Cheekh Episode 28 | 27th July 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

are you sure , I did not get drowsiness and did not vomit so how is it possible it all did not happen because the kid’s father is a doctor do test once again, I am not believing congratulations to you what? Shayyan did buy these shoes with so much hopes when you killed our child then he came to brother Yawar first with these shoes I heard he did cry a lot It was our first dream if you would not killed my child then we may have his memory (child) anyways where I lost my mother , my husband . I also lost my child what do you want to prove? whatever it was happened , I did not do intentionally, I feel sorry about that don’t try to tempting me, do you understand ? it may not happen that the old Wajih will come, it will be problem for you and what you are trying to do, you want to tease me and thinking that I will become mad, it will not done don’t forget that my mourning days are left …. hmm bye bye I did go to talk with her , I called her , she did spit on my face , what would I do? I became angry brother Yawar I do respect you but what are you saying? what I am saying think upon that to hell with his brother I know who is guilty or who is not you an not become mother so you can not be Yawar its your kid tell me whose child is this? I am divorcing you what would I do? I became angry I just called her to talk with her , she spited on my face, what would I do brother Yawwar , brother Wajih Wajih Doctor how is he ? is he fine? due to high blood pressure , his brain’s vein has damaged , he may get paralyzed or may be he will have problem in speaking he is the head of our family see , body of every human does vary nature to nature some people have strong nerves , even they can bear a problem more than mountain I am understanding , he is our elder brother till he will not get complete health , you have to become elder because you are the only man in your family can we see him yes you may see , but he is not conscious just for two minutes yes thank you shall we go you are looking upset ? sister in law we want to go you want leave this job ? yes sister in law , now we don’t feel good here the owner of house is ill, and at this time you want to leave him alone what we may do? whenever we made decision , something happens it seems that problems have chosen this house I swear , the Gardner has changed soil so many times, but flowers do not grow he says , whatever plant I grow, it ruins he is saying truth, I buy good fruits from market, when we cut them they have insects so strange sister in law , my grandmother says its a curse (NAHOSAT) okay you may go thank you sister in law, bye Saleem yes sister in law you can not go why you are not allowing me I have an important work from you with me? hmm but which work? I will tell when time will come what is my fault? I said you can not go okay, may I go for now hmm you do strange work you din not ask brother ? how could we do, all work was stopped due to Shayyan’s death we stopped party by saying about SOYEM , if we will stop them more then we will lost billions how I will make a decision do one thing, do whatever you want, go for now, I am so worried do the signature where I have to do signature , show me I am worried , you people thing about your selves do it according to you, please thank you sir go please where are you going ? I am coming back in half an hour what do you mean ” coming in half an hour ” ? I have to wait here ? I said i am coming back in half hour , , so I will come where are you going ? what do you mean? brother is inside , sit here Wajih you are not my elder, do not try to be elder, when I am saying that I will come back, so I will how you are talking with me ? make habit to listen these types of words I a your brother practical life has started , you have to face more eat something I am not hungry you did not eat anything since morning eat something I took tea do thanks Haya , big brother is saved when hands and legs are not working properly , no use that life is safe I feel; much sorry to see the pain of you people still more have left God knows I become scared by thinking this, in my childhood I used to be afraid when our parents used to beat wajih in home there was a stick of our grand father, papa saved that specially to beat Wajih whenever he had a mischief , papa used to follow him with that stick in his hand then papa was died wajih broke that stick suddenly , still today he has that wildness in his eyes do not know, what he did think about himself? as he is some Tarzan he is still a Tarzan , he lives in jungle he studied jungle’s law, to whom he wants to kill , he kills by living with animals , he also became an animal only one sentence always is being heard in my ears what? although he is bad , but he is my brother Haya please think big big thinker, becomes big human the people who try to support relations only, they only may be related with some one, not with all he relates to everyone who knows the difference of good and bad Haya I respect the humanity you have if you want to shed the tears , then cry with sorrow, not being ashamed I want to marry you everything will be done with simplicity people say right, this house has a curse , there so much lightning but , its dark everywhere Wajih , why he came….Wajih why you did come home? what do you mean by ” why I came home” its my own home, I will not come here so where else I may go ? who is with brother , Wajih? he is in I.C.U, having treatment, staff is with him a family member must be with him he is my own brother , I am tensed its not about to tensed , take care of him they are doing treatment , it will take time i cant not sit there all the time at least help him, who helped you in your bad time what you want to say? I don’t care about my brother ? I have been regarding you from long time and here you are going high you are doing less regarding if you are doing it , but you are doing less just enough now can you recognize them? Wajih who is he he is Wajih everything will be normal slowly see what doctor is saying, everything will be fine you will be absolutely fine brother I am with you, do not worry Saleem yes brother take this out what happened with the pictures ? you live in house what? isn’t it? what you are asking to me, take it out sir pictures he has to make her confess try as much as you want Wajih , Wajih Wajih , Wajih brother wajih? wajih Wajih………….. Wajih is at office, I am here with you Wajih……….Wajih Wajih? brother he went to office, as I told you Wajih…..I want to talk Wajih okay I am calling him yes Haya where are you? in office brother has shifted to ward, he is asking about you tell him I am in office , can’t come right now he is saying something, I am not understanding , I think he is calling you here come fast Haya listen me, I could not see him like this, you take care of him what are you saying? what rubbish you are talking ? don’t you feel ashamed , this time brother needs you come fast please Haya, I am so disturbed , I cant bear these talks more wajih is coming , he is so busy in office, he is saying that he is coming he is worried about you he is coming brother Shayyan my darling duckling how are you ? that wolf admitted in front of me if I would let her go, she might tell to everyone what you did then? I dropped her if you want to do fight, then do it openy Saleem I waiting bring it fast yes brother Wajih Saleem , Saleem is it a place ? Haya madam was sitting here clean it Haya………….Haya Haya !! What? tell this woman to stay in her room what she is doing in my house ? what do you mean that ” she is in your home?” this is also her house this is her house? yes Wajih enough, do not argue this again n again if you can’t digest it then you can go what are you saying ? I may leave my home due to her for God sake leave lost of 7.2 millions ? I appointed you in office for this ? I am asking something your anger is not justified we did do everything according to your policy if Mr Yawar would be here, then he may cover this lost I don’t know how to work, I am coming here uselessly you are becoming aggressive , work destroys in anger sir I think you should concern with a doctor oh who are you? now you will tell me that should concern a doctor or not ? am I seem mad ? am I ? sir in your family the problem of high blood pressure is present , so you have to go for a check up take this and go go fast why he did come ? okay send him asalam alekum walekum asalam
asalam alekum walekum asalam take this what is this? how is your elder brother ? he is shifted in the room, what is this ? how he is now ? not fine now cam he talk ?
not fine now cam he talk ? no and can he walk ? no , do you have cure ? son I am here since your father’s era yes both of your brother used to give me so much respect sir I am mean and cruel person , now tell me what you want ? after the death of Shayyan, according to his will , his all property should be transfer to his wife good that’s why I came to meet you okay then go to her , what are you doing here ? I will go but you people have shifted your house so I don’t have new address you came to get address, am I looking you useless so I may give you address I came to meet the son of my late friend but I did not know that here would be a rude boy go go I am going but remember one thing that until Mannat will not sign it , all bank accounts will remain freeze okay bye lawyer came today, brother Shayyan transferred his will to you he did tell me he will come here tomorrow to take your signature, the business matters are suffering, it would be better for all its so strange , the person whom you hate so much , became your partner of equality its your misunderstanding .. I did not hate you its more strange , how you left this bad deed what? I did say some thing wrong ? give your attention to work, its being lost in business , may be you have need what may I tell you, day and night work, court this and that so I don’t get time to come to see Yawar did you receive bucket and card from me doctor was telling me that his one side is completely paralyzed I felt very sorry , we spent a good time everything is on bed? I know, very sad buddy he was a nice man God may not make anyone depending on other what may I do by coming , he can not even talk, no fun no jocks , nothing I came to memorize you one thing, you took my case and also won what she is doing at my home? tell me… she has captured my nerves I do one attack , she does more in return I gave you money, what she is doing in my home? I see the legal aspects , not domestic if you did handle legal matter in a right way , then this time would not come you could not understand a little thing that if I did not pursue your case , you would not alive I saved you and also sent her to mental asylum but no, I think your punishment will take place by your own relative yes , your real brother did get her back from mental hospital I became fed-up , do anything but get me out from this problem now in this all matter my expertise will not work, it depends on your tolerance but .. nothing will done, drink this I am going Saleem yes sir come here what is this , who put this blood on my shirt in your presence how anyone came to my room , don’t you know I can not understand but I am understanding all the people are trying to scare me, so I may become quiet , they are on mistake take this and next time if anyone will go to my room in your presence . I will see you


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