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you can fight for uncle Ramzan’s daughter , will you forgive my child’s murder ? you may proceed thank you sir I am thankful to court that the allowed me to proceed my case sir , my friend Nayyab RAmzan who did come to the engagement’s function of our combine friend Haya, who is also sister of Wajih culprit did call my friend on roof and as he got the chance, he tried to molest her in the result of that Nayyab reacted badly , and insulted the culprit not only insulted but also ran to downwards in the result of that the suspect tried to make her silent and beat her, so she may become silent after even all that she did not become silent and tried to ran from there in panic suspect thrown her from the roof in the result of that Nayyab was taken to the hospital after some days , Nayyab died before her death, Nayyab gave a statement that tell it to Mannat that ” king is a wolf” but everything was changed by the power of money and this system I challenge the previous decision of the court and wish to reopen the case and I do request to the court to give the punishment to accused Wajih defense ? thank you , as you know that a respectful court has given the decision on this case and now to reopen this case , will be the injustice with all those people who want the precious time of the court sir court has ……….. one minute let me complete sorry I request to the court , do not waste the time , and keep remain unchanged the decision of previous court on the bases of which facts the court has taken her decision, I will prove them false sir the all facts are taken by respected departments , if they will reopen , then it will be the insult of them I will try my best that no one may be insulted , I will show their ability of responsibility of these department allow me to call Mr inspector Amir khan in the court , who has the statement of the victim allowed thank you sir come in inspector Amir khan inspector Amir khan do you have the last statement of the victim Nayyab Ramzan ? yes I have did you take? yes I did were you alone or somebody was with you ? no, constable Raheem Dar was with me means you were not alone , you and your constable Raheem Dar yes okay please read the statement …… my father was trying to do my marriage with an old man on the order of my stem mother I fell myself from the roof being dishearten due to circumstances tell Mannat to say sorry to Wajih on my behalf sir this is the same statement which we have already listened exactly , this is the same statement which was showed in the court, but this is not the statement of Nayyab statement was changed sir this is the insult of a responsible police officer I will give the evidence of his responsibility later but before that I want to call constable Raheem Dar allowed thank you sir constable Raheem Dar come in constable Raheem Dar you were present with Mr Amir Khan at the time of Nayyab’s statement ? yes I was with him you were there at that time, the statement was taken in front of you yes okay so what was the statement she given? sir the last statement of victim is this that statement which was given by Nayyab? yes right statement the last statement of victim , Miss Nayyab Ramzan she told in her inquiry that she was being tried to be rapped for which I slapped Wajih and spitted on his face after that Wajih started to slap me madly he did torture on me I called my friends Mannat and Haya loudly Wajih dropped me down of the roof being afraid by this tell Mannat that king is a wolf and responsible of my death I am giving this statement by considering my lord as witness sir we listened this statement but………. sir but who will prove that one second sir, my talk is not completed yet . I am sorry I am junior but I will listen complete statement is it still left there is something which I want to ask yes please tell me when this statement was taken, did victim sign it ? no her finger’s bones were broken bones were badly broken that she was not able to signature yes was there thumb impression ? sir had take thumb impression this mark is of Nayyab’s thumb yes you may go okay thank you sir , all this is right but how it will prove that either this statement is true or this ? sir, this video will prove that which statement is true , please sir you did come to me , with Nayyab’s statement in which it was clearly mentioned that tell it to Mannat that “king is a wolf” then what was happened suddenly ? I know case is closed I want to know it for myself, what was happened to you suddenly ? I sold my honesty bundle of notes has a fragrance , which human sees dreams and their fulfillment I also sold my honesty he gave me 5 million, whoever may get 5 million in a while, then honesty may go to hell Mr yawwar is sick nowadays , so I am not getting my rent of honesty rent of honesty? he did fix 2 lac monthly to change the statement sir this story is wonderfully , I really enjoyed , but who shall believe this ? as he said this statement is changed and he is sold, might be this statement is also changed a hate hearten sister in law can buy this sir i have all the witnesses and evidences which may prove that Wajih is a murderer I want to do some question to Wajih, please permit me permission granted suspect Wajih come here thank you sir inspector you may go, thank you what is your name ? Wajih do you recognize me ? who am I ? objection your honor she is bothering my client unnecessarily I want to check that suspect is fully conscious or not objection over rot thank you now tell me, what is my name ? Mannat tell my full name Mannat Shayan Taseer good tell me Mr Wahih , where were you when Nayyab was fallen down from the roof ? at that time I was with my friends which friends? Sami , Abdullah and……….. and who else, Shariq? no, Shariq had been gone at that time well yes but you did complaint against Shariq because you had doubt on him , because you did see him while he was going behind Nayyab is it? one second sir, I the copy of that complain , and on the bases of this, Shariq was got arrested but after negative forensic report, the case was dismiss objection your honor , what does she want to ask ? sir my question is very clear , where was you client when Nayyab was fallen down he has told , he was with friends how many friends ? two friends I asked Wajih. how many friends? two who they were ? Sami and Abdullah you are saying it with full surety that they were two friends yes Sami and abdullah sir I want to call Sami and Abdullah to witness box allowed Sami and Abdullah please come thank you yes Sami and Abdullah , he is your friend ? yes right where you both were when Nayyan did fall ? we were standing in the lawn in the lawn, was Wajih with you also? yes, he was standing with us okay when Nayyab did fall, what was the reaction of wajih ? we all ran towards her , to see her Wajih was also ran with you, when Nyyab was fallen down? he was with us how Wajih had dressed up at that time ? black SHERWANI (a traditional dress) and kurta pajama do you remember clearly ? yes one minute , because I dont want that some innocent may be caught , I don’t want to touch this is this that SHERWANI which was wear by Wajih yes is this that dress ?right wajih is this that Sherwani which you wore? yes I wore but that time its……….. objection your honor , she is bothering my client uselessly objection overruled thank you sir I want to show you something more , can I have the tab, thank you its the video of that function, see this the video of function’s night , in this you may see clearly that we all are dancing wajih is not present in this whole video , his friends Sami and Abdullah are standing at a corner when Nayyab falls dawn , we all run towards her, sami and Abdullah join us, but in the whole video, wajih is not there because at that time , Wajih was killing Nayyab its not true, I did take her to the hospital, please watch the video absulutly , watch clearly, he came when we all were there, after that Wajih did join us and he was not in that black Sherwani sir , what type of joking is this ? if he wear off the Sherwani then its not a doom, might be some juice was dropped off nothing was dropped , at the time of resistance , Nayyab did tear his Sherwani’s pocket , you can see it
if he wear off the Sherwani then its not a doom, might be some juice was dropped off nothing was dropped , at the time of resistance , Nayyab did tear his Sherwani’s pocket , you can see it objection overruled thank you sir this the forensic report , Nayyab’s finger prints are there she is telling lie, she is trying to trap me then you may tell to judge that in the situation of panic how you did change the dress juice was dropped on my Sherwani, I remembered it
then you may tell to judge that in the situation of panic how you did change the dress juice was dropped on my Sherwani, I remembered it juice was dropped , okay you might mixed up Nayyab’s fingers in juice then you might dropped that order order now tell me when you were going upward I did not go upstairs with Nayyab how could I go, Nayyab gave her statement that she jumped by herself do you think that Nayyab dropped her by herself obviously okay, I want to show something in the court but if I will call anyone he may consider ,that its my planning please choose anyone among them, anyone to whom you want to call, you may call no please point out , choose any one black Shalwar suit okay call him you please come I want a table having height till here what is this drama you both may go you will climb it ,and try to fall like that you are trying to do suicide , when you do suicide how you will jump, I want to prove something in the court I ahve to give demo, otherwise it will not be cleared you do try like that you are going to die , you dropped yourself , assume that you are at height objection your honor , what is this drama? it not a drama I am trying to prove that when someone pushed by other he falls on head, and when someone tries to jump by himself , he falls inverted, Nayyab was fallen on the head side you may go sir you want to ask something to them ? no thank you thank you , you may go sir now I want to call a person who is a special servant of this house if you will allow then I call Saleem go head Saleem come here yes Saleem at the night of function , when Nayyab was fallen dawn, before that when you did see Nayyab last time? I saw her on stairs which stairs ? stairs of home stairs of home ? Nayyab was going upstairs at Wajih’s home , you saw that? yes and where you saw Wajih last time ? Wajih…. where was Wajih ? I did not see him did you not see him? you did not see him in function yes in function he was dancing at downstairs where you saw him okay he was dancing , are you saying truth ? you know I use to speak truth , okay there were stuff of Nayyab, do you know about that ? no you don’t know this is the bag of Nayyab, and its her mobile do you know this stuff is found from your quarter still you don’t know how this stuff was in your room it can not be in my things so you do not know , does anyone share room with you ? yes our driver Saddiq Saddiq, sir I want to call Saddiq in witness box with him ? allowed thank you sir Saddiq come here Saddiq , do you share room with him , the quarter allotted to you both ? yes this is the bag and mobile of Nayyab , do you recognized it, it found from you room yes do you recognize it ? yes it found from Saleems bag it found from Saleem’s bag, and you are saying you do not know he is saying lie, he is trapping me its a planing against me planing against you, strange sir it is very clear it is clear that the culprit of Nayyab’s murder is Wajih or this Saleem Saleem I will do the same question I asked to Wajih Saleem tell me why you did call Nayyab at roof why are you looking here or there, answer my question did you not call her ? Wajih was not there, he did do nothing, Nayyab’s stuff is found from your room , it means you did call her I did nothing tell me the truth , whatever you know , because either you did murder or him, he refused totally , so fault is yours , you are the murderer, stuff was found from your room you are the suspect , you will hang no Mr judge , he is telling lie, I did not do anything then tell the truth I did do nothing, everything is done by junior boss I was just fulfilling my honesty I was standing there , when sister Nayyab went upstairs , after her Wajih sir also gone
I was just fulfilling my honesty I was standing there , when sister Nayyab went upstairs , after her Wajih sir also gone then she fallen down objection your honor , this man is sold order!!!order !! sir I did do nothing they made me scared no need to be afraid , tell the truth clearly sir hang him, I did see him while he was going upstairs after a few time , Nayyab was fallen you saw him while he was going upstairs ? I saw him by myself after that Nayyab was fallen down Nayyab was fallen down what happened after that? I became shocked then why you did not tell it, who stopped you ? after sometime I saw that he was coming downstairs with teared Sherwani
then why you did not tell it, who stopped you ? after sometime I saw that he was coming downstairs with teared Sherwani after that incident , you saw him when he was coming downstairs ? yes , I was shocked why you did become shocked , you might give your statement sir big brother was came there big brother , brother Yawar, Wajih’s elder brother ? Mr Yawar came , and he said to be silent … and you used to obey him like an obedient servant yes I did close my mouth , otherwise I did do nothing yes Mr Wajih , Saeem is saying that he saw you while you were chasing Nayyab , then she did fall he is telling a lie he is saying that you are telling lie am I telling lie? he is that person who killed his own brother sir he is so cruel , he used to tease his sister in law, he used to take wrong deeds from me sometime he said turn off the light and tease her, he used to say rubbish , I said to him that I am a poor man, let me do my job he used to beat me and threaten me Saleem you may go now, sir do you want to ask something ? no, thank you okay you may go yes Wajih maid was telling that she sww you while you were beating Nayyab badly you did beat Nayyab with cruelty no did she not hit by the glass table , maid did see you, Saleem saw you he is saying lie then what is the truth , did you not beat her with the glass table, did she not bleed badly ? what is this way ? this is the way, you tell me did you do this ? no, she is saying lie you pushed her on a glass table and you left her there or you dropped her from roof , Saleem and all servants are saying that they saw you, all evidences are here its lie so you are trying to say that maid did not see you at that time when I went to the roof there was no maid at that time thank you yes at that time there was no maid, there were only him and Nayyab it is cleared that Wajih killed Nayyab this man took four lives firstly he killed Nayyab , then he killed my would be child , then my mother, then my husband who was his real brother he came to my home, did fight with him, he was collided by a glass table, I was saying about the maid , she is the witness of that he left him bleed there to uncover this man , I lost my all relations, now I am asking for justice from this court my lord this woman is mad court did send her to mental asylum , on the statement of a mad woman , may we hang someone? Mr Aqeel zada, court knows only witnesses and evidences and according to you , this prosecutor is mad, but she gave strong evidences but sir wajih Admitted in front of you the murder of Nayyab is there any more witness left ? unfortunately in our system there are so much faults so a culprit gets freedom easily otherwise the last statement of victim was enough the plant of truth will grow in the garden of honesty , you may sit down Wajih Taseer , court came to know about everything, will you say something ? I spent a fearless life why would I not spent it, my two brothers used to give shelter me I still remember, when I was in third standard a girl did like my favorite pencil and she took it forcefully , I did feel very bad , and I became angry and badly beat that girl
a girl did like my favorite pencil and she took it forcefully , I did feel very bad , and I became angry and badly beat that girl that matter reached to the principle and he called brother Yawar brother Yawar came and sit in office, and after coming out from office he put his hand on my shoulder and said .. “great my lion ” when you may not get something by asking then take it forcefully , this line pinched my brain then the things I got by asking ,I asked, and the thing which I might not get , I took forcefully and that night , which I asked to Nayyab she refused till today no girl slapped me nor spitted on me neither refused me, I felt very bad and my ego came between I could not understand what I might do, I did do whatever I understand when I thrown her , I felt fear first time in that fear I did so many mistakes as brother Yawar used to support me in my childhood , exactly like that he is supporting me I am fool, I thought Aqib zada as my protecting shield brother Yawar used to support me, and Aqib zada used to praise me my internal fear made me an animal I was seeing nothing except myself as an animal attacks in his defense , I also used to attack to protect myself I did feel sorry for brother Shayyan’s death that incident did splash my soul, but it was too late my fear had made me animal , I could not see anything I was seeing myself only after the illness of elder brother, I became ruined gradually to safe myself …. I never wanted to kill her, but that day ………. after all witnesses and evidence the court has made the decision that Wahid killed Nayyab not only killed Nayyab , he disgraced his sister in law , and tortured her mother the culprit admitted this crime, and court has inquired it well this court gives the plenty of death to Wajih, according to panel 302 ,hang till death the court terminated the license of Dr Fareed Nasir and inspector Amir Khan is terminated by his job, the case is dismissed I lost my everything in this war, everything which could not be replaced a loving mother, a friendly husband, and an innocent life , who had to come in this world we have to pay the prize of truth and whatever I lost, its not defeat they were the tests from which I had to pass through they did not make me weak , they made me strong that God gives the best after worst , now I am able to see in my own eyes God chooses only one from us to make an example , and it was me I have finished Quran our mother used to say that read Quran with translation I read Quran brother do you know at what result I reached ? do you know why did our heart become black ? brother Shayan did read the Quran with translation
do you know at what result I reached ? do you know why did our heart become black ? brother Shayan did read the Quran with translation he won and we lost …. Intentionally or un deliberately I hurt both of you I gave both of you so much pain, specially to you I want that you may not hate me after my death whatever I did brother , it was due to a fear , I never wanted to hurt you
I want that you may not hate me after my death whatever I did brother , it was due to a fear , I never wanted to hurt you my brother has died only forgive me nothing else Wajih my brother meeting time is finished you may go now no , one minute, I want to hug him, please open it for one minute okay you will get only one minute just one minute any fight which was between us ….. I never did anything intentionally, my sister is with you, don’t take any revenge do promise me, after my leaving … no, no listen to me no…no… take of our elder brother . like a son and like a brother Wajih after me, Haya will be your Wajih brother do not worry about me, I am going to mom and dad, I will give your regards to them I know I hurt you a lot, but please don’t hate me meeting time is finished no brother I do not want to die brother take me with you, I do not want to go, I am so scared I don’t want to die I don’t want to die brother


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