Christine Kozlowski – Theatre & Dance

I’m a person that puts my heart into anything.
I don’t want to have any regrets. With dance, there’s so much more freedom. But with dance,
there also comes performance. So besides the strength and the freedom, you also feel like
you have power. You have power when you’re on a stage to just truly influence people.
The theatre program is so diverse. The favorite classes that I’ve taken would have to be movement
because it has to do with voice, but it really shows you how to form a character through
body language. I didn’t think that there was such a quality
of a program so close to my hometown. The thing that I hope I can give to people is
to just be a constant inspiration to do whatever it is in life that they want, just grab hold
of it and go. I think the biggest thing is to never stop
dreaming. I never really minded being in the public eye. I was just humbled to be put in
such a position. I’m so grateful for that experience. It never would have happened if
I didn’t have the family support and encouragement of the people in my school and in my community
that just kind of pushed me to keep going. I guess just having that title and having
that clout, you basically just do what you would normally do but it just means so much
more. I think that’s why I felt so honored to have that.
Whenever you do have, like I said, a title, or a name or familiar face, you want to be
that leader for other people.

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