Cheekh Episode 25 | 6th July 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

yes come in brother Shayyan, your elder brother is came let him be seated , I am coming okay I felt really sorry I also, a lot I am talking about your mother in law I am talking about myself what you will have? tea? you are talking like a stranger with me when you were mine? what I had to do? tell me , what I have to do? you don’t know the feeling of a weak and helpless husband you did a good taunt that I do not know every died person thinks that only he is suffering by the pain of grave but we were innocent brother we did not know that to disclose about a sinner would become so harmful to us our war was not with you it was with my wife she started that I am also suffering with this punishment brother go back America
I am also suffering with this punishment brother go back America I will not leave my wife when she will come, then go am I your real brother ? Shayyan you are starting this argument from that point it was started previously believe me I wanted to come in the funeral of your mother in law, but due to your this behavior, I was scared so you might come, since when you began to be afraid from me? have you taken stay? take stay , may be Mannat will come back on which point you are standing ? you do say a thief to steal and tell the owner of a house “to be aware, a thief is coming” I did mistake , I forgot that I lost your trust take care of you listen , where you were gone ? have you seen Jamshed ? do you think that someone will come to pick you ? no, no one will come to pick you Mannat someone came to meet you I will not leave you, you killed my mom leave me I did not kill her leave me how she got attack ? he is her brother in law, the same who was involved in the case okay she got attack by seeing him okay , its a panic attack, okay give her dose but it should be lighter why lite dose ? come on Aqeel brother , she may get reaction, and also may get brain hemorrhage come on buddy, do you know, doctor has right to kill anyone by medicines license to kill why you always forget that she is the wife of a doctor he is an innocent citizen, he can not do anything that we play with the law, he even has no approach to that yes if she would be Wajih’s wife then I would say to be aware he can not do anything do something , give the good news of her real madness , fulfill your friendship and its payment will be from my side, handsome amount you are too much Aqeel brother, sometimes I could not understand you by the way , if his brother in law became in active then what is your problem ? you know Aqeel Zada, he fulfills his friendship or enmity till the grave by the way, may I tell one thing brother Aqeel, your friendship is not less than enmity sorry buddy I will not forget what? I will not forget you did go court against me did you not blame me ? you had to tell me if you got in some trouble I might take your blame on me happily you might take my blame !! you know wajih you are like my brother do not I know you? I think you as my brother okay, anyways , even I did not know that it might become so much big problem , leave it I called you here so I may make everything normal like before hmm I want to say sorry to you, please forget everything , what it was done indeed? leave Wajih I called her on roof , became closed to her, she got anger and slept me and spitted on my face then I became angry then? if I would let her to go downstairs , she might tell everything to Mannat and Haya that’s why I killed what did you do? thrown her what ? you did throw her it means you did throw her from roof ? you have so much courage , I know it, after all , whose brother you are ? lets eat burger no I have to leave it will take only 30 minutes no buddy I may order here I am leaving confirm ? I will not forget which you done with me you are talking like this with brother yes forgave you , confirm, will you meet tomorrow done you…………………. what? why are you looking like this ? what? tell me one thing Wajih, please tell the truth ask. are you not guilty indeed? what do you think by seeing my face ? face is complaining about sin wow , you learned face reading and what is this sin and all that? which is nothing for you, but Mannat is suffering with a big punishment for that now you listen carefully , you are my sister even then you went to meet Mannat, if I wanted then I might be opponent but I did not say anything Wajih its not the answer of my question, the question which I asked , I want answer for that Haya, court has left me free , do you understand ? court has declared Mannat as mad is Mannat normal? Mannat was normal then go and tell to the court that Mannat is normal the decision of court seems false then tell to the court that I am a criminal so you may send me to the mantel hospital also eat Haya whole day we have to fight only I came to do apologize to you she paid my Recalcitrant of going court you lost the most your daughter’s death was happened due to my brother I have to apologize with you I could not understand that why the true person is so in fame some people have no problem due to truth but they have problems by the punishment of truth that’s why they do infamy to the true people forgive me, due to me you lost your child and your wife had to go mental hospital the good people like you gave the courage to the bad people why you are taking other’s blame on yourself my wife and my child are the victims of my own brother first we are human then relatives, and I learned this from my wife Mannat God has made her heart so beautiful how she feels the pain of God’s people my daughter is suffering from the punishment of this you do not worry I have hope that we will win will they allow me to meet her no uncle Ramzan, no one among us will go there, as soon court will give us stay order , we will bring her from there I did promise her that I will come to take her now I could not go there due to being ashamed insha Allah we will get stay will you please go with me to lawyer yes sure come lets go what is your name ? Mannat I am asking her Nayyab do one thing, give her double dose but doctor patient is still unconscious , neither she can tell her name
do one thing, give her double dose but doctor patient is still unconscious , neither she can tell her name to whom court declared mad , why are you trying to say her a normal person if she can not tell her name that means she is mad when she did come , she was completely normal Dr Haris I think you also want to live here so many things you could not digest double dose , twice a day? yes, give her double dose and if she may get reaction then inform me okay doctor what happened buddy? you scared like that you seem some animal I feel more fear from you what do you mean? means I am kidding you started to be happy , its good we have to be happy ,isn’t it? you are so un thankful , you have to say this much thanks to me I came to placate you , have you seen me ever to conciliate anyone? not at all give me five I know and what about your friend ? I am asking about Mannat, how is she ? you came to placate me or to inquire about Mannat ? Haya , fun is something different , you are my sister I can see this, you are worried about Mannat, tell me are you? its right, I feel pain by seeing this, due to her our whole family is disturbed hmm due to her our whole family is disturbed what you want to say ? nothing , I do not want to say anything but I was thinking Wajih, a listener can hear the statements of both sides hmm then? Haya you are my family member , you are my sister you have to take my side what is this bad or good, its only family family whats going on, what are you looking like this ? am I guilty ? hmm, I am asking something no Wajih , you are my brother I can not even think that my brother might do this cruel act , this world may say anything but I will never believe who has his own sister,he could not even think about others daughter like this and before do trust on that my brother did this act, I would kill myself you are talking like grandmothers if something may happen to you, then what would I do? since our childhood we are partner in crime is it? that’s all, I have one request , look here , get him marry with someone its okay , sister in law has gone , I am also very sorry but its not like this he sits all the time sad both brothers are like that, you have to be happy what shall I do if you will remain sad ? this double dose could be dangerous then what you have to do with this ? you do what they said this injection produces severe reaction while giving to a normal person this is the order of boss, I am doing as he said but its a crime doctor we have prescription and we are safe you do your work but by this injection a patient may get paralyze attack, or even may get brain hemorrhage and if our jobs will get in trouble , did you think this ? see doctor, there was also one doctor like you in the result his license was canceled due to Dr fareed and he is moving all around without job humanity is also something my brother humanity ? doctor this lady who is laying here, humanity has sent her till this point she tried to get justice for a poor girl against her brother in law and she reached here due to that brother in law, its humanity do whatever you asked for, its better for both of us that’s all I will try my best to get stay on court’s order till day after tomorrow you did ensure me about this day before yesterday , but we did not get satay and on the behalf of your statement I did promise to Mannat that I am coming to get her I think you are not understanding ,its really painful to me see her like this , her husband could not do anything for her I can understand , I am not that type of lawyer who only gets money if I may not get stay today then I will leave this case I know Shayyan meet your wife immediately because in this sensitive moment, what she may feel, I can understand , go give her hopes yes Shayyan we will get stay if God wills, but to meet her is very important you left her alone she might be waiting for you asalam alekum , we want to meet Mannat Shayyan she has been shifted to the hospital why? why to hospital? she had panics attacks , she shifted for urgent treatment what are you saying , my wife was completely normal look sir, whatever I saw , I am telling the same why you did not inform her husband ? sir I think , it was court’s order where is your hospital? left from here, a white gate at right side ? yes you go and call Dr sami, hurry up it all happened due to you people , I did say that do not give this injection sir why are you saying it to me, I did not do anything by myself I will see everything where s the ward of Mannat Shayan I will see staff call Dr Sami immediately , Mannat Shayyan’s condition is very serious Mannat? sister I am the husband of Mannat , where is Mannat ? right hand first room Mannat . Mannat why she is unconscious ? she is unconscious since last three hours she is unconscious since three hours, which medicine you did give her ? sir do not disturb us, let us do her treatment which treatment ? sir she got panic attack, so we gave her injection which injection ? why you did give her that injection ? calm down Dr Shayyan, let us do her treatment what type of treatment you are doing ? I request you to wait outside kindly give me her detail prescription , I am waiting outside I will give please Dr Shayyan, your brother did come yesterday to meet her, after seeing him she started to shout , so loud although I was informed that brother did not come all this treatment is started by the order of Dr fareed I do not know what they will do with me, I already did arguments with them its my suggestion that you should get stay and make her free from this jail no we will not leave her alone we will stay with her but they will not let you stay here they do not have any emotions uncle Ramzan , you stay with Mannat, I am just coming do not worry Mr Haidar I bag you that please do not give her any more injection p;ease Dr Shayyan , may I tell you one thing, I have the same problem which your wife has, to say the truth and to help the truth thanks hello I told you , she is the wife of a doctor, he saw whole chart what happened? we have been working together since a long time, make another chart and totally deny that you gave this type of medicine but Mr aqeel, you are not understanding , he was very much angry if he was angry then what is your problem, are you his wife ? I promise you I will not let you go in jail, and what is your problem with the someone’s anger his wife did shouting , who had to suffer , only him but Mr Aqeel, I am very much scared from his anger, if he may launch F.I.R them? I am here, I will see everything the joy of victory makes a man mad your brother is a criminal , he admitted in front of me today it happened with Nayyab , tomorrow it may happen to some other, and I will not let it happen wijih killed my child I lost everything, my child, my life is destroyed we lost the case , why I will go back court orders it next time do fight with her when I will with her where are you going? I am going with Shariq leave Shariq, if you will spend more time with him, he will make you also addict do care when you can care with heart what I am doing, just want to live my life you also live, you yourself destroyed your life what do you mean? did I ruin my life by myself ? brother you did give divorce not me I was irritated due to you , in that irritation I gave …………. what are you saying, when you were giving divorce I was there and was trying to stop you but you did not understand stay happy and let me live too I feel ashamed to call you as my brother what are you doing, move a side I feel ashamed are you became mad, is this a way of talking? stop what happened? tell me do not touch me is this a way of talking, why are you shouting ? what happened tell me? shall I tell you, you will handle ? yes tell me no need of shouting , tell it in a normal way you both forgot humanity what are you doing? I will kill him I will kill myself drop it , are you mad ?


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