Cinema 4D Tutorial Importing from Adobe Illustrator and make 3D

Hey everyone I am asik!
today i am showing how to import illustrator file in cinema 4d and make this 3d. i am going collect one vector image from Google then open it in illustrator software,
for make this outline or illustrator path. select my vector image and making image trace
from illustrator submenu. then click expand button .
when expand complete this vector, Please select this vector and ungroup this, for separate
white area and black area . Now invert this vector feel to stroke and
save this . when you going to save this remember one thing make sure your illustrator file
save in illustrator 8 version we can open illustrator file in cinema 4d
2 ways , first one is file menu then merge and other one is object tab file menu merge
object then select your file and simply click open. when open this file in cinema 4d, add extrude option from c4d sub-menu . then drag and drop your file on the extrude option and see it’s already make 3d . then we can tune this extrude, from attributes tab there was lot of option for make more detail’s whats you need . If you like my tutorial please subscribe my
channel and feel free to share your comments and any question . i will try to solve this Thanks for Watching


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