom will mistake me thinking that
since he didn’t marry my daughter… we had sent him there
despite knowing everything Hence all of us will go and stay there
until everything is solved Correct.
-Nice of you. Let’s get her blessings No, Kailash
-Why? Not now Complete the contract,
then we all can get her blessings All these poojas won’t be
effective in this palace l’ve come along only to see your end Now that you have come,
just watch what happens Kailash, we are not staying
just because sister asked us to l don’t want you two to stay alone and
get into trouble, that’s why l agreed We would stay here till the end
only on one condition Tell me, what is it?
-On no account… should anyone go to the stairway behind Specifically no one should go to
the room in the southern corner You have decided to stay with us with
your family. Won’t l do at least this? We shall stay away from
that place for sure Now l am happy Oh God! What would l do? Why do they buy trouble
and decorate it nicely? l shouldn’t stay alone in the house.
l should always be with the others Basavaiah! Such a beautiful name. Why do you
call it in such a scary manner? Why do you create trouble?
-l have a sore throat l forgot to ask, what is
your zodiac sign? Why?
Just tell me Leo.
-Leo, really? Only one in a crore will
have this zodiac sign You are lucky Ghosts love that sign! Does it take so many people
to lift one cot? This is not any ordinary cot?
lt is an antique Made of Burma teak. lt takes
more than 2 people to lift it Bring your wife and come quickly We are going to visit the family deity.
lt’s your dad’s temple ln a bullock cart with the groom Why all of you are
coming in a bullock cart? Sir is a doctor in the U.S, he likes
to go only in a bullock cart Mercedes Benz is fine, but
the bullock cart has its own charm Well said
-Ramaiah, what are you doing here? My grand daughter is flying kites
with all the kids So l am here with her
-Who is she? That girl in a white sari
with black stripes l did kite flying at a very young age
-Yes Are you ready?
-Ready! Parrot, fly Peacock fly fly Myna fly fly Oh Mind! fly My Kite, fly away Fly like a swan lts only the sky No bounds, fly The flying kite can confront any rival This is super star’s kite! Pray Goddess Meenakshi… and ask money for the poor people Pray Lord Kailashanath… Give River Ganga which
requested by Telugu Mother You don’t have any rival
Like a Full moon… Fly and dance as you wish The wind is now favourable to us Open your wings and fly over the sky The sharpened kite flying thread… now, you don’t have any fear Think about the persons
who helped you to fly on the sky Even if you mingle in the stars… have thread support!
Carry on lt is no magic or mesmerising
you haven’t read any Vedas but you the way to go heaven Without doing any Pooja
you have born with blessings.. ..who made you this lucky? With desires at heart….. has your mind shown that way? Priest, this is my nephew Kailash He has bought the Venkatapuram palace Everyone is scared when a mention
is made about the palace What is there? What happened? About 100 to 150 years ago… King Venkatapathy lived in that palace He used to make a peculiar noise
when he arrives He would do anything to attain his goal.
He was such a brutal man Once when he had gone to
Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu… he met a dancer called Chandramukhi He was lured by her beauty and
wanted to make her his mistress But Chandramukhi did not agree Because she already loved
a dancer called Gunasekar Even after knowing that, the king
abducted her against her wishes Chandramukhi without the knowledge
of the king… made Gunasekar stay in
a nearby house and met him stealthily The King came to know about this.
On a Durgastami day… the king killed Gunasekar
right in front of her… in the banquet hall of the palace,
and he burnt her alive Chandramukhi had an untimely death
not doing anything wrong Her soul wanted to avenge the king The king knew about this and brought all
sorcerors from all over the country… and conducted prayers and sealed
Chandramukhi’s ashes in a pot He kept the pot in a room at the southern
corner of the palace and locked it After some years the king also died.
But Chandramukhi’s soul… is still waiting in that room
to avenge the king lt is said that there is a
king cobra there too Nobody knows how much of this
is true and how much is not 12 o’clock? This is the time
at which the ghosts come out They have all left me alone.
ls it a bedroom? lt looks like a big ground.
l accepted not knowing this Now my heart throbs while l sleep here Who is that? Oh God l didn’t do it, l didn’t do it lt is me, Basavaiah Why did you come at this time?
-Could not bear my wife’s snores At nights she walks like a devil,
she lies down like a ghost From the day l heard the
priest’s story l have lost my sleep Let us hug together and sleep here No.
-Expected. Are you not a doctor? Please clarify my doubts.
-What Basavaiah? Do ghosts exist? Have they ever seen one? Should l believe it or not?
l want to know this Why do you turn so often?
lt seems the priest is better than you Do ghosts exist? ls there any
indication of a ghost coming? There are typical indications.
-Like? A fox howls at a distance Really, l can hear the sound there Did l ask?
-No The breeze blows wild,
the trees sway… the windows rattle… l can hear this sound there Did l ask?
-No A faint smell of jasmine… Jasmine!
-Why are you shouting? Ok, the wind will carry jasmine smell Yes l can smell the jasmine fragrance Did l ask?
-No Just hear the story, no cross questions lf you do… what is this?
-Adam’s apple l will pluck it out Then… What? What?
-Anklet Oh God l hear the anklet sound also Did l ask?
-No Then a smoke like image in
white attire comes up lt’s showing up! Where?
-There Why do you laugh like a woman?
-Not l. The ghost is laughing Where?
-There lt’s gone You have mistaken my grandpa’s dhoti
swinging in the wind for a ghost Have you not learnt anything?
-Me scared? Me?
-Yes Basavaiah and l were rehearsing
for a drama. What is you name? Why?
-Just to know Durga.
-Oh gosh What? What an arrogant girl.
l will take care of her later lt’s all because of him He damaged my image
before a beautiful girl Having done all this
see how he is sleeping Stop it! What is this?
Early morning can’t you find… any other place to teach music?
lt has become a big nuisance with you At nights you walk with anklets,
laugh frighten us, and ruin our sleep Early morning you sing and wake up
all the those who are sleeping This is not right. l came here
to rest, l have lost my peace Kids, why do you scream like this?
Go, watch good movies in TV Look here, Darga…
-Durga! lf you want to teach music,
go to a temple… or school, or a hall or river side
don’t do it here My friend has bought
this palace shelling out crores ls this palace meant for you
to teach music? No, change your location tomorrow.
lf l hear the sound again… l will drive you and
your grandfather away Look, what ever you do, the
music classes will be held right here From tomorrow it would be more noisy lf you have decided to go
from this house what can l do? lf l am to forgo my music
l don’t want to live in this place She’s an orphan. A bit short tempered
but doesn’t take anything to heart Until you leave this place l will ask
her not to conduct classes here l beg of you Don’t You may be a modern girl and
would like to see what’s up there But in such matters
you should listen to elders Come downstairs Who is that? You? What are you doing here
at this time? l couldn’t sleep so l thought l’d
come here for some fresh air Love? Are you in love?
-How do you know? lt is evident from your face The day your dad asked you
to come and see your groom… you were unperturbed and calm.
l knew then itself you were in love Tell me, who he is? Viswanath. Dance professor.
He lives there l see. Good selection.
-Do you know him? l know him, l also know who
made him stay in that house Have you expressed your love?
-Yes What did he say?
-He asked my dad to come Didn’t you tell him about it?
-l am scared Then how will your love succeed?
What’s your dad’s name? Krishnaswamy Your daughter is in love here,
and you are sleeping? Hey Mustache! Oh God Why are you here at this hour?
-Nothing, just came for some fresh air… Fresh air? Get lost What are you doing here at this time?
-Alliance Alliance?
-Ok, research Research?
-Love First this doctor should be
driven out of the house, isn’t it? l told you this that day itself.
You are late He is interested in that girl.
My wife is saved A bachelor has one worry, whereas
a married man has many worries Look here 1001st worry He’s just so accurate…! Grandpa, it’s 9 o’clock and yet
no one has come They won’t come.
-Why not? Baby is here.
Where are the others? The uncle who scolded you yesterday,
gave us money… and asked us not to come for classes.
He asked us to go and watch a movie Until he goes back it would be better
not to conduct music classes Durga Because you don’t like me
teaching music… you stopped them from
attending the classes? You can only give them money
and send them for movies But can you buy music
with your money? l have already bought it My harmonium?
-l bought all these instruments Except this box. Your grandpa
gave me this trivia, free of cost Music is like Saraswathy lt’s in the blood by birth Arrogant people like you will not
understand its importance ever You will never… understand! You…
-Look here Darga Don’t curse me, it might come true.
Not for the sake of this box! You may take it.
-This one? l won’t touch the harmonium
used by you Beautiful sky has danced…
Oh doll! This is a lullaby by God.
Oh doll! Listen! lt’s the song that pervades This song also has given by Lord Shiva l kissed Lord Shiva’s foot! He had kept me in people’s heart River flowing sound
in a rainy season… can hear the river melody Jasmine buds… ..gently attunes melody Music must make one dance… and music must make one hear Music should touch our hearts
lt would make us to touch the sky Hearing this music the earth
would always orbit Tying little cradles a mother’s
lullaby is also music Man and woman on cot
attuning melody of desires… is the music of love Universe is filled with wonders lt would be a worry
if you don’t know that? You and me are…. ..nothing in front of the God There’s no one who knows everything Fantastic! You were wonderful You have made us dance.
-He does everything nicely What do you think about Eashwar? At a time…he can answer 10 different
questions posed by 10 different people He’s not an ordinary man.
He’s extraordinary What are you watching?
Go inside Why do you look there?
-Super style A Wiseman does not require advice A capable man does not
require advertisement Through your song
you have taught me a lot Forgive me A message for doctor Eashwar You’ve got an e-mail What happened?
-One of your patients is serious Wants you to return.
-ls it a bad news? ls it not? You said you will
stay here for a month But within 6 days you
have been called back Kailash, a doctor can wait
for the patient… but a patient should not
wait for the doctor. l’m leaving What Eashwar? Eashwar will appear Sir, l am leaving.
-Really? Take this Now l am happy. Happy that
you’re leaving so soon Go ahead.
– Correct You are happy that l’m leaving so soon But l have finished
a 6 month’s job… ln…?
– ln just 6 days The other day we talked about love.
Have you informed your dad? Love? Doctor, you left your specs in my room.
– ln your room? l’ll take that later.
Let me talk about Priya’s love How dare you talk about
my daughter’s affair to me? Who else should l talk to then?
Do you want me to say it all… to all the magazines and press? How can you fall in love with
a complete stranger? How dare you! Don’t get excited. l said she was
in love. Did l say with me? Priya is in love with
dance professor Viswanath Yes. He is a good boy,
a right match for your daughter The other day l was talking
only about this to Priya Next day l talked to Viswanathan.
With your consent… he is prepared to marry Priya,
he said. So think about it Don’t lose a good alliance
on false prestige However hard you try you may not
get such a good boy Once the marriage is fixed
send me an invitation lf required, your second daughter…
– l’ll surely invite you. Please leave Really?
– Really l forget someone… yes, Swarna l won’t allow you to talk to my wife
even at the risk of my life Look at his dress.
He is wearing the shirt inside out lt’d be better to tear it to pieces.
– ls it your dad’s property? lt’s my money, it’s my dough l may tear it, may not tear it.
What will you do? This maid has such a sexy hip.
Bad timing! Not when he is around What will l do? Tonight, somehow,
l am going to get her This is too much
– What? Too much. -What?
Swarna… The chicken… -He asked
for chicken, l didn’t buy So he wants to complain about me.
-You see… Sir, Rajathi Raja, Arunachala
Narasimha, Dhalapathi, Muthu brother… You may leave! Don’t break
a happy family You may leave -What did he say? -Nothing.
He wants us to eat chicken What?
-A small story Tell me and leave This guy cannot even stand up… but he likes to have 9 wives Wait Ganga, l forgot to tell you
l was leaving You said one month, but you are
leaving in 6 days. Liar You think disease comes with a notice?
What is this? For you, to eat on your way.
-All this? Yes, eat nicely Do you know what is
the best medicine in world is? What?
– Food lf you eat to a limit it is medicine.
lf you over eat it is poison Wherever l am, l keep people
around me happy l did the same thing here also
but l was little excessive to you lf you feel so, forget it But don’t forget me Bye. May l…? Sorry… bye Durga come here,
want to talk to you in private What Madam?- No formalities.
Call me Ganga Ok Ganga, tell me what is it? l have a lot of old books with me.
l want to keep them in… some room upstairs in the building.
Will you accompany me? My God! Even my grandpa
doesn’t go there He has also asked me not to go there.
Because Chandramukhi’s room is there Old people have that fear.
Why should we fear? Am l not with you? Let’s go Ok, you need not come, l am going What about the people at home? All have gone to meet Viswanathan
regarding the alliance with Priya ln that case l will come l didn’t love your daughter
for her beauty or status l lost my parents at a young age But l wanted to live in a joint family,
so l accepted your daughter’s love That is quite understandable.
l also like the groom…you too like… We have only seen the groom Shouldn’t we finalise the auspicious
dates for the ceremonies? Sister, today is a good day,
we can finalise them today itself My daughter’s engagement should
not be held in a tiled house lt should be done in the fort
and in a grand manner l am glad that you have agreed Coming 16th is an auspicious day.
Let’s do it your way l think this is the room Why are there so many amulets? 150 years ago, prayers were
conducted here Chandramukhi’s spirit
is locked up here Do you believe these stories? What else? l think this room has valuable
jewels and diamonds To prevent theft, these stories
must have been floated lf l get the keys to this room
l would open and show it to you This room has no key,
it has been lost But my grandpa told me once… that the
key’s mould is available with a blacksmith We will ask the blacksmith
to make the key immediately You own the house.
You tell him lf you want, l will bring the key
after it is made l will order right away What?
– Here, the key to Chandramukhi’s room What?
– Please don’t open this door What happened?
– The guy who made the key… has died vomiting blood lf this is the end for the guy
who made the key… what would happen to me,
who brought this key? l’m scared.
– Yesterday when l placed the order… he was drunk. A guy who drinks 24 hours,
would die whether he makes a key or not lt’s good he died
after making the key Don’t confuse yourself, be brave You say the old man died because
he made a key for the southern room But Ganga who went into the room
is perfectly alright You are right. Trust me. The old man
died of a rotten liver l may sound funny… don’t know, what
more is going to happen in this house? Hoil? lt’s a marwari festival, right? Please call the ghost gently or else
it might harm us before it leaves Hey! Wait…come with me. Patience! Why is he jumping?
Don’t shout! Go calmly Okay…okay… lf we go inside with him, do you think
we will be able to come back? Already l’m shivering.-
whatever it is don’t leave me alone. A ‘Pure Dhanyasi’ tune, for my sake Who is that? lt’s me. Chandramukhi Help! This fellow has provoked
all that was lying silently Dear!
Someone is knocking the door Why have all of you come at this hour?
– The maid saw something She’s scared. Come soon Don’t be afraid. We are all here.
– What’s the commotion? What happened? She has seen a ghost like figure
wearing anklet running. She’s scared Ghost! Nonsense Dear! What?
– Look How did this break?
– On its own On its own? Who appointed you all in this house?
– Durga spoke to the madam… and got us this job Ghosts and devils are ficticious.
There are no such things Don’t believe any of it Where are you coming from at this time?
– l heard some voices, so… Ok, all of you go from here l am Kailash speaking.
Has Mr. Eashwar come? l am calling for the 7th time.
Are you not able to locate him? When there was no problem he was here.
Now there are lots of problems here We need him urgently. Wherever he is,
give him message and ask him to come Ganga, what happened? My sari caught fire on its own.
– How will it catch fire on its own? l don’t know,
it caught fire suddenly She was the only one with me.
– She? l have no idea.
– Ok, ok Save me! Who?
Who is that? lt’s you Eashwar! ls this the one you were talking about?
Seems to be a comedy villain Why did you let him out?
Can’t you lock him in? Do you want to lock me up?
Who the hell are you? Have you forgotten uncle?
My friend Eashwar Doctor? l don’t know any one.
l am afraid of every one in this house Don’t know what they will do and when!
Last time he was in modern clothes Now he comes back in a head gear! What?
– Nothing. A small… treatment What is with the attire? Where were you?
How many times have l called you? When you called, l was at Sabarimalai.
When l reached down, l came to know And l flew down ls he the problem?
l know he is always a tense guy The problem is not with him Has he come again? Staying for 6 days he troubled me a lot.
Don’t know for how long he’ll be here Don’t worry, l won’t stay for long.
But l’ll leave after fixing all of you Right?
– Right How are you? – No! She is fine. lf something goes wrong…
-l will take care, Basavaiah You will take care?
Go inside! You change your get up, but you won’t
change your character Suspicious person The problem is not with
anyone in this house lt’s the gardener’s
grand daughter Durga The gardener’s grand daughter Durga? Where is your wife Ganga? Where did she go? Priya! Priya Where are you dear? Priya, where are you? Don’t! The sound comes from that room.
– That room? lf you close the door in this room
she would die of suffocation What happened to you, Priya? l went upstairs…
l felt someone was following me When l started running,
it chased me ln my fear l ran into the
last room and hid myself Someone locked it from outside.
l don’t know who did it Why did you go upstairs?
-l went searching for Ganga Who told you she was upstairs?
-Durga Durga? She saw me going
for my bath Why did she say so? Eashwar, this is what
is happening here Whoever is doing this,
what do they want? Why are they doing this?
l don’t understand. Do you? When you and Ganga
decided to buy this palace… l was reminded of a book
written by someone long ago l read that book and gathered
a lot of information Only after ensuring there was nothing
in the palace as others feared… l didn’t prevent or stand
against your decision Last time, l just made you all believe
that l was also afraid of ghosts After everyone was asleep
l went upstairs twice or thrice… and saw the room door.
There were lots of amulets hanging l didn’t want to disturb that
and dent the belief of elders Without opening the door
l came back l was sure there was nothing to fear.
So l left when l got the e-mail But from the day Chandramukhi’s room
was opened… this problem has started As long as Eashwar is here
why do you fear? Kailash didn’t listen to me when l said not
to buy this house…or go in to the room Day by day the problems
of this house increase And everyone is suspecting you Eashwar is the only one
who can solve these problems That is why Kailash
has called him here Darga… Not Darga. Durga The time should… ..go pause for a while The previous moments … should come tomorrow also How long should l wait… without crossing the limits? Until that time… we should stop youthness
from sleep ln a hot summer
and for my envy…. You are the winter When a cold season
spread in this place… You are the summer Jasmine season invites the cupid
Keep it in your mind forever My desires will grow in lover’s season at least tell this
in my dream forever First season is the hugging season.. This is our season Blooming moments melts
the pedigree flowers and the girls desires Love season is coming
for fondling looks and your pranks This youth is for reducing envy
My life is not bearing the lap time l feel shy for the first time
After that moment my heart melted Future moments are ours
and it would be great. Come on Who allowed you inside?
Now look… if you come here without permission,
l will kick you out of this town Get lost Who…? Chandramukhi.
Why didn’t you come to meet me? Because you didn’t come,
l have come looking for you l know who you are! Get up What do you want now?
-Just checking whether you are at home At night, other than my house
where else would l be? This is what is good for a family girl.
-l am happy that you have come back But you shouldn’t come
when grandpa is not here Whatever it is, we can discuss
tomorrow morning. Now you go Get lost! With me laying the mattress..
With you caressing me.. let the peacock feather
dance on my shoulder Come..
l am searching.. Eashwar, get up What doctor, you are here?
You slept here last night? l came late in the night
after the concert, so l slept here What concert? Karnatak, Bharata natyam, Kuchupudi.
Does anyone learn dancing upstairs? No, no one is learning dance Only during day they learn music
from Durga Who is dancing at night? Then last night, in the southern room who
was singing and dancing with anklets? With anklets?
-Yes Did you hear it really? l told you, l heard it myself l tried to open the door,
but it was bolted from inside Bolted? No chance. After l opened it
who would have locked it? Besides, no one goes that side.
-ls it? Then? Then was the song and dance
my imagination? l will have my tea later.
Come, let’s go upstairs and check out Oh God! l am not coming.
-Why? They say it is because l went there
that all these problems have started l am with you, why are you afraid?
Come See, the door is not locked.
-Oh yes ls this the Venkatapuram king’s room?
Seems like he was a romantic Money alone is not enough ls he the King? He looks evil Where is his courtesan’s room?
-Who? l mean his mistress
-Chandramukhi? Come, l will show you This is Chandramukhi’s room Chandramukhi madam… the fact that the king killed her
is quite understandable What an eye, powerful nose!
Slim waist! Look at the complexion How could anyone give away
such a beauty to anyone else? Have you seen the room
where the dancer Gunasekar lived? Which Gunasekar?
Oh! Her lover Come, l will show you Look… that’s the one So this is from where Chandramukhi
enticed Gunasekar… by singing ”Come and delight me” Chandramukhi’s dresses and jewellery.
Don’t you want to have a look? My God! So heavy!
-Chandramukhi’s sari l will show you all her jewelry Waist band Coin chain Forehead jewel…The anklets
There is only one… what happened to the other? Where will it go?
lt must be somewhere around My tea must have chilled by now.
Come, let’s have it The other day l saw both the anklets.
Where’s the other? l love black That’s my wife’s voice That means you like
your hubby very much That’s the doctor! He is a gullible guy,
but l still like him Why the silence? Aim properly What…? Aim properly? Disburse everything first Disburse? l wouldn’t allow that
to happen till l am alive, doctor! Were you talking about
carom board shuffling? What else did you think?
-l thought otherwise Saving all the ladies has become a big
assignment for all the males here That too my duty is going overtime You got to work overtime Either you should be handsome, or you
shouldn’t marry a beautiful woman l can’t talk or think about you.
How can l make a living at this rate? There was a guy in one town…
-That is you! Why are you still sitting here? Get up!
-l’m only half way through! What do you want Kailash? l’ve been very busy.
l have a severe headache Please ask Ganga to make some coffee.
-Why Ganga? l will make it for you l don’t know why everyone
likes this doctor How does he entice everyone? My chicken. Today somehow l should
catch it and fry it! For whom are you preparing coffee?
-For Kailash l’ll have it sent l don’t know where
this deaf fellow has gone Go and get me my B.P. tablets l have kept coffee there,
give it to Kailash Red coin is going The black coin… follows. Something’s fishy Who made this coffee?
-Durga For whom?
-l think it is for Kailash Kailash, don’t drink that coffee! Why did you do that?
-The coffee was poisoned Poisoned? You brought this coffee!
-My God! l don’t know anything Lakshmi madam only asked me
to give this coffee to you l only prepared the coffee
but l don’t know who mixed poison Doctor, how do you know
this coffee is poisonous? First you burnt Ganga’s sari, now you
poisoned Kailash’s coffee. l will… Don’t harm her. Whoever poisoned
this coffee, just remember.. lf anyone wants to harm
my friend or his wife… as long as Eashwar is alive
it won’t happen Krishnaswamy sir, l will find out
who mixed poison in this coffee Let her go…come Kailash. Go! He said he will find out.
Go and do your work Who? What…? ls Ramachandra Priest
from Bobbili coming? l am so happy.
Ok l will take care of everything What are you thinking?
Are you upset? Where are you? l have been
searching for you everywhere No need to worry anymore.
Ramachandra Priest has promised to come -Who is he?
-Haven’t you heard of him? He has traveled the world around.
He is an expert exorcist Eashwar reads only the human mind.
He knows to control even spirits! l told him about our problem.
He said he will come immediately He is expected tomorrow. l have to go
and make arrangements to recieve him That’s a fraud. He’d ask us to conduct
rituals and charge heavily lt is all mere waste of time and money.
l don’t encourage people like them l am going to stop this.
-No Kailash We shouldn’t underestimate any one l’ve heard about Ramachandra Priest
He is not an ordinary person lt is good one way, let him come Yes, we have a problem here Place the chair facing east Please sit down. lt appears
to me as if God has come Look…
-Yes, priest? l may have to stay here for a week.
-By all means My desciples would do
whatever l require l would not drink even
water from this house Another important thing.
During these 7 days… no one from this house
should stay out Who is he?
-My friend Eashwar He is a psychiatrist.
He has no other work So he was called to solve
the problems in this house Forget all that. They say there is
someone called Chandramukhi here Somehow issue a gate pass
and send her out Where is my room?
-l will show you Eashwar, l expect that once the
problems of this house are solved… you should leave this place You shouldn’t come back and play
carrom with Swarna You can’t anyway Because next week l am taking her to
some temple, to shave her head He doesn’t even respond l can also comb, my hair is
also untidy l have a comb too, l’ll get off now,
comb my hair and then scruffle it up Do you think this Rs 30 lakh car
is a saloon for you, stupid guy? Why didn’t you yell at him?
-This is for him too He deserted me again! Where did he go? What happened?
l don’t know where l am! l think l’ll have to beg Where did you go?
l was lamenting in the temple You brought me here and left me
in the lurch. What do you mean by this? You don’t save the guy
who accompanies you? Why do you look there? Answer me Wait, l got hit with food and mud l won’t come.
-l won’t leave this place l’m coming What a villain! What Kailash? Drawing eh? Just by drawing you earn so much.
What do you do with the money earned? What happened? How did it break? l didn’t do it l swear it was not me lt was not me l don’t know l don’t know how it fell You pushed it down, are you now
trying to act innocent? l did nothing. l didn’t push it You were the only one upstairs.
How could it fall on its own? Didn’t l warn you? Why did you come?
Why did you go upstairs? Madam called me to wipe the spilt coffee l don’t know anything.
l’ve done nothing l don’t know, l… What you don’t know? No, she must not be spared She says she doesn’t know
how it happened We have to make sure that she is cured.
We should lock her up in a room, come Let me go. Please believe me l don’t know anything. Leave me Please believe me l didn’t try to kill him Nothing is wrong with
my granddaughter. Please leave her Because we are poor you have
made such an allegation on her lf you blame her like this
then who’ll marry her? Sir… listen to me sir! l don’t know anything Whose anklet is that? How did it come here? l don’t know whose anklet that is l found it while sweeping So l kept it there, that’s all Sir, what happened
to my grand daughter? Why have you locked her inside?
What happened to her? No tension…nothing to worry l’ve given her a small treatment.
She is taking rest Don’t disturb her. Nothing
happens to her, l assure you Did the coffee spill or
was it you who spilt it on purpose? What are you doing here now?
What happened? l am feeling sorry for Durga Why? Had l not asked for
Chandramukhi’s room key that day… all this wouldn’t have happened to her l’ve vowed to donate Rs. 5000 to
Lord Aedukondalu if she is cured One good news for you.
You told me an anklet… in Chandramukhi’s room was missing.
lt has been found Where was it?
-ln Durga’s room l knew it This is Chandramukhi’s anklet You mean this was the anklet
used by Chandramukhi 150 years ago? Yes.
-Then this is not the one This anklet was made just 5 years back.
-No doctor. lt is the same one l am telling you, l know for a fact
that this is not the one Don’t behave as if
you know everything l know what l’m saying.
l can prove it anywhere Ganga, you know nothing about it.
-Me, do you mean me? Why do you get so excited?
Why should we fight on it? This belongs to Chandramukhi only Why is she not listening to me?
Did you tease her? No, she was feeling sorry for Durga
-For Durga? lt’ll be alright. Come on This Tamil girl’s waist yearns
to carry you the whole day.. Won’t the good time arrive? Oh darling if you hug me gently… ..won’t this jungle deer’s
lusty flame subside? The nectar in the wet
flower overflows… lt’s the king’s amorous
adventure when drunk The hugging fille
yearns for you lap The nectar in the wet
flower overflows… When its drunk it is the
king’s amorous adventure The hugging fille
yearns for you lap Attention please!
His Highness King Venkatapathy is arriving With me laying the mattress.. With you caressing me.. let the
peacock feather dance on my shoulder Who is it?
-lt is me Venkatapathy!
Your King You?
-Yes, it is me Open the door.
Open the door, you dog! How dare you come in here again? Chandramukhi, what is it that want?
-l want only you l’ve come to kill you! You think you can do it?
-Yes, l can Then kill me Not today. lf l don’t burn you alive on
Durgashtami day, l am not Chandramukhi But today is not Durgashtami day.
Then why have you come today? Go from here and come
back on Durgashtami day. Go l am going What happened, sir?
-Someone has interfered with my pooja l was planning to make Chandramukhi
appear in this area Someone has deviated her Why is coming unnecessarily
at this hour? Was it you? Was it you? You have made a big mistake No, l’ve done something good Don’t try to challenge our beliefs This is not a disease
to be cured by medication This should be cured by exorcism Ordinary doctors know nothing about this.
But Kailash refuses to understand What are you doing? l’ve caught a cold,
l am taking an inhalation Dreadful disease. lt’ll be cured
in a week if you take medicine Without medication it goes off in 7 days Sister-in-law, did you see my wife?
-No Oh God! Where could she have gone? You too seem to have a cold?
-Yes, for the past 2 days This is a superb cure. Come sister,
we both can inhale the steam together Brother, did you see my wife? You saw your wife only after l saw her.
-What do you say? Fool! When we went for a bride for you
l only saw your wife first Don’t press too much, it is suffocating Sounds like my wife Pull your legs inside. Close the gap Oh God! To whom would l tell about
this atrocity? He’s incorigible Today, he plays carrom with her
inside a bedsheet. What can l do? l’m sweating Of course, you will Doesn’t your husband know about this?
– He’s a wastrel! You’re right Whatever it is, a doctor is a doctor l’ve done this to so many lt was superb Got to do this for 7 days.
– l feel much better Super power! Power? He is worse than the spirit Greetings Priest l’ve fixed my daughter’s engagement
on 15th and marriage on 20th The first invitation is for you.
Please shower your blessings Won’t the problems in the house
get solved before the marriage? Don’t worry. Your problems will be
solved in another 2 days’ time Thank you Sister, l heard that you
won’t attend the engagement lf l don’t come, will you
stop the engagement? You only asked to keep the engagement
on 16th and celebrate it pompously Now l am asking you to stop it. Stop it You could have told me then itself.
All the arrangements have been made now l should have been the one to arrange
for your daughter’s marriage Not that doctor l can’t come l bless, l bless the women folk Mother of the bride, bolster up Parents of the groom,
ask for the auspicious marriage For a jasmine smiling face… our sun dynasty…
gives the blessing For the smile faces like a moon… our moon dynasty…
gives the blesses Brother’s words… ..are advices lf you listen carefully… has connotations Sing Sing a new song… an extraordinary way Yesterday has gone with the wind Live today itself That’s the best policy We have the place for love Truth is in our mind For hundred years… ..we have the ability to live When the flower bud shyness appears… ..shoe flower blooms in your mind No more sleep during nights lt is charming if
the sari gives way Thoughts in your mind… ..explains your youth l’ll vanish your yearn
with my breath A rousing cockerel is caught with a hen Now watch this Have a clear mind Hit the bull’s eye As long as you live … respect your soil Are there trees sans roots? Your legs are the assets for you Town will pay heed after you stand so Then only you can realize your value Thoughts in your mind… will become true l know this, you’ll win tomorrow Look around before firing and
tread on your steps carefully Where is Ganga? -Eashwar, where is Ganga?
-Let’s look for her What were you trying to do? l’ve done nothing, sir Kailash, Ganga has become unconscious
Go and check on her first Sir, l don’t know what happened here
She only… l know l really don’t know anything.
She only dragged my hand and… l know you it’s not your fault… What are you doing here?
You misbehaved with my wife! Are you trying to act innocent?
-Kailash don’t be hasty… Don’t believe him. He has done
a big mistake and come in to the house You are asking me to maintain
my composure. Get out No, l didn’t misbehave with your wife!
-You mean my wife did? lt was not his fault lt was really not his fault
-Then? lt was Ganga… You mean to say Ganga advanced…?
Ganga desired? No! How could you talk bad about my Ganga? How, how could you do it? He chose him as the groom That is why he is putting the blame on
your wife and trying to justify him No madam… -Enough,
you needn’t say anything further Don’t! l had great regard for you as a doctor…
-Who, him a doctor? He came to cheat us. Throw him out Madam, in 2 days time l will solve
the problems of this house and leave Who’re you to solve our family problems?
We know how to resolve them Listen…
-Go! Get out from here Flirting with the women folk,
you had fun posing as a doctor Your friend has realised what you are.
-Listen… Kailash, don’t be hasty.
-We know what to do. Go out Mr Krishnasway
-Go, l told you! -Oh gosh! -Sir!
-He locked up my innocent grand daughter Send him away Wait for 2 more days.
Let me resolve the problems… l have brought Ramachandra Priest
just for that. He will take care Get lost Whom are you going to send out
from this house? This man? lf he goes out from this house
you’ll have to face the problems He misbehaved with our women folk…
-No Don’t speak. l know everything He’s needs to be here more than me Wipe off your blood. The blood of a
good person shouldn’t be spilt Mere rituals cannot stop
what is happening here Only his psychiatric
methods can succeed That day when l did my rituals,
there was some hindrance Then he came down the stairs.
Do you remember that? That day, l could see the
enlightenment in his eyes l could see the happiness of having
achieved something in his face Later l met him privately
to find out what happened When l heard what happened,
l trembbled lf Ravana had ten heads… he has 10 brains in one head He is not an ordinary psychiatrist He studied at U.S and
has got gold medals there Besides he is the one of the
top students of world’s greatest… psychiatrist Dr. Bradley You are all trying to send out
such a great man He’s still here after being insulted.
Do you know why? Sir… -Quiet Just because he blamed your wife
you decided to send him out of the house Do you know he has saved
your wife at the risk of his life? lf you want your Ganga to live,
Eashwar has to die? lt’s destiny ls it shocking to you all? Eashwar tell your friend
what you told me lf your Ganga is to survive this
Eashwar should die. That is destiny Be prepared for what
l am going to tell you Kailash The person behind all the problems here
is not Durga or someone else Then who is possessed
by Chandramukhi? Your wife, Ganga You called me back here and told me… that Durga was the one behind
the problems of this house l immediately realized
that it was not Durga One night, at about 12 o’clock,
in Chandramukhi’s room… l heard someone
singing and dancing On hearing my sound
the singing and dancing stopped l was investigating as to
who could be behind all this lt was then that l went with your
wife Ganga to Chandramukhi’s room lt was in the room that l saw a
peculiar change in her behaviour Waist band and the coin chain l had never seen
Ganga like that She was in a psychic vibration l knew at once, that the person
affected by Chandramukhi was Ganga To confirm my conclusion, l showed
Ganga the missing anklet… and lied to her saying
that they were not Chandramukhi’s Ganga you don’t know,
this is not that one At that moment, l saw Ganga
transform into Chandramukhi Ganga you don’t know any damn thing
about this You mean me? Me, me? Ok, relax. Why’re you getting excited? Yes Kailash, Ganga often transforms
into Chadramukhi That is her problem We have all read in papers that a 20 year
old girl talks like an old woman A 5 year old boy behaves like his dead
grandfather. Same case ln medical terms, we refer to this
as Split Personality That is, a stage where a person
behaves like another A possessive state Ganga has been affected by this To find out how a mischevious girl
like Ganga can be affected by this… l took your uncle to
her village Ealur We all know only the
happy side of Ganga’s life Ganga has another side.
A traumatic past This l came to know
only after going to her place Ganga’s father married a
lower caste lady So he was excommunicated
by his people When he died, they didn’t even allow
Ganga’s mother to cremate him They wanted her to prostrate before
each one in the village As she had no other choice
she undertook that punishment She died with that humiliation Right before Ganga’s eyes both the
corpses were burnt by local people Ganga became furious seeing the
atroctites perpetrated on her parents And in her rage she
attacked the landlord and fainted This was her first psychic disorder Ganga who lost her parents at a young
age was taken in by her grandmother The orphaned Ganga grew up hearing
her grandmother’s old stories Whatever story she heard,
she fantazied herself… as the character in that story l understood from my inquiries
it’s a habit from her childhood When she was in the 10th grade
her grandma fell sick Without concentrating on her studies
she had sleepless nights Next day, she couldn’t write the exam The sight of her throwing away her
answer sheets and running like a mad girl. was still vivid in the
mind of her class teacher Her grandma didn’t know she had a
problem like this and left it uncured After her grandma’s death, to avoid
her lonliness, she took to mischief The stories that she heard at her
young age were deeply etched… in her memories. That was why she
compelled you to buy this palace Her innate mischievous character
made her enter Chandramukhi’s room Her innate weakness made
Chandramukhi’s character enter Ganga Ganga went to Chandramukhi’s room Ganga stood there as Chandramukhi She believed she was Chandramukhi Ganga transformed
into Chandramukhi This is how Chandramukhi
possessed Ganga l have never noticed
such a change in Ganga She knows your sleep cycle. She knows
when you’re awake, when you’re asleep To avoid any suspicision against her
she burnt her own sari… and turned everyone’s attention
towards Durga lt was Ganga who chased Priya lt was Ganga who mixed
poison in the coffee lt was Ganga who tried to
kill you with the fish tank lt was your wife Ganga who made
everyone think he raped her Why? Why? When Ganga transforms into
Chandramukhi… she thinks that her lover Gunasekar… is this Viswanathan who is now living
in Gunasekar’s house To prevent Priya from marrying him
she tried to kill her She alleged him of raping her… thinking that the marriage will
stop because of this Why did she try to kill me twice? When Ganga turns into Chandramukhi
she thinks Vishwanathan… is her lover Gunasekar.
The only person standing in her way… is you. Ganga’s husband So she tried to kill you twice When the fish tank fell and
everyone was agitated… l saw Ganga unperturbed At that moment l saw her
transform into Chandramukhi To bring her back to reality… l shouted at Durga and locked her
up inside the room l told her everything about Ganga Durga told me she was ready to accept
the blame even a 100 times… for the sake of Ganga Durga took the blame and
Ganga was able to roam freely lt was only to find out
Chandramukhi’s intention… that inspite of the priest’s pooja,
l stood as the King before Chandramukhi When l stood before her as the King
she believed me to be King Venkatapathy She told me that her intention was to
kill me, the King and take her revenge lf this wish of Chandramuki is
not fulfilled, we will lose Ganga So the person she is going to kill
on ‘Durgashtami’ day is… Yes me.
She thinks l am King, Venkatapathy lf Chandramukhi’s wish is not
fulfilled, she would destroy herself And in that process not
Chandramukhi our Ganga will die. ln this struggle, l don’t know
whether l would… save Ganga or lose myself lt’s pity that Ganga
doesn’t know that… she is transforming into Chandramukhi Kailash, open the door Who locked the door from outside?
-May be Durga Look… someone has torn my sari Durga might have done that.
OK, how was the dance yesterday? l don’t remember doctor. l was sleepy
and l didn’t know what happened When did you come?
Did they offer you something to drink? No, thanks No one offers anything to
the prospective son-in-law Wait, l’ll bring you some coffee See, she doesn’t even know what
happened. -How horrible! l tried to destroy you But you have decided to sacrifice
your life for the sake of your friend Now-a-days even children are not
grateful to their parents and… they always expect something in return But you have decided to sacrifice… your life for the sake of
your foster parents family l am so proud of you So far l have never bowed before anyone But l bow before you Pardon me Even though l have no son of my own… God has given me a son l have cured many people… but have never seen
a case like this in my life l don’t know how you would
save yourself from Chandramukhi Even the thought of it terrifies me l can apply psychiatry effectively
to remove Chandramukhi from Ganga But your pooja alone can
destroy Chandramukhi completely You should perform a pooja
for the sake of Ganga Certainly Today is ‘Durgashtami’ Today Chandramukhi is supposed
to take revenge on the king Today Chandramukhi’s
wish will be fulfilled l’m going to return your
wife completely cured and safe Didn’t you say that you
saw her sleep peacefully? Go and tell her that you both
are not staying here tonight Tell her that you are going to the
next town to buy jewels for Priya Why? Just call her Try calling her Ganga… We both are going to Vizag today.
-Why? We’ll go to buy a gift for Priya
and return tomorrow Today?
-Yes Why today?
-To buy jewels… tomorrow is a very nice day,
that’s why we are leaving today l am not coming.
-You are coming l am not coming.
-You’re coming You should Won’t you leave me? Won’t you leave me? You dog, how dare you order me? lf l don’t avenge his death,
l’m not Chandramukhi. What did l just do? l did something now l did something just now No…
-Something is happening to me Nothing is wrong with you.
– Please forgive me, don’t punish me No dear. You are my wife Forgive me.
-No dear Forgive me Forgive me if l’ve done anything wrong Don’t leave me.
-Oh God! Ganga Forgive me.
-You are my darling. You are alright You won’t leave me, no? Enough Eashwar,
please go away from this house l can’t bear my wife’s plight How can l bear the sight of her
killing my best friend? Please go Will she become alright if l go? l’ll go somewhere far off to
America, Japan or China… to some corner of the
world and cure her For her sake, l cannot remain
quiet and let my friend die l am a doctor. lf l run off from
a patient for fear of my life… then what is the use of my studies?
Even if you take her anywhere… no one can cure her Only l can cure her.
Because l know her completely Don’t worry, l am going to use
a new method in psychiatry… to rescue Ganga from Chandramukhi.
l can definitely cure her You will save Ganga, no doubts about it But who’ll rescue you
from Chandramukhi? Why did you ask me to come?
-l’ll tell. Kailash, come along Come This is King Venkatapathy’s dance hall This is where many years ago,
he burnt Chandramukhi alive ln that chakra (wheel) made by
Ramachandra Priest for the pooja… we should make Ganga sit Only you can do that Look at your wife, who has completely
transformed into Chandramukhi Come, come Searching you.. ..l came celebrating your memories With you caressing me.. let the
peacock feather dance on my shoulder As the feathers play on the shoulders Every night she comes
here and dances like this This Tamil girl’s waist yearns
to carry you the whole day.. Won’t that good time arrive? Oh darling if you hug me gently… ..won’t this jungle deer’s
lusty flame subside? The nectar in the wet flower overflows.
lt’s the king’s amorous adventure when drunk The hugging fille
yearns for your lap This youth yearns daily with
lustful thoughts on you, hear it.. Oh lord! Come! What is this relationship? Will this be the
continuity of seven births? ls it a flower or an honey flower?
ls this a flower bubbling with thoughts? Come, the separation should move Come to hug me With the youth inviting with lust.. ..shall l come to caress you? The overflowing heart
mingles with you at night Romance starts and the separation ends The sweetness of youth blooms when caressed
The interval recedes and we join again Come on! Pour the oil No Kailash, remember what l said.
Be strong. Victory shall be ours No… no Bring her here Who are you?
-l won’t tell Tell me, who are you?
-l won’t tell lt is me, Chandramukhi Go and sit there Sit down Why have you come?
-To kill -Whom?
-That man! Today is Durgashtami day,
l’ll burn the king and take his ashes Will you go away from
this body after you kill him? l will go Pour the oil on him Here, kill him Do it with your own hands Slowly you’re gaining consciousness
open your eyes…good! -What is your name?
-Ganga -Your full name?
-Ganga Kailash -Who am l?
-Eashwar Who is that? Aunty… As promised Eashwar has
brought the family together He won’t say. lf he says
he’ll honour his words As promised l have handed
over your wife to you lf you like you may change your
bedroom to Chandramukhi’s room Or both of you may go to America
London, Japan… or anywhere… not on treatment though.
-Then? To sing a duet Forget about them,
when are you going to sing? l too have got one.
-Who is it? My gosh! For whom was this whistle?
-For my girl Durga! Thank God! My wife is safe After a long time, a child’s voice
is going to be heard in our house Oh Lord! Lord of Thirumala! Look at us Our folks’ hearts are diamonds.
Come on burnish it Repeat!


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