Chinese Drama 2019 | The Legend of Qin Cheng 29 Eng Sub 青城缘 | Historical Romance Drama 1080P

Closed Captions were added by Moxi team. Written by: Wang Zhujun, Gao Xufan Starring: Li Guangjie, Deric Wan (HK, PRC), Rainbow, Fu Jing Starring: Wu Mian, Wang Jing, Qin Li, Zheng Qiang, Zhang Beibei Directed by: Li Wei The Legend of Qingcheng (Qing Cheng Yuan) Episode 29 Look These are their reply letters Take a look I knew little about this issue before I know You don’t trust me Fine I resign Uncle Zeng You Are you serious? Yes Ok Since you’ve decided I’ll say nothing There is a gift Please take it as a souvenir Young Master Good stuff Where did you get it? I bought it with 100 dollars in cash 100 dollars Young Master You’re generous If you know who develop it You won’t feel it’s expensive Lin Qichuan Young Master, why didn’t you tell me? Xiang Yu Mistress I have something Sit Xiang Yu Don’t torture yourself I think you should have a new life These days I’ve observed carefully for you Zhong Wazi is a good man Loyal and honest These years he has been doing business with Xiang He and becomes mature I asked him He was married His wife was dead He agrees to bring up Meng An with you Mistress He agrees to rebuild a family with you If you agree with this I am wondering I can make room for you in school houses Meng An can live with you two and you can take care of Mr. Yang Xiang Yu How is that? No It’s impossible Xi Yuan has gone for such a long time Are you still going to live like this? Yes He is my only man Although I had stayed with him for days It was my lifetime memory I respect your love to him Stop saying anything I can’t forget him You should think about him He wants to stay with you You don’t want to stay in Meng Family What should you do? It’s your best choice to live in the school Mistress Are you going to give Meng An back to me? Hey, no Don’t misunderstand How could it be? I won’t do that I respect his choice and I think he should live with you If so I can bring him up myself Meng An needs a father You need to be cared and loved Xiang Yu You need a husband Meng Xianghe came to me I knew he would do that What did he say? He didn’t want to quit He said he could increase 10% of the purchasing price Didn’t he tell you the reason he wouldn’t quit? He bought 5 tobacco baking rooms and prepared to do a big business If he didn’t have enough materials The money for baking rooms and technicians was in vain He was right Mr. Song Situation is clear for you Who will you help? Young Master Interest is always my priority and it is based on money Well I thank you here Please keep the secret for me Never tell the others the boss behind Gao Lan shop Don’t worry I’ll never say it out What’s more Tell Meng Xianghe The shop in Gao Lan would like to pay more than 50% earnest money 50%? Young Master Did I hear it wrong? Exactly not 50% in cash Xi Yuan What should I do? I thought to find out the poisoner to prove my innocence I’ll come to you I’ve done a lot Unfortunately The poisoner is my father Tell me what I to do I tried to give Meng An to Mistress Ding While Meng An didn’t want to stay there he wanted to stay with me Miss Ding convinced me to marry with Zhong Wazi We can live in the school and take care of your grandfather I know she is a good woman I know Zhong Wazi is a good man but I can’t forget you Mistress Zhong Wazi Sit Sit down I ask you here to tell me Have you considered about what I told you? Mistress I agree with that but I may not the right one And… What What’s Young Master’s opinion He is busy doing his business Your attitude is the most important Xiang Yu I talked with her What did she say? As a woman she has more scruples Zhong Wazi Xiang Yu has a hard life outside You’re a man You should be positive Emotion can be cultivated sometime Mistress Is it good? If the others see us They must have rumors People should take care of each other Especially Meng An and Xiang Yu They need help You can help them and it is reasonable Mistress, I understand Mistress I’ve fixed the window for you Let me help you with the barton fixing Zhong Wazi Mistress Have some water Thank you I heard Meng An bit you It’s ok He played with me Mistress I like him very much Thank you Xiang Yu Why is he here? Ding Yue asked him to clean my place I heard Meng Family had the plan Don’t agree with that Father Leave me alone please I’m going to sell eggs If you have anything Please stay and wait for me The key I got to go Qi Chuan Hey 3rd Uncle What’s wrong? Qi Chuan I heard from Song You are going to increase tobacco earnest money up to 50% Yeah, what’s wrong? It’s too risky You’re grappling with Meng Xianghe You mean I’m not qualified to do that? No, Qi Chuan Nobody does business like this You’re gambling Yes Exactly right I’m gambling What? Get into the business world I finally know You must have the courage to gamble to get succeed My mother used to tell me that I’m lack of Now I make it But Don’t forget the teaching on our humiliation monument How can I? Because I remember that I can get what I have today The teaching says Lin’s later generations couldn’t ruin the family property because of gambling 3rd Uncle My gamble is different from my ancestors’ Now Meng Xianghe has betted all his property on one deal but me I never spend any penny of my family property I just mobilized a little money from my banks Uncle Is it gambling? It is courage Relax Don’t worry Qi Chuan I… I thought too much It’s ok Let me lead you 3rd Uncle You’d better bring Xiang Yu back I have different opinion from my mother on this Xiang Yu is my sister We can give up everything It’s ok I can’t let Xiang Yu live in Meng Family’s graveyard Ah What’s wrong? Qi Chuan Thanks for your generosity but it’s late Late? What do you mean? I paid a visit to Xiang Yu Meng Family have decided to marry her to Zhong Wazi Marry with Zhong Wazi? Why? Today I went to Meng’s graveyard I asked Xiang Yu to come back but she refused I was wondering I found it later Zhong Wazi was there and helped with the trifles just like a family I told Xiang Yu My daughter You can’t do that to shame our family dignity Guess what she said She said I will marry Zhong Wazi I’ve decided It’s none of your business Well Why are you here? You should watch your men I don’t allow anyone to insult Xiang Yu Although Xiang Yu did something wrong to you She is the Mistress of your family the eldest daughter of my family You can’t arrange her life The insult your family committed to mine can be put aside I hope you don’t inherit the vulgarity from your ancestors or I won’t treat you well Wait What are you talking about? What happened to Xiang Yu? You know nothing? Without your order who can touch her What’s my order? Tell me Ok It is ashamed Xiang Yu married you You want a servant to marry her now Damn it Listen Keep Zhong Wazi away from her Zhong Wazi Zhong Wazi Coming Mistress Bad news What happened! Damn you What happened? Young Master I kill you today Young Master Meng Xianghe Young Master Damn you Young Master Meng Xianghe What are you doing? Why are you beating him? You ask him You stalked Lin Xiangyu Ashamed I asked him to You wild man Why did you beat him? I asked him to do that How can you do that? Why are you yelling? Xiang Yu needs care It’s none of your business It’s yours You can’t mess it up It’s Meng An He brought it up he wanted to live with Xiang Yu and leave us Can you promise everything from a kid? A kid wants to live with his mother Is it wrong? Xiang He We are educated We need to respect the others at least Ok, I respect but I never agree Xiang Yu has a hard life She needs one to care about her Why should we stop her from choosing a new life? Because I think Yang Xiyuan wasn’t die I was told by you about his death Do you remember that day I met with bandits? Ma Yinghua told me they mentioned Xiu Lang That’s the reason I once fell into Yellow River I am still alive Although I saw him fell into the river he may survive like me I have a faith Xi Yuan is alive I’ve published search notices for 5 years I hope he can read it someday and come back to fulfill Xiang Yu’s dream We can have an answer to them Why didn’t you tell me about your thought? What if my intuition is wrong? Should Xing Yu suffer that for her lifetime? I can’t do that Don’t tell the others first? Thank you You’re welcome Why are you here again? I told you No information here You What are you doing? Hey, hey What a persistent woman! Come Take these Come Take these Fine Come with me This way All of it Each of my prescription has a copy in case of lawsuit More than a century’s tradition Miss Check it yourself Mistress Is Young Master home? He went out for days Where? Probably Lan Zhou Mistress Are you coming back? I’m going to clean your room up No, I’m leaving I knew you would come Are you coming for Ding Yue? I’ve been waiting for you Come on Go home with me Go away I don’t want to see you You’re an evil No matter what you say You want to know the truth, don’t you? I know You’ve been looking for evidences but you don’t know the whole thing yet You have to go home with me I’ll tell you the truth In this way can you find evidence to prove it wasn’t you Only in this way can you prove your innocence You went to Chen Xiang Tang? How do you know? Since the day I did it I was prepared Give it to me It’s ok if you don’t want to You think with the prescription people will believe I did that You think it too simple Just like you and Yang Xiyaun Your original sin started from a simple beginning What should I say? You treat me like this I am wondering if I am your daughter? Of course yes Your mother gave birth to you in ten months’ pregnancy We brought you up year by year Why did you frame me? You make me suffer this Do you have any conscience? You hated me to stay with Yang Xiyuan While I accepted the most severely punishment from you I was pregnant and married into Meng Family That’s enough It has been so long You still framed me You made me a murderer who killed Ding Yue’s baby It’s not enough You even made Ding Yue a victim What did you want? I can’t imagine My father is such an animal I don’t want to see you any more In my heart You’re already dead Do as what you want Xiang Yu Look at what you said Do I want to frame you? Should I? Can I? I’m your father I do everything for you or you don’t know what to do with your life You think everything too simple You think there are good people in this world? It’s wrong They’re despicable What should a despicable man do? He should pretend to be a good man a poor man an innocent man Look at you You have food, clothes and shelter If Madam Meng was alive She would treat you well What I do is to keep you from being bullied When someday I get succeed You can tell people your story with Yang Xiyuan Who will doubt you then? Don’t be like this? I’m your father You can’t change this Give it to me Impossible I must report to Ding Yue and Meng Xianghe I’m going to inform against you You’re the guilty one Just with the prescription in your hand? Don’t forget It was 5 years ago I don’t believe who is going to believe what happened 5 years ago Give it to me It’s your anxiety if you keep it Is Shui Niang involved in this case? No How did you make it then? It’s easy I asked her to take the chicken to me first I put the drug in When you came back to take it The chicken was poisonous You shouldn’t have chased her back You shouldn’t have taken care of her You left me a chance Give it to me That’s right We’re done forever Mistress Have some food Master Why didn’t you keep your daughter to have dinner? You haven’t seen each other for a long time If a daughter hates her father How long will it last? A lifetime No more ideas Young Master Anyone comes to sign the contract? None What’s going on over there? So noisy I heard Lin Family increased their earnest money up to 50% 50% Young Master They’ve made up their minds to fight against us Does Zeng know this? Yes He went for Song After they increased their earnest money Some farmers who signed contracts with us were regret They came to ear up the contracts Song stood aside Mr. Zeng went to quarrel with him Young Master how about we increase ours up to 50%? No I’m poor I can’t afford that much If we don’t do this I’m afraid our tobacco this year… Ask Zeng to come to me Yes, Young Master Young Master Song refused you Yes Five year’s relationship is over While he told me a truth The big fish behind the shop is Lin Qichuan Lin Qichuan increased the earnest money up to 50% The farmers all went to his shop Song couldn’t remain neutral He asked me to say sorry to you He had no idea Young Master Lin Qichuan has made up his mind this time He is not only increase the earnest money but also he is going to treat those tobacco shop owners who sign the contracts in Hongbin Hotel Businessmen pursuit interests It’s ok He has a feast I’ll have one Tomorrow morning you tell the others His feast is in Hongbin Hotel Mine is in Zhaiyue Hotel Yes He increases it up to 50% So do I I never draw back Young Master Think it twice what it means to you if you do that That’s millions of dollars They have banks behind but what we have is the whole property Uncle Even bet on all my property This gamble is going on Is that true? Yes Zeng Dehou left a message When you treat your guests in Hongbin Hotel They’ll have a feast in Zhaiyue Hotel to treat his tobacco clients How can he do that? The same as you After you increased your earnest money he increased his up to 50% Where can he get that much money? Housekeeper Zeng said He went to take out a loan in Lan Zhou He mortgaged all his property Go take your money Thank you very much This time I’ll earn a lot Young Master I think it is unusual Where? Let me think We increased 10% He followed It was reasonable To take priority It was a routine for businessman When we increased 20% He also followed without any hesitation Just like staying in a casino It’s also reasonable Well We’ve increased it up to 50% There’s no interest We took an advantage of others capital as a turnover But he has betted on all his property Just like a night owl gambler but Meng Xianghe hasn’t lost Why dose he catch up with us so tightly? You, like the wind fly in front of me I don’t see your face clearly You take me fly The wind blew My heart feels pain Your day breaks I will follow you to see the world I will follow you I will not regret I will follow you to see this world I will follow you I will not regret


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