Chapter 6 Telugu Full Movie || Kalyani, Harnath Policherla, Bala || Surya Kiran || Mohan Sithara

l wanted to share this silent love
story with you all This story has divided into 6 chapters.
Let watch it.. Vishakapatnam
ocean city. Greetings to all! My name is Soorya Kiran,
l am the director of this film l won’t say it a new story
but my narration will be different l tried to explain the story
in six chapters. Afterwatching this film you’ll
like the new stars along with the old stars This film name is
You SARlGAMA… l am PADANEESA You’re race is over, l have arranged a cup
Lock Up.. Lets Go…. Commissioner Rajsheker
Terrorfor Terrorist.. There is guy who is playing
with Commissioner Commissioner only Daughter Shilpa
She is pampered by his love Lets eat,
l have finish my record work. Where will l find a groom for you
l will find by myself, ls it okay with you. l will shoot you both
Okay Come fast
l will wait downstairs.. Shilpa pregnancy is confirmed
He is bharath Shilpa’s boyfriend.. lf you want to know how they become friends
lets go back to one year.. She is my Dream girl
You just saw her now! You have seen her now
but she is my Dream Girl. She has mole on her stomach
That’s why l love her Hey!
Sit down. What ever you say
l don’t believe in first sight love concept. lt’s not the concept, l ‘ve seen
her before, When and Where? ln Bombay, She came in her car
l went with my parents. l held her hand and started loving her,
What? in front of everyone. She was 2 years and l was 3 years.
Then what happened next. She went to her home,
l went to my home. Before leaving our hands departed in
slow motion. l’ll think how to develop my love
you enjoy drinking.. Look at him his love story started in Bombay city
and landed in Vizag. l haven’t read this kind of love stories
in Yendamoori Novels. You stupid!
He had narrated Kushi movie story to you, ..but one thing is sure
He’s family was in Bombay, do you know?
l was in Bombay for 5 Years. but my name was different.
l know BASHA isn’t? how much does the ticket cost
isn’t it printed on the ticket? How much did l gave you
-5 rupees. Where is my change?
Ask conductor. but l gave you, you ask him What madam,
l gave you two new coins. two new coins..
One mightive fallen on the floor, Look Check your bag!
What did l stole you coin? What happened to my coin?
Look sir, She looks decent girl, What about her? everyone looks decent to you.
Stop the bus. you are talking stupidly
watch yourtongue, you mad man She’s talking English fluently
Why would she steals your coin. English is a language not knowledge
You think no robberies in England Sir, no arguments
lt’s matter of a one rupee coin. lt’s not my one rupee matter
What if she cheats one crore people one crore rupees..
lt will continue… Madam pls give him one rupees Why are you
supporting him! Do you know who l am! Do our conductors looks cheap to you
if we get mad then… No arguments.
l will think that l gave alms l will meet you again
Again? You stupid fellow.
We thought you achieve but you walked out. She will remember me because l insulted
her infront of everyone. She will not forget me Don’t show me face again
Why are you screaming on her. l told herto put big dot on herface.
Why don’t you put, What like one rupee size You could have said fifty paisa
l look cheap to everyone. Daddy. l need scooty or bike
What your dad is not taking any bribes. nor printing currency, he is earning
one rupee hardly Are you riding on the same bus today?
Not at all. Have you came into her dreams? Let Ganesh come! l came. H-no 98 Acc No-6655
hall ticket no 54.. Sandals no 6…
lucky no is 7… What about her cell number?
Mix all numbers and look. -9866555467
That’s right. please answerthe phone. ls this Fire Station. No.
Then why did you pick the phone. cut it.. ls this maternity home. No.
Then why did you answer.. Thanks sir. ls that servant.
No.. Hey Ramu!
you pick up madam Hey Balaji, l am Kumar speaking…
l am planning for suicide.. Mr. Kumar one minute.
l will hang up the phone. What is your problem?
l’ll try to solve it.. if you listen to story you will ask
me why did you still alive yet. first tell me the reason, if it’s reasonable
you can go ahead and suicide. l can’t explain this on the phone.
l have scooty, She has vehicle. l will come and explain how important
is one’s life. l am in Gajuvaka!
Where are you? l am in Vijayawada!
Where? Will you come.
Sorry. l am not interested forthese shows
Do you know who is she? l know her very well.
She stole one rupee coin in the bus. She stole and bought her a bike
She is a great humanitarian. l heard about Vegetarian, Non Vegetarian
But what is this Humanitarian. That means social work. She is bounded to the city limits
not outside city. Hey Balaji, l am Kumar speaking…
l am planning for suicide.. Where is he? How he has become so small. Shall we go and ask him?
No he is mad.. What heroism? They are two
But we are three, did you count us also. What about you..
Go.. Go.. Go.. You thought l’ll not recognize you with you helmet,
You took money from me 6 months back, give it… lt’s recession time that’s why l covering my face
with the helmet, pls don’t insult in front of girls. Who is she? That Green dress, No.
Pink dress, she is my lover. Do you know her name? l am trying to know
forthe past 6 months. for one girl you waste fellow.
Hey come here. l’ll show you now. What her name? Don’t tell him? You think l am stupid
to tell your name to this fellow. Shilpa Move aside. Just think l am loving Shilpa. l’ll go to her house and express my love to her
that how one should express. What do you think my motherwould
offer you a cup to coffee, Okay then come..
What if l come? Come… She is calling you so nicely.
l will come. Mother! What? Net is not working.
l don’t know. You know nothing. Do you know Net guy number,
Yes. Then pls call. Hello. Do you have Net problem.
Yes. How do you know, l haven’t complained yet. ljust repaired in this area, if you have problem
l’ll fix. lf not l will go. Yes there is a problem. Where is the problem.
Upstairs! You. Your sistertold system problem.
Where is the system? Hello. l am her mother not sister. Coffee or Tea?
Anything is fine. What is systems password.
Password. Not that! password. To open the system isn’t there a password.
Password is the password. You will come all the time to repairthis box?
Should l come? You have so much work to do.
Go.. Go… He is coming, would he recognize me. Hey! you are computer mechanic,
See l recognized you, You’re super. Hey! l am facing lot of weird characters here
connect the net before commissioner comes. Excuse me. lt’s working!
please check. Okay. You come on chatting.
Why didn’t he come yet? Sorry! l changed the password. Why did you change
the password? What’s the password Come on repeat it.
lt’ s not that, l LOVE YOU.. l will kill you. Here is your coffee.
Thanks aunty. What do you think my motherwould
offer you a cup to coffee, Bee will know the sweetness of a flower Hugs will produce the heat desires will achieve the heavens
gate in this world. Age is the factorfor achievements lip locking is a passion Breath is a fine tuning for joyfulness. Desires will fly high in the sky. Dreams raft will swallows us in desires. Yourfragrance is all over me each and every moment is filled with
hunger every day. Let come fast to fulfill
our desires. let us sweat together in this raft. let be unite as one and fulfill our desires. Hey! don’t play with girls.
God will not pardon you. God had created 1033 girls
for 1000 boys. lf God is not merciful, why would he
create 33 extra girls. We ate at Kavitha’s wedding
my ex-girlfriend. We all gave send off to Seetha with her husband.
They all are okay, But she is commissioner daughter? What if she is commissioner daughter? Hey! come here, You know that l love
commissioner’s daughter, change the script. She will not spare me, if she comes to know this
She is a devil. Why did you switch off your phone.
l was busy rehashing the drama. Drama is important or me?
Any doubts? Just answer me. What if l loose one leg? What is this?
Okay! l ‘ll carry you all my life. Now l am carrying your child.
What? When?
That day when it rained! lt’s confirmed. suicide… Don’t stare me
like that. it’s because of your staring. You said one kiss.. but…
lt’s my fault also.. l wanted to get the abortion
but my conscious not permitting. How should l react now?
Should l cry or laugh? ldiot! lf my father comes to know this
he’ll kill us both. Shilpa Stop. Shut up! You don’t talk. From now on you listen to me.
Because l am carrying. First stop this silly things.
Get a job anywhere either in Jaipur orJapan After my exams,
we will elope. With my ability l can’t find a job in Jagadamba
center how will l get in Japan l am worried how commissioner
will shoot me.. How come l am becoming a father
at this age. ln our group you had become father
Where is the treat! Hey! l am in problems
Then only we should celebrate. Buy one kilo Sweets.
Brandy.. Hey! Pick up the phone. Why did you took so long to
answerthe phone. Oh! Party?
lt’s because of fatherhood. Are you not able to sleep?
l wanted too, but your child is not letting me. Give the phone to him. What? you won’t let your mother sleep?
What? Dad should sing a song! why did you stop here?
lt’s nearby. l told you it’ll rain? You did not listen. l am drenched..
Boys will not get this change.. They all are good girls!
They will not have any restrictions. lf l was home l would watch computer. Hey! Why are you Staring. Where are you staring now. Usually at this situation someone
builds a house with all the comforts.. but he is not seen anywhere!
There you can do anything Shilpa lt’s been a long time since we
fall in love, Can you give me kiss? Okay! l will give, l will not ask again
anywhere is fine… lt’s not fair. Cheating..
You moved before l kissed you. l wanted to kiss on your neck.
l promise this will be last one.. One kiss only. One more kiss. Hey! This is the last one.
Don’t ask again. l will not agree. Don’t stop..
You are not letting me stop. Where?
This is all not right. Shilpa.. wake up,
Father is waiting downstairs for you Get shower and wearthis clothes.
Why are we going to the temple? Yes. How come you all are here?
Where? Come baby.
Sit! Are you shocked?
l did not tell her yet. l always surprise her.
Like this. Sir! Exchange…. This is there love story .
Let see another love story. There is link between them
you will find out soon. Hey! stop bothering,
l brought for you all. Sister got clothes for all of us…
Okay. play careful When l saw happiness in children face
then only l came you know that you had come. What’s this packet. ls this forAnitha
Yes. tomorrow is Anitha Birthday. You are spending all your salary.
How about for you in future. You all are there for me
lsn’t it? l got a proposal for you
Collector only son. He is good human being. He wanted to
marry an orphan from this orphanage Can l send your photograph.
Though Anita is my roommate. she is like my sister, after her
education, l will marry as per your choice. l shall come again.
Okay. Satya. You treated her like your
sister, l don’t know why she did this…. You open it and see..
Puppy.. Why should l tie this to brothers only
whoever protect us life long, they deserve you are my protector.
Sister. Where will you go?
l can’t stay here with her memories After you both came here
this hostel has became house. Please listen to me and
stay here only. l forgot to tell you.
You got a mail. l’ll get it. Sister, my classmates are involved
in drugs mafia, Michael son of David. He is filled with poison. l came to now him through my
friends My life has become dark.. every one thinks
l did this because l failed my exams But l can’t lie to you, That’s why
l am writing this letter you. David took my nude photographs
while l was in drugs and he is blackmailing me. l did this because l don’t
wanted to be his slave. Please keep this to yourself..
Yours Anitha. No. l will let this happen to any
other innocent girl like you. l will try to stop it. One should shoot these bastards
Come let take the jeep. l will arrest him and let you know
once we find his whereabouts.. Sir, l am Bhama, What happened
to my case? l am in the Airport on duty, l’ll inform once
we catch him. l’ll call you again Sir!
He said he is in the Airport. l can’t wake up with my alarm. Daily l am
waking up with the sound from police station You stop now.. Her name is Kavya
Color is super. Vyjayanthi, Very innocent girl
She will respect elders. She cooks deliciously.
Till she comes should we fast. So far you had seen 50 matches
l don’t like some they don’t like me. You should gave me some
handsome. can we make idly from
wheat dough? Then leave me now.
l don’t want to get marry. Aunty! Should l leave this place.
Yes. You had arrested a Big goon. They will come for you. Go to Vizag.
l wanted you to be safe my child. Advance is not necessary
he wants bachelor girls. Why are greeting me in
different languages. Why all of them are laughing at me? House will be rented without any advance
only to bachelor girls. Sir! lnvitation. lt’s my marriage sir.
You married 3 months back only. That’s my second marriage
this is my third. What happened to yourfirst wife?
She is dead. What about your second wife?
She had eloped with next door driver. lf you can’t attend this marriage
you should come for my fourth marriage. He is making three marriages.
l can’t make one at least. Why are you laughing?
Will you marry me. NO. l’ll show you one photo!
You’re suppose to show us the portion? lf you like this person then
only you’ll get my portion. Look him carefully.
He is only son and rich too. He should be little more fair
then it’s okay. You go and get your makeup. What’s his salary?
He can’t support you. You go… What you do? l am freelancer,
l am free in mornings nights l am busy. Oh god! Before l die
pls give me a nice daughter-ln -Law. Why are you in hurry?
You should watch.. Are you Satyabhama?
Yes. You studied in Hyderabad. Yes. l am Swathi’s uncle.
l use to drop you in school How is Swathi? She got married
Don’t you know? lt’s long story That’s how we both brother
got separated What are you looking at?
Once 5 ldlyis and one tablet. But now 5 tablets..
Take it! Stop! please don’t drink
this coffee. Why? Tell her? Okay you drink.
Drink.. What happened? ..firstly they select good
looking girls like you then.. …they collect your bio-data
and they come like this.. You don’t get any doubts by
looking at there age! l’ve seen if not, they would have
parceled Be careful. Thanks. Your name please? Satya
You l am Satyabhama, Be careful. Where are you going. Bheemili
l am also going there, Pls come. No. l’ll go in auto. lf you are
this careful it’s fine, Okay bye. Let’s avoid him. What happened to my son match.
lt’s bit difficult, lf you want match is ready NRl party age 51 l’ll come now. Broker Sir. l am Kondavalsa from
Kothavarsa, ful sound. What happened to my room? Didn’t you like
the one l showed you. l should built one specially for you,
it’s getting ready pls wait. Are you looking for a house? Yes.
-3 Bedrooms house rent is 100 only. daily, no monthly. Total maintenance is free.
is it okay? Who is this mad fellow charging 100
for all these facilities. He is? Yes l am.
Sona will come with me also. Only condition they should not
be married, When should we come? Come tomorrow morning.
This is my address. Any advance! No advance.
you just come. Broker! Eitherthis or Sona will get
fixed, l don’t believe this, How? Then okay.
l too okay. Who are you? yourtenant.
Remove from here. Hi, how come you are here?
l am the owner, l am yourtenant. Why did you put these here?
Sir, objected me. Go ahead.. l am not interested.
How will you pass yourtime. Time is not to pass
lt’ should be used. You have many books.
for knowledge. Knowledge.. Who is yourfavorite writer? who everwrites good things
l read them all. Do you like fish curry.
lt’s very delicious. Can you cook? Yes.
Bread Omelet. Anything else…
Bread Toast. What you do after marriage
l will find a husband who know cooking. Nice future planning. What that’s noise. l forgot to tell you
it’s from police station. Where they are beating.. You’ll not
understand that. Go and wash your hand. Satya. What’s father?
lt’s not you. My son is good cook. Satya. Do you like the atmosphere.
Yes. Where is Sona, She is here. Where? Coffee is ready for you downstairs.
Give me 10 minutes. Uncle! ls there any puncture shop around
None. Anyway you don’t worry. My son will drop you. Satyam
drop her on yourway? lt’s not possible, l am going in a different
route. lt’s okay l’ll take auto. You be quite. lf you listen to me now
it will help you in future. He will drop you. Satya, l have a small work, l will be
right back. Okay Satya. You did not invited me for your
marriage, l am not married yet. Who is she? She rejected me
Why? -50 matches l don’t the reasons, l don’t find any fault in you? l am becoming aged. You are the best, they all are unlucky
You have the best in best. You are lying. No l am telling
you the truth. Don’t feel bad. l’ll be back in two minutes.
Hello give me your license. You’ve all the documents. Yes.
You have an account in the bank. Yes. pay me 3000/-fine!
Forwhat? Drunk and Drive.
How am l We will not pay. what you will do?
Sir. Come here. lf you go to the court you have to pay
-3000/- as fine, bribe me 1000/- What. Why we have pay 1000
Okay give me 500. Mind your business. We will pay the fine in the court!
Come here, At least give me tea money l will not give.. ls she yourwife?
l am not married yet. Sorry. ls that your son?
She is my daughter. Who is she?
May be one from 51 Thanks forwhat? l should be
thanking you Forwhat? Today you had told me many
sweet things. Take these sweets, Why?
Because l found this job. My father likes sweets, then give
him also, He is not suppose to eat. l am not able to understand?
Doctor advised him not to eat One day l told him l ‘ll not eat sweets anymore
Since then he also stopped eating. He is not here, you eat
That’s not fair One should obey one’s promises even
when they are apart. What if he eats sweets without my
knowledge, l feel unhappy. lf you feel unhappy, l will take
a piece. No. l’ll see you in the evening. Sir has come.
He wanted to see you Ask him to kill her and join us or else, arrange me a bail
you go. How are you?
l am fine sir. ljust went for a smoke
brother. He went for a smoke. Give me.
Take it. Take it. He should die
with smoking. Smoking is injurious
to health. Satya. Come Uncle,
You have inverter here, l came to cook What are you doing there?
l am trying to remove the spoon. Here is it. lt’s got stuck
in upma. You keep on trying
l will start to cook. Hi, power cut downstairs,
Yes, Fathertold me. He did! lnverter is here, Yes fathertold me
He did. l have important work, can l do it here.
Not a problem But now you’re staying here.
Are you comfortable here. Are you a painter?
No. l am interior designer. At least this one should work
for you. God bless you. Thanks Dad. Why are you teasing him uncle? You can sleep here tonight!
Okay. Good night Did you able to remove
your spoon. Where is the design?
Oh! Did you pack it, Thanks. Your design is fantastic,
So do your color combination. l know you’ll become famous one day.
But you were scolding all the time l use to say that, to save you
from bad omen. Where is the party? l’ll give you tomorrow,
l am going to the temple with my father. What happened father?
My stomach is upset since last 2 days. Do one thing, Go together so that you
can give her party as well as visit the temple. Come here! lf you listen to me now
it will help you in future. l use to work under someone all these days,
but today with yourwishes, l am working independently. You are very lucky to me. You’ve such a wonderful father,
l use to ask god to fulfill his dreams. then you’re great! What is yourfather’s dream? He wish is that l should get marry. l am serious, Why are you
laughing. That’s not,
Getting married is such a problem? Ten years back it was a small problem
but now it has become big one, This time l’ll wish you
best of luck. Everything will be fine,
because l am lucky girl isn’t it? l will not go anymore. Why?
l got bored. Someone has born for you. lt’ll take some time to meet
the right one.. That’s why it getting late
for your marriage. l have some urgent work,
Shall we go! You can leave,
l’ll come later. Okay. Bye. Satya Sir, lmagine yourfiancee
it will become true at this holy place. She stole my heart She is everywhere,
we are one word Let go somewhere else
in this memories Kill that girl who is the reason for my
son arrest. Kill her and bring the dead body. This the hostel.
l don’t know there whereabouts. lf l know l would tell you
instead of this torture. Why are you torturing me? Okay, we believe you.
Let’s go… Madam! You could have told Satyabhama’s
address, instead of this torture. Satya is a nice girl,
l can take this torture. What? She is not in Hyderabad.
Search whole AP, orworld. l want her. Okay dad, l am leaving.
Wait. What! Satya hasn’t opened her door yet.
Let’s go and check. Come uncle. What happened to you?
Are you okay? You got temperature,
Sit down. You should have informed us,
lnstead of sleeping lonely. Take this tablet, Dad!
why are putting cold cloth Take this tablet.
How she’ll take tablet with empty stomach. l’ll bring hot idly
Wait. l want to tell you one important thing.
Please tell. Father is right,
You should not consume tablet with empty stomach. l’ll be back. Enough uncle. Take this table and sleep, coverwith blanket
more sweat you get temperature will reduce. l want to discuss one important thing.
Please tell. Father is right! if you coverwith blanket
more sweat you get temperature will reduce. You are here?
Come my son. What? lf you don’t dare and express your love
girls will not fall for you. Go and express your love
instead of dragging the matter. l want to tell you one thing!
Whatever you father said is right, lsn’t it? What? lf you can’t express your love
any girl will not fall for you. But l will love you! Yourway is with music
which is hidden in you. Bin Laden aircraft is
your eye sight arrow. Cinderella my love symbol. My heart beat is you. You’re my future
you’re my destiny Your beauty is an art, My wish has fulfilled and l found
you as my partner My heart is filled with joyful A new season has begun… You are my whole world without you in my life
l am no more… Yourtouching is filled with
sandalwood fragrance. Your breath is like
flowerfragrance. My dreams has sculptured you
with clouds God has created you with his
breath. l can’t blink my eye
with your lighting beauty. lt’s true,
Heaven entry is with you Yourfriendship is like
a pigeon with wings. This is where we will live
after marriage. How is it? Fine. What will name the house?
Mother’s nest. We missed it since our childhood. Tell! where did you seen her! First kill her and then call me
you stupid. Both of them got married They had started there new life in
the new house. Today l got relief
after all these days of struggles l will go on pilgrimage, He is raised
by me, No mother. Now you will take of him.
l am sure you will. By the time l come back, l need a grandson
So that l can arrange his future also. Boss has come!
What is this you brought small fish. Come my son!
Why did you lost weight. What happened to him?
l had arranged dolls for him, Go Come boss! Come
Mother had got lot of dolls for you. Look.. You are here? Son!
l planned to kill hertonight Don’t pull my sari,
What are you hungry? l’ll get you milk.
What happened to you today, Sit. This morning a blast had occurred in one town
and both the couple had died. lnvestigation has started as perthe local
witness a newly wedded couple is staying there l spoke to them yesterday,
How can they be so careless.. Gas cylinder had exploded, are there any more
victims? No if any they would also die l’ll go to our old house and check the reason
l’ll be back, You relax. One more chit fund had cheated the
middle class people in the state. We had lost our savings,
Arrest the M.D. lt’s difficult to control the situation.
l am Minister, chit fund Co. cheated my 500 crores, l need my money in 15 days.
l need in 7 days. Yourwife is in hospital, Why?
What happened, You move aside. Hello When did you got married? 5 months ago
She is 3 months. How can that possible we both
got married 5 months ago. Hello, l am going to a big temple in Kerala
lf we tie a bell to the branch. One minute… …and make a wish it will confirm
Here it’s already confirmed Dad… Come soon dad! l will come on delivery day
and see my grandson.. Okay yourwish… Hello, That’s my room
Sorry l got confused.. Let’s see the link between Bharath’s story. How long you do this hunger strike
Yourfatherwill shoot if he finds him We had disconnected all your communications
don’t act smart, until your marriage You will go to America..
Mad mummy.. l want to see you. You are electrician…
Yes.. l don’t all that.
will you come or not? Stop. You are the plumber
Yes.. His love became my death trap Stop weeping, so far 56 buckets has gathered
she could have sent me message with her servant. l should not loose my love.
l’ll not. Where is Suresh? Welcome to Nerallu Agorallu
l will tell you a tiny story. Rosy is born in Kasi
everyone in the village are crazy about her.. One day both her parents
went to a village. She is all alone in the house. Someone knocked her door
she opened the door Then what happened?
Afterthe break…. Okay brother…
Hello, How come your are here? l need your help. Tell me
Sir apple, don’t disturb while talking.. Take it.. Why are you rubbing Amurtanjan,
l have headache. So l am rubbing it What happened to you?
you are so dull since you came. l need your help Greeting to all. Firstly l would like to congratulate on behalf of our
channel, for catching the terrorist. Sir, How did you caught
that terrorist… ..planning that all You have no children?
l have one her name is Shilpa. lf you call her it’ll be nice sir.
She is not home. Let her come l will teach you
a lesson. How to wipe this terrorism? Terrorism is like our nails and hair
it will grow even we cut them. Ramzan has Ram in it
Deepavali has Ali in it He is giving a good message
Pay attention. lf one color is missing in our national flag
will it be our national flag? What a wonderful message.. Your servant has came in the middle,
Gokul go and search all rooms You’re TV programmer
Yes. Shall we start? How should we go upstairs? What happened now? What’s all this! Sorry Sir,
Do you have any audio cable? Audio cable is upstairs.. l will go upstairs and give
the connection. Which room? Hey Where?
Bathroom. Go that side you will
see the bathroom. Okay. Why are you poking mike into’
my nose. You idiot. Youth is becoming fast now a days
so do you… You silly. Madam! Food What is it?
To you from me! No Phone, No Net chatting
Still l’ll not leave you. Tomorrow morning 4:30 l’ll come, we will depart in
lndian airport and land in England Airport. We will have a son in six months.
Then we’ll come back to lndia l forgot to tell you. Pls take
shower and come Leave your parents and come,
let’s elope please agree. Parents will scold me,
l can’t trust you and come lf you miss one thing then only
you’ll become Mrs. Your are jobless We are attracted to each other
how long should l wait for you. lf l agree l’ll become cheap
so let’s wait for more time. l’ll show you Mysore palace
come. Let’s settled there and raise our
two children. You don’t speak Kannada you can’t
settle there. l’ll buy books and learn the language
in one month Let’s modify Telugu language, it’ll become
Kannada language. Let’s go to Kerala and catch
Malabarfish. Let’s go to the temple and worship
the God. We have flowers in our room,
l want to plug them into your hair What a desire you have… lf l come without
you will not let me go out.. Here is your gold chain
l am here, Let’s go Madam! Did you ate?
Yes, Fully. Hey! come here.
No madam it’s not nice. You have to help me. What are you saying madam. Uniting two lovers is in your hands now. l don’t have any lover.
Who is it? lt’s me only. l don’t like this marriage
that’s why l running away. What if fatherfinds out this?
That’s why l am informing you. You’ll see him in the morning
pls don’t scream.. l am begging you please..
Okay madam… How will l recognize him,
Same guy who came to repair my computer. plumber Electrician Came to interview Dad. Four lovers?
You silly! Nice girl, That’s why
she is loving 4 boys. Everything is correct. Who is it? Your are madam’s lover l know
go… He has come! Who are you?
Why did you brought me here. Where should l come? Where is my daughter?
Why did you tie me here? Who are you? Don’t rush, your daughter is safe
with our men. As long as your listen to me
she’ll be safe there. l brought you because… l have a work with you You asked me who am l! My name is Satya Murthy.
Are you a terrorist. l am an ordinary man. We met before,
Do you remember? City Commissioner has no
memory. l am giving you 5 minutes,
try to remember. Why did Satya Murthy planned
forthis kidnap. Let’s take a 5 minutes break
to know the reason. Where is Bharath
What happened to him? Let watch. lt’s 7 am already! What?
Nothing! l’ll go… Brother!
Brother no you’ll be trapped! Go man Who are you? l am the one you called you!
Can l go now, wait until inspector comes l got the money from Shanker
He has nothing in his pocket. He’s dead, looks like suicide,
No, Sirthis is accident! Why isn’t a suicide,
No sir it resembles like a accident He wanted to jump from the 14th floor! He might have jumped into the well,
or might have hanged himself to the fan. Sir, Nothing is here sir. That’s why he might have fallen
in front of the lorry and committed suicide, Understand! We police sell color TVfor blind persons..
Who are you? l am the one who phoned you! l never listened your voice on radio… l act like dump in radio… Arrest him,
You planned this murder and tries to fool us.. No sir,
l didn’t do anything.. Let’s assume it’s an accident,
then who come he fallen in this chock sketch! What you did?
ljust phoned you sir! Agree you did the murder!
No sir, Brother No
you’ll be trapped! Sir, l found the culprit,
big mustache fellow had warned me not to go near… He has mustache in front,
but he was behind me.. Sir, why you are wasting your energy on him.
you are saved by Trisha Greetings sir, Sit-down,
Afterthe eye operation are you okay. l am okay sir, God is with me sir,
How? During nights when l open the bathroom door
the lights automatically turning on sir. You wife already informed me that you are
pissing in the fridge.. Look, l am unable to remember you.
please let me know the mistake l’ve done. What happened to my daughter?
Nothing’ll happen to her until you cooperative me. You asked me who am l.
Listen! Are you saroja? Yes.
You had cheated us in chit fund co…. ….we invested by trusting you,
who’ll pay us now.. Saroja. Stop. Look.. You will come to the Station
tomorrow by 10:30 for enquiry. Call the General Manager
of the chit fund Co. Hey! you guys go and sit there!
We’ll go afterthe enquiry. Wait. When he’ll call us?
Chit fund case? Yes. You have come forthis?
What’s all this Sir? We worked forthe wrong people. What’s your opinion on that girl?
Yes is very nice girl sir. We have to give him a lockup treatment for one week
truth will come out. Sir. Next month is my daughter’s marriage
Sir. Look GM in any case there is one
good and bad fellow if you want to become good then she has
be bad. She is bad sir! Her character is bad sir.
She has an affairwith the MD Sir. She knows all the details about MD
give us in writing and then you may leave. Not only you, your office staff has
to say this also, Sir When is your daughterwedding!
l’ll make them say sir. Sir, what they had asked
inside! Hey! You may go and come back tomorrow.
What’s this why don’t you make the enquiry today? Listen to us.
Come back tomorrow. Should l tell him about Anita and that Sl?
No, He is happy , l should not spoil his mood. lf any thing bad happens in the enquiry
then l will tell him. Your name?
Satyabhama! Then sir is Krishnudu? How much do earn a month?
it depends! Okay. How about you?
How much do you earn a month? That’s your month salary! l am asking about
extra money you earn after office hours.. You tell me!
There nothing like that Hey! How much is there beach road villa cost?
about one million sir. We got financed by our company. How many
workers are there in that company. about 100 for how many employees company had offered the loan?
She was only one sir. She is something special Sirwatch you language! What? You did wrong
things l have the right to question you. Silly fellow, she has an affairwith MD.
He use to come home when you were out forwork. You hold police collar, Arrest him
he also has a share in this scam. Let’s enquiry him,
then truth will come out. How dare you put your hands on police! ln our enquiry you proved to be
innocent you may go. My wife sir, Take him away!
show his wife.. Sir, Where is my wife sir,
She had eloped with her MD. Sir He asked us to say like that!
Actually what had happened! When we arrested you both, She was sent
to the ladies police station! But she didn’t do any mistake sir,
who said she did? Go and meet lady Sl ..her name is Linda and she is
licensed Gunda.. What you do, go and meet herwhen she is not in duty
so that she will be little easy on you. Don’t mentioned about me because police department
has good people like me also… She is in the club nearby
go and meet her. l don’t know where she is!
l didn’t hide her in my house. Look! l am very open person,
l don’t hide anything from anyone. She came, l did my enquiry and advised her if she tells
the truth you will be freed, But she never came back Let me tell you one thing,
We can search missing person but not hiding ones She is not like that
Madam… Sorry lf l hurt you, we shouldn’t suspect
everyone but we police must.. She is pregnant madam! The chit fund owner might have
kidnapped her because she might tell the truth. After all l am an a Sl.
Why don’t you meet the commissioner. What are you saying? we do our duty with
many risk, you are blaming us as a kidnapers Sir, She is innocent! That’s your belief.
Only you can search her sir. What is this nuisance!
Go from here! l am tied of this world,
l feel like dying Swamji. One can achieve if they are alive
nothing can be achieved if they are dead. Your are one among in this world but,
you are the only one for yourfamily you try to escape this relationship
by dying. To catch the fish you have to
put the net. To catch a pearl you have to
dive deep in the ocean. if yourwork is big
you should try in a biggerway Who are you? Where are you?
When and how? Question yourself!
Question will gain you the knowledge.. slowly all the darkness will dissolve l understand your pain! First, handover my daughter, l’ll make sure
there is no case on you. not only that, l’ll put up an enquiry and l’ll try
to find yourwife whereabouts… Very good sir, But first find out my wife’s whereabouts
then l’ll handover your daughter. try to initiate the enquiry
from here itself. what from here? You wants your daughter alive. What should l do now,
Please tell me l am commissioner speaking.
Sir. He is put up case Purushotham,
lf you pay him he’ll put up any case on him. What? you don’t want to go to school,
Why? Wait until l come there. My daughter is also like this she won’t go to school until
l give her chocolates. ls it your Son? No My father! He’s refusing to go to school
because of children torture. Which cases l should put on me? Wait sir
why do you rush. Have a coffee. No,. Juice. No. Whisky?
without soda and water. Did you get the Jagadamba thief, Five thousand
Yes sirwe caught him. We worked day and night to get him sir,
What happened to the rape case? There is a rape case also, l need 2.. Two thousand no
Twenty thousand, What is it? lf you want take ten thousand,
what is the age of the victim -40 or45, No l’ll loose my image for raping a older
women, l’ll not agree below twenty thousand. Sir, We didn’t get him. Okay.
Aren’t you greedy? l’ll loose my image if photo comes in the newspaper,
You can hide yourface with a kerchief. Okay,
Try to be little flexible. Sir, we got him!
When? Just now. Here itself, put him in…. You all are real case or put up cases? How come you’re here? l came to give them
the commission, they asked me to be inside How come you had agreed all
the case! lf not, they will… how come our police are like this?
We have best police in this world! Once upon a time a test was conducted and freed a Lion
into the jungle and asked who ever brings back this lion first First American police went and brought the lion in
thirty minutes and Scotland police in 20 min Then Russian police brought in 10 min finally our lndian
police went and brought, guess in how many minutes… Five minutes sir. You tell. 1 Minute sir.
You 2 minutes, you 1 hour lndian police went in and didn’t come back for 1 hour
-2 hour had passed, then the judges went inside and saw… they had tied a bearto the tree and torturing and saying
agree you are the lion… Sir give me your phone once…
Take it.. Where is the commissioner?
Sir you are…. He is saying that his wife is missing
from your police station, What happened? What are you saying? Try to respect! What happened?
l am here for enquiry, Come inside… Until you tell the truth they’ll not leave your husband!
l am telling truth only madam… Okay, Did your MD had called you?
He did once. From which number he called?
l don’t know it displayed private number. lf your boss calls again please inform us?
Why would he call when he knows l am here! lf he calls please inform us, we’ll catch him
and leave your husband, Until then? l’ll make sure nothing happens to him.
Okay you may go… Sir, She is lying..
Linda Sir, l am telling you the truth,
if you want ask our Sl Krishna.. Ask Sl Krishna.
Bring him here sir. What! My interview?
Am l that popular? Sir, ask them to leave. Why?
l want you to be on the TV, Go.. Sir, there isn’t any case pending in your station. Yes.
Because he neverfind the culprit, if he gets anyone he’ll make the victims So farwhat you case you liked the most
Brothel case! Suitcase… he like the most..
You move aside.. Do you have any ambitions ! Yes
l wanted to die while asleep like my grandfather. l Don’t want to scream and die
like my grandfathers friends while driving the car my grandfatherfell asleep
then his friends were awake and screamed How come you kept silent when a thief escaped from
your station. l chased him, He was in front,
l was behind l understood You continue..
l gave a strike with my belt. then… You caught him? No he escaped!
l remember he said one thing. What? You stop the camera. He said you are not a police
because you didn’t wear your pants… Then l noticed that l dropped my pants
when l removed my belt. He ran and went inside ofJagadamba center.
Did you go inside, No. Why? because l saw the movie 3 times earlier
l didn’t understand, can you explain me clearly That day l slept very deeply l saw a dream and my hand went off and hit the keys,
then the keys fell on the floor like this, Shoot properly.. Then he opened the cell from inside, and he came out
Shoot properly, l want to prove my innocence. ened the closet and took all the things! Where were you then? How long l told you l was sleeping, Can you show us how!
Okay l will!. You are acting very good sir. But my sixth sense was saying that something wrong
is happening suddenly l opened my eyes Where did they go? You sent them.
l did… You’re like a toy l am lucky to have you you are hidden somewhere in the corner l should play with you
let come… What’s the heat you’re saying
how to cool you down. lf l give you one, yourtension
will go off. There is mango garden here,
can you come here once.. can you agree for once You try to convince me, but l’ll not come
Don’t you fell ashamed, Why don’t you listen, Go.. You are like a shark and behaves
like a child lf you fell shy then also someone
will take you You can’t stop him
further.. l’ll go aboard and you’ll not
catch me try for someone else… NRl are coming back, what you’ll do there
stay back here only. trust me, l am yours
and try to be with you forever Say okay then,
l’ll show you my talent. lf father comes to know about you
he will trash you He will make you cry How come you are here sir,
how is madam Sir? Why are you asking me?
Whom should l ask? you both have eloped Me! Yes l’ve seen you in the morning you took her
in the big van which has a lion sticker in the back. l know everything, madam had told me
everything. Big madam is calling me!
You may go now. Sir might come back from morning walk
you’ll get caught. Coming madam. We know about Shipa! to know about
Satyabhama we should watch chapter 6 Sir, you are trying to punish us
with our old enmity. pls leave him. No. No.. Not the old enmity,
New. l’ll not deal you. Come here?
you both stole people’s money Your husband beats police.
You filed a case on police you act as innocent. You hit me but pls
leave my husband. l don’t know where the MD is at!
l know you don’t know but… you guy think police are so cheap Madam, don’t hit her
she is pregnant. Pregnant? You are screaming without hitting you Did she agree?
No.. l’ll make her agree! Please leave my husband sir. Agree you have
link with you MD. Then l’ll free him Look you are bleeding…
Sorry.. Linda, They will not agree unless you strip them.
lf your strip them they’ll agree? l’ll show
Okay.. l was waiting forthe right chance
and l got one… You took my photo that day,
know l will take your nude photo. l’ll post it in the net. You had demoted me from
Circle lnspectorto Sub-lnspector Linda, Satyabhama sari is in my hand and her Krishnudu is hanging upside
down in my station What did he do?
Leave him.. Looks like she is dead.
Yes. if it was a man we would’ve hanged him Let’s throw her in ocean
fishes will have a feast. Fishes will have her as a feast what about the gold?
Go ahead take it. Why are you looking? take it
No sir. l don’t want. l think we had rushed,
let’s go back to chapter 5 and read as perthe writer Shilpa’s phone is ringing, anyone answered? Yes
Someone did, When l asked for shilpa he disconnected Servant said someone took her, No he kidnapped her
Why you think like that? l feel like that Donit’ assume things, let check with herfriend
l don’t know her address! Call her and find out!
l don’t have her number either. First we’ll do one thing let’s go to there
house and get the phone number and call We don’t know her address how we’ll
go and get the number, Silly fellow. You could’ve say it
why you act as hero Hey! you are here? l am executive here. what?
Why shouldn’t l ? l’ll give you a number pls trace and let me know
where it is! Whose number? She is missing, l tried all the places
Once l find we will get marry. please help me we traced her
let’s go. lt’s a stolen Vehicle,
lf you want give if not okay. Okay give, We work hard
you enjoy the fruits.. Hello! Where did you get this phone?
Why should l tell you? l bought it!
He bought it it seems.. What? l bought the vehicle
it’s in there. Hey!
Do you know who’s locality is this? Remove the hand.
l am the king forthis entire area. How dare you hold my laboris collar
in my area lf you have guts you hold my collar! Remove your hand
Brother.. l bought the Sreenu’s vehicle and
rented a flat to him, l’ll show his place. Please drink this you’ll fall asleep?
Take it. l don’t want it. Why you call him for all the simple things,
Give me. You looked innocent to me What about them?
Hey! you don’t want to come, You go, we’ll wait You said it right, What will happen
to our girl friends if we get trashed hey! for me girl friends are okay
but did you looked at your size! How dare to kidnap my lover,
Do you know who she is? She is commissioner’s daughter. Why he is going away?
Do you think he is deaf? l missed him because he was bending to
pick the bucket up. l missed him again because he has put back the
bucket, now see this.. Hey! now the fight starts.
Wait and watch. Look kidnapper, handover my lover or else
you’ll die. l thought you’re big fighter, Yes l am
but he is betterfighter than me. Let’s go and get a new girl friend. No.
l will marry Shilpa.. Look at me now! l got him.
Come and trash him. What sir you came alone?
Where is my friend? How can he come he is beating,
l know he is big fighter, No he is getting beaten How should l defend him? l don’t know anything! Commissioner is also here!
What he had kidnapped entire family? Look how he is sleeping?
believing him we had handed over entire city. Let’s leave him. She is also good.
Wrong… Sir.. Sir…
Please drop slowly lsn’t it birthday dress l gave? How come you’re
in birthday dress, He might’ve seen you completely First close it.
Now a days you are exposing too much… Let’s go.. Hey! My daddy! lf l save him he will
get marry you with the American boy. How come you opened the door?
l Thought it was you. He made commissioner believe that his daughter
is with his gang, Now can he make him believe? How will he find about his wife? What if Shilpa comes back
with the police? Let’s see Are you surprised to us here?
Let’s watch this flashback. lf you are loving for real
please do me a help! The one who kidnapped me is
a good man! Oh l see.. Come let’s go. He has sad story!
His wife is missing. Okay let’s go!
She is also pregnant. You found me very easily isn’t it?
So.. Can you find his wife also. Are you mad? l took lot of struggles to find you
he’ll find himself, l don’t. Please… That’s the flashback.. You keep them here,
l’ll go and search your Sister-in-law outside. Sister-ln-Law? When l consider you as
my brotherthen yourwife becomes my Sister-ln-Law ls today is full moon?
l Love you….. Did you search very speedily? Why we bother?
He ‘ll enquiry police man and l’ll enquiry thieves! You look in this bundle?
You check that! He’ll not leave me Hey! lt’s here!
Did you find it? l know him!
He’s Dandapani’s Son! Where is stays? One, Two Things but,
you are loaded with things You have things at appropriate
places! Craving me like
Godavari. Shouldn’t l swing My heart beats rapidly
after seeing you. Who pressed me in dark?
l thought it’s light switch! l’ll cut you… Let me eat mangoes with my mouth
Don’t stop me.. Beauty is in the market
to sell! My beauty is like a twister
you can’t handle. Understand? Should l trap your beauty
with my conning ideas? Yourwaist size is like
Atlantic! My little heart sank
like Titanic Let’s squeeze my
beauty little by little Don’t make it public
in my city What happened to Satyabhama? What happened to her?
l don’t know anything! Don’t tell lies
l’ll kill you! Hey! His men are coming.
Wait l’ll reveal truth. She’s not dead father… Why are you felling shy
Sit-down. Eat lunch.. Chanti has come!
l know. Did you kill the girl. Yes
You saw the news on the TV He came while eating, serve
him enough, My water glass in here? Enough!
lt’s okay Eat. what are you looking at
Should l feed you…. We sent you kill her but
you took money and left her alive. ls he sleeping? No he’s dead!
How? Asked forwater… didn’t give? You told me
to serve rice only… eating only rice
people will die like this. l am in trouble! ls it?
You have to come to a place. l will. Commissioner has kidnapped
it’s not a small thing! l had recruited a brilliant
officer. Mr. Narasimha lPS Today he made a call with commissioner
and asked our officerto come there alone. l heard about it
sir. Why sir? He had asked him to come there
alone? Yes. You had given me this case right sir? Yes.
Then let him go there alone. Where is the Sl Sir nothing happened to you
Krishna this mental fellow. You shut up. Krishna wait! My daughter life is in his hands,
please cooperative me. Sirtold you… You ask him sir! Go ahead tell,
We had enquired them in chit fund case. Sir got angry and raised his hand on me So l got angry and enquired them for
two days. Three days. Okay three days! During our enquiry
he proved innocent and we let him go. Sir he is not telling anything
about my wife. What happened to his wife? Sir, l had handover herto Linda custody!
Ask her! That l had already told him sir. Stop. Look, l’ll go inside and see how many
are there. Do not take any action until
l give my instructions, understood! Krishna try to understand the situation
and tell me the truth! Sir, l am telling you the truth. Who is it? Who is it? Hey! untie commissionerfirst?
l’ll tell you that later! First put the gun down.
Do it. Are you confused?
l’ll clear it. our guess is wrong?
You mean this is our commission guest house? This is commissioner! This is kidnapper!
This is commissioner daughter. Commissionerwants his daughter, Kidnapper
wants his wife if not he’ll everyone. We have kill him in orderto save us all… …to do that he has to come out, first
his wife has to come here.. this is the story! lf we bring his wife, then the
problem will be solved right sir? We can’t find her! because she has
caught by our police. l don’t think she is alive Narshimha has forgot one thing. Good people will face hardship
but they will not loose. Satyabhama was dumped in the ocean,
afterthat what happened, let’s watch. l did the first aid,
are there any one related to her? We went to catch the fish and we found
her. we have no relationship with her! Our village doctor advised us to
take herto you aftertreating herfor 2 days. Look, She got hurt to her head and damaged
her nerves, we have to take herto a Neuro Surgeon. Not only that! This is police case
go and lodge a compliant first. We don’t want to get into troubles
you take care her, we’ll go. ljust finished my duty, l have
enough money come! What you won’t come? Then go to hell.
l have so many like you. Hey! you. Will you come!
Yes. This place is Gohati in
Assam Newly wed couples visit this place
to bind there relationship for ever. O Moon
O Moon. should l become your smile. O peacock
Peacock. Should l come close to you. Should l become a mole
on yourtender lips! Should l recreatesiwith your
breath You are light in the dark,
you are my dreams Your are like a thunder in
lightening You are like a raft in the
ocean with full of dreams Fulfill my dreams
with your company. l’ll keep you in my heart
like a moon Yourfragrance is in me
like a jasmine fragrance. l can’t avoid you l am hearing you
l am coming to you Hey! come, No.
You came this far, come in. Hey! who is this girl?
l found her on the street, Mother! She looks like from a decent
family! She looks mad to me that’s why
l brought her here mother. You did the right thing, God will help you.
l ‘ll handoverto police in the morning Come my child. Go inside.
Why are you getting angry. l went forthat chit fund coverage …that company’s PA photo is not published
in any newspaper, how about her address? Somewhere in Sagar colony!
Sir, Shot ready! l am coming. Satya Murthy had taped his enquiry.
we have to give the tape to media You arrange that in the mean while
l’ll go to Sagar colony. Son! l don’t find the girl in the house
l searched everywhere! l told you to look ater her! We wanted to do good
but it’s her bad luck, You do yourwork. Oh! petrol is finished. Please give me lift
Okay sit down. Thank’s What happened you look tensed?
That’s a long story l didn’t took showerfor 2 days
That’s the bad smell since you came. l thought it’s coming from you ! There is no AC how are you driving this?
You get down, Sorry.. Please stop here. l’ll take an auto from here. You may go
have tea and go, No l am not in a mood for a tea. What are you searching for? l left my
cell phone somewhere? tell me your number! Not there, That side. Did you found?
Yes brother. Okay then, l’ll leave
See you… l kept it here in booze What happened to you?
Why you came here running? Okay you go,
Looks like she is in problem. What Sl came? Okay write my number and give it to him. She’ll not get down,
l have to. Take the money and drop her
where she wants! All of them looks the same. Where is Satyamurthy’s residence!
That house. l can get there photo’s,
Photos why? l am an a undercover police!
Police? l have them sir, l’ll bring. Go Mad fellow!
He thought l am a police! Here sir, He is Satyamurthy and she’s Satyabhama
my wife took these on birthday party. Look carefully and tell! l am sure sir
she is Satyabhama. Satyamurthy give me one hour’s time
No Sir, l don’t want to trouble you. You keep quite, l won’t listen to you.
Do you want your daughter or not? Linda come. Hey! You stay here only. You don’t know Why ambulance sir? For his wife!
Did she find sir? Yes. When sir? We’ll tell him that his wife
is serious, listening that he’ll come out. He will open the doors of the ambulance
and inside our police will shoot him. No sir. He is good person, he asking
for his wife only sir. Yeah! but for one good person we can’t loose
our department people. Sir you saw this person anywhere? Sir, l am auto driverwho dropped you in Sagar
colony l want to meet you urgently. Where are you? Sir, take your mad person
Madam get down. She roamed me all over vizag
take your money. l’ll leave. You are the one who sat on me that day?
Yes sir. Sit on him. Tell me?
Where is my wife. Did my wife eloped? Tell me.. No, No,
l’ll tell… What happened sir?
He found the truth! l’ll kill you… He won’t let anyone alive! Sir, They killed her… You killed her!
What she did to you? This fellow only… Hey!
Come. Police doesn’t know the value of life? You all killed my wife?
That mean you had killed my daughter! l am not a police to kill your daughter,
Wait. l’ll bring her now. Here take it. Shilpa. Daddy!
l’ll show you the importance of life. l have nothing to do with commissioner
and his daughter, You may take them. Stop. lf you come close l’ll press this button
they all will die. Police should respect people!
Media come forward People are believing you more than God.
You should write the truth. l am unable to save my wife!
But l will save her respect.__ Everything is recorded in this tape
you telecast this and prove her innocence. ln this world lot of people’s are ruined
by higher official powers. This incident will be lesson to all
the officers. Stop there. Don’t panic.
Stop. l will kill Move aside.
l should stop this fight. Brother don’t press the button
Sister-ln-Law is safe. Krishna how come your are here?
What happened to you? Untie us first!
Bombs are here? What Bombs? Should repeat again That’s why we
are installing surveillance in all stations What Satyamurthy did is correct! Satyamurthy did is correct! My vote is for Satyamurthy. Satyamurthy is the real hero. About police? No sir,
they will put me inside. Should l tell about police?
Why shouldn’t l leave peacefully? lf we want to change the police then
-1000 Satyamurthy has be rebirth Even though they will not change
they are the same.. We youth will fight back
be careful. Sir if we leave him then all will do the same
thing, so punish him. Sir, Don’t listen to him
l will support Satyamurthy. Satyamurthy is correct. You told me everything but did not mentioned
who is the groom? You took lot to risk to bring her? Yes.
Then you become her groom. This is all after marriage only! He doesn’t know about
the junior That special officer has pressed the switch.
l am requesting you, Leave him. l’ll talk to the CM. What did doctor said?
Time will cure her! Accept my apology on behalf of my
department. What ever has to happen it’s happened!
l will go somewhere and live peacefully. Come.. Satya! Where did we first met? There! Okay! do you know my name and
who am l? Tell me?
You.. lt’s Okay. l’ll tell
will you listen? Yes. Satyabhama has become a child to him God created humans and humans created
God in form of love Love is eternal, like water, sky and fire.
Love has no boundaries Let’s love will cure her and bring back her
sweet memories.


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