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(upbeat music) – “To be or not to be, “that is the question”, and I choose to be at the
Chicago Street Theatre. Let’s go check out what
they have going on. (upbeat music) – I’m Lisa Formosa-Parmigiano and we are at Chicago Street Theatre and we are in the studio classroom. The first most interesting thing about Chicago Street Theatre
is our education program. It’s been over 25 years that we’ve been providing
quality education for students of all ages. We have students that start
out at very young age. They can begin as young as four years old with out Let’s Play program and then, we have a really
vibrant teen ensemble and they put on our Annual
Teen Festival in May, so, it’s really quite exciting. This is the 10th summer that
we’ve had Shakespeare, here. We mirror whatever production
the adults are doing, but, we do usually about an hour to an hour and a half adaptation. The second most interesting thing I think that we do definitely is
Shakespeare in the Park. It’s an outstanding opportunity for us to go out into the community and then, two nights every summer in July, we preform a really beautiful production of Shakespeare outside under the stars and next year will be our 10th
summer that we’ve done it. The third most interesting thing to me, this is what really drew me
to Chicago Street Theatre, was not only the quality
of the productions, but, the choice material. Chicago Street is always
going to present something, not the whole season, not every show, but, they’re always gonna have at least a show or two during each season that may be a little controversial, maybe address a topic that
isn’t comfortable to talk about, but, they are willing to
let art speak for itself and they don’t shy away
from those kind of things and we are known for, not only the original material
that we’ve been able to do, but, being a theatre that
doesn’t shy away from the cutting edge, and I think that’s our signature and that is certainly what drew
me to be able to work here. The three most interesting things about Chicago Street Theatre
are our education program, our Shakespeare in Central Park Plaza, and our exciting array
of cutting edge material. This is our way of saying, we’re here, we want to be out there
showing you that we care, and putting a huge
effort into contributing to doing something for the community. (gentle music) – Be sure to subscribe to
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