Chinese Drama 2019 | The Legend of Qin Cheng 31 Eng Sub 青城缘 | Historical Romance Drama 1080P

Closed Captions were added by Moxi team. Written by: Wang Zhujun, Gao Xufan Starring: Li Guangjie, Deric Wan (HK, PRC), Rainbow, Fu Jing Starring: Wu Mian, Wang Jing, Qin Li, Zheng Qiang, Zhang Beibei Directed by: Li Wei The Legend of Qingcheng (Qing Cheng Yuan) Episode 31 You You Please don’t tell me You were bribed by Meng Xianghe to cheat me Young Master Till now You should stay calm Yes Listen to 3rd Uncle to beg Meng Xianghe He is the biggest creditor of yours I’ll never say please to him Although I’ve lost everything I’ll never say please in front of him Young Master Never! Young… Enough Hu Don’t push him Young people need face Let me do it I’ve lost my dignity for years No matter what he is going to say He is my son-in-law he shouldn’t refuse me Young Master Meng Is this the way you treat your big client? I went to discuss with my boss 3rd Uncle is here 3rd Uncle, please Xiang He Mr. Zeng Zhong Wazi Isn’t the boss Lin Qichuan? Go and bring him to me Xiang He I’m a member of Lin Family Xiang He Look You want to withdraw so much money once we have a difficult We need to transfer money from the other banks Give us a few days Take it It is none of your business but between me and Lin Qichuan Xiang He You know I’m the one to bear this in Lin Family You can blame everything on me I’ve suffered this in my lifetime It’s a piece of cake for me I’m afraid you can’t bear this These are neither for you nor for Lin and Meng Families but for creditors and debtors Understand? Credit… Xiang He I don’t know that I just know a man should be thankful When you owed Lin Qichuan money he gave you a delayed payment Give us a few days after we gathering the money your creditor or rights whatever is finished Look at you I didn’t say I want the money today I mean I am going to withdraw all my deposit from your bank I need money Can you understand? It is the same meaning I mean if you want to kill someone you have to feed him a dinner haven’t you? Don’t be so heartless I’m not I can give you more time but there is a deadline You can’t say when my hair is as white as yours someday Sorry, I owe you millions It’s unreasonable I understand him He means to check account here today As the popular saying it is called Reconciliation and then we decide the withdrawal date Yes Finally there is someone understands me So be it You and Mr.Zeng discuss the oncoming issue later Fix the withdrawal date Tell him about this Ok Mr. Hu Where should we discuss? This way please Qi Chuan Have some water Young Master Mr. Hu What were you talking about? Young Master Meng Xianghe’s idea is much better than ours He made requests reasonably based on the most popular business method We could hardly deal with it All in all He wants to take my tobacco business I was wrong I thought It was a war of goods We had a narrow horizon with little knowledge Meng Xianghe learnt from the foreigners He diverted money borrowed money by lending to defeat us I’ve never heard of it How can I have a way to deal with him? Is our effort in vain which has been lasted for five years? It’s been five years I’m afraid we can’t get avoid of this result Tell me what the result is All of our real estate and land are not enough for the debt Young Master Young Master Young Master Qi Chuan It looks good Come on Come Nice Sit Let’s wear these Come Xiang Yu You have a lot of jewelry and clothes but you didn’t wear Why did you do that? Look You look better with some makeups Beautiful Ying Hua You’ve changed Yes, I have I found it out after I went out We women living by the Yellow River are with bitter lives We live for our parents for our husbands for our kids but never live for ourselves Just like mother She was the madam of Meng Family What she thought was to have sons and daughters grandsons and granddaughters She never considered for herself Ying Hua You know too much Thanks to my brother If he didn’t drive me away how could I know this much? Xiang Yu Let me show you around someday outside At that time You must know more than me Can I? Of course Let me have a look Now you look like a mother Let me bring Meng An back Sister Bring Mistress back too Of course Although mother passed away this family can’t fall apart As the rule of our government A creditor has the right to ask his debtor to pay off the debt Now the debtor, Lin Qichuan, should tell Meng Xianghe how to pay off his debt? Is Lin Qichuan here? Lin Qichuan Are you here? It seems Lin Qichuan isn’t going to pay off his debt Mr. Meng Lin Qichun doesn’t feel good today He can’t come and ask me to deal with everything Since all the elders of Lin Family are here We can start Show me the letter of attorney letter of attorney? If he couldn’t come but delegate a representative There should be a letter of attorney Tell what authorities you have what you don’t have or an oral agreement has no legal effect If you regret how can my rights be protected? Go to get a paper letter and then you’re qualified to attend this meeting What’s going on? In my place follow my rules If you disagree I’ll hire a lawyer Let’s handle it to the court at that time don’t blame me for being mean Zeng Young Master Bring the best tea and snacks to these gentlemen Tell me if you have a result Yes, sir What are you doing? Answer me Why there are so many Lin people? Yeah They said you pushed them too hard Yes That is what I am going to do Xiang… Ding Yue Listen Do you know when I told them what I decided the feeling in my heart? All of a sudden I felt hatred and enmity were blurred I admit because of my mother’s death the loss of my kid I decided to avenge I swore I was guided by revenge but when I got closer and closer and finally got succeed I thought all of these were not important Suddenly I felt all of these were in my brain I could control everything That kind of happiness could be expressed as without hesitation Yes, it is Without any hesitation Ding Yue as well as I get rid of these specific matters of gratitude and resentment I can jump out to control everything I want everyone to follow my breathing rhythm to follow my heartbeat Everything is under my control Ding Yue at that time you’ll feel either the gratitude or the resentment is just a choice of mine I hope you can have the same feeling with me I can’t I remember the first time you brought me here I couldn’t adapt here I didn’t know why there were so much gratitude and resentment It was full of limited vision and hatred Gradually I started to know your mother Xiang Yu Ying Hua Zhong Wazi and Fatty Feng I saw so much love and kindness on them They were the guides of me to rediscover Later I started to love this place Xiang He I don’t teach you a lesson but to remind you can you treat this world with a higher personal vision? If you insist on choosing your old plan Your world is getting smaller and smaller Finally there is only you who stay behind Go back to the school Xiang He Go back Meng An agreed to go to Tian Jing Young Master I, your uncle, watch you grow up I have something to say Don’t be mad Uncle Even you are speaking for Lin Family You’ve done too much this time Although they’ve done something bad can’t you spare none? Mistress was right Enemy is easier to get than to lose You win this time But things change in this world Good alternates with bad Young Master You should know even a tiger has a nap moment They will treat you with the same way you do to them Do I want to do that? I just want Lin Qichuan to know his family did something wrong to mine I need an apology I’ve been waiting for him for 10 days Is it my fault? But you can’t blame Mistress Who should I blame on? Who does she think she is? Angel or God? She can save none Lin Qichuan can’t remember anything if he doesn’t fail Woman’s soft nature Young Master Stop Tell Lin Qichuan to apologize to me sincerely I can let the past go I can give him a few more days Don’t worry, uncle I know I won’t force him into a corner Ok I tell him No, you needn’t Xiang He Qi Chuan came to me just now He said because tobacco was unsalable He couldn’t afford the debt tomorrow He decided to mortgage his shops and estates He has 90% of the shares in Huihai Bank the last 10% will be paid with his house Lin Qichuan ruined the family bank All the elders were angry and dismissed him from his post and gave it to me so I come to you with the title of Lin Family clan leader I’m wondering when do you want the delivery? Tomorrow morning Sure Young Master Meng It is a waste to make this house a bank Uncle Our bank should be in the most conspicuous place in the town like a mansion Mr. Meng I’ve prepared all the account books Please have a check yourself From now on Huihai Bank is mine Young Master as you requested I officially accept Lin Qichuan’s commission to transfer his bank tobacco shop and estate ownership to you There is with his own signature Uncle Zeng Hand over the account with Mr. Hu I go to accept his house Yes Zhong Wazi Book Hongbin Hotel for three days All people who come to celebrate us in Qingcheng can have free food Hu You can go with your family Young Master It’ll cost a lot I’m happy Just do it Yes Young Master Xiang He Xiang He May I have a request? You know I’ve never lived in such a good house Can you allow me to live here? I can watch it for you It saves your money How is that? I’ve had a plan What’s it? I allowed Zhong Wazi to live here A servant of yours? Yes I just want a servant of mine to live in Lin’s house Qi Chuan Get up to have some movements Come on Watch out I’m fine I’m ok Don’t worry Qi Chuan Listen to me Have some movement here I go out to take you some medicine I’ll be back soon I know I got to go Qi Chuan I heard you were sick I come to see you I didn’t prepare any gift in a rush Try this It can cure every disease Thank you You’re welcome I heard the name of your tobacco has some special meanings Knight Your name adds a horse as symbolic of your tobacco business to get succeed Right? Qi Chuan You didn’t follow your Ancestral Instruction It tells you don’t gamble You didn’t listen Look at you Why did you do a job that you couldn’t be qualified You couldn’t win me You never win me in every fight before You totally win this time and bring dignity to your ancestors Bravo I admit my failure and we’ll move out Don’t worry No, no It’s unnecessary I can leave it to you Not only this house but also those tobacco shops bank and land you lost to me can be returned to you How is that? You are a generous man now I, Lin Qichuan, have nothing left now You deserve it I lost everything What else can I do for you? Qi Chuan It is easy I come here today to tell you I have ordered three day’s meals in Hongbin Hotel to treat people in Qingcheng Lin and Meng families should have representatives I want you in front of all people to bring me a cup of tea and then tell everyone you admit your failure That’s it In ordinary failure should be admitted but me, Lin Qichuan My house tobacco land bank and the other pledges are all yours well If you want me to bow to you to admit my failure It’s impossible Fine I’m sorry If you come here today to take this house I’m afraid you’d come here again tomorrow because I feel uncomfortable today I need to take a break It’s fine by me I totally agree with you Please take a rest somewhere else tomorrow Mother I come to say farewell Ying Hua, Meng An and I are going to Tian Jing Mother I’m sorry Mum I fail to drive the evil away in Xianghe’s heart On the contrary I make him an aggressive animal Mother The old kind-hearted chivalrous Xiang He was gone Mother I can’t understand him now Mother Tell me Tell me what to do Ding Yue I come to say goodbye to mum Where are you going? Go back to Tian Jing Why? My husband has changed My heart is dead Why should I stay in this sad place? Is that your true feeling? Ding Yue I do this for you don’t you know? I beat Lin Family to avenge my mother I want to comfort her soul I punish Lin Qichuan to avenge our unborn kid I made it I got succeed Why couldn’t you understand me but leave me? Are you a cruel woman? Yes I am Xiang He Is this your so-called success? I don’t feel any proud of your so-called success What you’ve done shame mother It is over my bottom line Xiang He I got to go Ding Yue Ding Yue What’s wrong with you? Why do you do this? Because I love you Ding Yue I love you too I can’t live without you Give me some time Please I’ll treat my guests in Hongbing Hotel tonight Please come and you’ll see I haven’t changed I’m Meng Xianghe Hey Ding Yue Qi Chuan What happened? Meng Xianghe came here To take our house? Yes He told me If I admitted my failure admitted it in public He could give my lost things back We were even What’s your opinion? I told him I was a man I never bow to him Qi Chuan Do you remember the story I told you? This time we lost to him It didn’t mean we completely lost We have Zhi Qiang and Zhi Chao We have our new kids But Meng Xianghe He is alone Yue Ru I’m sorry to let you suffer this hard life with me Xiang Yu Listen to me Your shelter was removed by Ying Hua Where can you live? I can rebuild one I go with you Ding Yue Do you know that? I head Lin Qichuan mortgaged his house and bank to my brother He and his wife and kids were moved out Where were they? They rented a house in the street You tell them there are empty rooms Wait Forget it Wang Yueru won’t listen They won’t come You tell me how my brother become this Ying Hua Xiang Yu Let’s get out of Qingcheng Take Meng An with us Let’s go to Tian Jing Yes Let’s go Leave him alone here Let him do what he wants Well You take Meng An I stay Why don’t you go? You like this place? I stay with mother Xiang Yu Go with us For Xiang He To wake him a little Mother don’t blame you I go nowhere Come here Everybody Come here Hurry up Come here You hurry up Hurry Come on, hurry Everybody There are too many guests in Hongbing Hotel You… Uncle Zeng Young Master You’re… You told me these three days we have dinners in Hongbing Hotel Yes, yes, yes There are too many guests so I ask them to do some help there Sure, go ahead You are… I come back to change my clothes I’ll go there myself Should I leave someone here? No You all go Ok Everybody, move Hurry up Be kind Let’s ok Don’t worry, Young Master Master I know you’re here Come in Shui Niang You knew it was me Why didn’t you tell me? Master I couldn’t make it clear You already have a hard life Be cautious to everything How could I bring you any trouble? What I could do is to bear it alone in my heart I’ve been dreaming of someday you can marry me At that time I’ll have no regret I think my dream couldn’t come true in my life Shui Niang Since I bought you from Mingyue Brothel I wished I could marry you I can’t violate the rules and instructions of Lin Family So I need to bear to bear but I believe someday I’ll marry you Someone was killed Someone was killed Father What’s going on? Lin Qichuan Father What’s wrong with you? Why there is blood in your face? Lin Qichuan What happened to Lin Qichuan? Lin Qichuan He wanted to kill me Why? What’s going on? Tell me He was going to kill… Xiang He Yang Xiyuan Yang Xiyuan I couldn’t imagine Yang Xiyuan was still alive How could it be? He’s a ghost He is a ghost Tell me what happened I shouldn’t have been to the house I shouldn’t have been to the house Which house, father? Lin Qichuan’s They already moved out What are you talking about? Oh, I shouldn’t have been there No I need to report Yes What’s going on? I need to report Father Report Let me go Xiang He I’m going to call the police You, like the wind fly in front of me I don’t see your face clearly You take me fly The wind blew My heart feels pain Your day breaks I will follow you to see the world I will follow you I will not regret I will follow you to see this world I will follow you I will not regret


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