Christmas is coming to Watford Palace Theatre

We’re all getting into the festive spirit here at the theatre. Everyone across the building is getting excited about panto. In the wardrobe at the moment you can’t move for silk, sparkles and people sewing like daemons, because we do like to put on a bit of a spectacle at this time of year. There’s a special feeling of community, I think around a panto, both onstage and off. Panto is a really magic time of year, and there’s a real joy to it. Everything about the set is slightly mad and particularly beautiful. Everyone is working very hard to make sure all the backstage things that have to happen will make all the onstage things look gorgeous and simple. I’m really happy that we’ve got so many of last year’s actors coming back, including Terry, our wonderful Dame. ALL: Hello!
SHIRLEY: Welcome back to Watford. NELLIE: And after last year’s Mother Goose, here we are with
ROBIN: Robin Hood! SHIRLEY: Our very own Robin Hood. NELLIE: How exciting. NELLIE: There’ll be songs,
ROBIN: dancing,
SHIRLEY: loads of costumes. NELLIE: Oh there’ll be jokes,
ROBIN: old ones,
NELLIE: maybe even some new ones!
SHIRLEY: Oh! SHIRLEY: Chocolate gold coins.
NELLIE: Oh sweeties, I do love sweeties.
NELLIE: Dear me. ROBIN: Audience participation,
NELLIE: oh lots of that. NELLIE: Do you know what, I can’t wait to get started.
SHIRLEY & ROBIN: I can’t wait either.
SHIRLEY: Why don’t we go? NELLIE: Oh that’s a good idea, let’s get to rehearsals? NELLIE: See you there!
ALL: Bye!

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