[Chinese Drama] The Legend of Qingcheng 06 Eng Sub | 2019 TV Series, History Romance, Official 1080P

Closed Captions were added by Moxi team. Written by: Wang Zhujun, Gao Xufan Starring: Li Guangjie, Deric Wan (HK, PRC), Rainbow, Fu Jing Starring: Wu Mian, Wang Jing, Qin Li, Zheng Qiang, Zhang Beibei Directed by: Li Wei The Legend of Qingcheng (Qing Cheng Yuan) Episode 06 Come here You are Meng An, right? Yes Here you are This is chocolate Here you are Have a try Do you like it? Yes That’s all for you Is that okay? You take this Meng An Mother Come here Why are you here? Look, sugar Let’s go Xiang Yu I want to say sorry I don’t know you have Meng An If I knew it I would not hurt you You don’t need to say sorry I am earnest And I feel sorry for Meng An I am earnest I am sorry I am sorry Lin Xiangyu Why are you here? Are you looking for trouble? Xiang Yu is my guest We are talking Ah Ding Yue This eight ingredient porridge is made for you Have a try Go out Ding Yue This is how you treat your wife and your son Xiang Yu is not my wife and Meng An is not my son Go out Ding Yue We need to talk I don’t want to talk with you I want you to give me some time to prove myself and prove everything I put the porridge on the desk Brother, here Meng An Look what I bought for you Go play Brother, you speed too much money It’s okay Sit down I am Meng An’s uncle I should buy him gifts Where were you? Nowhere Uncle My father cursed my mother again Brother where are you going? Meng Xianghe goes too far I want to see him No, don’t go What are you doing? Brother What’s wrong? Calm down Yan Hong Give us some tea Look at you Brother Here you are Quickly Drink some tea Calm down I really don’t know Why are you afraid of Meng Xianghe? It is because you always forgive him this will not happen He just cursed you? Brother Stop talking about it I am your brother What’s more Mother has given the business thing to me I am in charge now I will deal with it Tell me Do you still want to live with him? That’s great I know how to do it I will go to see his mother and give him a warning What do you want to do? I want Meng Xianghe in three days to make a choice otherwise Lin family will try our best to let Meng Xianghe and his woman go away from Qingcheng Brother Don’t make Ding Yue feel sad She is a good person I know But she chose Meng Xianghe She must go away or Meng family will not be peaceful Brother I think don’t do that Did he threaten you? No Don’t worry about that This matter I will help you You are so early to read Stop reading Come here to have breakfast Come here to have breakfast Leave it there Thank you Don’t do it to me If you don’t eat young master will curse me Young master said you like porridge Feng Pangzi woke up very early to make porridge for you There are Baozi too What happened? Maybe your food I don’t like it Take them away Thank you About Meng An’s uncle What? He came here last night to give us a warning He only gave us three days After three days if we don’t answer them They would I don’t tell you You know what they would do Don’t worry after three days I will give them a response Don’t worry? How can I don’t worry? Mr. Yang came here People in the town signed their name He can’t stop them He signed name too I tell you It’s dangerous to incur the anger of the masses Where are you going? I know you together want to fight with me You want me and my wife away from here But I haven’t tell you No matter who you are I don’t care I will not leave here Ding Yue is my wife We are aboveboard She is magnanimous and she is not sorry for anyone If anyone who is difficult for her I will not forgive him Young lady Young lady You are here The street is very busy What happened? Mr. Meng He is shouting in the street He is shouting in the street by a bicycle What did he say? He is curing people He said If there are someone who are difficult for him he would not forgive them Bring me my clothes Young lady where are you going? Yan Hong Take care of younger master Where are you going? I want to go to the church Wait a minute I will go with you I am fine I know how to get there No way I have to go with you or my brother would curse me I want to go for a walk I don’t know how long I will stay outside I can go there alone Do you want to leave here? I will not leave If I want to leave I will figure out everything Bye They are right that I am going to die Eat more Guest, this is your food. He drank too much Manager What is he doing? Manager Manager Mr. Meng Bring me more wine Mr. Meng You drank too much You go home Why are you stopping me? I am afraid that your mother will be angry You have serious rules in your family Your mother is unhealthy I Do I break the rule? No I don’t break the rule Yes It is okay I tell you Listen to me Today all of your bills I will pay You can’t go Respect me Do you hear me? Okay, thank you This is my property You take them Take care of Meng An Of course Bye Xiang Yu You have not been here I know Dancing Stop playing Stop playing What are you doing? Go away What are you doing? I am singing Don’t leave I am dancing Don’t leave Slowly Leg lift Okay We arrive Go to sleep I send you to your room No I am okay No, you are drunk No Listen to me Go to sleep Are you okay? Yes Go Go Okay, I will go Go to sleep Go Go to sleep Go to sleep Slowly It is too late Where are you going? I want to check if you come back It is great You are worried about young master No No? I won’t tell you How’s he? You are lying Young master drank too much He sang and danced in the bar Is he still here? Don’t pretend Be at ease I help him go home I want to see him It is too late Don’t go Moreover He has slept You can see him tomorrow Why? It is different here Xiang He is not like before It is easy He felts sad so he drank too much But no one is wrong Do you think he is lying to you? Was he like that before? Like what? Amorous and irresponsible No He is naughty He caught birds and fishes But he never lied But this time he lied to two women Yes I don’t know what’s wrong with him Lin Xiangyu Where are you going? Don’t shout Where are you going? You follow me I will tell you everything Okay? You can say You need to promise that you won’t tell anyone Then I will tell you You can’t bargain Then I would rather die Okay, I promise But you have to tell me the truth Okay You Where are you going? Yang Xiyuan You Who? Yang Xiyuan Can you stop lying? He is impossible I am not lying We fell in love before our marriage Only you don’t know This In other words Meng An is Yang Xiyuan’s son Yes No I want to see him He is in prison What are you talking about? Why is he in prison? You can see this Yang Xiyuan wrote a letter to me He said that he would come here I waited him for a long time In these days Here comes a sugar seller He said that Xi Yuan was in prison In the Longzhong prison This letter is actually written by Xi Yuan Where is the letter from? After his business Our letter was put in the Earth Temple I used to send Meng An to get these letters back I am afraid that Meng An will ask it after growing up Wait So I go there myself What is Xi Yuan doing? These years With some people I asked him He said that he was doing a great but dangerous thing I remember he said their leader’s family name is Sun Revolutionary political party Leader Sun Zhongshan Your lie is too low If Xi Yuan is one of the revolutionary political party he is a meritorious statesman now rather than in the prison I don’t know so I want to figure it out I want to know if he is cheating me Why do you Why do you tell me about it now? If I told you, would you believe me? No one will trust me If Xi Yuan is died Xiang He please let me to see him I want to figure it out If he didn’t lie to me He is really in the prison If he is died I want to see him last time If he lied to me I will be disappointed Be at ease I will tell your mother about everything after my coming back Clear your name Don’t go If someone needs to see him I think I should go I want to figure it out You and Yang Xiyuan Who is lying? Why don’t you believe me? Xiang Yu That I I trust you I think You are a woman You never go outside If anything happened How about Meng An? He is only a child He And moreover Moreover You say What’s your identity? To see Yang Xiyuan Are you his wife? So I should go I am his classmates But you have to promise me Before my coming back you can go nowhere Wait for me Do you understand? Be at ease I won’t leave here Xiang He Thank you Uncle Zeng Young master What happened? Go inside Young master What happened? Do you have friends in Longzhong Yes My brother works in a fur store named Zeng Deshang Write a letter for me I need his help Okay What? Right now? Yes Young master Tell me What happened? Why are you so worried? I can’t tell you now I will tell you later Moreover My mother can’t know about it If my mother asked you You answer her that I visit my friend Oh Yes This matter can’t be known by Ma Yinghua She is very smart Tell her Take care of Ding Yue Don’t make any mistake I know Mr. Mai, here Mr. Meng Mr. Mai This is the young master From Meng family in Qingcheng This is Mr. Mai Meng family is a big family in Qingcheng Mr. Meng is an honest person He cones here to visit you and make a friend with you Right? Mr. Mai Sit down please Please Sit down please I just want to only want to toast to you and wish you become wealthy Talk directly I told you Mr. Mai is an honest person I like you Mr. Mai This is a gift please take it It is My friend was taken into Longzhong prison I want to see him See him? Yes He is Yang Xiyuan Just two days ago He is going to die I don’t know him Young master I think you are wrong Are you sure that he is in Longzhong prison? Maybe he is not here It is impossible He is here Mr. Mai You see You take Mr. Meng there Maybe Manager Zeng I am just a watcher I never lie Mr. Meng I can’t help you You take these money No Mr. Mai Listen to me You keep these money It is okay We can make friends You are so cool I will keep this money Enjoy yourself Mr.Mai, good bye Young master About this matter No I heard that Mr. Meng How does your friend look like? Yes I have his photo It is him It is him He is Xiu Lang very dangerous He used to try to kill commander Commander Zhang so commander Zhang wants him to die That can you take me to see him? Mr. Meng I can’t Anyone except him is okay If you want to see Xiu Lang I can’t help you He is dangerous To see him Colonel Wang must give the order Okay It is okay It doesn’t matter I want you to take care of him Be at ease I will take care of him Ying Hua What are you doing? Young mistress I am so scared I am cleaning the desk What do you want me to do? I make a chicken soap for Ding Yue Where is she? She is not here Put it here Okay Remember telling her to drink it If the soap is cold Remember warm it I will go Young mistress Did young mater sleep with you last night? No It is so strange He drank too much last night I helped him back When I left He had slept But today morning when I looked for him He is not in room That Do you know where he is? Ying Hua Young mistress I don’t mean it Don’t think too much Even young master slept with you It is reasonable You are couples I just want to say since you are couples you should act as couples You can be with each other in public You don’t need to meet in secret If young master is drunk people will teach him but if he is in the street people will help him Our servants don’t need to manage so much things Yes Sister Ying Hua Sorry to bother you It doesn’t matter Our servants need to take care of you But these things I can’t manage too much Where is Xiang He? Mistress Young master goes to see his friend He goes to see his friend It is too urgent Tomorrow is the deadline Mistress Be at ease Tomorrow Young master will definitely give a response to Lin family Moreover Lin family will be happy Don’t need to think for me I know my son He is very obstinate De Hou Ding Yue is not here We can talk about wedding Mistress This matter We can talk after young master coming back No, I have decided Start doing it Inviting opera troupes and TaiPingGu team and decorate a banquet You can do it Mother, I think I don’t need a wedding Xiang Yu, I know you are kind You are considerable and you are worry that we will spend a lot of money But you need to know that this matter We need to show it for your family If they are happy It is worth These money we can’t save De Hou Do as I said Okay Ying Hua Tomorrow you lead them to clean the house We should hold a great wedding You are so great I promise you After this matter I will go to Longzhong with you and invite the best actors to act with you Okay? Remember your words I promise you Who? Young master Mr. Mneg is here What happened? He said he wanted to see you You tell him that I has slept Our young master has slept Tomorrow Tell him that I am urgent I need to see him now Mr. Meng said that he is urgent He must see you now You can go Qi Chuan What happened? It is urgent What happened? I came back from Longzhong I know where Yang Xiyuan is Where is he? He is is prison Why? He tried to kill Commander Zhang Killing others? What? I don’t know He changed his name He is Xiu Lang Xiu Lang No wonder I don’t know My father-in-law told me He caught a killer called Xiu Lang It is him Qi Chuan I come here to ask for your help I need your father-in-law’s allowance Help me Who do you think I am? Maybe I can’t help you Is he your classmates? Yes But he is a killer He is a killer Colonel Wang is your father-in-law Will you help me? One more time? Will you help me? This is beyond my ability Do you understand? Yes, he is my classmate I know Mr. Meng, wait I will help you My father will listen to me Thank you, Madame Lin This is the first time that someone call me Madame It is new to me It is done You come to my house tomorrow morning We go together Okay, see you tomorrow Lin Qichuan, learn from your wife Honey, he It is okay You are classmates It is no big deal Don’t think about it Act with me Go Do you figure it out? Yes He is in Longzhong prison and he is going to die But I didn’t see him What happened? He is dangerous No one can see him without Colonel Wang’s order Why don’t you ask my brother for help? I asked But your brother didn’t want to help me I can’t tell him the truth Tell him the truth Not yet I don’t know if Yang Xiyuan cheated you Moreover, if Lin family knows it they will let him die Then he will be more dangerous Don’t worry I will try my best to see him Wang Yueru will help me No problem Did you tell Miss Ding? I am in the same situation If I can’t find Yang Xiyuan No believes me Yes Your mother let Uncle Zeng arrange the wedding I can’t stop her and tell her the truth It seems that only Yang Xiyuan can solve these problems I will go Wait Mother locked the reading room Ma Yinghua holds the key Why? She can’t find you so she used this way Won’t you come tomorrow? If mother finds you you can’t go outside I can do it Wait In my view you can sleep with Meng An Make do it It will be daytime very soon How about you? I can do some DIY here Don’t be afraid We stayed in the same room before Okay You like the wind fly in front of me I can’t see your face You take me fly The wind blew My heart feels so painful Your days break I want to follow you to see the colorful world I want to follow you I will never regret I want to follow you to see the colorful world I want to follow you I will never regret


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