Cheekh Episode 27 | 20th July 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

let her talk, when your time will come you may also talk give me the writing pad give your thumb impression , okay you may go yes the widow of victim Mr Shayyan ask your statement is very important in this matter , what did you see ? few days back I came from mental hospital My husband did shift me to home Wajih came to meet us, he brought flowers , recently I did launch a case and I lost that and I went to mental hospital because since childhood I used to create stories that’s why I lost the case and went to the mental hospital somehow my husband made me discharged from mental hospital and shifted to house that’s why Wajih came, Shayyan thought that he came to harm me, because I did the case against him tell me one thing , was there any hostility or fight in between these two brothers ? I just told you i did launch a case and I also lost that case then I went to mental hospital because I have a problem since my childhood of creating false stories my husband took me out and I came to home Wajih came to congratulate us, but my husband thought that he is the responsible for all that , I do not think that I think that was some misunderstanding , they started physical fight , there was a glass table he fallen dawn and collided with the table and all this happened , but its not his mistake are you giving this statement in any pressure ? which pressure ? it happens in families , different kinds of pressure I do not have any pressure thank you give me the pen please do your signature at this place you did give this statement in your all senses , yes remember this yes okay we will come if needed why you did call police to home, if she might say something then? she will not say anything why she will not say anything ? she felt mercy on you she is not that type of people enough oh my Shabnam ( a Pakistani actress ) life has so much sorrows and you said such a sad line oh ho , one second what was happening here ? he lives in palace , why he would marry me ? its your thinking , nothing is like this will you not inquire about your mother ? I am suffering with this problem, just because of you what did you say” if you are the son of a man then fight with me” you want to see my courage you can fight for the daughter of uncle Ramzan, and you will forgive the murder of my child, he is a father, I am a father too he is sleeping over there brother Saddiq, wake up bro you know the guest are about to come , its a funeral’s house and you are still sleeping brother Saleem today all faces are coming in my mind, Shayyan brother and that girl Nayyab life is strange , like the fuel of generator , fuel ends , everything ends, dark at all sides
today all faces are coming in my mind, Shayyan brother and that girl Nayyab life is strange , like the fuel of generator , fuel ends , everything ends, dark at all sides one time light has gone so it has gone completely brother Saleem your master did not leave his brother even just leave it, he is the addict criminal I could not understand why big brother are not giving him to police , he will not change, he is raising up an animal what happened Saddiq brother ? are you fine? yes i am fine today everything goes to opposite side a young man died , who kills his own brother ? think it, he did not leave his own brother so how he will leave us? I have decided to move from here brother Saddiq please also take me with you, I will not stay here think yourself, who will stay with that psycho ? you wanted to live with him, anyways give me a tea are you mad, its the house of funeral , you want tea? come fast so shall we leave food ? come fast may I give you sleeping pills ? Yawwar brother did set this room for brother Shayyan he did set everything by himself , even his wardrobe he used to say that Shayyan will live with us its so strange he got punishment I did not want to kill him I just went to talk , he pulled me……….
I did not want to kill him I just went to talk , he pulled me………. you did not kill Shayyan I killed him I had to take you be treated but I killed every doctor by myself who came to treat you you were a disease , you ate our respect , then our happiness now you will be finished let me finish , I am not afraid , but brother please do not turn your heart from me I do not want anything no one gets happy with destruction do not accept anything from me I have buried myself with Shayyan in the grave everything is finished I did wrong, I did not want to kill him Shayyan has gone, everything is finished Shayyan has gone do you want to know that why I did give false statement you feel that you are free, I will tell you that how a soul is arrested in freedom 4 months and 10 days, during my iddat ( a time period of mourning of a widow) I will get you on that point so you will admit everything in the court what do you think? I lost my respect my mother , my child and my husband for a truth, may I loose it with a false statement ? no I will not set an example that true people loose only difference was that , I was fighting with you in my way, now I will fight you in your way and remember , I do not have any thing to loose have this tea, I am not making lunch why you will not cook food ? you are talking strange , we go to the funeral house till SOYEM they rich people have so much fun, they set tables even on deaths they did miserliness at the time of Nayyab, what could be happen if they might send some food to our home you are such emotionless you wanted justice, you got that ? you and that Mannat, who killed her husband after her friend what rubbish you are saying then what , you are husband, whatever you may say or do will be right ? yes , and remember if she will again go to court I will support her yes go and support her, I say that you may shift over there now will see at the door who came? or you decided to set the court here asalam alekum walekum asalam may I come in? you belong to KHUSHBAKHT store ? yes , you recognized very well come in thank you come is it your own house ? no its on rent okay I have my own house of 240 yards , in the model houses you are a sensible man , I thought I should have more relationship with you thank you so much yesterday your daughter was came what? some vagrant boys of our area have been following her no need to be worried , I took her in my safety and until she did not reach to your door with eggs and rusk, I have been seen her I gave that rusk what ? yes actually I came here for one of my need what? I have a son and a daughter okay , what does your son do? my son is in the first year of engineering and my daughter is studying with your daughter well its good I have a big car, house , and own general store by the grace of your prays , we are living a good life but your son is studying ? then what is the difference with that, a woman is the blessing of God absolutely see I came with a big hope then give us the pic, we will answer you after inquiry she is studying , she is so young we do not have any objection on her study, she may continue it even after leave him this brother, we are also waiting of a good proposal you just give the picture, we will give you a positive response what is the need of picture , while I am sitting in front of you what do you mean? actually one year passed when my wife was died I like your daughter very much, you can set the dowry amount of your choice, I don’t have any objection but do not disappoint me I am disappointing you right now, you may go its my insult yes I am doing the same I am asking the proposal with very respect I am rejecting it with disrespect don’t you feel ashamed by asking the proposal of the girl of your daughter’s age? to marry a young girl is not forbidden in our religion that’s why I am leaving you alive , get lost . and also take this you will regrade very much one day the boys who have been following her may kidnap her get lost you will see it. I am telling you why you did come ? to memorize you, the died person was your brother also brother Yawwar is not well at all look after the guest what may I do ? go and sit with guest , and try to realize them and yourself that you have also sorrow for the died person I am very sorry about that, I wanted to reach yesterday , but did not get the flight due to bad weather by the way what was happened? it was an accident oh I came to know that his neck was cut no no, yes neck was cut , he was fallen down on the table , it was an accident okay and his wife, about whom you said that she likes you about who you used social media ………
okay and his wife, about whom you said that she likes you about who you used social media ……… sir both the matters are different kindly do not mix them okay was all that a lie? yes what about that girl? one second did you come for condolence ? I am asking you, did you come for condolence ? yes or you came to inquire like women is condolence done? get up and bye we came from very far it seems , you even can not recite FATIHA , you are doing investigation now go bye lets go out out they can not do pray or recite FATIHA , first you ate our respect , then happiness , now you will be ruined no one can be happy with destruction , do not accept anything from me I have buried myself with Shayyan your B.P is still high it must be high after all these things which happened brother take care of yourself, we need you yesterday Wajih was treating the guests so badly after that he did misbehave then came to upstairs sometimes sins are happen by us, but we do not have the ability to own that sins the burden of Shayyan’s murder , Wajih may not bear I wish he might realized this at the time of Nayyab, today our brother Shayan would alive brother sin has the steps first step second step third step last step on that last step, we are standing a sin should be stopped at first step but no , we have been climbing the stairs holding the hand of sins our brother has gone have soup actually my wife has passed I like your daughter dowry amount will be of your choice , I will not have any objection do not make me hopeless Shamsa what happened , you are still……….. nothing, but do not know today I am not feeling well why? what did happen like this ? actually , the incident which was happened in morning, made me scared the house which has fruits, stones come usually , you used to say this what do you mean? anyone will come with proposal ? till yesterday you were so happy with the proposal of a widower for Nayyab yes.. perhaps may be I got her curse do you know Ramzan Ahmed , sometimes the things we think for others,we may not like if we have to face ourselves this is the fact Shamsa , you always considered Nayyab as ” other ” did you ever hug her as a mother, not a single time even listen , do the died people give curse ? Nayyab was not like this but God is watching Ramzan Ahmed you know that Tanveer of Khushbakht store, will kidnap my Jagnoo God may not do this see , we may have punishment . Ramzan Ahmed I do not want to live in this area, I do not want to live in this free house I do not want that some incident may happen okay Shamsa you should have calm you have to remain same can you forgive me on the behalf of Nayyab I made the fun of your daughter forgive me I never thought that she uses to say me “mom” whole day she does my work what did I give ? taunts … I really hurt her forgive me she did not get any thing, even in this world she did not get justice I am afraid that our Jagno may not reach to the condition of Nayyab may God not do this, we will go to some other area I did try a lot but even then I could not feel mercy on you its not like that I do not have the sorrow of my brother’s death I did never want to kill him . this is the first lost in which we are the equal partner the only difference is that, your mourning period is about 4 months and 10 days , and my mourning will be remain rest of my life and the misunderstanding you have that I was fighting according to my rules till today I was fighting for my defense unintentionally I did attack on you now I will fight with my rules . and now I will also do attacks I do promise ,,,, fulfill your promise , do not deny


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