Choti Sarrdaarni – 7th January 2020 – छोटी सरदारनी – Full Episode

Look. Don’t look at me. Look at this. Read. No problem. I’ll read it. RSVP Sarabjit Singh Gill. Harleen Kaur Bajwa. Rubindar Singh Bajwa. Khushi Bajwa. Dolly Sandhu. Meher? Meher’s name… …is missing.
Neither is Meher’s name… …nor is my name mentioned. Meher is Param’s mother. I’m his grandma. Our names should’ve been mentioned. Aunt, I didn’t get your and… …Meher’s name printed because… Because you are jealous of Meher. And you are jealous of me too. Aunt, you…
– Listen to me. Meher is this family’s
only daughter-in-law. Sarabjit Singh’s wife. Param’s mother. Got it? So, look at this. Let me show you. This is what
my lovely son-in-law did. Wow! RSVP. Sarabjit Singh Gill. Meher Kaur Dhillon. Read it! No problem. I’ll read it. Village chief Kulwant Kaur Dhillon. PR manager Punjab Dal. Sarabjit has distributed
invitation cards… …mentioning my name… …and Meher’s name. Sir. Did you receive an invitation
card to the ‘Dastar Bandi’? Yes. I got it.
– Let me see it. Chief, do you think
I’m carrying the card? Really? Go. What a wretch! God is on high! We are down below. All is well. While all are jealous. Harleen, look there. My lovely son-in-law… …respects Meher a lot. Right? Wonderful! Ouch! Who is this? He didn’t even look back at me! Rana. Hey! Meher. ‘I’ll prepare the envelopes
once I reach there.’ Excuse me. Yes, Amrita. Take this, Meher. My best wishes for
Param’s ‘Dastar Bandi’. Thank you, Amrita.
– Take care of yourself. Meher. Hi, Jeeto. My best wishes for Param’s
‘Dastar Bandi’, Meher. Thank you, Jeeto. What is this?
Two envelopes? Amrita offered the
‘shagun’ just now. What’s the need for this? Somebody’s empty envelope was
lying on the floor, Meher. Okay. Thank you. ‘I hope, Bittu didn’t see me… …and Amrita together.’ You eat something. I will be back.
– Okay. How do I look? Just the way you look every day.
Passable. I’m not passable. I look like a superhero. Do you know who dressed me up? My mom did.
– You fool! Aunt Meher only dressed you up. But at my
‘Dastar Bandi’ ceremony… …aunt Meher dressed me up… …and she also tied my turban. That’s why I’m so strong. Like a superhero. Look at my biceps. Touch my biceps. Touch it. You are stunned, right? Your ‘Dastar Bandi’ is
being conducted now. But my ‘Dastar Bandi’
was conducted long ago. I’m your senior. I know everything. Look, Param. When aunt Meher… …ties the turban
tightly herself…. …it makes you a super Sikh! Do you get it? Super Sikh? Begin the ‘Dastar Bandi’ rituals. Param, go. The child’s aunt will tie
the child’s turban. ‘Do you know
who dressed me up?’ ‘My mom did.’ ‘Aunt Meher only dressed you up.’ ‘But at my
‘Dastar Bandi’ ceremony… …aunt Meher dressed me up… …and also tied my turban.’ ‘That’s why I’m so strong.’ ‘Like a superhero.’ What happened, Param? Mom should tie my turban. You are aunt
Harleen’s darling, right? So why do this? I will tie your turban. No! My mom
will tie my turban, not you. Param! Don’t touch Param! Param! Mom should tie my turban. I love mom. What’s wrong with you? What kind of behavior is this? Wonderful! First, Sarab printed
my and Meher’s name… …on the invitation card. Now, Param won’t
get his turban tied by Harleen. Definitely, Harleen is at fault
here. Mom, come on, tie my turban. Param, you are a good boy, right? Aunt Harleen will tie your turban. Come on, go.
Go to aunt Harleen. No! You should tie my turban. Harleen. Param, that’s very bad. Is this what I have taught you? Is this the way to talk to elders? It is the paternal
aunt who ties the turban. No! Param! ‘Mom will tie the turban for me!’ ‘Param…
– Don’t touch me!’ Oh, my God! Dolly! Oh, my God! What happened? I am much younger than you. But I wanted to tell you something. Tell me something. Why do you always say… …that you are younger than me?
What do you mean by that? Why wouldn’t I say so
when I am younger than you? Anyway, say what you wanted to. By the way,
I did not like something. Harleen is the daughter
of this family. I did not like the way she
got publicly humiliated today. In my opinion, you should
proceed as Param wants you to. Oh, my God!
Param has got spoilt. One cannot bow to his
every demand. No way! I think… …someone has
poisoned Param’s mind. Because Param can
never behave like this. I need to find out who
has brainwashed him. Param, stop crying… …and listen to me. First, dad scolded me
and now you’re scolding me! I don’t want to participate
in the ‘Dastar Bandi’ ceremony! Param, I am not scolding you. All I am saying is…
– I know everything. You tied Yuvi’s turban… …at his ‘Dastar Bandi’ ceremony. That is why he is so strong. That’s what made him
the Super Sikh, too! But, I am not! You don’t love me anymore! Param. Param. I tied Yuvi’s turban… …at the Dastar bandi ceremony
since I’m his mom. You’re not! You’re my mom. You’re his aunt. Correct. I am his aunt. And that is why… …at his ‘Dastar Bandi’ ceremony,
Yuvi was tied a turban… By his aunt. Tell me something, Param. If at his ‘Dastar Bandi’
ceremony, Yuvi had… …his turban tied by me
since I am his aunt. Right? Tell me something, Param. If Yuvi had his turban
tied by me… …since I am his aunt… …then at your ‘Dastar Bandi’
ceremony, you will also get… …your turban
tied by your aunt, right? Then, how will I become
a super Sardar? You will have to be a good boy… …in order to become
a super Sardar. Only those kids who
behave well can become… …super Sardars. They speak politely
with everyone. Only such kids can
become super Sardars. Param, let me tell you
that your turban… …is like a crown on your head. You should thank any person… …who ties your turban
for you. Tell me… …if you bring a gift for me… …and I say… …that I don’t want it. I will only accept
gifts from Sarab. I don’t want a gift from you. Will you feel good? No! Then when Harleen was… …blessing you today… …and when she was crowning you… …why did you deny it? She must have felt so bad! Sorry, dad. Sorry, mom. You have to apologize… …to someone else other
than your dad. Okay, mom! A cup of milk. A sack of flour. Aunt… …I’m sorry. It’s alright,
Param. You can go. What happened? I’m sorry, aunt. Sorry, aunt. Sorry, aunt. Sorry. I love you, aunt. You were going to make me a
super Sardar… …and bless me as well. But, I denied it all. Sorry. Let’s go, aunt… …to make me a super Sardar!
Let’s go. Let’s go, aunt. Make me a super Sardar.
Let’s go. Then we all will… …celebrate Lohri!
Let’s go. ‘I think… …that someone asked… …Param to do all this.’ ‘Or else, he can’t
behave like this.’ ‘But, who asked him
to do all this?’ ‘We have to find out.’ Param, who asked you to say all… …that you
said right now, right? Who asked you to say it? Mom. ‘Meher, you can stoop so low… …to insult me in
front of my in-laws.’ ‘I never thought
this would happen.’

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