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Closed Captions were added by Moxi team. Written by: Wang Zhujun, Gao Xufan Starring: Li Guangjie, Deric Wan (HK, PRC), Rainbow, Fu Jing Starring: Wu Mian, Wang Jing, Qin Li, Zheng Qiang, Zhang Beibei Directed by: Li Wei The Legend of Qingcheng (Qing Cheng Yuan) Episode 09 Qi Chuan Madam told me Everything here is decided by Young Master Lin You can have a face-to-face talk Ok It is easier if you can make decision Hey, I’m not sure The amount of money is large I’m still considering Hey, you’re already the boss Don’t be a conformist Stop considering I’m not kidding you I’m serious Me too Why are you hesitating Will I repudiate the debt? Repudiate a debt? Hey, who will be afraid of the Meng Family repudiates a debt? You Meng Family has a large area of farmland and high reputation in Qingcheng I just mean The amount of money you’re going to borrow is really large Should you have a talk with your mother? I just don’t want my mother to worry about me Xiang He The amount of money you’re going to borrow is large Don’t act rashly You loan me money, get interests back What are you afraid of? A country has its laws, A merchant has his rules A gentleman earns money in reasonable ways My family has been doing business more than 300 years What do we rely on? To respect the rules To respect the laws My family ancestral rule is to rely on morality I loan the money to you because we were classmate While I lose the morality It is unfair to your family Xiang He, the money of your family has been earned laboriously from the Yellow River Qi Chuan Do you know why I need this money? To save a life Of course I know Because of that I don’t want you to make an impulsive decision Once you borrow the money We need to follow the contract If you can’t return it back Forget our friendship cause I can do nothing I’m an adult I know what I can do What I can’t If I can’t return the money We follow the contact Ok? Don’t worry Xiang He, ok I remind you You use your farmland as a pledge to borrow the money this time Especially the tobacco farmland on Jinyin Shoal It is your mother’s lifeblood Could you please think it twice? Lin Qi Chuan You’re a man Why are you so garrulous? So you’ve made up your mind? Of course It is not to buy a steel helmet They are 100,000 silver dollars I know that Could you please stop saying? Will you loan me that? Or I’ll go for someone else Hey, hey, hey I, ok, ok, Manager Hu Yes I’ve prepared the contract Read it In need of silver dollars I borrow 100,000 from Huihai Bank of Lin’s Three percent interest Value today Return principal, interest and extra in three months 130,900 silver dollars in total I promise to use 500 mu tobacco farmland on Jinyin Shoal as a pledge If I can’t return on time The bank takes the farmland I sign this contract as a proof Ok, that’s it Hold on, hold on Hold on, you come here What? Hold on -What’s wrong?
-Hold on He was my classmate My fellow townsman Three percent interest is too high Young master The rule is made by the ancestors I can’t change it Don’t forget My mother has handled the business over to me I’m your boss now Cut off the extra part I mean the 10,900 120,000 silver dollars in total That’s it Well, should I report to Madam No, just listen to me Ok, just as what you said I make a little change Qi Chuan, thanks Listen I do what I can do I just became the boss Now I… Ok Listen to me Don’t say anything I know, I understand I’m appreciated what you’ve done Young Master Meng, please sign your name Here 100,000 silver draft Exchange it in any bank Take it Thank you Xiang He What? Have you decided? You can regret now Why should I regret? Well, I got to go Don’t forget to come to Longzhong tomorrow I got to go Qi Chuan Mother You… I stayed inside and listened to your talking Mother, I… I’ve heard what you talk My son It’s the way to do business Tell him everything Cut off all his retreat to eliminate troubles in the future Something is not like what you thought Playing hard-to-get I was worried about you You did everything good It was a big business Negotiation was under your control I’m happy for you Mother It’s late Take a break I got something to do Ok This way You scared me Sorry How about her? She’s ok and fall asleep Yinhua is taking care of her Why didn’t you go to bed? I have been waiting for you Did you get the money? Yes Well, it is lucky that your brother manages the bank If it is your mother She wouldn’t lend me any Qi Chuan and me will go to Longzhong to take Xi Yuan back Thank you very much Hey, you needn’t to say that I hope to make an end to this issue Look at Ding Yue I am worry about her Xiang He I can’t return the debt to you in my life Don’t say that Well There is a thing I want to discuss with you Well Meng An How about leave him at home? You know He is the lifeblood of my mother I know that Thank you That’s it Go back and pick up Tell your father After I bring Xi Yuang back tomorrow I’ll take you out of Qingcheng Ok Ok, that’s all Meng An is at home alone Brother, brother Why are you sleeping here? Quiet Don’t yell Have you been sleeping here last night? Is she awake? She took a bath when she came back She fell asleep quickly I’m going to bring her some hot water Is she alright? Relax, she is ok Ok, that’s ok I have something to do in Longzhong I got to go -Hey, brother
-Don’t tell my mother Hey Master, where are you going? Oh, I’m going to Lanzhou to have a look at tobacco market quotation Ling Family has a lot of cargo rafts stay in the Yellow River It is a trouble with time goes by Master I have something bad to say You’d better give up the clan leader position Give up Why? I’m worried about you No, no, no Don’t say that It is a big trouble if someone hears about I don’t care I must say Master You have done a lot from morning to night You can’t share anything good but all troubles Some people will blame you if you do something wrong You’re an honest man who don’t like to make any trouble You suffer from any injustice yourself I feel it is unfair to you I’m with a kind heart Can I feel good to see you like that? Hey, ok, ok, ok I understand your feelings I am a clan leader I need to make an example Understand? Yes, I do I thank you for saving my life So that I want to have a talk to you I don’t know if you can understand my heart? Yes I do Totally I will you repay you when I am no longer the clan leader Ok You two come in Take the bathtub out be careful, don’t break it down Watch out, don’t sprinkle Go Sister Ding Yue I feel much better Thank you, Yinghua Stop saying that It’ll be good if you don’t scare me You were so drunk last night It’s scared Do you know Young master had lain outside for a night It’s so cold He worried about you He needn’t to Look at you People said A couple enjoy their lives together Can’t he worry about you? He went to Longzhong this morning He asked me to take care of you How can you say that? Sister Last night Why did you drink that much? Wasn’t it uncomfortable? I wanted to make myself stronger By drinking wine? I’m regret I’m going to confess to God It doesn’t matter if you give up drinking Yes From now on I must take care of myself It seems that I need to make a decision Yinghua You needn’t to send food to me since tomorrow I go to the dining room You’re welcome It is what I should do I’m not I have to stay here for a long time Not a couple of days You’re my guest You’re welcome No I’m not a guest any more Sister Ding Yue You won’t go Yes Well, Ah… That’s good That’s good Yinghua Two guests will come here from Tianjin a couple of days later Prepare a room for me Ok What? She said she won’t leave? She said she decides to have dinner with everyone She is no longer a guest A coupe of days later Two guests from Tianjin will come here Guests What guests? She didn’t say She asked me to prepare a guest room for her Who will come? I have been thinking Hey, madam Are the guests her family members? Family members? She wrote a letter to her family a couple of days before I should send the letter for her But she refused mysteriously She went to a church and asked a nun to send it for her I’m wondering If she called her father here? She asked her father to come here? Who else should she call? Young Master told me Her family is very rich If her family wealth values a cow We just values a cow tail at most I don’t care about that If her father came here That’s a big trouble What kind of trouble? You know nothing Her father comes for an attitude of us Xiang He told me They had a wedding ceremony in Tianjin Ding Yue haven’t commit any mistake Why should I drive her away? It does make sense How about the Lin Family? Go Bring Xiang He to me Madam Young Master went to Longzhong in the morning Why did he go to Longzhong? He brings such a big trouble here It seems it is none of his business Madam Don’t be angry Relax What’s more Her father hasn’t come yet It is late at that time Face to face Go Bring housekeeper Zeng here Yes, madam Xiang He How is that? I’m sorry to keep you waiting here Look at this note It is written by my father-in-law Give it to the warden and take Xi Yuan away Thank you Qi Chuan, that’s great It takes my father-in-law this long Because he is preparing how to explain to Commander Zhang That’s fine Well You go there at night It is risk in daytime Ok, I know I’m not in a hurry with this I can’t go with you Ok I’m his son-in-law So… I understand When will you go back to Qingcheng? I won’t I need to go back to deliver some goods for him I got to leave today Take my greet to Xi Yuan after he comes out Ok He will go back Let’s meet at Qingcheng Ok, ok I got to go This way Don’t Say thanks to your father-in-law I go first Be careful Ok, I know He goes away? Father Father Have we done too much? Not at all Do you know I take the risk to release Xiu Lang? I got to cheat Commander Zhang He ran away If it is not because of you Should I take this risk? 100,000 silver dollars is big But it saves a life If Commander ask me I got to lie Don’t feel any regret in your heart Understand? Yes Tidy up I send some men to pick up the goods with you You needn’t to go back They need it in a hurry Ok Since it is like this Don’t hesitate Ask miss Ding to leave as soon as possible Well, but… They had a wedding Why should I ask her to leave What’s more If she really go away I don’t want to do that She is much better than Xiang Yu She got to go Madam Young Master and Young Mistress had the wedding earlier Miss Ding and Young Master had the wedding later What’s more Young Mistress gave birth to a grandson to you Family has a successor No matter what to say Mistress Xiang Yu Is the reasonable hostess I don’t think so Madam In my opinion Let Miss Ding stay Mistress is the wife She is the concubine Hey, no Miss Ding Won’t accept to be a concubine She is a well educated woman She is not deserved to be a concubine What’s more Xiang He doesn’t like Xiang Yu If Ding leave behind Xiang He treats Xiang Yu not well Lin Family will fight here to back up his daughter We will not have any peace time at this home You’re totally right But the key point is Will Young Master agrees? You know last time People in our town drove her away Young Master didn’t explain But fight back He is absent now When he comes back Ding Yue is missing It comes bigger trouble He is stubborn A hothead Don’t hesitate Let Miss Ding leave as soon as possible If you keep her stay here It is a big trouble if her father comes You see At that time Lin Family in the front Ding Family in the back What about you? It is better to face one than two families Madam If you hesitate about this now You’ll suffer the trouble later How couldn’t I know the disadvantages about this? But you know me How could I say this to her? Madam Just let me talk to her Thank you very much Yinghua, door is open Come in Mr. Zeng Miss Ding Sorry to disturb you I have something to talk to you Come in please Have a seat Please Ok Miss Ding You come here from Tianjin Are you used to it? At the beginning I was not Now I am used to it Have some coffee No, no, no I make you some tea No I have a little talk Thank you You come here for… Well Look I don’t know how to start You’re welcome You’re my elder Go straight Ok Madam asked me to report her attitude Miss Ding You come from a big family A wealthy family But here is a barren place So It is so embarrassed that I probably know what you’re going to say Let me say that for you You want me to leave, don’t you? Hey, Miss Ding You’re so clever Madam means Xiang Yu and Young Master had the wedding earlier than yours She gave birth to a grandson She should be the hostess Miss Ding, you comes from a big family If you become a concubine It is unreasonable for you So… Mr. Zeng Meng Xiang He and me had a wedding ceremony in Tianjin In the biggest church there Yes, yes But Miss Ding Everything has its order, hasn’t it? Xiang Yu and Young Master had wedding ceremony earlier than you As the rule Xiang Yu should be the hostess Is it the madam’s meaning? Miss Ding, you may not know Qingcheng is a place of noble virtue No one can offend the rules Of course For the wrong treatment you’ve suffered Madam is willing to make a compensation How to? Silver dollars I know it sounds a little vulgar There is nothing Meng Family can do Madam only represents her apology by this Miss Ding, please be understanding Please tell madam My family isn’t lack of money So am I If madam has no idea I have Miss Ding I know you’re rich But it is far away from Tianjin to here Your father is aged What if there is something happened We all be regret So please tell you father not to come here When did my father say he will come? Yinghua told me You have guests come here a couple of days later Yes, I have But not my father The lawyers I hired What? Lawyers? Yes What are these lawyers you were talking about? To help me in a lawsuit A lawsuit? Who will you sue? People who ruin my marriage My marriage with Meng Xiang He is legal It should be protected by law Will she sue me? Madam Don’t worry She didn’t say she will sue you Who will she sue? She just said she will sue people who ruin her marriage It means she is going to sue madam It is madam who wants to drive her away She didn’t mean madam To ruin her marriage It means Xiang Yu and her family Madam, how do you think? If there is a lawsuit I should be the one in the court I haven’t taught my son well He violated the rules Married another woman with a wife at home To cause this embarrassing situation is none of Lin’s business Madam Look at Miss Ding She is so kind in normal times Smile to everyone She, she can make a lawsuit Miss Ding has a large horizon Young Master once said Her father has relationship with the high officials Many of them serve in the Beiyang government Really Will a lady from this kind of family fears someone? Nobody Right? Madam Never let her bring any officer here Lin Qi Chuan’s father-in-law is just a Colonel but he was so truculent last time If she really call some big fish here That’s a great trouble Ow In my opinion You go and bring Xiang Yu’s father here Let’s have a talk Well Why do you ask Lin’s people here It will cause more trouble The current situation just push we two families onto the same raft No matter what resentment we had We need to face this together Right Madam, I’d better go Hurry up Ask Zhong Wazi to bring Young Master back He is the troublemaker He hides behind Let his mother to face these Yes, madam Boss Do you have finished clothes? No, we don’t Can you sell that to me? Sorry It belongs to Young Master Xu of fur shop I pay you double Give it to me Miss Lin, you’re here Where is her father? He went to Lanzhou I’m the hostess and Xiang Yu’s godmother You can talk with me Of course Have a seat Yinghua, bring some tea here Yes No No, no, no Don’t be angry Madam Meng What’s wrong? Madam, your tea You mean I am not the one you can talk to Then I’d better go Hey, Miss Lin, please stay Please stay Miss Lin You thought too much I didn’t mean that Because it is a little confused I don’t know how to start Come on Have a seat Is there any problem about the wedding ceremony? It is good if I can solve it with money Did your son refuse to hold? He dares not Don’t hesitate Be straight You make me feel anxious Then I got to say Ding Yue is going to sue us Sue us? She asked a lawyer from Tianjin to help her Probably from the government Ok, ok I wish she can sue us to the court Then we can make out a judgement Xiang Yu and Meng Xiang He got married 6 years ago Everyone in this town came to the wedding ceremony That woman breaks Xiang Yu’s marriage Let the court give us a judgement Xiang He told me Ding Yue had a wedding ceremnoy with him in Tianjin In a foreign church So what? Things have orders Xiang Yu had it first She is the Young Mistress of your family What is that Ding woman? She breaks Xiang Yu’s marriage Meng Xiang He married her without anyone knows Did he gets your permission? No That’s it Your son married a woman with a wife at home It didn’t count That’s why we can’t stand in the court Why? Ding Yue told me Xiang He lied to her He didn’t tell her he had a wife If we go to the court Xiang He has committed a crime of bigamy Xiang He will burden the punishment Your son deserved that Who asked him to do so? Teach him a lesson Miss Lin Please Miss Lin Xiang He did it wrong But he has committed that You’re his elder Please forgive him Madam Meng It is not me who is going to forgive him It’s her Not Lin Family Miss Lin My madam means We two families can stop her from suing us How? Convince her to give up No It’s unfair to Xiang Yu Let the judge decide If the court decides our Young Master has committed a crime of bigamy It is our Young Master who lose this lawsuit It is said her family has relationship with high officials They must punish our Young Master Of course Xiang Yu will suffer a pain What do you think to do? Let Ding Yue stay Well Xiang Yu will have a tougher life in the future It is what you worry about Don’t worry I won’t let Xiang Yu suffer any pain What about your son? Men always like new women What’s more Madam Meng How much do you know about the bed affairs? No Definitely not You wanted Ding Yue to leave Just wanted Xiang Yu to feel better If Ding Yue stays You can’t do that But I have got an idea What do you mean? Don’t worry Let me finish the last letter Looking toward northwest Shooting Tian Lang Come on Master Have a seat please Let me bring you some water Shui Niang I heard Meng Family has been looking for me all day long Yes They came here for many times Why? It is said the woman wanted to sue us Sue us? Why does she sue us? I don’t know Young Master was absent Miss eldest branch went to Meng’s Where is Xiang Yu? At Qingcheng After you go back Pay a visit to your grandpa And then You can leave with Xiang Yu Meng An I am going to talk about him In fact Meng An should go with his mother But you know my mother treats him as her lifeblood I’m afraid… Stop I know Let Meng An Stay with your mother We think the same Well Will your mother accept him? A grandson without any blood relationship What can I do? Never tell her Make a toast with tea Congratulations to your freedom Thanks Well Where do you want to go with Xiang Yu? He Xi He Xi? Yes There are a crowd of people who pursue liberty and equality I go for them Haven’t you given up your faith? A man is a zombie without any faith Where is Qi Chuan? He delivered goods with his father-in-law After you go back at Qingcheng We three can have a party Ok Ok Let’s go 3rd uncle has come back? Sister-in-law Sister-in-law I’ve heard you went to Meng’s Yes Have a seat 3rd uncle It is worthy for this trip Madam Meng has agreed to give the 500 mu tobacco farmland on Jinyin Shoal back to us How could her give up her lifeblood? She couldn’t but to The woman taken back by Meng Xiang He wanted to have a lawsuit with Xiang Yu Madam Meng was worried about her son to go to the court so that she leave that woman at home Sister-in-law Did you agree with that? Why not? It is worthy 500 mu tobacco farmland It is what we have been think of Yes, yes, yes Yes I was just worried about Xiang Yu if she would be treated unfairly 3rd uncle Don’t worried about Xiang Yu at all Xiang Yu is going to have her wedding A good bustling wedding Xiang Yu is the wife Ding is the concubine at Meng Family Xiang Yu will be the hostess of Meng Family Well, great, great Sister-in-law Thank you very much Who’s that? Xiang Yu It’s me Open the door Coming Mother I come to see Meng An He fell asleep Oh Come Sit down I have something to say It is embarrassed But I have to say Ding Yue wanted to sue us because of Xiang He Don’t worry I won’t let her do that But you If we should do a compromise? You, like the wind fly in front of me I don’t see your face clearly You take me fly The wind blew My heart feels pain Your day breaks I will follow you to see the world I will follow you I will not regret I will follow you to see this world I will follow you I will not regret


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