CHARMING Official Trailer (2018) Demi Lovato, Sia, Animation Movie HD

Hello ! We all need wedding cakes ! Must be three lucky men ! Who’s got a picture ? You guys realize that’s the same guy right? Oh, don’t be silly Son aren’t you tired of being hated by every man in the land He stole my love ! I do like being adored by the ladies though No lady who gazes into the eyes of the prince will be able to resist his smile On his 21st birthday this blessing curse will be sealed And all love will die ! That’s in 3 days Prince Charming it is time to choose your one true love and liberate all others from your spell Piece of cake , kiss me now and save us all .. does this normal work for you Only with any other lady in this land Wow well that was different So determine which of these three princesses is my true true love the fate of my entire kingdom Depends on it. Your kingdoms in luck because I can take you to that we leave at once … oo heyy? 😉 I feel so alive What is your plan true true love must be earned by running the gums of three impossible tasks across the impossible paths Two ! Survive an unsurvivable attack we’re dead hello there you tell a cat little flowers And 3 ! Let’s do this ! Well that played out differently in my mind You


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