Choti Sarrdaarni – 10th January 2020 – छोटी सरदारनी – Full Episode

Meher, please calm down. You shouldn’t panic at this hour. I don’t understand, why
is all this happening? I mean… …this has never
happened to Param. Listen, Meher.
Please try to understand. Before saying anything… …I must test Param’s
urine and blood. Blood test?
– Yes. It is required. Doctor. Can I please ask you for a favor? When… …you test Param’s blood… …please take a sample
of my blood, too. I don’t want him to be
scared unnecessarily. Sure. Please call him. What’s the matter, Vinay?
Where were you all these days? Did you join my
rival Chawla’s party? What happened, Vinay? Why are you so tense?
Is everything alright? Sir, my daughter is ill. Ten days back,
she suffered typhoid. Since then her condition
is getting worse day by day. I’ve spent all my money. Now I don’t even have
money for her treatment. Why are you telling
me about this, so late? Tarkash.
– Yes. Make sure, his daughter is
treated in the best hospital. Okay.
– No child’s treatment… …must stop due to lack of money. Don’t worry, Vinay. Your daughter’s treatment
is my responsibility now. Okay? Thank you, Sarab! Tarkash, children belong
to the world. – Yes. God forbid… …any child faces
something like this… …and parents must
face such a situation. Mom, what is she doing? Param… …we are donating blood today. But, I’m very afraid. ‘I must pretend like I’m scared… …so that Param
doesn’t get scared.’ Mom. Will injections be administered… …to you and me? No! I can’t bear it. I’m sorry! I can’t donate blood. I am feeling very afraid.
– Oh! Mom, did you forget… …what you taught me? Whenever you are afraid… …you must chant
Waheguru. I’ll teach you. Waheguruji! Waheguruji! Come on. Repeat what I say.
Okay? Okay, dear. Waheguruji!
– Nurse. Waheguruji. Waheguruji.
– Give the injection. Waheguruji. Waheguruji. Waheguruji. Waheguruji. Waheguruji. Waheguruji. Waheguruji. Done. Look! It didn’t hurt
at all as we were… …chanting Waheguruji. Mom, let’s go home immediately. Then?
– Let’s bring down a kite. Yay! Meher, please. Yes, doctor. Meher, now we’ll have to
send Param to the washroom. For the collection
of the urine samples. Doctor, but… …if Param asks about… …the bottle… No need of a bottle. We have specially designed
commodes for children. So he can directly… …urinate in to the commode. A urine sample will be
automatically collected. Wow! That’s great. Thank you. Param. Come on. Go and urinate. I want to talk to the doctor
about something important. Okay?
– Okay. Doctor,
when will I get Param’s reports? By 5 pm in the evening. Can anyone inside hear me? Bring all the old clothes out… …to donate to the poor. Come on, dear. Take this, Yuvi!
Distribute it among them. Oh! Hold on! Why are you giving
them the clothes? You hardly have… …a few clothes
with you, anyway. That’s what you brought
from your maternal home. She’s from a poor family. Look who wants to donate! Listen to me carefully! If you exchange these clothes… …to get utensils… …I won’t spare
anyone of you. Do you get it? Jeeto. What happened? What… Jeeto. What happened? Tell me? Did mom do something? Tell me, my queen. What happened? I’m not a queen. I’m a beggar’s daughter. She insulted me in
front of everybody. She keeps mocking me… …that I didn’t get anything
from my maternal home. She says, my mother… …sent me empty-handed. And that my husband
doesn’t earn. I have had enough. Mom won’t amend her ways. She won’t improve. Listen to me. Oh my God! I wonder,
what will happen now? All hail Chief Kulwant
Kaur Dhillon! All hail!
– Great! Keep sloganeering! So that the whole village
comes to know… …that you had come
to Chief Kulwant Kaur. All hail Chief Kulwant
Kaur Dhillon! – All hail! All hail Chief Kulwant
Kaur Dhillon! All hail!
– Move! Money! Enjoy it! Cell phone? Say, all hail Jeeto Dhillon. All hail!
– All hail Jeeto! Have you… …lost your mind? Why did you give away
your mobile phone? – Why? Are you the only one
who can donate things? Did you think… …that I’m not
capable of donating? Yes, Pammi. Grandma. Uncle Bittu’s phone is with him. Your phone is gone! What? No! Hey, you wretches! Stop!
Darn you! Mother… All hail Chief Kulwant
Kaur Dhillon! All hail! I have my kite! Slow down! Where are
you running off to? Aunt, let’s bring down the kite. Do you like flying kites? Yes, aunt Harleen. I love… …flying kites. That’s why… …I, aunt Harleen… ….have made a special
arrangement on the terrace… …to fly kites. Do
you want to see? Yes, aunt Harleen.
– And, I… …have brought bigger… …and better kites
than this one. No, I want to fly this kite. Mom gave this to me. Param! What’s this? What happened? Momsy!
– Oh my God! Param, what’s this? Param, where did you go? To the hospital. I went with mom… …to donate blood. Param…
– What the heck? How dare you make a
child donate blood? Actually, last night…
– Do you even know his age? Look, Momsy. She made a child donate blood. Who do you think you are, Meher? Okay. Listen.
Just calm down. Just relax. Tell me. What’s all this? Momsy, Harleen. I went to get a body
check-up for Param. Actually, last night
Param’s urine… …was too yellow. And, there was… ‘If I tell everyone that Param’s
urine had blood in it… …then they will get worried.’ What about it?
– Nothing at all, Harleen. The doctor said that
although nothing is serious… …but it is better
to get a test done… …to be on the safe side. That is why I took
Param to the hospital. Without informing us! Does Param have
no relationship with us? Yes? Tell me! Harleen…
– Momsy, she did not even… …consider it important
to inform us about this! Meher, I am telling this
to you for the last time. If you ever again…
– Rahul, he’s elder to you. He is old. He is just a little angry. Rahul, we will ask for forgiveness. We will apologize. Hey! Keep quiet! You’re such a Bollywood fanatic! Harleen, when is the
driver going to come? Oh, my God! Where are you going? I’ll be going first to Ludhiana
and then to Canada. What? You’ve only
just come to India. No! Well, actually… …Harleen has told us… …that it was necessary for us
to attend Param’s ‘Dastar Bandi’. We couldn’t have refused her. We will come back again.
We have no dirth of money. Harleen, please arrange
for a driver. Mom, Param really
wants to fly kites. It would be great… …if you could join us. Okay, fine. If you insist.
We can’t say no to you. What happened, mother?
Did you find the phone? No! Gosh darn it!
Such paupers! I’ll get you some water.
– Oh, forget about it! Make a call on my phone.
– Okay. Mother, it’s ringing.
– Give your phone to me! Mr. Ram Narayan here. You rascal! Scoundrel! First, you steal my phone! And on top of that,
you’re talking in English! Who’s speaking?
– Who’s speaking! This is Kulwant Kaur, the village
chiefs of Atari speaking! Return my phone to me
without any fuss. Sorry. I never return… …anything that I take! Stop spewing
dialogues from Dabangg! Just return my phone to me. Otherwise, I will teach you… …such a harsh lesson… …that you will
remember it for life! Oh! He hung up! Bittu, you generous man! I spared you because it is… …’Makar Sankranti’ today. If it hadn’t been
‘Makar Sankranti’ today… …I’d have taught you
such a harsh lesson… …that you’d have
remembered it for life! Why is that, mom? Did you find my behavior offensive? Did you get hurt by what I said? Jeeto is my wife. She must also get hurt
by how you speak to her. She must also feel bad. So give that a thought. What do you want me to think about?
I am fed up of Jeeto! Sarabjit, could you please collect
Param’s reports from Dr. Sodhi? Mom! Come on! I will now fly a kite! Param, you go ahead fly your kite. I don’t feel like flying
a kite right now. But mom, I don’t know
how to fly a kite. Just try to fly it, Param. If you can’t… …I’ll come and help you. Okay? Okay, mom. Mom, I am unable to fly the kite. How do I fly it? Param, flying a kite
involves a technique. Look. I’d seen this
on the internet. Param, are you ready?
– Yes! Uncle, you snapped
the string of my kite! Param, my leg
is hurting here and you… …are worried about
your kite string. I’ll teach you how to fly a kite. Give it to me. Oh! You broke my kite! The greatest
veterans could not do it… …and now I will teach Param
how to fly a kite. Oh, please, Ginny! To do all these local
and simple things… …is not my cup of tea. I arranged all this
at Param’s insistence. Otherwise, this kite and
all is neither my taste… …nor my class. Hello.
– Doctor. I just wanted to ask… …that is there a possibility to get
Param’s reports before 5’o clock? No, that’s impossible. Friends! The next person to
fly the kite is… …Meher. Come on, Meher. Hurry up. Mom! Come on. Please come since you
gave me the kite. Well. Kite flying is… …not a technique, but an art. All of you were flying the kite
in the wrong direction. The air is in the
opposite direction. Param, come here. Robbie, come here. Robbie, when I say so,
throw up the kite with force. One.
– Two. – Three. Oh my God! Mom, you fly the kite so well. Let’s bring it down! Yeah! Harleen, I need to leave. Actually,
mom has finished packing. You are always in a hurry
to leave. Look, mom is not here
to fly the kite, either. Come. Momsy. I will accompany her to the gate. Yes. Go on.
– Come. Ajay, come here. Take this from Param’s hand. Come, Param. Do as I say. Hold it properly. Hello! Mom! What happened? Ajay, I said to look after him. What happened?
Don’t cry. Param!
– He cut his hand. How? I cut my hand!
– Where did you hurt yourself? Param, you are a superhero. Superheroes don’t cry. See, I will cure you in a jiffy. ‘How can I leave him here?’ Excuse me. Yes, Meher.
– Sarabjit. Can you collect Param’s
reports from Dr. Sodhi? Param’s reports? I was about to tell you, but… …you were very busy.
– What happened to Param? Last night Param… …passed
dark yellow urine. I got his blood and
urine tests done. Meher, I know that I was
busy in the morning… …and in a hurry. But you
should’ve called me or texted me. Please, Sarabjit. This is not the
right time to talk. We can discuss about it later. Dr. Sodhi isn’t answering my calls. Please go and collect
Param’s reports. Param is not allowing me
to go or else I could’ve. Okay, don’t worry.
I will leave right away. Yes, Thank you.


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