Cherdleys Made a Fake Sex Tape in His Film Class – High School Fails

– I should make it look
like I’m getting a b*****b on the morning video announcements. The hot popular girl she said, this guy is just such an idiot. Then I was like, all
right let’s just film it. (low tempo music) Hey everyone, it’s me Cherdleys. And this story is about the time that I got a b*****b on
the morning announcements and no one really noticed. Once upon a time, there
was a boy named me. I went to a school in
a town called Marietta. It was a small town. Lot of soccer moms. Everyone kind of knew
each other and stuff. I was kind of one of those weird kids that like would hang out
with the popular kids but also hung out with
like the weird kids. I was like not really
close with either of them. I dressed in shorts all the time. Like those stupid plaid shorts. I wore sandals when it would be raining. Never wore boxers. I just went commando all the time. It was disgusting. I never took showers, I just jumped in my pool every morning. So my hair was just
frizzier than it is now. Probably smelled bad but didn’t know. And then I would wear some surfer shirt that I’d never washed. I did surf. I don’t anymore. I don’t know what was wrong with me. I still don’t, but. I was a sophomore and
it was in my film class. One of my favorite classes. We didn’t really make films, we did like the morning announcements. You know how like sometimes the principle goes on the announcements? It was like video form. And they let the video kids do it. There was like the host, the news anchors that were like the pretty popular kids. The rejects like me got like the weather. You don’t need your morning announcements, like you’re already dressed for school if you overdressed you’re f****d, if you underdressed you’re already f****d. I never even like looked up
what the weather was that day. I would just make it up. Oh it’s a high of 40 and a low of 80. It never made sense. We did other morning announcements. Like one sketch I just filmed a bird, and I was like, hey
what’s the weather today? They weren’t funny at all really. So I just used it as a
chance to just d**k around. My teacher, he’s a very
kind of like a Stanley from The Office where
he’s kind of just mellow, just like, okay. He didn’t care about what we did. I think he’s actually
passionate about film. Which I am too, but. I wanted to get everyone’s attention. I wanted everyone to
swarm and be like whoa. I can’t believe you did
it, how crazy are you? And just kind of praise me. Because I am an attention w***e. I was like, I should make it look like I’m getting a b*****b on the
morning video announcements. When I was thinking of that idea, I was like oh, it’s never going to happen. The principle’s gonna like get the teacher fired or something. I felt a little bad about that, because he was cool. I thought that would be like the worst thing that could happen. Then I was like all
right, let’s just film it and see what he says. It was like kind of the end
of the school year as well. But I told the cameraman
just to like go in and out on my stomach, like on my bare stomach. And like make noise, and go oh my gosh. This is gross, but what’s the weather? It’s a high of 80 and a low of 60 now get back to work. Okay. And then just starts
doing the motion again. So it looked like the camera guy was just giving me head from his position. Wow, I really filmed that. I don’t know, it sounds awful. And then I gave it to the teacher, I was super nervous. And he was just like, what is this? I don’t know, it’s the stomach monster. (chuckles) And he was just like
so fed up at that point he was just was like, whatever. Oh my gosh he’s gonna air this in front of the whole school. Everyone’s gonna like
riot in the quad about it. All the girls will like me. So it aired to everyone. And I was sitting in class, anticipating everyone watching it. And I was like, eek. It’s a high of 80 and a low of 60. And I was like, friggin’ watch this s**t! And then no one really cared. No one was really watching it and no one even laughed. One of the like the hot popular girls she just said this guy
is just such an idiot. Thank you! That was about the most attention I got. No one else really got it besides the guys that
we were filming with. They were also into the
weird kind of comedy. I went out to the quad, expecting texts, expecting
people to be like, what did you just post on
the morning announcements? But I realized that no one really cared. Popular kids didn’t care
that I hang out with them. The loser kids didn’t care
that I hang out with them. And that no one cares
that I went commando. No one cares that I look like
I just got out of a microwave. No one cares at all. I learned that you can get away with a lot if you are just confident about it. Give your teacher a video
of you getting a b*****b, just kidding, don’t do it. Don’t follow my footsteps. I’ve learned that you
don’t need to be that funny if you want to be a YouTuber. Because I’m still not funny. Morning announcement
funny is funny enough. I wanted the girls to flock all over me. But they didn’t. And I remained a virgin till college. But! Where should I go from there? Yeah, that was the peak
of my commando phase. Strive for your dreams,
even if no one’s laughing.


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