Cinema Arts Artistic Portfolio Submission

>>Nelson Chipman
Well, the portfolio submission process is, for us, sort of the most important part of the process because it’s
our opportunity to really get to know the student.>>Laura Boyd
If a student is just graduating high school and thinking about
becoming a filmmaker, Point Park is a great place to start.>>Rick Hawkins
Our goal at Point Park is to help you develop as an artist. And the first step toward that is putting together your
portfolio so we can get to see who you are, what you’re
passionate about, and what your artistic interests are.>>Lucas Esteves
For my portfolio I put a video that I did in high school.>>Emanuel Brown
I put in a lot of music.>>Kelsey Sylvester
A lot of paintings and different fibers artwork.>>Philip Williamson
I only had one video.>>Dane Hager
Drawings and tattoos.>>Heidi Schlegel
I included as many things as I thought would
represent what I was capable of doing. That’s why if you don’t have film examples for your
portfolio, stories, any stories you’ve written. Personal
stories, creative writing stories, stories about yourself. It’s a perfect thing to include in your portfolio
because that shows us you’re a gifted and talented
storyteller. And that’s what filmmaking is all about. Something that shows us who you are as an artist because
who you are as an artist is who we’re interested in. To submit your portfolio, you want to go
to Point Park’s homepage.>>Chris Ranallo
You can sign up or log in, either way it’s absolutely free. With that, it’s a very easy step-by-step process that will guide
you through applying and you can submit up to five art pieces. And you just submit it, that’s really it. Don’t just dream about a career in the film industry. Make it happen. Make it happen. Make it happen.

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