Cheekh Episode 24 | 29th June 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

get up lady, someone came to meet you sit there what ? sit there Jamshed will not come , move Jamshed will not come why he will bot come? he will not come. I will kill you how are you? sister in law I did not want this do you remember the old time, you used to be happy I used to be happy , everything was fine shall I talk openly ? sister in law I never had been so bad how much I became now by proving myself to be good to fight with other is different but fighting with own self, I realized how difficult it is you won’t believe but I am sorry about everything which is happened to you and brother Shayan I am sorry about your child even but I know that if you will come outside then I can’t live outside I did mistake , I realized , but I want to live until you are here , I take your responsibility, I will take care of you go from here this thing ………….. get lost do not show me your face again for nothing you …… I said do not show me your face again excuse me, do you work here he is not my relative listen me for two minutes sister in law please please take this money , do what i am saying, take care of her sister , have tea sister sister , sister wake up sister sister see Mr Sharik she is very danger patient , she directly attempts for murder whatever she gets, she throws sir I am responsible for this even then if she may attack to someone nothing will be happened like this, i will be the responsible for that then write an application to doctor, I will get approval from him sir you do write , I will signature it then give me your CNIC sure ** song get up Mannat, someone came to meet you ** song get up we got leave, we have to go home see uncle Ramzan is also came to meet you shall we go yes come
shall we go yes come what happened I told him that I am going to pick you then he started waiting shall we go to the car where is Shayan ? brother had some important work let me talk to him talk at home no let me talk him call from the car, come on I want to talk okay lets talk in the car Haya I want to talk with Shayan, I don’t want to go anywhere Ali do arrangement for ladies here, men will sit outside okay do not worry yes Haya yes brother Shayan talk with Mannat please hello okay Mannay , say where are you ? why you did not come? I was a little bit occupied , I told to Haya , that bring you to mom’s home no , I do not want to come mom’s place I could not see her condition , sometime she cries, sometimes apologizes I can’t see she will not do it today , she promised me, bye you might keep quiet , but when you will realize your mom’s problem , you will forgive me and will talk me I was a little occupied , I told Haya to bring you why the people are gathered ? just that,,,, what happened ? is mom alright ? what happen? Shayyan what happened? why are you crying ? is everything fine? where is mom? come with me mom………mom Mannat come what happen why they all are standing here ? why they all are gathered ? come here who is she ? who is she? Mannat who? mom………………… Mannat mom……………….. where is mom? mom………. Mannat she is not my mother , where is mom? mom mom.. she is not my mom Mannat control yourself she is not mom…. Mannat
she is not mom…. Mannat she is not mom Mannat control yourself she is not mom mom Aqil brother, your patient’s mother has died today Mannat’s mother yes did you leave her for funeral ? i had to set her free, what could I do else . its her legal right are you mad? now you will teach me what is law ? you could stopped her do not worry . she will come back before 9 p.m she is a fearless lioness , we can’t leave her free and you sent her to home relax Aqil brother, the man name Shariq , gave undertaking if someone may get any lost by her , I dam care , indeed it will be more good I want that she will not get any relaxation at any point rather you should give her such medicine by which our claim will be proved that she is mad she is the wife of a surgeon , if he will come to know , then it will not good what may happen maximum , inquiry may be conducted , so how we pass through inquiries , you know it very well that American returned innocent citizen , how he would know about our tricks no Aqil brother , they American returned people know about their rights and the people who know about their right, they will get the way to use them do not say that you can not do this work brother Aqil , for God sake ,why you are teasing that innocent she challenged me by contact her eyes to my eyes how I can leave her ? I was not annoyed with you I did feel bad, but I was not angry with you I was not angry, say something mom I was not angry she did come to meet me, she did bring clothes and meal do not cry i did not eat , i did not know enough she might forgive me or not I have no other blood relation in this world mom has gone enough its to take the funeral I am talking with her let me talk do not cry now when you went mental asylum ? what did happen? how it all happened ? yes sister I did spend a lot of time with them , how I can leave them in a difficult time Yawwar is not here by the way which religion does stop us to come in a funeral may be Mannat will stay here , if she will stay then I will also, if she will be going then I will come sister in law I do not know with which relation should I call you I don’t know how Yawwar brother did bear such a big lost , how he left you ? might be we did not match thanks for your coming are you mad ? don’t know why. but after mom’s death I became use to call you in all difficulties and I also became use to come on your call where is Mannat? upstairs at her mom’s room I could not face Mannat , fulfill this gap with your love some gaps are not curable ,her mother , her child, her respect , against them all, my love is nothing everything has its on value , own place I am really feeling weird to say it, but everything will be fine time does not stop for anyone , its the nature of time everything will change , everything will be fine I am going to see Mannat Mannat what are you doing ? it has smell of mom it looks like that she would come and say ” what are you doing” you don’t care about Shayan, see Shayyan is came why she is not coming I could not take care of you I became all alone , no one is mine Mannat do not say this . I am with you I will never let any thing happen to you mom has gone we will stay in this home , in my mom’s room we will stay here, I will give you food in mom’s utensils when our kids will born, I will scold like my mom and you will safe them like my father yon know my father was used to saved me, mom used to follow me with her shoe as I had been running now who will beat me , mom Mannat Mannat I will stay with mom last time when mom came to meet me, I did not talk with her yes Shariq brother we have to take back Mannat where you have to take me, what do you mean, will I go back to mantel asylum? Shayyan my mother is died , my mom is died I lost everything , my child, my life is destroyed we have lost the case, why should I go back ? Mannat , only for sometime why even for sometime ? Shayyan I am not mad, I will not go I will not go from my mom’s home, my mom is died Mannat please listen me I know that you are not mad, I will bring you from there, its my promise brother what happened, why are you sitting in the dark ? just for nothing Mannat’s mother is died I know the age is a strange factor, when a person completed his age, he must have to die Wajih why you became so emotionless ? it does not concern emotionless why one will become sad for whom, he even does not know our own tensions are not few , are they few ? you do not care about me, I got divorce what the hell “divorce , divorce “, now enough brother ,what happened to you brother you are sitting in the dark since a longtime , you are missing sister in law too much even she may not miss you that much look at me, I have so many problems in my life, but I am chill I am so chill, do you see any tension on my face ? now look at yourself please brother for God sake, start to be happy what has to be is happened, move on, have some girl friend I am saying it in your benefit ,its nothing about me . focus ….. you also have many girl friends, are you happy ? you are my elder brother and asking this question to me, my case is so weird ……. how I may tell you, I become fade up with everyone either she is Meena or Teena, or anyone else , now I realize that’s why I am happy I do not take tension of anything, let it be what is going on in life, lets enjoy and you, sitting in the dark chill I did not think like this , neither I found someone no one will come in front of you, we have to find , its not happen like that, some time we have to get forcefully now do promise with me, you will stay happy lets go , have a party no please , lets go ,please buddy I do not want I am trying to make everything right , don’t you want to come? fine come come Shayyan I do not want to go I am with you, come I am not mad, I am not mad Haya I am not mad, I don’t want to go nothing will happen shayyan Mannat do not make it more difficult for me please come will come to take me ? I do promise , I will come to take you sir her mother died today, she is so stressed . you did give permission till this time so I brought her back, but I will stay with her see we can not let you stay sir I am also a doctor okay doctor but we can not give you permission I know everything that how you people take permission any ways leave it, please if you may let me stay here by doing some exception okay , you can sit where you want , but we will not allow you in the ward, there are more women who may disturb okay then we both stay here , please do her entry but we have to locked her inside sir, please any window, any door from where she may see me bad time may come to anyone I am requesting you, please do cooperate with me, please okay doctor , I give you a favor , but please let it confirm that the morning staff should not come to know please take him inside, and do their entry come, nothing will be happened, its okay come Sharik I could not understand , how people may live here although I am an educated man but could not get my legal right, what poor people would do without reason so many people have not been sitting under the bridges being intoxicant everyday the news of suicide attempt are being published something might happen with them what do you think, when we will get stay we will get, have some patience every day they give a new date, they say “you have not this or that , bring that document” its system , we are trying what system is this yawar brother is also with system I know everything is doing by Wajih and Yawar nrother I will not go from my mom’s house, my mom is died are you okay? you have to go somewhere ? I have to go court when you will come back ? I will come back soon, you take rest will you come? will you really come? don’t you have trust on me? I only trust on you after court , I will come back to take you take care of yourself I will be waiting I will wait , come soon I will come back Mannat go yes come in brother Shayyan , your elder brother came


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