Cheekh Episode 17 | 27th April 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

did you not slap him? Wajih boss you did say that i should handle it in a lighter mood , so the name might not show do one thing just tell me, I will do everything take this wow thank you, you gave me so precious gift have you finished your comedy what? do as I am telling, place this mobile in the beg of Lalu, secretly okay fine Saleem bring my mobile from the car okay sir after Shayyan , it seems that I lost my one hand what happen? hmm, is smile prohibited ? smile is not prohibited, but what is the mean of taunt full smile? brother your mobile is not in the car what do you mean by “its not present” ? I have searched the whole car go and see in the car, I have placed that in the car . go why are you shouting ? there is no money in my wallet, mobile is not found ,nothing is secure in this home you are right, there are so much stealing in this house
there is no money in my wallet, mobile is not found ,nothing is secure in this home you are right, there are so much stealing in this house have you seen, sister in law has also complain, which thing you lost ? mine? yes everything, I lost everything if I will say something , you will complain .. hmm now complain is due means? brother Wajih its not there, I have seen whole car , its not there brother please go beside him , he will beat the servants , its not good let him go, till when he will behave like a child how many people I should handle why did you enter in my car ? brother I was cleaning your car, I use to clean brother Yawar’s car, so I was cleaning your car as well he was cleaning, go and bring his bag, fast if I will find mobile from your bag then see what I will do with you brother I …. have patience , and what did you talking about me ? brother what I said . nothing tell me, I did say nothing brother I am standing at front of you, say whatever you want I did say nothing brother you said nothing, let me find mobile, fast where you are taking the bag brother did steal brother see, I did nothing, nothing is in it brother I don’t know what is this I do not know what is this ? I swear God , brother I do not know what do you mean? brother I do not know you do stealing thief brother I did not do I did not steal what is your problem ? nothing is “problem” in me mean? why are you so irritating ? go outside and control your younger brother, he may not kill someone in anger will you talk about me? I did not talk enough what are you doing ? will you kill him ? will you kill him? killing is not so easy, leave him take him away take him you also go inside, go to your room he has stolen my mobile, I will never leave you , I will tell you Mannat please wake up , and have a tea, I have to go I am awaken oh carefully , have a tea thank you so much do you want day light have you done rest of the works? did you clean kitchen and washroom? did you make my breakfast? hmm how bad taste tea …. what are you seeing ? I am seeing that you are shameless listen!! who told you that your wife will die very soon what are you talking about early in the morning ,why would any buddy say that, let any one say … well, then why so much preparation ? which preparation ? doctor I am understanding everything, don’t think that I will leave you, it will never happen its okay I did not wake up, sometime wife could not awake up, then you might ask me to wake up dear make tea, press my dress what you want ? one minute .. did I do bad work or good work? you did a good job
one minute .. did I do bad work or good work? you did a good job but as a wife I am feeling guilty , that I had to wake up early, had to do all the works thank you what kind of person you are ? I am a character , no buddy is like me …. hello at what time ? okay who? call from police station , they called me for investigation but today you have to go hospital.. you go, I have my mother’s car are you sure yes I am sure, have you taken your breakfast yes and for you , your butter omelet is ready really? and by the way who will prepare lunch ? you will cook okay thank you, you know that in omelet i eat less salt take your medicine brother Saddiq I don’t want to live here, I will go to my home, I am missing my family
take your medicine brother Saddiq I don’t want to live here, I will go to my home, I am missing my family if you ask the truth, I am also fed up seeing that you have been beaten I swear ,lets leave the job, lets go to the neighbor’s bungalow, they have vacancies because Saleem is very high person, either you believe or not, you have been trapped by him keep sitting how are you? brother Yawar I don’t want to stay here, I want to go village what do you mean? I am so abashed brother Yawwar I did not steal I know its misunderstanding you know Wajih is so emotional I am apologizing from his side, he is so upset due to the case he was being blamed for nothing now he is taking revenge by blaming you just forgive him brother Yawwar why are you talking so, you are our elder take care of yourself, take this money , and get some fruits, take care of him yes sir control you anger its okay wajih hmm its last warning for you, you will never beat anyone from now I stopped very hardly by apologizing from Lalu brother you always look only me, brother he ………. enough, lets forget which has already done, keep quiet during case , can not fire an employee okay lets go to office, its late excuse me, no buddy is listening when S.H.O will come ? do not know yet sir tell us , how much time we have to spend here ? its not the time of your investigation what do you mean by ” not the time of investigation” we have been waiting since morning you came late no, we did not come late, you came late, we are here since morning oh ho.. wow great , now you will notice my time now you people go, come tomorrow morning at 9 a.m no i will not come tomorrow ask what you want right now now we will obey you in our investigation, wow great you must be very busy, let me show if i tell about me , i belonged to a open minded family, I have two brothers you became so famous , MASHA ALLAH, great my second brother is a doctor , his wife lives with us uncle , its a video , watch which video? my sister in law expressed her feelings the friend of your daughter became so famous watch this old man gives good expressions actually , from the beginning I liked very much to become famous one selfie please uncle Ramadan I am in the car , come there oh you go, who will take selfie with you, go fast come buddy sister watch this video yes what you are showing ? sister watch this video , my friend sent it my family is so open minded ,I have two brothers , my other brother is doctor in America his wife lives with us, before sometime my sister in law did show her feelings that she likes me, obviously I refused , but the elders came to know about that give me water sure i will talk with our lawyer , its not the way Mannat my daughter yes uncle take the case back what do you mean ? your respect is going to be ruined , it may not happen that in the struggle of justice for my daughter ,you may not suffer with cruelty don’t worry about me, Shayyan is with me even if I would be alone , I would not bother that dogs , God is with us before sometime my sister in law showed her feelings that she likes me obviously my answer was “NO” i refused did he not tell you that he is so much closed to your sister in law his all interest is transferred from there to there what the hell you are talking Haya have you thought that why your sister in law is opposing me buddy, your sister in law was not enough so your brother is also supporting her trees fall only when the roots are weak, its seems the problem of roots was that a love marriage ? no, she was the friend of our sister , we did it on her wish now the intensity of love is so high that he consider us as poison many years have been passed when my wife died .please fulfill my one wish yes asalam alekum walekum asalam, what happened with their task? sir the father of that girl daily goes to the office, he has not received his pension his family also left him and her mother ? we teased her mother only once till Mannat was there, after her leaving we have not went there what you people do? who told you to give them relief she lives alone there yes then what is the problem / sir from next week we will start this task how the home of Ramdan is running ? sir very bad condition okay start it immediately okay and you also see if some more leaves may fall, then tell about them so we may have some cure just this yet Shehwar please give me one cup of coffee what happen, why are you looking like this ? Yawar I am pregnant what happen Yawwar you did not feel good by listening this news you……. yawar I used to say that this doctor is so good, she has remedy in her hands but how it all happened ? how this happened ? instead of being happy you became upset no its a good news .. let me come after getting fresh what happened ? what? positive what? be calm you came so calmly you have to take care yourself now ohh am I pregnant ? are you sure ? I did not vomit , did not feel faint. is it confirm? how is it possible its all not happened because the father of the child is a doctor lets test again, I could not believe congratulations to you according to these reports you can not become a father Yawwar I am pregnant , you did not feel happy after this news Yawwar its not a single report, there are three types of reports and all are supporting each other Yawar I am pregnant ,Yawar I am pregnant uncle Ramadan, what happened with the case of your daughter ? will you have tea or meal? you have one more daughter what rubbish you are saying, get our from here keep quiet , otherwise we will break all the stuff so you may lost your job and yes , the place where your family is living , we have seen that . take care of it its okay, they are own kids Mannat are you fine ? what is the problem Shayyan , why I am having vomiting you were remembering it I do not know, make me alright its about few days, it will be fine how I will manage the case we will tell the judge that you are pregnant , give the date of after few months I am feeling dizzy are you okay? no I am not okay hmm your phone is ringing pick up it please who is it ? say sister in law has to come police station for statement she will not come its routine process we talked with our lawyer , he told us now every process will be done by court, we do not have need to come to you and next time if you will call us then I will complain in the court against you shayyan , shall we go out side, I want to eat something if you want to go out then why you have been laying on the bed yes why I am laying .. when you people may get vomiting then you will come to know why you boys do not get vomiting, that’s not fair where you wish to go ? I can go even to the hell with you so lets go just 5 minutes I will get up coming , who came at this time coming asalam alekum aunt , how are you ? walekumasalam, Wajih is everything fine I was passing from here, I thought to meet you , will you not invite me inside yes come come , I will close the door is everything fine at your home ? all fine brother and sister in law, are they fine ? all are fine is everything fine aunt I will drink tea yes sit, I will make the tea I was passing from there so I thought I should meet you sit hmm I don’t like to bring only tea Wajih. Wajih what happened aunt , why you became scared no, where have you been , you asked me to bring the tea I was seeing your home , its very nice the house has been built in the good period by Mannat’s father. have tea I went outside, I saw a generator near the store room, what is that price ? which generator at store where all garbage is placed you have been to store? aunt we place the extra things there , have your tea actually I want to buy a generator , if you show it to me then …. Mannat knows everything you may not remember ,its in store room , let me show you I will drink tea later , what is the hurry , come I will show okay is it so much nice ? too good, you have no idea let it finish then get one more you want to try ? its okay fine , have you tried french fries with ice cream ? I will try this with soup why he is calling you ? receive it on speaker hello it seems that you are enjoying a lot why you did call me ? what kind of daughter you are , will you not inquire about your mother I think your mother needs you , call her once, it would be better Shayyan drive fast do not take so much stress , I am driving fast I am fine, take the right side that boy can do anything , i don’t have trust on him okay calm down shayyan he can do any thing, drive fast
okay calm down shayyan he can do any thing, drive fast take a side buddy signal also has to stop right now , go from this way she is not receiving the phone Haya madam asked for you so many times bring coffee yes take from left Shayyan will you drive fast trust me, we will be there take straight from cut doctor said that I have to take vitamins regularly also should take care of food, its good for baby do you not have some other problem? what do you mean? how is it possible where is report what happened? why your mood is off ? nothing , sleep now i am so hungry may I ask one thing Wajih ? ask , today my mood is so good, ask whatever you want you did not tell you about that which one? about Mannat , was Mannat starting to like you ? shall I tell truth, I told a lie seriously ? what could I do? so big lie do not give this look to me, what is the meaning of this look ? I came from jail, I went to the jail , I got insult you people never went to the jail you are saying right its a little thing for you people you are right how she stands in front of me, have you seen her courage leave this now okay shall I ask one more thing ? ask have you seen Mannat and Asad together, is it true or not ? yes, absolutely I have seen absolutely seen but why I am feeling like that you are telling a lie get up, go to your room you know , what is your problem , one can talk you only two minutes, as the third minute starts you use to making bore I just asked its the matter of my life, my life has lost what happened ? are you became mad ? have you seen yourself, you are so beautiful, you can get any other boy I don’t want other boy, I love him he did not love you, he left you you told me that he left me due to Mannat oh I do not know he left me due to Mannat ? leave me, let me relax, Wajih a man should has manners that how to talk Haya I am so tired Mom . Mom shayyan mom is not there mom Shayyan mom is any where Mannat trust me, mom will be fine


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