Cinderella Launch Trailer

DAMIAN – Hello Sheffield!
ALL – [SHOUTS] Yay! [ ♪ UPBEAT ELECTRIC GUITAR ♪ ] DAMIAN – Right okay MATT – Right, I’m ready… JOANNE – Hi, I’m Joanne Clifton, and I’m playing… Fairy! PHIL – Hello, I’m Phil Gallagher from CBeebies ‘Mister Maker’, but today, I’m Buttons! MATT – I’m Matt Daines and I’m playing Ugly Sister. DAMIAN – And I’m Damian Williams and I’m playing Prince Charming [SCREECHING BRAKES SOUND]
– What? OLIVER – I’m Oliver Watton and I’m playing the Prince. BEN – And I’m Ben Thornton and I’m playing… his servant DAMIAN – Well this year’s show is going to be…
MATT – Cracking! DAMIAN – Spectacular!
MATT – Funny! OLIVER – Outstanding!
JOANNE – Magical! PHIL – Hilarious!
BEN – Amazing! MATT – Fun, fun, fun!
DAMIAN – Oh, you’re gonna love it! MATT – Yes you are!
DAMIAN – That’s it. DAMIAN – I don’t know what we’re saying?!
[LAUGHING] JOANNE – Oh my crown fell off! OLIVER – …Wonderful?
BEN – [LAUGHING] Spectacular… again. [LAUGHING] PHIL – Get ready Sheffie – oh, sorry!
DAMIAN – Keep that in!

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