Christian Musical Drama “An Uncertain Return” | Who Breaks Up the Christian Family (English Dubbed)

A dark cloud looms over China. The wild ambitions of the CCP
are making China a zone of atheism to help them retain their power. The CCP madly strikes against and persecutes faith, oppressing and arresting Christians. All of China is on edge, on tenterhooks. An air of fear pervades the land. Countless Christians have been forced
to flee and cannot return home. Thanks to God! We got away again. I wonder if the other brothers and sisters are okay. Being ruled by the CCP
makes believing in God very difficult. I know. We’ve been relentlessly pursued,
because we spread the gospel. The danger of imprisonment and death is always there. It’s a lot of suffering, but it all has meaning. I remember God’s words: The more persecution we endure, the more we can see the
God-resisting essence of the CCP. We can reject it from our heart and work hard to follow God. (Yes.) We live in a frightening time but our drive to follow God and
pursue the truth grows greater. It does. This is God strengthening our faith (Yes.) with His wondrous deeds. Amen! The true way has always been persecuted. We must emulate the saints, spread the gospel and testify for God,
no matter what hardships we may face. Amen! Brother, we can’t stay here, at least not for long. We’re being terrorized, we must flee to the next city. Let’s go. Hey Brother Zhang, I heard that your mother is ill. And I have no clue how she’s doing. I haven’t been home in two years. Mom, it’s time for your medicine. Okay. Mom, grandma, I’m home. Xiaonuo is back. Here, give me your bag. Grandma, are you feeling better today? Much better. Mom, my teacher asked about Dad again and wanted me to tell her about our religion. And what did you say? Well, I know they want to arrest him,
so I didn’t say anything. You did the right thing. He hasn’t been back for 2 years
because the police are after him. They’re trying everything they can
to find out where he is. We need to have faith and pray to God, otherwise we’ll be fooled by the great red dragon. Yes, Mom. These past years, we’ve really seen
its ugly hideous face. In my heart, I want even more to
pursue the truth in my faith. No matter how they persecute us,
we must follow God to the end. Mom, let’s read God’s words. Okay. Come here. When we get there, do something to draw their attention, and then you install this bug. Oh, install a bug … Officer Li, don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. Zhang Chengzhi loves his mother. Once he knows she’s sick, he’ll definitely come back. Belief in God? Hmph! We’ll get him soon. Yes, very soon. (Ready?) Xiaonuo. Mom, I’ll get the door. Oh, you’re here! Hello, ma’am! Ma’am, are you feeling better? Your son hasn’t come to see you yet, has he? Ma’am, I really do think you need
to take better care of yourself. Without Chengzhi at home, if something were to happen, oh, it would be so much trouble
for your wonderful daughter-in-law. Oh, oh, and you really need to
take care of yourself, too. With an old person and a child here,
everything falls on you. I think that your son is a waste of a human being. Because of his faith, he doesn’t take care
of his family and he lost his job, and now you’re really sick,
but he still won’t come to see you. It seems to me that he doesn’t
care about his family at all! Grandma, grandma. Mom. Grandma. (It’s okay.) She’s so unwell, but you still come by to say that? How do you sleep at night? The CCP expelled Chengzhi
from his position just for his faith, and they keep pursuing him. What law is he breaking? You … you really have things backward! All of China is the CCP’s domain and the Party is the law. Believing in God is illegal! We’re the ones that decide what is right and wrong. That’s right. Mom. Hey Officer Li, let me give it a shot. The police wouldn’t want to arrest him
if he didn’t believe in God, and they wouldn’t have to take away
his mother’s pension, either. Even getting a good education
for your daughter could be an issue. Oh, it will be an issue. Mom. Grandma. Grandma. Mom. Oh no, ma’am. How much money can a conscience get you? You don’t know right from wrong. Okay Ma’am, it’s not good for you to get so upset. We have to get going. Sorry for the inconvenience. Brother, be careful when you go to see your mother. It’s very dangerous. Dad! Dad! Captain, the girl is yelling “Dad”! Zhang Chengzhi is back! Mobilize the team! Did you have a nightmare? Don’t be scared. Mom is here. Search the place! What are you doing? Outta my way. Mom! Where’s Zhang Chengzhi? You better hand him over. I don’t know. Search on the bed! Check other rooms! What are you doing? What are you doing? Now! Find Him! Xiaonuo! Don’t touch her! Tell Zhang Chengzhi, he better just turn himself in. Hello? Captain Li, I just ran into
Zhang Chengzhi on the street! Dammit! Let’s go! Chengzhi! Hello? Mom, it’s me. My son! How’s your health? I’m just fine. Don’t worry about me. OK? Chengzhi, we’re all fine. Take good care of yourself. Talking on the phone isn’t safe, we should hang up. Dad! Xiaonuo! Dad! Daddy! … Dammit! Captain, the bastard got away again! Dammit, get him! Brother Chengzhi, the police
are looking everywhere for you. You should leave China as soon as possible. We’ve already taken care of everything for you. Thanks be to God and for all the help
from my brothers and sisters. Mom, when can Dad come home? Let’s pray to God.


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