Chattam Telugu Full Movie || Jagapathi Babu, Vimala Raman || P A Arun Prasad || M M Sreelekha

Is that me? They don’t have
apropertimesense, brother. Yes, sir. -TheyvetoId meabout
11 o’cIock program at 11.30…! Pity! You peopIearewaiting in
thesunIight forthe past haIf an hour. Ranga Rao!-Sir! WeaIso shouId bring the umbrelIa,
when wedo an outdoor Panchayat. We’d havesome respectaccording
to ourdepartment. Right? You can’t seethis Ranga Rao
without umbrelIanext time, sir. Good boy!
-Thank you, sir. Brothers! Sit down! TelI me, brother.
-Nothingto say, sir. I won’t give any
share forthis rogue. Why do you giveme, man? That’s my area. Is that your father’s property?.
-Is that your daddy’s property? Why do you taIk rudely, man?
-What, man? HeIIo, rowdy brothers! Wait!
-Why shouId I give you, man? Sorry, brother. You’veIost your controI.
I’m hereto settIe your probIem, am I not? If you settIe yourself after
caIIing me forthecompromise… My paymentwiII becomewasted. Is my paymentready?.
-It’s ready, sir. -Ranga Rao! Receiveour payments first. Give me the payment.
-Give him our parcel, man. Brother! Let metelI you amatter
finalIyto stop your quarrel. What’s that? You give30% share to him
from your site. You give your Barkatpursite for his
development & you take your 30% share. You’ve toId weII, brother. If you think weII,
you wiII get such Iogics. How couId you think so?
-Hey! Join your hands. You embrace one another.
You both can Ieave. Did you understand anything?
-No. Rs.1000 is Iess, sir.
-Brother! What again?
-Rs.1000 is Iess it seems. Hey! Givehim this Rs.1000. Here, brother. Brother! My Ranga Rao is
countingthemoney. Ifanother Rs.1000 is Iess
in your share… Takeit, brother.
-You can go, dear. Sir! Rs.1000 is a profit forus.
-Takeit, Ranga Rao. You aIso havegota heart, sir. I’m saying that you aIso
havegot a heart. Yes, sir. Hey! I swear on me, sir. Hey! -Yes, sir. Go fast! Go fast! Stop it! Stop the Iorry. Get down, man. Get down! What, sir? If 100 mI ofwater gets
Ieaked for 2 seconds… At thetime,when you reach your
coIony traveIing for an hour…. You’II suppIy onIy 2000 Iiters
instead of 12000 Iiters. You’rewasting 10000 Iiters of
water on theroad itseIf. Do you know how many peopIearestarving
in ourcountry for a drop ofwater? Ceasehis Iorry & cancel his contract.
-Yes, sir. Forgive me forthis timeaIone, sir. Shut up! Not onIythat. Cuthis housewater suppIy
for 10 days. He’d not get even a drop
ofwater. -Okay, sir. You’recanceling my contract,
aren’t you, sir? Why did you giveme
this punishment,then? It’s my phiIosophy as you aIso shouId feel
thepain ofthem, who gotaffected by you. Are you peopIeready?
-Ready, sir. Okay. -Wait, sir. One minute, sir. Speak up now, sir. Hey! Have you bought it? I’vestoIen it from themediapeopIe.
-Shut your mouth. Cover his facewith ahankie.
-Sir! Let mealso come in television, sir. Mywife wants to seemeaIso in
theteIevision Iikesuch useIess peopIe. Is that me? -No, sir. Ready…? -Ready, sir. We received a report about theeIectronic
goods robbery in Amirpet Aditya EncIave. I onIytrapped this thieftaIentedIy
forming a wonderfuI team. We redeemed Iakhs worth Iaptops
& celI phones from him. We wiII fiIe the F.I.R & produce him
in the court tomorrow. Do you know? If 3 Iions are the
identification for Iaw & justice… I’m the fourth Iion,
which is not visibIe. PoIicein the bracket.
Did I telI veryweII? Everything is a copy diaIogueonIy. Didn’t Sai KumartelI these
diaIogues in many cinemas? ConstabIe! Takehim inside. Shooting is over. Come.
-You come here. Greets, sir.-Sir! Shop owner! You’d bealert, man. Ifyou arecareless,
they wiII rob yourthings. Sir! ThereareonIy 2 Iaptops among
the 3 Iaptops, those you recovered. The third oneis missing. That’s costly, sir.AppIeIaptop! I didn’twant to take up this recovery
head ache forsuch reasons onIy, Ranga Rao. Ifhehas theoriginal biIIs for
alI thesethings, give these to him. Otherwise I won’t submit thesein
thecourt too. ThesewiII be hereitself. Sir! That AppIe Iaptop
is not mine, sir. That’s theprocedure.
You can go now. We wiII sendthose Iater on.
-Okay, sir. -You can go. Ranga Rao!
What about your payment? How, sir? Hegaveme Rs.3000
after agreat difficuIty. Hey!-He gaveme Rs.4000.
-Hey! -Hegave me Rs.5000, sir. Sir! I’m teIIing sincerely & finalIy, sir.
He gaveme Rs.7000. My dear! Back is nice. -TelI me. What’s her name? GajaIakshmi. -Did you nameheron her
birth or afterwhen shegrew up? Wegot fixed Iikethat
beforeher birth itseIf. TelI me. How manykgs
shouId she reduce? Why? -HelIo! Obesityis
very dangerous to Iife. It’s nothing. ShewiII finish
4 to 5 packs Iikethis. Her mother is taking
careofher Iike this. You peopIewiII bequietbIaming her. Don’t
you have anyresponsibiIity as a father? Am I a father forthis size? I got a famiIyimage. But… I don’t havea famiIyin this size. How am I Iooking for your eyes
actuaIIy? Fatty! Sorry! Ma’am! Gowry! Keep this bag in my car. Okay. -Bye, Sindhu! Gajam! Come, dear.
-I’m coming, mummy. Have you finished fuIIy?.
-Hey driver! Take this too.
-HelIo! What do you think actualIy?. You toId meas her father untiI now. You’recalIing me as a driver now. Do you know who am I? She’s our commissioner’s wife.
I’m giving her respect. Is carrying herthings, arespect?. What do you know? From 1860, when our poIice
department started… UntiI now… WhyuntiI now…? Whenever it is…! Serving to our seniors wives,
is also a part in our duties. Don’tteII meabout poIice. I’m aIso coming from
apoIicebackground, man. What, idiot? You’II aIways say move
to theIeft & right.Am I right? What? -Hey! Don’t quarrel with a poIice.
I’II shoot you in somecase. You can do it.
-Hey! Go, useIess girI.-Go, man! Hey! IfI proposemyIove, are you showing
yoursIippers in front ofthewhoIecoIIege? Are you haughty as you are beautifuI? Don’t discuss with her, Mahi.
Let’s pour it, Mahi. They haveto arrest & punish thosecuIprits,
who poured acid on our friends. Otherwise alI the coIIege
students wiII do strike. Yes. WewiII do strike. Dear Swapna! -Get theirsignature
& send the body forthe post mortem. Wetriedthemaximum. But alI the organs
incIuding her Iungs got burnt fuIIy. Their names are Mahesh & Kiran. They aremy cIassmates, sir. When wewerecoming on theScooty,
they poured acid on us. Okay. Get her statement & ask our peopIe
to watch their houses in mufti. Isn’t your bIood turning as hot in this case?
Isn’t your bIood, a young bIood? In front of20 Iecturers
& 2000 students… When 2 young boys were pouring
acid on your friends crueIIy… Withouttrapping them on thespot
& kiIIingthem… Aren’t you ashamedto ask us to
punish them in front ofthemedianow? Hey! Whata meeting is this? Who are you, man? In whatway
you are related with this case? ShouId I react onIy
ifI am reIated in this case? Thoseaccident victims are
my daughter’s cIassmates. They areaIso equal
to my daughter onIy. IfI was thereon that spot, I’d have poured
acid on them & taughtthem theacid pain. Okay, sir. Ifwetrap them,
wewiII calI you. You pourtheacid on them. WewiII keep you in theprison
& admitthem in thehospital. Why do you keep an useIess
meeting here? AII of you disperse. Everybodywants
to becomea poIitician. He’s taIking irresponsibIy. I think to takedrinks.-Yes, sir. IfI think about his taIk,
I think he’d havetaken drinks, sir. You idiot! Weather is good.-So… Where, sir? -In house…! I thoughtthatthis partyis there in your
house. But I didn’t think as my house, sir. Which donation is the best donation?
-Food donation. That’s a drinks donation according to you.
You’vedonated hot drinks to me. So… You’ve becomea great donor.
-HaveI become agreat donor? His face! Ranga Rao! Whereare you? -Here! I praised you. Right?
Why didn’t you praise me? What’s there for you, sir?
Dangerous rowdy! Rogue! UseIess man! Dangerous thief! Wow! You’rea senseIess man,who
won’t get angryhoweverwescoId you. Very good. -Look. You’re abducting
others foodthroughout your Iifetime. I’ve remembered as you toId
about food. I’vetaken moredrinks. Can’t you offer me something to eat? Heybaby! -Baby! Is this haughty girI, your daughter? Why doubt, sir? -You’re telIing
that you sir is going to come. I thought as somebody eIse. IfI had known about him,
I’d havenot brought this. You think something eIse.
Your daughter’s back is superb. See, how he is eatingthat omeIet
without anyhesitation. UseIess cat! Sir! My daughter is
scoIding you onIy, sir. Oh god! I won’t take drinks in your
house afterwhen shehas insuIted me. Let mego to my house. Take your dinner& go, sir.
Food items wiII get wasted, sir. Pack everything & get me. Best idea. Baby! Pack thecarrier. Takethis. -Let me go
& givehim now itself. Dad! -Ifyour dad takes more Iiquor,
his walking styIewiII be too bad. Right? So you go & givehim this carrier. PIease, dear.-ShouId I go
to his house? ImpossibIe. The next quarters onIy.
Right? PIease, dear. PIease, dear.-Okay. He’s already a cheap feIIow.
He’s therein intoxication aIso. She’s gone there to inducehis kick. I don’tknow what is goingto happen. Did I ask you notto touch me? You got agood pIacein
my smaII heart. So come, dear. You hoId myhands.
You hug me tightIy. You braid me
& you disturb me continuousIy. Don’t think further.
Come, my sweet heart! Did I ask you notto touch me? You got agood pIacein
my smaII heart. So come, dear. I’ve caIIed you with aromantic feeIing.
Won’t you cometo me? I’m waiting dressing myself & bending
my hip for you. Won’t you come? At the time,when our eyes
share the messages… Our bodies shouId get
mingIedtogether. Wewon’tget this timeback. Hug me tightIyIike the wind
thattouches thefIower. I can’t controI my feeIings.
So cometo satisfy my thirsty. Did I ask you notto touch me? You got agood pIacein
my smaII heart. So come, dear. I want to have your
sweet reIationship forever. Can’t you IuIIaby me youthfuIIyin order
to inducemy youthfuI feeIings? Can’t you touch me?
-Hey! I want that. You’rea magicaI man. -Won’t you
expect my presencewith you? I won’t part you at any timehereafter. I’II join with you onIy
& get your kisses. I’II find your beautyin
the chiII wind also, dear. Did I ask you notto touch me? You hoId myhands.
You hug me tightIy. You braid me
& you disturb me continuousIy. Don’t think further.
Come, my sweet heart! If you come to myhouseagain
to havedrinks, it won’tbe good. Hey! Are you spoiIing
my innocent father? Hey! I’II mixthepoison in the carrier
& give you next time. Father! -Comedear! GoIden man! Gowry! Whereare you? I’m there in a tempIe, sir. I’m anointing
theGod foryourwelfare, sir. Hehas agreat affection
on me & my famiIy. Do you know youth star RahuI Babu? Why do you ask so, sir?
I’m his great fan, sir. Why onIy you? My dad also was
his fan,when I was a chiId. Heis pIaying apoIiceofficer roIe
forthefirst time in his career it seems. Heasked meto send
a mightyfitness officer to him. There is someIanguageit seems.
-BodyIanguage, sir. He is goingto observethatit seems. You go & meet him.-Yes, sir. Whatever he may do. It’s too much. Greets.-Greets! Are you fine? -Yes.
Say ‘Hi’ to the director sir. Mummy!-Enough! You can go. No. You can’t get
my daughter’s dates. No. Youth star RahuI Babu’s
movieis going on Andhra. They’ve escaped by arranging this
shooting in thestudio road. But… Ifthey had arrangedthis shooting
in thepubIic road… We’d haveearned Rs.50000
bythreatening them. Right? Heroine, sir. -Order ourIunch
from Taj Hotel. -Okay, mom. Heroineis okay. What’s there on her head?
-That’s nota curIyhair style, sir. Babu siris coming.
AII of you moveaway! GuI GuI Pandu. Good morning, Babu sir. Oh god! Why did this faII down?
Who has stitched this? Hey! CaII that costume
designer Malhothra. What, Babu sir? -Why did
you stitch this Iikethis? You onIy asked me to stitch this
in ‘Dabang’ Salman Khan styIe. right? Yes. I asked you to stitch this
in SaIman Khan’s styIeonIy. But I didn’t ask you to stitch
this suitabIeto his waist size. He’s amightyhero.
My bodywon’t be Iikehim. Okay, Babu. Letmetighten
this pant. -Makeit fast. It’s getting Iate for my fIight. Okay, sir. -I got a song shooting
with Nayanthara. -It’s over, Babu. Ladhu Production
”Dhamaal”. Sir! Greets. Commissioner
has sent me here. Yeah. He’s phoned me
& toId meabout you. Your name is Gowry, isn’t it? Yes, sir.-Do you want
to take any drinks? I prefer whiskywith soda, sir. I didn’t mean that drinks. Soft drinks. I don’t havethat habit, sir.
-Then it is okay. PIaying alI the typeof characters,
is myIife dream. I acted as a taxi driver. 100 days.
-We’ve run themovieourseIves. Shut up. I acted as amafia don.
100 days. -We’verun the movie ourseIves. Shut up. I acted as aIover boy aIso.
100 days. -We’verun the movie ourseIves. Why are you trying
to spoiI my image, man? I wouId Iiketo telI you about amovie.
It ran for99 days alone. Okay. Do you know to tap the Iap? I know, sir. -Okay.
Tap it & show meonce. I have to keep Iikethis
& tap Iikethis, sir. Oh god! I’m finished. -Sorry, sir. I’m finished. You onIytoId me
to do so, sir. Sorry, sir. I didn’t ask you to tap on my Iap.
On your Iap. Then it is okay. He’s not a youth. What, man? Mywig has fIown away
afterwhen you tapped yourIap. If you become our
industry’s contractor… AII of our stars careers wiII
become out offocus totaIIy. Director sir! -Sir! -I’vetoId
you aIready, haven’t I? He’s thereal poIice officer.
-Greets, sir.-Teach him thedialogue. Let mewatch his acting &
catch his bodyIanguagetotalIy. Okay, sir. Look here, Co-director. Teach him that diaIoguein Telugu. Behind the Sun & sky… TelI the diaIogue
further.Afterthe night & daytime… Afterthe night & daytime…
TeII thediaIogue further. Why do you ask him to say?. Giveme. I’m ready. Let’s start therehearsaI,then. Camera person is there
in the upper position now. You move forward saying
this dialogue. -Okay. That cameraperson wiII
comedownwards. Thereis a gIass in that pIace. You haveto kick that gIass
by your Ieg saying the diaIogue. You’d just actIikekicking that gIass.
Okay…? -I’m ready. AII the juniors cometo the position! Oh god! What aturning! Behind theSun & sky…
Afterthe night & daytime…-Superb! PoIicetakes rest
on Goondas chest onIy… …instead of enjoyingwith
their famiIy on festivaIs too. Who is he? I’vecalIed him as he is a
reaI poIice. But he’s broken the gIass realIy. He’s spoiIed my facetotalIy. How can I go for a song shooting
with Nayanthara now? Pack up! Ranga Rao jump… Theyveabducted of crores of
money using department name. ButtheyveaIIotted atiming
for seIIing it onIy, sir. We didn’t aIIot the timeIimits
for drunkards & bar owners. Why does Government needthat?
You manage the excess peopIe. I’II protect you from thedepartmentside.
You do your business for 24 hours too. We need such a support onIy, sir. I’II support you accordingto
your support onIy.-Okay, sir. Sir! AsmalI information. Boys, who has poured acid on those girIs,
aretherein their Farm House it seems. You’ve toId me a superb news,
Ranga Rao. You takethis. Look.
Let’s trap both ofthem. Let’s give this information to their dad
& demand him 10 Iakhs per head. Look. Nobodyin our department
shouId know this matter. ImpossibIe, sir. Why? -No anyinformer gavemethis
information. Our commissioner, sir. What can wedo now, sir?
-Law is going to do its duty. Hey! Your bodyis too
hot Iikethe fire today. You’ve stoIen my sIeep, dear. You’redoing some magic here. Arrest them.-Yes, sir. Hey! Who are you peopIe?
-Come, boys. I’m hearingthis arrest word from
your mouth forthefirsttime, sir. Leaveme. Do you know whose sons we are?
-You mighthave born to somebody. Why 10 Iakhs are escaping
in front ofus? Yes, sir.-What shaII
wedo thesebeauties? Accused in theacid pouring case
are awaiting forthejudgment today. Let’s go & get that information. Sir! Whathappened? Whathappened is…
They got 15 days remand. But there is no any correct
evidencein this case. As my sons have won in thecoIIege
eIection under highestmajority… When some outside rowdies have
poured acid on those pity girIs… TheyveinvoIved myinnocent
sons in this casewontedIy. The truth wiII comeout soon. Nothing Iikethis. Come to thestation. Did my dad ask you to pick up me? No need. I havemy own Scooty. That’s whyI caII you to thestation. We’ve received a compIaint
about AP 9BY5720 scootertheft. You have that scooter now. So…-You onIy stoIe it. This dad has got you a Scooty
after agreat difficuIty. That scooter… Yourdad has stuck thestickers in that
recovered scooter & gifted you that. Cometo thestation. TaIk sIowIy, sir. Ifmy students come
to know this, my prestige wiII getspoiIed. What? WiII your prestigeget spoiIed? You toId that you’d murder
megiving mepoison. That’s ajoke, sir. -Is itso? Letmeteach Aerobics freeIy for
yourcommissioner sir’s famiIy. What wiII I get ifyou
teach them freely? Sir! -Hey!-Come, sir. Did you wear bIousetoo? Keep it, sir.-It’s enough. But… Say sorrythrough your mouth.
-Sorry, sir. Notmoving your body.
Say properIy. -Sorry, sir. This is enough. We’ve broken this case.
I toId you aIready. Right? They areinnocents. Somebody
invoIvedthem in this casewontedIy. There are morewitness to prove that
theywere not in station on that day. Look thesituation ofthis case, sir. Ifwehavemoney,we can get
escaped from any great crime. SpeciaI rates forpoIice & judges. Our societyhas got corrupted, sir. Do you think thatthey gavethem baiI? It’s equal to reIease from thecase.
Match fixing! It’s an eyewash forthem,who give
statement watching this through the T.V. Won’tthey get punished
forthis case,then? TheywiII get punished.
But not in this court…! If you sign in the bodyidentification form,
wewiII send it for post mortem. You can’t takeawaythesebodies
from here. They aremy sons. P.A! CaII up thehome minister. Nandan sir! -Somebodyhas
kiIIed my sons crueIIy here. Sorry, sir. -Who needs your sorry?. I’d Iike to know themurderer,
who has murdered my sons. I haveto seehis end. Givean order for C.B.C.I.D
enquiry immediateIy. Here is yourtodays share. Sir! It’s Rs.100.
-Not Rs.100, Ranga Rao. Rs.100! -Rs.100! It’s injustice, sir. I toId you about
an I.A.S officer’s bribeinstead of A.C.P. You got Iakhs ofmoney from him. Can you givemethis onIy? Keep it, Ranga Rao.
I’m therein a good mood. I don’t havejoy & happiness. You toId as good mood. But… Why do
you hear onIy pathos songs aIways? It’s a song of a hero,who Ioved
theheroinein one side, sir. I’m also an oneside Iover, Ranga Rao. Is theresuch an angIeaIso in you? Whynot? I’II teII you.
Do you want to hear it? -TeII me. Dear Krishnaveni! My sweet heart! I Iove you deepIyhavingthe
fivenaturaI eIements as witness. Ifyou accept my pure Iove… You keep your hair
intertwining backside. Let me treat that as a symboI
ofyour consent for my Iove. By yourIovabIeGowry! Promisemeon myhand & saythat
you wiII never forget my pureIove. Promisemeon myhand
& teII me, Radha. Promise me & say that you wiII
never faiI from yourwords & Iove. Sayingwhat you’ve
mesmerized my sister? We wiII give you a year time. You come with any job. WewiII
make your marriageatthattime. Sister! One year Iater. What happened after that, sir? What wiII happen after that?
Aishwarya came to my coIony. Commissioner sirwiII not accept
each & every compIaint. You have to give compIaint
in your area station onIy. What, boss? Is thereC.P sir inside? Your area C.I sir has come. TelI him! What? -My daughteris missing
from thepast 2 days. I’ve written the detaiIs
in this compIaint. Okay. Give your compIaint & photo
to thewriterin our station. -Okay, sir. What? C.P sirhas asked me
to comeurgentIy. Did hefix his eIder
daughter’s marriage? No. Why? -Nothing. He wiII ask 5 Iakhs
from my station. That’s why… Okay. Letmecomemeeting him. -Okay! Okay. -Sir!-Come, Gowry! You onIyhad dealt that
acid casecompIeteIy. Right? Yes, sir.-Afterwhen
thoseaccused died… Their father has demanded for
C.B.C.I.D enquiryusing his infIuence. You heIp him according
to that case. -Sure, sir. Send him inside. Sir! Conveymyregards
to ma’am.-Okay! I onIy got thecinema ticket
for your daughter, sir. About your promotion onIy. Right?
I’II takecare ofit. ShaII we go, boss? I was the top rankerin my batch I.P.S. Afterthat I gotrecruited
as S.P directIy in C.B.C.I.D. Okay, sir.-Excuseme! Hereis theevidence, sir. Hi sweet heart!
Heasked as who is this. He went there & he diedfinalIy. His girI friend might havesent
this message to teasehim. We also enquired aboutit. That SIM card didn’t work.
-Is that alI? Then…? -Great!A girI might
have not sent this message. Somebodyhas sent this message
to beingthem out. I wantto know from which shop
he bought this SIM card. I checkedtheI.D proof & I didn’t see
who boughtthatSIM card, sir. If you work without sincerity, how can
they usetheceII phoneas a triggerofbombs? I’veremembered amatter, sir. He bought 3 SIM cards
on thesameI.D, sir. Why are you idIe?
Go & traceboth thenumbers. Gowry! What I’m trying to say is? No. What I’m saying is…? -Leaveme. Gowry sir! See! They arearresting me
for someother’s theftaIso. Not that, sir. Did I ever do robbery
in ourarea without your knowIedge? You know about me, don’t you? He’s ourthief onIy. Sir! Wetraced both thenumbers. Oneis unavaiIabIe.
Another one got traced, sir. Where? -In theindustrial area
near MouIaIi. This is thetracing SIM card, sir. He might bethe
reaI Iover ofthatgirI. Hehad pouredtheacid on them
without bearing his Iover’s death pain. Sir!-Thanks! -No, Gowry! He’s arranged this setup in order
to makeus to think Iike that. Ifwethink according
to criminaIs psychoIogy… It’s not Iike aIover
or Psycho’s styIe. It means they don’tbeIieve
our poIice department… Man, who believedto punish the cuIprit
in their manner itseIf, has donethese. Come. Let’s coIIect the donations. UncIe! Can’t you give donation
for chiId health? I’ve forgotten my purse, dear. What? -Go, dear. -Thank you! I’II return this money after
when I receivemy saIary, boss. Do you want to buyIiquor in that
money? Why don’t you praise me? Theyhaveto kiII him first. UncIe! Can you givedonation
for chiId heaIth foundation? Here. I’II donate fuIIy to you. What, dear? Daddy! I’vecoIIected more
donations than others. Very good. -You aIso givedonation. How much did you coIIect, dear?
-Rs.10000. Then… Your dad’s donation
wiII be Rs.50000. Remove your uniform & get ready.
Yourtuition sirwiII comenow. Let mecomepIayingwith Jimmi! Vaishu! Listen to mywords. Vaishu! -Shedidn’t comehere, ma’am. Where is Vaishu? Vaishu!
Whereare you, dear? Where did shego? Come, man. Bring her. UncIe! Leave me, uncIe. UncIe! PIease. Leaveme.
-Keep quiet. Or I’II kiII you. She’s come from the schooI.
I didn’tsee her afterthat. TelI me. Do you haveany enemy
in your business wise orpersonaIIy? No, sir. -Do you suspect anybody?. Nothing Iikethat, sir. Then… You gota connection with
thatJubiIee HiIIs beauty parIor girI. Sir! Just a minute, sir.-Come. Nothing Iikethat, sir. Weboth havegot justa friendship. Hey! -Yes, sir. Believeme, sir. Our famiIywiII get destructed
by such a friendship onIy. Do you haveany probIem in her side?
Remindthat & teII me. There was an argument in between
herbrother & myselfbeforesomedays. As she becamepregnant
& he asked meto marry her. Hehas such agreat probIem
& he says nothing, Ranga Rao. We haveto search
your brother-in-Iaw, then. UncIe! I’m getting scared.
PIease, uncIe. I calIed you onIy. PIease, uncIe.
ReIease me, uncIe. I’m getting scared. PIease, uncIe.
ReIease me, uncIe. Oh Mother! Myhands arepaining.
ReIease me. PIease. ReIease me. Mother! PIease, uncIe. ReIease me.
Let mego to my house. PIease, uncIe. Leave me. I’m getting scared. PIease, uncIe. If you want, Iet me get you
money from my dad, uncIe. Leaveme, uncIe.
-Why do you get me? If you die, your father’s property wiII
go to my sister’s chiId onIy. Right?. Dear Vaishu! Dear!
Who has done this cruelty? Leaveme. I can’t beaIive
without Vaishu. Dear Vaishu! If akidnap takes pIacein city &
if a murder takes pIacein city outer… We took 3 days to get this information. That too, when
someoutsider toId us…! What you peopIearedoing? Do you know
how sensitivecaseis this? MyhigherofficiaIs aredegrading me.
Not promotion. I’II get you a demotion. Commissioner’s prestige
wiII get spoiIed now. Sir! I’m here, Ranga Rao. HeIIo! -Who is that? Commissioner…? Yes. -You fatman! I know that
I’II faiI from mywords in intoxication. Why do you bIameme forthat matter? You asked mewhether
what I was doing. Right? What are you doingthere
on your duty actuaIIy? Who is speaking? You fat man! Is your fattywifeat Ieast
giving you respect considering yourpost?. MywifewiII be Iean, man. What? WiII yourwife be Iean? Ranga Rao! Our commissioner’s
wife wiII beIean it seems. Our commissioner’s wife
wiII be fat onIy, sir. ButmunicipaI commissioner’s wifewiII be
Iean onIy, with whom you’retaIking. Oh god! Did I press M.Commissioner…? HeIIo! TelI me.-Sir! Do you doubt that
poIiceman Gowry onIyhad scoId you now? -No. Ranga Rao! Hedidn’t get any doubt
on us. -Aren’t you not ashamed? You haveto suffer for not saving
an innocent chiId. But… Are you both enjoying
here taking Iiquor? Going to poIicestation & earning
money for your siIIy expenses… Taking Iiquor in thenighttime… Did you do your duty
atany day except these? You peopIe… 2 peopIe,who are suspected as
murderers in Vaishali’s murder case… They got murdered in the same spot
& samemanner. It madeeverybody stunned. Is this arevenge
ofVaishali’s peopIe? Or… Is this someothers deceit?
PoIiceonIy shouId investigatethis. Person, who murderedtheacid case accused
& Vaishali’s murderers, are the same, sir. No. Don’t do us anything. Leaveus. WewiII give you anything. No. Don’t drop us. How that innocent chiId
might havesuffered? Is that he? HeIIo! I’m there outside, sir. Iam in shop. StyIeoftheir death & those
acid youngsters death… How didthey do those crimes? They also
got murdered in the samemanner. I wentto that factory
to getany cIue in this angIe. About forensic report… You know this, don’t you? When some case is there
under proceeding… WewiII keep our phones in trap
to use in our investigation, right? Sounds, those
I recorded in that factory… When I calIed up Gowry oneday… I remembered that I heard those
sounds aIongwith Gowry’s voice. Gowry! Whereare you?
I’m there outside, sir. Where are you? Can you meetmein
your station in 15 minutes? Let me try.-Okay. How IongwiII you take, then? I’II take sometime.
I’II finish my work & calI you. Disconnect it. Where are you?
-I’m thereoutside, sir. Where are you? Reducethis celI voicesound
& increasethebackground sound. Where are you?
-I’m thereoutside, sir. Where? OnIy pIaythetrack,
what I recorded. PIayboth thetracks together. That evidenceonIy gavemea confidence
as he onIyhad murdered those youngsters too. As a part ofthat… …I started enquiring aII theparents
& students reIatedwith those expired girIs. Sir! You onIy covered this
coIIegestudents. Right? Yes, sir. -See this group photo
& teII me correctly. Did anybody come & ask you
enIargethis girI’s photo? Yes, sir. Her brother came &
took 8 copies in thesize 10×12. Is heher brother? -Not this man, sir. Think weII & teII me. I remember him very weII, sir. When I was busyin
taking photos on that day… Even when I toId him
to come after an hour… Hesaid hedoesn’t mind
& hestayed here itself. He mademeto prepare alI the prints
& hetook away with them. Heis also a cop definitely. 1000/0 confirmed, sir. Sir!-You toId that poIicemen were
taking photos on that day. Can you show methephotos once? With pIeasure…! -Thank you. Hey! Show those poIicemen
photos to sir. -Okay. Is thatthis photo? -Yes, sir. There is a spot in theright.
Can you zoom that, pIease? Can you give IittIecIarity? HeonIy cameon that day, sir. Not that, sir. Did I ever do robbery
in ourarea without your knowIedge? Takehim away. Heis ourthiefonIy. Sir! Gowry sir gavemea group photo. Heasked meto enIarge
agirI’s photo among them. He asked me to stick
that in that room, sir. I don’t know anything
except that, sir. It’s confirmed from that incident, sir. Gowry onIy murderedtheyboth aIso. Hey! See the message properIy.
DidthatgirI caII us here? She’s caIIed us hereonIy exactIy. WiII you pour acid on agirI,
who refuse your Ioveproposal? Are you so haughty
as you got manIiness? Ifhe was a common man,
I’d have arrested him at this time, sir. As heis our department officer,
I need your permission, sir. Where is Gowry?
-WhywiII he bethere here? HewiII bethere in his houseonIy.
-He’s not there. That’s why… His house is Iocked. Go & search. More overhe is
very cIoseto your famiIy. Right? EspecialIy for you.
-Officer! Mind your Ianguage! What’s thenecessity
for him to gethidden? Becauseheis akiIIer. He’s murderedthem so cruelIy. Anyway… SincerelyteII me.
Whereis he now? I don’t know that truIy. Inform meif you seehim.
He can’t escape from me. If you find him,teII him amatter. ThatI Iovehim. Ifhehad arrested thosemurderers
as an officer,theywouId havegot escaped. But hehas given them a suitabIe
punishment being a human. I’ve falIen in his net onIythere. I must marry such
amighty man onIy. TeII him that I Iove him
from this moment. You come to the
station oncewith me. If you saythat our C.I sironIy
did aII these, I can’t beIieveit. When hedidn’t cometo the station,
I thought that hehas goneoutsomewhere. Your sirfIew awayto
Mumbai by yesterday morning. Fax Gowry’s photo to
Mumbai poIiceright now. Quick! I beIieve that you peopIewiII
Iike this song very much. Come upwards.
CIimb upwards yet too. You mightyman!
You come up yet too. Mybeautyhas comeout today. My youthfuIness has
comeoutboIdIy today. You comeupwards
to getmingIed with me. You come & enjoy
with me compIetely. I won’t ask you anything exceptit. You start rubbing me. This sparrow
wiII get mingIedwith you. Upwards…! Upwards…! Hey handsome! You’remy mister! HeybeautifuI hero!
Don’t you Iike me? Hey sexyboy! Can’t you become
a tattoo on mybody?. Heymighty man!
Don’t you wantto tasteme? Not onIy for Iiquor. You watch
mybeautyin this party. If anybody doesn’t enjoy
with a girI, he is not a reaI man. Accept my proposaI. It’s not amistake.
Nothing is permanent here. You can’tgetback
your youthfuIness again. I’vegrown up for your company onIy.
I hesitate to ask you again & again. Wehaveto soIve our
quarrels onemoretime. I won’t mistake you.
You come & tastemyIips. I’m thesuitabIe beauty,who can
satisfy your IustfuI thirsty, man. It’s enough
ifI just see you Iike this. MyIegs won’tbethereon theIand. I’II be there with you always
as your shadow. Hug me. I’m a China waII. PIayme. I’m a voIIeybaII. Why do you think about
thezodiac differences now? Mymusic wiII be superb.
Who elsewiII getthis offer? I’m hurrying again and again. You have
to join with me, man. Onemore time. I’m the Iocker ofcompIete pIeasure. My youthfuIness is Iike
the hurricaneIanther. I won’t Ieave you forever.
CaII me, man. Upwards…! Upwards…! TeII me. What do you want? I’m a TeIugu man.
Let’s converse in Telugu. TeII me. What do you want? I wantthis girI. Don’t ask about any girI here.
TakeIiquor & go out. I know that she is here onIy.
I’II give you any amount forher. Hey! IfI teII you once,
can’t you understand mywords? Leaveaway. Sir! Our station has
received a fax, hasn’t it? That man is here onIy. I don’t know her. I’vetoId you
cIearIy, havenitI? Leaveaway. Yes, brother. Somebody has
comeasking about that girI. Hey! You… 3 Iakhs! 4Iakhs! This is oId city Rahman’s job, sir. I gota cIear information… …as heonIy kidnap these girIs to
Mumbai & seII them to foreigners. 5 Iakhs. 6 Iakhs. 10 Iakhs. Hands up! Hand overthis girI
to her parents first. How Iong wiII theytake?
-He’s coming, sir. Greets, Gowry.Are you happy? I was proud in finding out
your murders in the beginning. But when I thought about that… I think that you onIyIeft me
thosecIues to get trapped byme. How can I Ieave you cIues, sir? Who are you? You’re a CBCID officer, who is there
in SP cadre passing IPS as a top ranker. I toId Iike that,when you
kept your hand on my shouIder. I didn’tthink that you’d pIaywith me
Iikethis taking mywords so serious. No. Leavemymatter. PoIice thinks that they arrested you.
But I know that you gotarrestedwontedIy. What did you pIan to do actuaIIy? Don’tsmiIe.Answer me. Because my
bIood pressureis raising from the bottom. So don’t smiIe.
I’II promise you. I’II find out. I’II find outit. Sheis… When I toId her you as a
criminal, shetoIdthatshegot Iove on you. What you heard is true. You girIs wiII Iikerowdies & criminaIs
instead of decent guys, who save your famiIy. Ranga Rao! You at Ieast teII her. My daughter didn’t Iove
a criminaI to advice her. AreaI poIice. I can get execution for mymurder
crimes. Do you know that? You crazyman! Why did you get to murderthem ifthey
had gotpunished IegalIy fortheir crimes? I’II bring you out in baiI. I’II marry you & give you twin chiIdren
before your baiI gets over. I havethat confidence. Afterthat I wiII give
Iakhs ofreasons… I’II make you to staywith me
moreinstead of staying in jaiI. My discussions with you, is waste. Introduce my aunt & uncIeto me.
I’II taIk to them. Hey! Keep quiet, man. Hi, brother-in-Iaw! -Hi! How are you? -I’m fine, mom. Oh no. Why do you strain yourseIf?.
-It’s okay, mom.-Take it. Brother-in-Iaw! My sister is pregnant.
How did you beIIy, then? Where is my darIing?
-Gowry, uncIe! -DarIing! Come! -Do you know amatter?
-What’s that? A brotheris goingto come
within a week to pIaywith me. That’s why your grandma,
grandpa & uncIehave come. Right? My BarbiedoII…? -Ifmy darIing
orders me, can I forget it? Here it is.
-Wow! Thank you, uncIe. Gowry! Come on! Comein. Sit down.
Why did you cometo Mumbai? Did you come here on duty? -No, sir.
My sister is staying in Mumbai onIy. You toId methis Iast time.
I forgot it. Your sister-in-Iaw scoId me for not taking
you to myhouse for Iunch Iast time. You’d cometo my home forIunch today. What happened, sir? -Someboys
are firing in Shivaji TerminaI it seems. You know… RevoIvers are avaiIabIe
in Mumbai for Rs.100 or Rs.1000 too. Each & everybody
feeIs Iike agangster. Gangsters arenot firing there. Pakistan terrorists it seems. They’ve startedfiring in
hotel itseems. I have to go. My famiIy also is therein
hoteI restaurant onIy, sir. My dad, sir. Terrorists havecome
to our hoteI it seems. Wearethere in therestaurant onIy.
-Dad! You peopIe be safethere. We are safehere. They arefiring in theupstairs.
I don’tknow how manyterrorists arethere. We couId notsee any
ofthehotel staffs too. Don’tworry. I’II protect our famiIy. You don’t get scared. Nothing for us. HeIIo, GowryuncIe! Dear! -Somebody is
shooting here, uncIe. I’vegot scared aIot. Dear! -You comeheresoon, uncIe. UncIe! -I’II comethere, dear.
-UncIe! I’m scared. You comeheresoon, uncIe.
-I’II come there. UncIe! HeIIo! HeIIo, GowryuncIe! They might havekept jammers
in thatsurrounding. As theconversation of our force
shouId not bereached terrorists…! Hostages are nearIy 700.
-Move away! Sir! Can I comein, pIease? Don’tworry. NothingwiII
happen to your famiIy. Oh god! My BarbiedoII! Move back! Move!
-Sir! My famiIyis inside, sir. Hey! Move back, man. A sincerepoIiceofficer got
kiIIed in thehoteI firing. He’s anti terrorism
chiefSumanth Markare. We’ve got an information as theirfiring has
got stopped & aterrorist has got trapped. Accordingto someevidences… …theyve found out that AjmaI Kazab
is thenameofthat terrorist. This girI has got maturity
for you onIy, darIing. This girI has got maturity
for you onIy, darIing. Hey! This girI wiII pour Iiquor
& give you kick. This girI has got maturity
for you onIy, darIing. This girI wiII dance & give movements
for you, my sweetheart! This girI has got maturity
for you onIy, darIing. This girI has got maturity
for you onIy, darIing. This girI has got maturity
for you onIy, darIing. This girI has got maturity
for you onIy, darIing. Bring that here.
I’m going to finish it. Did you get me alI the items
accordingto myIist? Why are you Iooking Iike this?
Do you want to eatit? Governmentwon’t give you anything
except Chapathi & Channa dhal. Look at me. Whatever I need. TheywiII
get me variety food from 5 star hoteI. I’m your guest. What? Have you got angry?. You’regetting angry, man. It’s enough ifI shoot 100 Indians.
You Indians areshowing a great careon me. Did hegetarrested in
Bombayto murder Kazab? Right. Correct. HewiII murder him. Kazab is a cat accordingto his view.
Right? So he wiII murder him. Has your mind deveIopment
got reduced, Ranga Rao? Kazab is having atight security
than our Primeminister too. He is staying in abomb proof ceII. We’d cross 3 security
forces to reach him. Crossing…-It’s okay even ifhe is there
beyond 7 oceans too. GowrywiII murder him. He’s murdered hundreds
ofpeopIecruelIy. He didn’t even Ieavean innocent chiId. Our sir is theoriginaI poIice, sir. As he is goingto
get punished IegaIIy… He wantedto get justice
fortheinnocent peopIe. Butnothing has taken pIace, sir. He usedthesameIaw from then
& heacted Iikesupportingthe criminaIs. Heis helping thepoor peopIe
with that money, sir. Hewon’t Ieave him. There’s no
any chance for him to Ieavethat Kazab. Today is thefinaI triaI of
AjmaI Kazab. Right? -Yes. Thereis a threat for Kazab’s Iife because
of Gowry Shankar, who is therein your custody. But onIy one thing is true. Thereis athreat for Kazab’s Iife
becauseofhim definiteIy, sir. Brother! What’s the time? What, man? 10:45. How can hereach Kazab? Boss! I want to meet
your Superintendent. What? -Your homeminister’s son is
goingto die in another an hour. Whatare you peopIethinking? Somebody caIIed me & toIdthat Kazab’s
Iifeis under threat becauseof you. You’resayingthat homeminister’s son
is going to diein another an hour. What? Do you peopIethink
Maharashtra poIice as jokers? 10 minutes havegone
in an hourtime. Sir! WiII my work get over?
-ItwiII be over. Forwardthis fiIe. What vehicIes we are goingto buy
for ourhome department this year…? You onIy wiII getits tender. Tiwari sir! -TelI me, sir.
-Whereis minister sir’s son? Why?. -I got an information
as somebody has kidnapped him. That’s humbug. No, sir. That’s not…
Who is thereon thephone? Sir!JaiI superintendentSingh. An Andhra accused in that jaiI… He’s telIing that our Gowrav is
going to die in an hourtime. Whata comedyis this? Whatis he saying? -Listen! Our son
Gowrav didn’t comehome from the Iastnight. His phone is also not reachabIe. I’vephonedto alI ofhis friends. Nobodyknows anything. I don’t know
what happenedto my son. I’m getting scared aIot
as heis missing for manyhours. What are you thinking about yet? Enquireabout my son…! TeII me. What do you want? Takethis money,what you wiII
earn working hard for amonth. What shouId I do? You know home minister’s son
Gowrav welI. Right? -Is thathe? He’s a rogue,who asks discount
from girIs Iike me too. He’d not cometo the tender,
what I’m going to attend bytomorrow. What’s thematter? You phoned me yourseIf
& caIIed me today. Did you remember me? You throw out his
ceII phone somewhere. You mix this tabIet in his drinks as
he’d notgetup untiI tomorrow evening. NothingwiII happen. You don’t worry. NothingwiII happen. Sir! Your Gowrav son’s broken
ceII phonehas gottraced in Juhu road. But we don’tknow about Gowrav. Singh sir! Givethephoneto him. How much do you want?
-5 minutes. What? -I wouId Iike to
taIk to Kazab personaIIy. I want 5 minutes time. What do you think? IfI give you a permission,
that wiII becomea nationaI issue. His Iivetrial is there under
progress in the court. Your son’s death news wiII betelecasted
in alI the channeIs within a few minute. Watch it.-Wait! Just aminute! Okay. I’II sendthem
a fax for your permission. Don’t do my son anything. Oh my sweet heart!
Cometo meonIy once. My IifewiII becomeusefuI,then.
Hey Bipasha! Hey Kongana!
I’II get you agift, dear. Trial is going to start in thecourt. You come & sit near theIast room. Kazab! I’m telIing you onIy.
-Hey dog! Reduce your voice & talk to me. Did you see?
I’m preparing myhit Iist. Hey! WiII you send them
to medaiIy? Ifnot… You…! Kazab sir!
PIeasecomeneartheroom. Kazab sir is ready fortheshooting. Start it! Hey dear! How are you? Your uncIehas come.
Can’t you show waving Iight now? What, Singh? Who is he? Judge! I toId you many times through the video
conference as my faciIities arenot enough. You peopIedidn’t care
aboutit untiI now. Not onIythat. I don’t Iike the pubIic
prosecutor, who is hurting me now. He is not working welI. Arrange for some other Iawyer to me. I wiII be… I… I got a speciaI permission
to taIk to him personalIy. Sir! Whatare you doing? Wait! Ifanything happens to him,
wewon’t Ieave you. Leavehim. What are you peopIe watching?
Go & stop him. Terrorists shouId getscared… & urinateto keep bombs in our
region after seeing his death. Officer! Okay! PIeasego. Is that criminaI a son-in-Iaw
for Government ofIndia? Or… Is our penaI code,
his own property? Ifwecometo know that somebody
sights our girIs, our bIood wiII turn hot, sir. He’s kept his eye on my mother too.
On mymother country. Ifhe stamps mymother country, that’s
equaI to stamping my own mother’s chest. That’s whyI’vemurdered him. Did I murder apatriotic
person or ahoIy devotee? I’vemurdered
a crueI Pakistan terrorist. Not onIy him. I’vemurdered
many criminaIs in my statetoo. Whatever you can do. You do that. You peopIewantto giveme
execution and savethejustice. Let meappeaI in the high court. IfI get thesamepunishment
there too, I’II go to theSupremecourt. Ifthey confirm
my execution theretoo… Let me request forgiveness
from theGovernor. Beforewhen our Governor enquires my case
& takea decision aboutmy execution… I wiII become oId
& I wiII dienaturaIIy. What can you do afterthat?
And… What can I see afterthat? Is this the faciIity, …what our Indian Penal codegave
to Kazab, who kiIIed 173 Indians brutaIIy? He had shot our Indians brutalIy
without any agedifference. We’veseen that through T.V. He also toId proudIythat
heonIy had donethat. …but our court has become useIess. Wehave to executehim. Forhumanity,
caste votes & for reIigion votes… Wegavehim fivestar faciIities. Ifweprovidehim thepubIic prosecutor
also to argueon behaIfofhim… Won’t the affected peopIe
get irritated & get angry? Without having anybody
to question them…! What agreat jokein this is…! Nobodyhave atight security equal to him. But he is aterrorist from Pakistan. That’s why wespent 6 crores
for his bomb proof ceII. Wespend 8.5 Iakhs for
his daiIy security guards. It’s 2 years sinceour poIice
have arrested him. How many crores…! That money is not from any guest. Thatis ours! Ours…! You coIIected that money in thetax form
from the rickshaw drivers & cooIies too. Instead ofspending thesecrores
to that brutaI criminaI… Ifwe donatedthatto them, …who got affected by cycIone, their
conscienceatIeast wiII get satisfied. Ifyou had given a good buIIet proof
jackets to our Indian officers at Ieast, …we’d havebecomehappy. What hesays, is right. Our system has got corrupted, sir. Our system has got degraded. Not any terrorist
or protestors did that. RightfuI peopIeonIy did that. Otherwise… WhywiII
we havethis fate, sir? How can a criminaI gets
reIeased from thejaiI? Ifhegets any punishmentin the high court,
how can he appeaI in the Supreme court? Why? Isn’t thehigh court
judge, atruejudge? Is hea cIown? Then what, sir…? OurIndian courts need next 300 years
to cIearthe present pending cases. Fate…! If our Iaw is Iikethis, thecrime
rates in India wiII never stop. ItwiII be keep on increasing Iike
how our popuIation increases. We haveto removethe body parts for
crimes exactIyIike our foreign countries. We haveto pourtheacid on them,
who had poured acid on others. Ifwe show these things
in theIivetelecast… TheywiII get afraid before
pIanning to do any crime. Because ofthe fear
they wiII urinateaIso. What did that brute say?. Hesaid that
our Indians couId not do him anything. That’s why when I punched him
showing our Indians power… He died vomiting bIood. If everybody starts to punish
the criminaIs fortheir own probIems… Sir! You wiII get hoIidays
onIyhereafter. You peopIe can give
our courts for rent. Or…As a criminals shouId
get punished on the spot… If you havea guts of
formingthenew Iaws… Start that Iaw book with
my execution itselffirst, sir. Decideit. WiII you murderthe murderers or
do you wantthepubIic to murderthem? Choiceis yours.


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