Choosing a Musical Theatre Acting College Degree BFA BA

welcome back everyone I’m Ashlee and
this is actions for actors this week we are talking about pursuing your college
dreams if you watched my last video we discussed the three questions you need
to ask yourself to find out if college is the right path for you so if you
missed that one I’ll put it up here in the link and make sure you check it out
if you’re here now though you have decided that college is your next step
this is an extremely daunting decision to make what college do you go to where
is it gonna be located what degree are you gonna get what different types of
degrees are there I get emails every single week from students asking where
should I go to college and these are the three questions I always ask them when I
am doing advising appointments before you decide what college to go to I want
you to sit down write these down and answer the following three questions I’m
about to take you through the first item that you need to consider is do you want
to get a BA a Bachelors of Arts a BFA a bachelor’s of Fine Arts or do you want
to start out with a certificate degree a BA or a Bachelors of Arts is going to be
a more general degree you’re going to have a well-rounded training in your
degree program so you can still focus on musical theater or just acting if that’s
your specialty but what you’re going to have is a more well-rounded training
program where you will take classes and not just musical theater singing dancing
and acting but you’re also going to take classes in technical theater design
directing and whatever other classes they have available at the college you
choose but remember it’s going to be a more well
rounded degree program’ I talked to many many students that go this path if they
are not specifically gung-ho on being a musical theater performer they want to
have a background with many different types of training and many different
types of experiences within the theater realm another option you have is a BFA
or a bachelor’s of Fine Arts many colleges will have a BFA that is going
to be specific to your specialty for example a BFA or bachelor’s of Fine Arts
in musical theater is going to specifically focus on your training to
be a musical theater performer so it is a specialty route and you will have all
of your classes focused on that musical theatre performer training so another
option you have is a certificate many different city colleges or community
colleges offer a two-year certificate in musical theater training so you are
spending two years focusing on just your musical theater training and in the end
you get a certificate this is a really great option if you aren’t really ready
for that four-year college program yet or perhaps you want to just take two
years to focus on your training getting a certificate is really a great way to
get training have a structured program and for it to really be a a more
financially suitable position for you so now that you’ve decided whether you’re
going to get a BA a BFA or a certificate the next item you want to consider is
what type of college is right for you there are three different types of
colleges that I want you to consider the first one is a liberal arts college the
second one is conservatory style training and the third one is a city or
community college the first type of college is where a program in musical
theater is located on a liberal arts college the next one is a
program that is part of a college that is offering conservatory style training
like CCM Boston Conservatory or any college that is going to give you a
specific conservatory style training program and the last one is going to be
a community college so what is a program that is going to be part of a liberal
arts college what does that mean that means that you are going to be getting a
bachelor’s degree that is also going to include your GES
or your general education courses you’re going to be taking your musical theater
training classes alongside a multitude of general education courses like
science math geography history all of these other classes that are going to
make your program a more well-rounded holistic program Burks is just being
specific in your musical theatre training my undergraduate program was on
a liberal arts campus and so I did all of my musical theater training alongside
all of my general education requirements it really just depends upon what you
want and what is going to be right for you the next option you have is a
program that is going to be a conservatory style training program
these types of programs are ones that are very specific to musical theater
training and all of your courses courses are going to be based within that
specific program a wonderful opportunity that you have on a campus that is going
to be more of a liberal arts program is that you get to partake in different
types of sports activities you have football games you have sororities or
fraternities and it’s going to be a campus that is going to offer you a
really well-rounded lifestyle as a college student so if that’s something
that you’re looking for and that might be a type of college that
is right for you we’re really specifically talking about state schools
in need if you’re in California anything that is Cal State or the UC level these
are going to be programs that are liberal arts training or you’re also
going to be having your general elective courses and you have all of these
wonderful opportunities to be involved with on campus if you choose a
conservatory style training program your classes are going to be specifically
geared toward your specialty of musical theater so you get to delve into all of
these wonderful classes specific to your training as a performer and focus on
those those classes and that training that you really really desire what’s
wonderful about a conservatory style training program is that you really dig
deep into your training as a performer another opportunity that you have is the
Community College now there are many community colleges around the country if
you are in California there is an extensive background with community
colleges linking and transferring students into the UC and Cal State
System California has the guided pathways program that will allow you to
do your two-year transfer degree and you get a front of the line pass into a UC
or a Cal State as long as you have the correct grades and requirements to get
into that specific school it’s a great way to start your training at a
financially low cost and many times depending on where you are you can get a
certificate in musical theater and you can also get your transfer degree so
that way you can go straight into your bachelors program and you get to have
all of your basics and your general education courses pretty much knocked
out so you focus on just your specific courses once you get to your four-year
college program third item I want you to consider is
what location is going to be the right location for you do you want to be in
state or out of state do you want to be on the west coast or the East Coast or
the Midwest and also do you want to be in a city or a country this is an
extremely important question to ask yourself do you want to be in state
where you live right now or do you want to stretch your wings and go out of
state and try a school that is somewhere different than you have grown up another
question you need to ask yourself is do you want to be on the East Coast the
west coast or in the Midwest these coasts and the Midwest really offer you
different types of training different types of lifestyles on a college campus
and different types of weather do you love the Sun and you want to be
somewhere in the West Coast or in California near the beach are you dying
to be close to New York City and you want to be able to go into the city
every single weekend so you want to find a college close to the East Coast
do you really thrive well in a rural location that is going to be surrounded
by beautiful trees and woods and really earthy environments in the country do
you thrive in a city environment where you want the hustle and bustle it really
honestly depends on what is right for you but choosing a location that is
going to make you thrive for four maybe five years is extremely important so I
want you to now decide what three options are right for you what’s the
program that is best for you a BA a BFA or a certificate also what type of
college is right for you one located on a liberal arts university one that is
going to be conservatory style training or one that is going to be a community
college and the third one I want you to answer
is what is the right location for you in your life right now after you have
answered these three questions now you can choose what actual college is going
to be right for you I will try to make a video of that for you coming up in the
near future and try to delve into all the different types of schools that are
available but at least by answering these questions you get on a path to
find the school that is right for you and the training program that is right
for you as a musical theater performer thanks for watching start taking actions
that you need to choose what college is right for you if you want to let me know
what college you decided to go to or what college you are at right now let me
know in the comments below I look forward to hearing from you have a
wonderful week and I will see you next week

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