Chet Hanks | Before They Were Born Famous | Golden Globes 2020 Patois Goes Viral

Everybody knows about Tom Hanks eldest son,
the one who is the image of his dad just a little nerdier
but now were finding out that there is another son. Play it again, you can hear the camera man
saying Oh My God!!! cause he know’s whats coming. Then there is more footage of him going around
the Golden Globes speaking Patios This ain’t the first time Chet made news headlines. Back in 2014 he was a rapper known as Chet
Hayes and caught some backlash for using the N word. The lyrics in his track Juice had him dropping
the N word and he was getting called out by the likes of Vic Mensa. This looks like it’s gonna be the big news
story of today. We just getting back into the swing of things
here so let’s just do a short recap on your boy Chet Hanks. Figure out who he is and whats with the accents
here on Before They Were Famous. My name is Michael McCrudden, let’s get into
this video. Chet Hanks was born on August 4th, 1990 in
Los Angeles California. The son of Tom Hanks and his second wife Rita
Wilson and is their first born of two. Back in 2000 Tom Hanks starred in Cast Away
so perhaps that’s why his son has that island twang to with his accent, I dunno just a thought. It appears that Chet grew up in Los Angeles,
the Pacific Palisades neighbourhood to be precise and the family also split some time
in small town Ketchum Idaho. He got started as an actor on 2007 in the
role of Dexter in the show Bratz. Take a look at this clip, we can’t play the
audio but Chet was only 17 years old at the time, being a goofy kid. Pretty big role. Not a bad start. Apparently in the Hanks household there were
no hand outs and if the kids seriously wanted to make it in show business they would have
to start at the bottom and work their way up. He also had a small role in Indiana Jones
and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 2008 where he played Student in Library. Other notable credits include Prjoect X, Fantastic
Four but more recently he’s had some meaty roles including a recurring role as Victor
on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Charlie on Shameless where he plays a recovering addict and young
father. I love that show and he was great in it. Also Empire in the role of Blake. These are pretty big roles on very big shows
so the dude has definitely made it as an actor but role back the clock to the start of the
decade and things were going in a much different direction. It was in 2011 that Chet decided to switch
things up and abandon the family name and career path. He rebranded himself as Chet Haze and released
music for around 4 years. He would also do shows and had his own remix
to black and Yellow he titled White and Purple. Here is Colin Hanks talking about his little
bro at the time.. As a rapper Chet got plenty of publicity but
none of it was good. He was also dealing with substance abuse issues
which is a deadly combination. In a since-deleted Instagram post from recent,
he wrote I’ve been struggling with substance abuse
since I was 16 years old. Finally at the age of 24 I decided to get
some help. With 50 days of sobriety under my belt, I
can honestly say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m thankful for my family and everybody
that cares about me, including my fans. I’ve been blessed with the programs of AA
and NA which allow me to rise above this disease. I’m learning to accept my faults and be
ok with being human. If anybody that sees this struggles with addiction,
feel free to reach out. Thank you all for the love and support! GOD IS REAL!!!” Take that into consideration before we get
into the next part of this video and contracts to Chet on his now sobriety. Back in 2015 he was apparently on the wanted
list in the UK after he was found to have allegedly smashed his hotel room after a few
lady friends decided not to stay the night. Next up he got into a Twitter feud with Howard
Sten and Rude Jude. Even Joe Rogan chimed in on the whole thing. The bad press revolved around his use of the
N word and for obvious reasons that he grew up far from the hood and was too entitled
to be taken seriously as an actual rapper. Which is fair. There was also Instagram beef between Chet
Haze and Vic Mensa which played out in the comments. Where Vic Mensa called him a clown and Chet
replied. I already knew u was a hater when I saw u
at that house party in Beverly Hills. U ain’t built like me lil boy. Don’t act like u don’t remember! Any who, Chet’s rap career was short lived. I wonder if he was just a couple years too
early. If he got started in 2015 when Soundcloud
rap exploded it might of been a different story. Probably not though. Chet became a father to a little girl named
Michaiah born in 2016 which he cites as his wake up call. He told Entertainment Tonight that Michaiah
was his main reason for turning his life around, he stated:
It was the prospect of having a kid, and I knew ‘in 9 months, there’s gonna be a
baby here,’ that gave me the motivation to be like ‘Okay,
I’ve had my time with all that and I need to move on.’ He’s still doing music and is half part of
Somewhere Out West with Drew Arthur. He also opened up on Van Lathan’s The Red
Pill Podcast were he spoke about his time as a rapper. Where he stated: Number one, I was on a lot of drugs … I
wanted to be, like, down, you know what I mean? I just felt like I wasn’t enough… Low-key, like subconsciously, looking back
on it now I realize I was trolling. I thought, like, crazy antics and just wilding
the f—k out and doing some crazy s—t was going to like spark my career. He eventually admitted
I did the ultimate lame thing. I did the ultimate cornball thing. And that s—t wasn’t cool. Now sober and with his career on stable ground
it looks like Chet Haze is getting the final laugh showing people that he had them hood
contacts from way back. As for the rest of the story, well we are
gonna have to wait and see because this is Before They Were Famous. I’m your boy Michael McCrudden – keep hitting
me up in the DM’s for who to do next and I’ll see you guys in another video.


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