Cheekh Episode 23 | 22nd June 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Jamshed will not come, Yasmeen will not get married with Jamshed why Jamshed will not come … he will not come he will not come ….. Qadir call Saleem, come clean it all fast come on every one fast take it fast brother amazing surprise believe me I am so glade to see you congratulation to you too come Shayan, how are you ? fast an innocent girl was killed instead ,her father has to pay the fine of half million bro fast do it in two minutes my wife who was supporting the truth, her child was bereaved , she has been declared mad someone suffered so much but congratulations to you both which type of people you are , our parents did a good brought up of us they did not chased by Mannat they thought the lesson of saying the truth they brought up us very well , but on which path you are going ? but the people who perform mistakes they do not ruin others lives and then they do not celebrate the mistakes
they brought up us very well , but on which path you are going ? but the people who perform mistakes they do not ruin others lives and then they do not celebrate the mistakes why we do not celebrate ? I became free you are throwing the party in whole business community as your brother is absolved with full respect not with truth , and you made him free by telling lies would I let my brother to grind a mill in the jail you do not realize that to hide a single crime you have performed so many crimes one crime was done due to his young age, rest of all crimes were happened due to you have you completed your talk, have you made your heart light now come inside and talk calmly come on, will talk inside for some days let Manat live there , I myself will bring her back why you will bring her I will do it by myself you have fallen down as you could now either you may go to the sky, even then you could not raise in my eyes Shayan my life, try to understand my position I am not your life brother and I am nothing of yours now I realized , how honest my wife is ….. I do not have any other relation in this world he has killed his brothers already Shayyan also not me brother ? either you have the relation with this house or any member of this house, but it will not finish with me take me with you, I am not happy here right now I am going to find out myself what security I may give you ? my own brothers declared my wife mad in front of my eyes Shayan stop. Shayan Shayan let him go, have you seen which turn he has taken her expense of tissues has increased , every time she cries, do one thing go inside and cry openly but do not cry here, not today ,please tomorrow , go fast what happened to you , he is doing drama, shall I show you the drama, I can do better buddy ………… Haya what condition you made , guest are there , we have a party in our home Shawar is not here , at least you should come women are also with tell it to the whole world we sent away one daughter in law after divorced and other was admitted to mental hospital when third one will come, insha Allah she will commit suicide what rubbish you all considered me a mad , anyone who wants he uses to try resentment me you people do mistakes and I pay we did not do any mistake, only one guy did mistake, we all are paying so what we may do, shall we leave our brother or kill him ? don’t know from where this trend of truth has came ?
so what we may do, shall we leave our brother or kill him ? don’t know from where this trend of truth has came ? Haya I am already very stressed due to my divorced , do not give me more stress come on get up, come out side everything will be fine gradually I am saying to you look, the problem of Wajih is our problem, we had to save him and we had to face and brother Shayyan, he is not out brother at all to whom Shayyan is protecting, we do not have any relation with her, she is stranger for us we do not have any blood relation with her, and she got this problem herself ,she has to face it what are you saying, the relationship of husband and wife is weak brother I was crying due to my engagement uselessly this is the relation which is so weak , having no value its like that , its a very weak relation look , how Asad left you in a critical time these are only official relation, only on documents real relation is the blood relation, which is strong now look at Shayan , if he does not have a blood relation with us, he might kill us that’s why its saying that blood relation has a strength, we have to safe it come on get up, hurry up, in five minutes the court orders that she has to be admitted in mental asylum immediately actually we had divorced each other oh sorry , I hope you will get a good life partner have this milk now every Sunday I will do this oh put some more oil hmm it will become more , it may not remove by shampoo see this you know I want to fly with respect, shayyan is with me don’t fly so high, I can’t see you wounded nothing will happen may God kill you, may your mother will die, I will get marry with you may you will ruin, you call me mad, you are mad , your mother is mad, your whole family is mad yawwar the groom of this party is our lion , so good by the way everything is happened due to you but you are the best man yes I will become best man because the age of becoming groom has gone how are you talking about , you are still young, have you seen yourself ? if your sister in law will come to know, then my all young age may flow here by the way, she did not come I don’t like to bring her in this type of mix gathering one minute I am just coming what are you doing here ? this party is just because of me its so sad that you did not invite me in this, as I came to know,, I came here sir , remember one thing , I am not to be forgot so easily what do you mean ? what I mean, that doctor who made that forensic report
what do you mean ? what I mean, that doctor who made that forensic report oh how are you, you are looking so good wow who made this forensic report . I will arrest him why? he did cheating what is your opinion about yourself, did you not do cheating ? sir I take the price of cheating he also took the price but I did not get my share you already have taken your share sir, I have my share in every deed sir I have one request , I am very poor , if you will fix 100 thousand per month , it would be so kindness what rubbish you are saying? are you in your senses ? shhhh… sir in your party all guest are white collar , you may become disreputable I will talk to you later sir accept it from my side take it sir I don’t want, I have seen it before, take it with you sir do not break the heart, sir please what ” sir, sir” this is free meal, go after having it, enjoy you did give me at police station you remembered I did not forget wow I will give here well, accept this gift from my side I won the case one kiss no why I am not like this I am seeing lets enjoy yes okay try to understand please see we have told you so many times that we do not give the permission of meeting at this time my wife is not mad you locked her without any reason might be she ate something or not ? if you only want to know that either she ate something or not, or she took her medicine or not ? which medicine ? which medicine you are giving to her ? she does not need any medicine. I am also a doctor , do not you dare to give her any medicine are you listening me or not? see I am a receptionist , if you want to inquire about medicine then come in the morning and talk with doctor you are saying right , I am very sorry please let me meet her once sir its not possible okay then I will stay here you sit there see, these all samples and we placed their order now you do follow up okay see all these
now you do follow up okay see all these we have sent all these samples oh go bro, two respected people are talking sir they even do not know what is mannerism , sir what is this ? they cooked incomplete , it goes in teeth sorry sir, may I go now? what is the need of envelope ? oh sir its not envelope , its bill now, bill for what? sir you arranged so beautiful party and you know your brother is an artist lover of wearing good clothes, I bought this suit, its the bill of it I will meet you tomorrow, okay sir it happens daily you could not clean your nose in toilet , respected people are here yes its a bad thing , okay sir oh Nazli , how are you ? i have been waiting for you he does not have the manners of any good gathering idiot get up lady , your husband came my Jamshed came you keep quiet come on lady please send my Jmashed also Jamshed will not come, he will not come he will come he will not come Mannat have you eaten any thing ? Mnnat I have applied in the court for stay I will take you from here today or tomorrow I am not fine without you I have been sitting on the bench whole night I said to them, if my wife is inside, I should be with her I have broken all the relations with everyone Mannat I said that I have only Mannat in this world and I am for Mannat we do not have need of anyone only we will be there , our home , our kids, no one else Mannat oh my Lord O my Lord , give your mercy for the sake of Your love once , give Your mercy to my daughter please grant me the life of my daughter for the sake of your beloved forgive my sins , forgive my daughter do not put me in any test my Lord my Lord I am begging you the life of my daughter you are the most merciful my Lord call her, its being too late call her please check once again my daughter you came so late how are you ? listen girl, send my Jamshed also, I am not mad one minute send my Jamshed make her be quiet for one minute I am not mad , send Jamshed I have to talk my daughter are you fine? look at your mom I was helpless I was very helpless I was so helpless I just wanted to see you alive see by the grace of God, you are sitting alive in front of me talk with your mother, say something you are my only child, my only daughter when I used to make you sleep like this your father used to say that my daughter may not become tired by sleeping in one direction some times he used to turn here or there I used to stop him that you might irritate I got you by so many prays when you got married, I never told it when you did come as a bride, you were looking so pretty I have not seen you with full gaze my bad gaze may not effect my daughter when you did come with shayan next day , then I saw you why did I see you with full gaze, my bad gaze ruined my daughter my bad gaze finished your happiness now I am begging for your happiness like this from God I am begging like this I know when you become angry with me , you become quiet and do not talk with me but when you will realize the helplessness of your mother , you will forgive me forgive me I brought this cloth, I brought only one because we do not have to live here for more days change this and your favorite smoky mince why its not coming out , Mannat Mannat listen me, Mannat how she will live in between those mad people what will happen to her, you know they will not let her live why you came here, who called you here ? I called him Salima …………Salima Salima yes sister, what happened to you, are you fine ? may I bring water for you water? no it feels that I am not having breath , I am going to my room , and will sleep, when you will finish your work , make me awake okay sister place it in the kitchen why? uncle wants to talk with you about what you want to talk sir I came to say that bring Mannat out from mantel hospital you are strong , but not more than God have some fear of God’s silent grip, this much cruelness is not good, she is girl enough , she is our daughter in law its our problem, not yours but you are not of anyone’s , so I may give curse to your daughter stop your rubbish I am not in the mood of listening this rubbish no uncle give me the curse , say I may ruin, I may destroyed if it will happen then my brothers will understand are you in your senses ? only when they will become human, they even don’t care that their sister is sitting in the house no I am not saying this they do weird acts , I became irritated by living with them they are not of anyone’s . my brothers have ruined everyone no my daughter Nayyab has gone to God, Mannat went to mental hospital, only you are left my daughter do not say bad, it may the time of acceptance of prays, get up girl, Jamshed’s father has came get up sit there get up lady, somebody came to meet you sit there Jamshed will not come he will not come I will kill you


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