Cheekh 2nd Last Episode | 3rd August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

I am bringing medicines okay? sir where should I place this stuff ? I am telling you but listen me carefully I have appointed you for his care , you will not do any other work of home, okay? okay sir okay I am showing you the home, are you here with brother, I am just coming place it inside after that I would see you sit with brother Haya yes brother shayyan what are you saying ? Shayan Shayyan brother you will be alright, nothing with happen with you you will walk again, doctor has given us so much hope be strong brother brother you have to be strong for me and Wajih you will see that you will walk on your feet, doctor said it nothing will happen I want to marry with you, it will be very simple everything is done by your brother , he caught that girl in his love then ruined her may I say the truth, I lied its not good to see you in this condition I am feeling so much pain I did not want this if you would not supported him , then we all may not suffer today like this I did try to stop you a lot I was so young when my father was died , I did not get father’s love but do you know that when I came here after marriage ,you gave me love of a father and an elder brother you loved me a lot I thought , this support will be mine for rest of my life but you did so wrong, mistakes then mistakes you have been hide his sins, I did try to convince you a lot I did tell you that you are supporting the wrong one what are you talking about ? I am telling him that if he would not support a murderer like you ,then this condition would not occurred you do not feel ashamed at all, you are coming after taunting a sick man Wajih talk respectfully I may talk respectfully to whom? to her? who ruined our whole family , may I talk respectfully to her? I am talking to you, hello! I am listening make it remembered , tomorrow you may also face this condition, which is facing by my brother today you may also… think this, a happy man, rich and powerful, today he is in this condition laying on bed big brother only did help you, the man who only helped , is facing this , so what may be happened with culprit? do think wow great talk with her, give her some wisdom, she talks whatever she wants its first and last chance , if you will tease my brother I will not bear go from here where we are going ? farm house why farm house ? where else we may go no, what do you mean? Shariq still we did not do marriage , it will happen marriage ? did your brother get married with Nayyab ? why are you talking about my brother talks may not come but deeds will come definitely I did not understand , what are you saying ? make it understand that I am kidnapping you this woman made my life miserable leave that woman and come and play with us I do not want if you had to make face like this , then you might stay at home, why did you come with us? mind your own business , play your game quietly Shariq stop the car, and drop me to my home , stop the car Shariq stop the car , to whom you are calling ? yo your brother why Shariq is calling me? how could I know, receive it Wajih Wajih Wajih listen me carefully Wajih I may not forget my insult Wajih save me your sister is with me and she will be with me for some more days, then I will leave her wait till then Shariq drop me home what you want from me, say I want the same that you were wanting from Nayyab Wajih the same remember one thing if you may inform to police then she will not live more, I will drop her from roof you kidnapped my sister, what was your relation with Nayyab I do not have any concern with Nayyab but I will make the same relation with her that you wanted with Nayyab I am just giving example Shariq don’t touch my sister , I am telling you your mean shameless man, I came to marry you Nayyab was also wanted to do marry with him do not bring Nayyab in between us, its our matter . let it solve together I am talking about myself, do you remember that you did give statement against me that I tried to mishandle Nayyab but whats my fault in this ? due to that my engagement was broken , now I will show you how to mishandle listen me with open ears , stay away from my sister all the fight is between us, talk with me, be a man Wajih please come fast wait for my next call wajih is Shariq became mad, why are you standing , go and see him I will kill him who? to whom you want to meet ? where is Shariq Shariq brother has gone outside tell me where is Shariq we told you to stay outside tell him that wajih is here we said he is outside you telling a lie, he brought my sister , call him you do not understand go and call him I will fire a bullet will you shoot me, stay in your limits, and tell it to your father that if he is a man, then talk to me now get out where is he? who sir ? where are Shariq and my sister ? Sir Shariq is not here you are telling me lie, sir I am telling you he did not come here you are bluffing me sir stay away , go inside and check by yourself I will tell you Haya they changed my room , arrange an A/C its too hot also change this fan, I said about laptop, what you brought , pick it out I want to launch F.I.R you are looking that I am busy , I will talk you later what do you mean by busy, my sister is kidnapped oh brother if you have so much hurry then go out side and launch complaint you are saying me to wait take this listen me, stay in your limit , launch my F.I.R launch my F.I.R quietly , do it fast oh brother you are in hurry then go outside my sister …………. what are saying about sister ? you always tried yourself to involve with women, she may be your sister or other enough I did not give you a huge money so you are barking in front of me its the matter of my sister , I do not want anything personal, don’t forget you are spending my money launch F.I.R listen , that was not your money , I did favor you I will see you , launch F.I.R you cant even see me after, you show attitude on the behalf of your brother, he is sitting silently go . go. I am not lunching F.I.R will you not launch F.I.R , will you not ? its not my area its not your area, you are trying to be over smart when she was kidnapped? today morning from where ? I don’t know, I received video call of Shariq he was torturing my sister and saying that I will do the same with your sister , which you done with Nayyab what you did? stay in your limits, launch F.I.R it is called tot for tat ,you did with others daughter , now your own sister is paying I am giving you monthly ,you are taking me one lac monthly shhhhh what are you listening , go get lost oh brother , oh Mr I have the last statement of that girl, now get lost I will see you oh , you really like to see , now see I will make you unclothe in front of all , man of two pennies now you are becoming unclothe , 6 pennies man, what happened ? F.I.R was not launched ? where is my sister ? you feel pain when the same you have to face yourself Mannat do remember , if anything will happen to my sister I will kill you you are expert in killing you know it who could know better than me ? remember it someone id waiting for you , go how dare you leave him Wajih how dare you Wajih leave him , he is my husband what rubbish she is talking about ? what are you talking ? he is my husband , we got married what she is saying ? do you know about this ? what is the way? what is going on here ? is it a drama? he calls me and says ” I am beating your sister ” as I did with Nayyab ………. what with Nayyab? no you said something about Nayyab
what with Nayyab? no you said something about Nayyab talk about yourself tell me what you said about Nayyab answer , what I am asking what are you asking ? what is this way to getting married ? what way ? what is this way? whatever , but one should get married , instead ,to ruin someone’s respect is better to make her your respect stay in your limits stay in your limits, understand !1 you will marry with my sister, you dirty drunk, I spit on you the sisters of the brothers like you, get married in this way, by hiding or running and they get husband like me, drunk …..understand !! I am feeling bad oh you are feeling bad I was searching you is she know it ? yes I am like strangers ,I have been wandering searching you , you did not care about me did you care about me, your eyes became teared for me and hiding my marriage , has finished you have you ever think about our that brother , who was killed by you you ran away , leaving him wounded , you did feel shame ? I still remembered his complain which was in his eyes, I did not forget and his complain is more precious than yours , because he was my good brother after today , you are died for me and I am died for you even after hearing about my death, you should not come to me , you understand ! I got married already , consider its my decision or my revenge , its up-to you okay you all are playing with me, you all are involved for God sake , keep your Villonic look with you, I damn care, do you understand ? every defeated person may admit very late that he is unlucky brother I am not claiming that I am a good man, but I do promise I will never break your trust I will take care Haya I will try my best to be your brother and your son asalam alekum walekum asalam, how are you ? fine by the grace of your prays I do not pray for you at all don’t say like this, you do remember me that’s why you called me sit down thank you thank you yes just a personal matter oh my God yes say what was happened like that Mr Amir Khan, keeping try to awake my soul, you had lost yours I did not understand you did come to me with Nayyab’s statement in which it was clearly mansion that “tell it to Mannat that prince is a wolf ” that what was happened all of sudden , I know case is finished , court has given its decision but I want to know for myslef, what was happened with you all of sudden I sold my soul the smell of fresh notes , human sees his fulfillment of his dream in it I made my soul sleeping they gave me 5 million , who might get 5 million , then hell with the soul then what is the worth of inner soul Mr yawwar is sick since four months I did not get the rent of my inner soul rent of inner soul? yes he did fix 2 lacs monthly to change the statement , its totally lost why are you paying lost, ask from Wajih Wajih? you are so naughty your IDDAT has completed , what is your plan my plan is so danger okay I am going eat something , I will pay the bill whatever I wanted to ask, I asked , good to see you soon oh Amir Khan, she became lost over you, I am also ready for second marriage is there any waiter , give me some tea Saleem where is Saleem? he went to market who sent him ? sir I do not know have you seen my dumbles? what is that ? when Saleem will come, send him to me yes where are you ? Wajih brother I came to market come soon , who sent you ? I had a work , so I came to the market listen, where are my dumbles? I placed them in store are you crazy , is it a place ? brother I will get them okay I will find, keep quiet who is outside , I am inside , open the door who did off the light , open the door , saleem Saleem Saleem Saleem open the door Mannat you have to pay for this open the door Mannat , I am becoming suffocated open this Saleem oh you came, oh brother Sadidiq when you did come? Saleem let me sleep, I came in fajar what do you mean , you came in fajar ? you had to tell me at least what do you mean by it ? my money was finished , I called sister in law , asked her for work, she said come to the work, I did come who is outside, open the door who is outside , open it, open the door who is outside ? its me Wajih, be calm Mannat open the door tell me how was your night ? Mannat open the door my mom did suffer with the same pain Mannat open the door , I am losing my breath opening it , I will not let you die so easily how did you feel ? how I felt, you made fun of mine, get lost from my home what is going on ? no I am the equal owner of this home , don’t forget so so I already gave my statement , if something will happen to me , then only you will be the responsible I am not your dog, whom you did lock at night what did you say ? that case will finish she will go ,how much money I should give to you how you are talking ? how I am talking buddy , she has made my life difficult , beat her or whatever you want, but nothing should happen to me my one mistake became a big problem for me, I don’t know do something permanently I told you before , she is not a woman, she is a flame she may become fire or not, but she will burn don’t tell me these sayings , now she is standing in front of us , you had to do some permanent solution what are you saying “permanent , permanent ” I did my complete work, I made you free you could not handle your family’s woman , and you are teaching my work to me, how dare you please brother Aqeel, don’t fight me at this time, let us talk calmly you do not have idea , she made my life miserable, she made me mad until she will not hang me, she will not get rest , I am begging you do something, but save me it was happened before , it will also happen now who is pursuing the case ? she herself how could she pursue , you are laughing , she is mad if she is mad than we are bigger than her relax , come your stubbornness took my brother’s life , why you are wearing his dress to tease me my stubbornness took wrong lives, that one life is left my stubbornness took wrong lives, that one life is left


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