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hello what ? who is talking ? start the proceeding prosecutor you may start thank you sir the statement which was presented in last hearing was only a hype of lie nothing else because suspect Wajih Taseer belongs to a rich family so we think that , very easily he gave money to police and tempered the statement I have two witnesses , one is the father of victim Nayyab and second is my client Mannat Shayan Taseer but judge I want to do some question to S.H.O Amir Khan permission granted yes S.H.O Amir Khan yes how did you do initial process ? there was no need of investigation … obey the rules of the court
there was no need of investigation … obey the rules of the court yes sir, there is no need of investigation when victim herself admitted that she attempt suicide okay it means you have closed the file obviously honorable judge , I want to present an other witness whose name is Shariq permission granted are you Shariq? yes sir Mr Shariq , look at this man carefully, did he ever call you at police station ?
yes sir Mr Shariq , look at this man carefully, did he ever call you at police station ? yes he is telling lie sir, I did not why? Wajih did tell him that he has seen me to following Nayyab toward upstairs then then my statement was taken then what you said in your statement ? I saw that Nayyab went to upstairs , Wajih was already waiting for her then I went to my home okay then? then next day when I came ,,I came to know about this accident point to be noted sir, it means S.H.O did investigation , he called Shariq to police station in his brain there were some doubts about this case but that doubt was only until when S.H.O’s honesty was not sold objection your honor
but that doubt was only until when S.H.O’s honesty was not sold objection your honor police officer did not admit so this blame is baseless objection sustain thank you you honor ,,
objection sustain thank you you honor ,, I want to do some question to Mr Amir and Mr Shariq allowed thank you yes Mr Amir, did you call Shariq for investigation no he is telling lie, I was called there you will also have a chance to speak so please keep quiet its okay, I am talking with you if you are so desperate to tell now you tell that function was going in the lawn, what you were doing inside the house ? Wajih did say me why? I was not well you were not well or you were so much drunk that your friends and even Wajih said …. you may go, we have respectful guest , do not ruin our respect sir its a simple case, which is using by a stubborn woman and a greedy old man is using it for his benefits, and wasting the time of the court nothing else in front of you there is a report of a respectful department , according to which the thumb print was of Nayyab in which it is clearly written that she committed suicide the statement at the time of death has an importance , when victim herself said that I committed suicide then how can police do investigations ? sir I respectfully request you that make your decision after watching the facts and figure which are in front of you, thank you ,,, your honor , allow me to call my second witness , my client Mannat Shayyan Taseer to the witness box permission granted yes Mannat Shayan Taseer, will you tell that what you did read in that statement it was written in that statement that Wajih did molest me and tell it to Mannat that king is a wolf (RAJA BHERIYA NIKLA) and there was thumb impression of Nayyab, because she could not do signature, I saw myself where did you see this statement inspector Amir Khan did show me that statement sir she is telling lie , she is blaming on me, I did not even call her and not show anything you stand properly in the court why I may tell a lie, I was believing that she committed suicide, he called me and showed that statement I object you honor Mannat Shayan is blaming a police officer ,although a thumb impression is present on that statement which he already submitted objection sustain thank you you honor I want to do some question with S.H.O Amir Khan and Mrs Mannat allowed thank you and before that I want to give you this file to you, we will discus about this file in the presence of witnesses and this is the Forensic report of Wajih Taseer do you recognize me? very well what is my name ? Aqeel Zada and what is your name ? objection my lord , he is trying to confuse my client sir its my legal right to check the mantel stability of any witness objection overrode thank you , you honor anyways tell me, when you became doubtful that your friend did not commit suicide , she is killed by someone on the second day of Nayyab’s funeral, when I received his call well, he showed statement on second day so you might launch F.I.R? no, firstly I did not believe then he called uncle Ramzan and did tell about all uncle Ramzan was came to our home to beat Wajih…. talk about you, nothing else sir I am talking about only the related issue about this case , its necessary to tell that incident so you may understand what I am saying tell your statement I am coming on that point yes are you listening carry on when uncle Ramzan did come , he did fight with Wajih then after that …… you……… after that Wajih went to police station with me Wajih did give statement that I am doubtful on Shariq so you might launched F.I.R no, how could we launched F.I.R, he was doubting on Sharik you already had seen the statement , even after that your mind turned to Shariq what? you just told this in your statement no you are not understanding my point, after that I went to home doctor …sorry, Inspector Amir Khan called me and told that Sharik had left the place before this accident when Sharik is left then ………. Sharik went before that accident , why? yes … he told me that he has all phone records and details , he did show that Sharik did go before this incident , so I became doubtful on him, and at that meeting he called Wajih as Raja (KING) then you might launched F.I.R no sir , after that i had a dream, in which I saw the hand full of henna of my friend , and “RAJA” was written on that we wrote “RAJA” when I was getting marred with Shayan so we friend did fun, because Nayyab used to call Wajih as “RAJA” with love okay so I saw that dream and he told me Nayyab gave statement before death that tell it to Mannat that RAja is a wolf okay , that hand and event of MEHNDI , all these you did see in dream? no, the hand of my friend was a dream but my event of Mehdi was real, I am telling about that so this jock was among we three friends that Nayyab used to call Wajih as Raja we did know that, how he came to know okay but you just told me that you saw the statement on second day of her death when I did say this? thank you, no more questions sir , all matter is cleared and I hope you must have read this file this is the problem of Mannat that she use to create stories and to create panic and the reason of that is already written in this file that she is the patient of schizophrenia sir what are you saying, she is my wife and she does not have this disorderliness order order, you stay be seated at your place objection my lord objection overrode I am not saying all this, its written in this file and to prove this I am calling a witness who is no one else but the mother of Mannat I want to call her, thank you Mr Amir do you like to tell the court that which type of patient your daughter is…. when my daughter was 5 years old she got a high fever that fever effected on her brain fever was gone but she had convulsions , and that were very severe so they were not able to be controlled why are you telling lie, tell the truth , nothing will be happened has someone threatened you, please tell sir there should be not any hurdle in the process of the court my mother does not talk like this let her speak , you keep quiet yes she used to talk with herself and to walls I tried to teach her with love and anger but the condition of my daughter was not improved when her friend Nayyab died, that thing was stuck on her mind she did create a panic, and was started to tell a new story everyday that i got this evidence today or that evidence I tried a lot that her in laws might not come to know about this disease , because I did not want to ruin my daughter’s home but one day ,she told me that … was seemed that she targeted that boy “wajih” one day she told me that Wajih did tell her that he killed Nayyab after torture he dropped her from roof and that girl died I wanted that my daughter may stay in her house but the greedy father of Nayyab he took advantage of my daughter’s illness I went to his home and did request that let her stay in her in laws but but he did not listen my single word Wajih is so innocent and good boy he is so noble I do not want that due to my daughter Wajih’s remaining life may suffer tell me when her condition is like this then she must getting treatment yes thank you so much . you may go now now I want permission to call the psychiatric of Mannat Shayan , Dr Saleem Nasir yes Mr Saleem Nasir , do you like to tell the court since when she is your patient ? from last 8 years sir I am seeing him first time, even I don’t know him , who are you? why are you telling lie? sir do not take her words seriously , she may say to you or me that she did not see us do you want to tell anything to court yes , I also did tell to her mother that she is very danger patient she should be admitted to a mental hospital and get complete treatment but she used to answer that my daughter’s life will be ruined it may accrue sir, no mother wants to destroy her daughter’s life now I want to show a video, in which you can judge her mantel condition I request to the court that admit her in a mantel hospital for treatment sir what are you saying, she is my wife, its not possible , I am also a doctor sir its okay , I have her reports , if you are a doctor then read them carefully Mr judge , this is fraud, these are fake reports sir ,do not put the lives of people in danger by hearing his statement look at these two brothers, they are suffering from a big problem this woman caught this brother in her trap , he does not listen to anyone except her I request to the court, you have forensic reports and all evidences which are saying that my client is innocent thank you you honor according to forensic reports, the arguments of lawyers , and the statement of victim Nayab, the scars and marks on the face of Nayab are not of Wajih from all these things it is proved that suspect Wajih is not guilty court orders Ramzan Ahmed to pay half million in account of punishment of using an ill daughter in law of a noble family and warns that do not do anything like this in future and in end , patient Mannat shayyan , the court has mercy with you and court orders that she must be admitted in a mental asylum immediately where she may get proper treatment and a psychiatric will regularly do her check up
where she may get proper treatment and a psychiatric will regularly do her check up finally he will give report and clear that you are mantel stable and may live in society otherwise you will not live in this society because you may proved as a problem for society sir listen me, its all wrong, my wife is not mad Ramzan Ahmed , Haya bought so much things for us you know , the grocery of whole month , she arranged the van for kids, kids already went to the school why you became statue , say something at least hold some stuff with us Haya leave him, we manage by ourselves, he lives in some other world leave him, come
leave him, come come on Ramzan Ahmed , what happened with you, why you made so much big face, say something now everything became right Ramzan, see Haya is here since a long time, what she will think , she did so much for us yes brother why you will see me happy, you did not born to give me happiness oh Haya, sit , I am getting tea for you uncle you lost the case what did court say court said that Nayyan gave her statement that ….. we wanted to do her marriage somewhere else so she committed suicide in greed , to get money from your family I used Mannat , I am a greedy person they punished a penalty of half million Mannat’s mother, gave statement that she is mad ………. what you did? why you did this? you finished the scarifies of your daughter and our struggle why you did this ? for God sake , say something she sent to mantel hospital your one statement has proved her mad for her whole life will the world believe on her ? at least my daughter will remain alive due to some phone calls you gave statements against your daughter no, that was not only phone call were just phone calls phone calls those were not few phone calls after your leaving, for God sake, I have only one daughter , have some pity on me, do not do anything with my daughter whatever you will say , i will do you have to go court with us due to my daughter’s life I went to them aunt do not worry, you have to give this statement in court you must not show strangeness with this doctor , you have to say that this doctor is doing treatment of your daughter since last 15 years quiet remember one thing if you would declare this secrete before decision , then your daughter will be… will be the responsible of her life no, for God sake, I beg you do not do anything quiet if you will do as I told then nothing will happen with your daughter , its my promise clean your face, now court is near, get fresh careful , don’t cross the police ,, clean your face, do as I told understand ,, do not cry I got my daughter after so much prays a small bullet can ruin a mother’s heart that boy had broken that alive girl he did lock me in a room he aborted my daughter’s child I may not accept good deed from him a small bullet may destroy a mother’s whole life asset from where that bullet comes, who fires that, nobody can tell nobody can tell can not tell because the people like you do not have the courage to accept the truth he can not tell because in this country law has no power what we can say about other, its hard to say the truth for our own selves i am helpless oh girl are you mad? if you will not say then everyone will say that you are mad look at me, am I look like mad ? but Jamshed says I am mad who is Jamshed? Jamshed is mean person, mean people pretend like good, and good people are mad Jamshaid says “I will not marry with you” my mother in law says I am mad , Jamshed will not marry with me why he will not get marry with me , he will definitely do this I will get married with Jamshed Jamshed will not come he will not come, Yasmeen will not get married with Jamshed why Jamshed will not come? he will not come Jamshed will come he will not come he will not come he will not come


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