Chinese Drama 2019 | The Doll Master 11 Eng Sub 人偶师 | High IQ Crime Detective Drama 1080P

Closed Captions were added by Moxi team The Doll Master (Puppeteer) Season One Episode 11 Ruan Hao Tian is Yuan Feng He’s a colleague of my father My father was dead So were his colleagues Obviously He killed the witnesses The Japanese plastic surgeon was dead because he turned Yuan Feng into Ruan Hao Tian Yuan Feng has adopted two orphans in this city One was Xia Dong We haven’t found the other one yet With these chips We can have a guess These chips were implanted by Ruan Hao Tian for his patients and the rhythm was the signal Xia Dong was the puppeteer we’ve met before She challenged us through a puppeteer While she came to our place alone Why was his previous file blank before 16 years? It’s the reason Ruan Hao Tian Yuan Feng That’s me You knew everything My aunt shouldn’t have got involved I don’t know what you’re talking about But I tell you, Ou Yang I hate those theoretical researchers the most They were worldly-minded and arrogant They never leave any chance to the young They did nothing What can you do? What you can do is to ask the others Your aunt was missing Why don’t you look for her? Well Do you know what I am doing now? I am burning the evidences left by your father There are no evidences, Ou Yang Not any more Is this why you appeared? No You appeared to investigate me I just took advantage of your desires Desires hurt you Not me I just helped you find the soldier of desire Desire itself was Qin Shi Huang I’ll get you and kill you Do you still want to know what happened 16 years ago? Release my aunt Don’t pretend to be a hero in front of me You’re as well as your father It’s clearly what you want while you take it through someone else It’s clearly fine while you can’t help telling the others in some lovely words like it’s harmful to human beings The day I killed your father I felt very complicated We had known each other for years From school to workplace He hadn’t changed anymore I couldn’t bear that It’s true but useless He insisted to report me I must kill him I also killed those who refused to stand with me Your father was ok Release my aunt Do you know she was my ex girlfriend? At that time We three were known as Iron Triangle I suppose your aunt didn’t tell you about this She was too strong a character She accepted everything Now she came to investigate me She pointed a gun at me For someone else It’s unacceptable Yuan Feng Listen up We haven’t finished yet I must get you Like you said by your desire Ok I’m waiting for you Well, Ou Yang Do you know what vanish-in-the-air is? I am gone but I am everywhere Kill Bai Xi Professor It’s done Ok, let’s go There’s a news Take a look Special report from Dawn TV The case of expert Ou Yang Qiu fell from a building 16 years ago has latest process recently His son Ou Yang Yi Ming declared that his after was murdered and he has a lot of details Now we present you the interview Let’s go Speak Professor Ou Yang has been to the orphanage He can do something well What should we do? Easy I have a new plan for him Speak Professor Is it too risky? He is better than his father We need to take that risk Ok, I’m going to get prepared Ou Yang I thought we were friends I am obligated to help you Tell me what you know I’ve told you but you didn’t believe me I can help you personally We are friends I have nothing to say I got to piss Ou Yang Have you finished? I know you’re sneaky Yes, you are What a clever man He still has the stuff It goes to be more difficult Don’t worry I tell you how to do Look at you Just like a stray dog I’ve been looking for you I have something for you What did you do to my aunt? You people are as stubborn as the dead Ok I know What we can do is waiting for him Hello, officer Ou Yang Yuan Feng Why did you kill Bai Xi? Why? Your aunt must be sad if she heard what you said You don’t care about her safety but a dead woman I feel sorry for her Where is my aunt? Do you really want to know? Let’s be sincerer Ok Be straight What do you want? You’re clever You’re clear for what I want You have been to the orphanage, haven’t you? Give it to me I need to have a check Yuan Feng Do you know what a legal copy can do? It can make a pirated one A high quality pirated copy You can’t make a pirated copy from a pirated copy Be straight I know what you did in Japan 16 years ago Osaka, Tokyo subway I have evidence Legal evidence Sure Let’s make a trade Ok I need my aunt to be released unharmed Officer Zuo Teng Ou Yang Yi Ming just sent me a message He wanted to leave Dawn City He asked for a car in the underground car park of my office building I want to stop his misbehaviors Yuan Feng Come out Stop yelling He is not here Why are you here? Ou Yang Go back with me I can go back with you but not now When is the time? Ou Yang I am helping you Help me? My father and Bai Xi were dead My aunt was missing What should I do if I go back? Ou Yang Don’t be so stubborn Let’s go back for further plan Ou Yang Ou Yang Hello? Who’s that? Officer Zuo Teng? Yes Who’s this? Listen Captain Xiang is in my hands What? What do you want to do? Come to the rooftop if you want her to be alive Father It’s you You didn’t guess out I am here You bring me what I want What’s inside? You want to know? Some of my personal files I think it’s better to burn them It seems Ou Yang was right Dare you kill me? No, you dare not If you kill me I promise You can’t find Xiang Lan in your lifetime Put your gun down

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