CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 3 | Ep. 4: “Next to Normal”

( music playing )Kayla:
Things are really changing
around here.
Rhyme:Previously on
“Chicken Girls”…
We were just wondering
if we were hanging out
after school, Ellie. Her name is Brooke,
and this social exchange
is over. Kayla and I have
our three month anniversary
next week. I’m so excited to see
what you got me. I have no clue
what I’m gonna do. Hey, Quinn, is Rooney here?I’ve been trying to hang out
with her all week.
Do you want to come in?
I’m making sandwiches. – I’m Ty.
– I know, I mean I’m Luna. I chose Todd.
I made him cool. I could do that to any guy
I wanted. You could make
that guy cool? Forget TK. High school
is Rhyme’s time to shine. – A new year, a new you.
– Well, if it isn’t
my weeping willow. I want to audition. ♪ Bre-eh-eh-eh-
eh-eh-eak ♪ The theater’s glad to have you,
and so am I.( music playing )Quinn, honey. You okay? Not really.
High school is so weird. What’s going on? Everything’s so different now, and everyone’s just off
doing their own thing. Why don’t you plan something
for all the girls
to do together? Just like old times. Thanks, Mom.♪ We fly so high ♪♪ We fly together
( fly together ) ♪
♪ We are a girl gang ♪♪ Like birds of a feather
( birds of a feather ) ♪
♪ We fly so high ♪♪ We fly together
( fly together ) ♪
♪ We are girl gang ♪♪ Like birds of a feather
( birds of a feather ) ♪
Oh! Okay, you guys are here. We need a catch up sesh. I feel like I know
nothing about you guys’
lives anymore. I know, this year’s been
so different Dance used to bring us
all together. So, now we gotta find
other things to bring us
together. Like what? Spa staycation.
Tonight. We can have it
at my house. Harmony just got
all of these like new sample
beauty products from this really fancy
brand in Italy. Wants to work with her
or something. Um, I can’t do tonight, me and Flash have our
three month anniversary. Can’t you reschedule? Three months is kind of
an important milestone. – I’m still in.
– Ellie? She’s probably too busy
with her new friends. ( clears throat )
Excuse me, I can make it, I just need to make sure
that the Bs don’t find out. Also, now that we’re
at school please call me Brooke. You’ll always be an Ellie
to us. – See you guys tonight?
– So bummed I can’t come. Next time. – Zip.
– Zap. – Zop.
– Zip. – Zap.
– Zop. – Zip.
– Zip. – Zop.
– Zop. – Zip.
– Zop. We’re doing warm ups. It’s about staying
on your toes, it helps keep
your focus. Come on. Does she even know
how to zip-zap-zop? Zip! That’s okay, Rhyme,
why don’t you just
start it again? Send someone a zip. Zip? ♪ La-la-la-la-la ♪ All: ♪ La-la-la-la-la ♪ ♪ La-la-la-la-la ♪ All: ♪ La-la-la-la-la ♪ Red leather, yellow leather. All: Red leather,
yellow leather. Red leather, yellow leather. All:
Red leather, yellow leather.♪ Together we keep pushing
for the mission, oh, oh ♪
♪ You get me so high ♪♪ When you put it on me ♪♪ You never even try ♪♪ You just ride the breeze ♪♪ I’m trying to disguise ♪♪ What I believe ♪♪ A nickel to a dime ♪Okay, everyone, uh,
new pairs. Drake, why don’t you
partner with Rhyme and show her how to do
the mirroring exercise. Drake: Yeah, come on.♪ And I just wanna cross
the line ♪
Look, this is not
that hard, okay? One of us leads and the other mirrors. You got this.
I’ll go first.♪ Look me in my eye ♪I feel so stupid,
I don’t know any of this stuff. ‘Cause it’s some serious
life skills. Come on,
now you lead.♪ …my day’s a little
different ♪
♪ A mind frame I didn’t
know existed ♪
♪ You never let the rain
get you twisted ♪
♪ Oh, oh ♪See, it’s not that hard. It’s really not
rocket science.♪ …record player spinning ♪I think Angie hates me. She’s just intimidated
by you. Why? She’s the big star. I’m just a nobody. A nobody who showed up
freshman year, no acting experience,
and landed the understudy
role of the lead. You wanna know what part
she got her freshman year? Chorus member number two. No she didn’t. If you go through the old
yearbook pics, you’ll see. Drama Teacher:
Okay, cast, I’d really like
to ground ourselves before we start any
of our scene work. So I need everybody
to like lie flat on
their backs, find a nice comfortable spot
on the ground and we’ll go ahead
and dim the lights. All right, everybody. We’re going to try
to align our spines. If even one single
vertebrae is out of whack It can throw our entire
system off. And as we all know,
our bodies are our instruments. Right? That’s right. Let’s start with some
deep breathing exercises. ( deep inhale )
In with the good air. ( deep exhale )
Out with the bad. Focus, focus. Every single exercise
is to be taken seriously. After all, this is
theater. Wow, Rooney,
these are amazing. I’m still learning,
but the new dark room’s
really cool. Too bad Mom didn’t let you
turn the basement
into a dark room. Well, when you get
your own place you can have a big beautiful
dark room of your own. I was just messing around
with the lighting
in this one. Yeah, I love it. So artsy these days. ( both giggle ) Hey, ladies,
what’s so funny? Uh, inside joke. Wouldn’t make any sense. All right, I’ve gotta go
develop the rest of these, but I’ll catch up
with you guys later? Mind if I come
with you? I’d love to see how
the rest of ’em turn out. Yeah, definitely. Bye. High school.
Am I right? High school. Um, could I actually
talk to you for a sec? Yeah, what’s up? I suck at math
and if I fail
another test Mr. Rothstein’s
gonna call my mom and I remember Rooney
saying that you’re really
good at math. Say no more,
I would love to tutor you. Thanks, Hamilton.
You’re the best. Uh, we probably shouldn’t
mention this to Rooney,
right? Yeah, definitely not.
Things are weird enough
with her as it is. Yeah. Whatever happened
to your Tim Sharp plan? ( scoffs )
It’s still in the works. Duh! Sounds like you’re scared. I’m not scared,
I’m being strategic. So, what’s your strategy then? Can you all just relax?
I have a plan. Hey, guys.
What’s going on? None of your bees-wax. Lol! Bees-wax!
I get it. So, what have you guys
been up to? Why is this awkward? Guys, we’ve been friends
forever. Yeah, I know, it’s just– I feel like you guys
are mad at me because of the whole
V thing and– I’m not mad. I think we’re just sad
because things are changing. Yeah, but maybe
that’s normal. I mean people
get older, grow apart,
you know? But we’re the Chicken Girls,
we don’t grow apart. Remember?
We’re birds of a feather? We fly together? Come on, you guys. Okay, remember that time
we went to Six Flags? We made Rhyme go
on that rollercoaster with us, and she barfed. Yeah, actually,
I do remember that, quite vividly, actually. I had throw up all over
my head, and it was really gross. – ( giggling )
– Yeah, sorry about that. Kinda learned my lesson. – Yeah.
– Oh, wait. You guys remember
when our moms took us camping
and Quinn started crying ’cause she thought there
was a bear right outside. – Yeah!
– Yes! – You really…
– All: …had to pee! It was me peeing.
Yeah. Here’s some samples
they sent me. Face masks, nail polish,
and lotion. Go to town, ladies. I’m about to get
a snail facial. Okay, but you’re nine. It’s actually been proven
to have significant anti-aging effects. Never too early to have
preventative measures. Huh. There you go. Oh, my God!
Guys… I have such
a good idea, okay? Just hear me out,
hear me out. Don’t knock it
till you try it, okay? ( chuckles ) ( music playing ) ♪ Something has come
over me ♪ ♪ Got all the feels ♪ ♪ Running circles around me ♪ ♪ Head over heels ♪ ♪ We’ll stop at nothing ♪ ♪ To get what we want ♪ ♪ Can’t fight the feeling ♪ ♪ There’s no moving on ♪ ♪ Knocking on your front door ♪ ♪ Stepping in the DM,
dreaming of my first kiss ♪ ♪ Thinking this could be it ♪ ♪ It all feels the same ♪ ♪ Hanging on your last snap,
watching it on replay ♪ ♪ Bringing it to real life,
making this the best day ♪ ♪ I’m gonna go up,
down ♪ ♪ Moving all around ♪ ♪ Like I’m upside down ♪ ♪ Dancing on the ceiling ♪ ♪ Gonna go up,
down ♪ ♪ Moving all around ♪ ♪ Like I’m upside down ♪ ♪ Dancing on the ceiling,
yeah, yeah ♪( phone ringing )( laughter ) Is everything okay? –( ringing continues )
– Oh. Yeah, yeah. It’s– It’s just my mom
checking in on me. Well, then if it’s your mom,
shouldn’t you answer it? It could be an emergency. No, no.
Everything’s fine. –( ringing continues )
– Ellie, your phone’s blowing
up, are you sure it’s not
an emergency. I’m totally sure,
you know, that’s, uh– it’s fine. Um, I’ll just–
maybe I’ll just shut it off turn it on silent. You seem super stressed,
you know this is supposed
to be relaxing, right? I’m so relaxed,
are you kidding me? This is me being relaxed. Like, ooh. You look like a swamp creature. You laugh now,
but wait until I’m 40. I’ll have skin
like a 25-year-old. – ( doorbell rings )
– That’s weird, we’re not expecting anyone. Can I help you? We’re here for Brooke. I actually was just
finishing up some study stuff. Um, our moms are friends
and they wanted us to– Save it. Okay, we were sort of
in the middle of
a spa staycation. ( scoffs )
With like two friends
and a kindergartner? Wow, how fun! Excuse me,
I’m in third grade. Were we talking to you? Let’s go, Brooke,
we have plans. Brooke, this is your
last chance. Or else it’s back to
lame little freshman Ellie. ( mouths )
I’m sorry. – ( sighs )
– There’s some choice words
I’d like to say about those girls
that I picked up
while on set. But in the interest
of keeping this spa night
classy, I’ll refrain. I can’t believe her. She’ll come around.
Right? I don’t know. At least we still
have each other. Even if you are super busy
with the musical. Actually I have something
kinda big to tell you. Oh, my God, me too. But you can go first.
Is it about TK? No, I’m over TK,
and I know I’m over TK because I kinda have
a crush on somebody. Oh, my God, who? Drake. Oh! He’s such a hottie! You do know that
theater kids are,
like, super nerdy and, like, weird? But he’s not.
He’s actually, like,
really cool. Like European, sophisticated
kind of cool. Are you gonna tell him? – No!
– Why not? We’re in a musical together. If that goes south,
that’s gonna make for a really awkward
few months. What about at the cast party? I’ll think about it. Okay, so what about you? What’s your big news? Quinn!
I told you my secret. Okay, okay.
I kinda like someone too. – And…?
– And it’s complicated. – And…?
– And he’s goofy? It’s like pulling teeth.
Tell me! I’ve known him forever. Who is it? He really likes sandwiches.( music playing )


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