Cinema Choopistha Mama || Latest Telugu Short Film 2015 || Directed By Rithvik Boda

*harsha searching for items*á All the items are here..Poojari ji ..Please make it quick! Poojari reciting manthras Poojari :son..Please bring the bridegroom Harsha :Okay ..Poojari ji Hey Abhi..Come Quickly ! Poojari Ji is calling you Abhi :Yeah ..I’m coming!! Abhi :Has Shanthi started? Harsha :She has eloped from her house without anyone knowing.She’ll be here in some time.Stop worrying abhi :..okay Poojari to abhi :Son..please put forward your right hand Priyanka :Abhi..People at shanthi’s place have found out that she has eloped. Abhi :What!!Where is she now? Priyanka :She is coming here.Her sister just called me and told this. Harsha :*very tensed*Abhi..what do we do now? Her dad is a big rowdy.If he’ll catch us ,we’ll definitely be dead!We’ll have to do something Shanti approaching Shanthi :Abhi..People at my place have found out My dad has sent rowdies to catch us.We’ll have to run away from here. Abhi :Harsha ,don’t get involved in all this.I’ll take care of this. You leave this place immediately .Me and shanthi will somehow manage and come to our place. Call the media and police and bring them to the place.We’ll be there .. Harsha :Okay Abhi,But please be careful. They may kill you. you take this way You…that way Director :hey cut cut He is Stefan Fightla Without any content in the storyline,áWithout having any clarity about characterizations in the movie This director aims to deodrize his dreams and make his movies blockbusters It’s been 9 years since this glamorous actress from the north entered tollywood. even then she finds it very difficult to even utter 9 words in telugu. sir..what an outstanding performance!!! you are indeed,the perfect heir to your father.. hero is riding on a bullock cart a bomb from a helicopter is fired on him … then camera rolls out of water… ha babu sir is it fine??or..shall we go for a retake?? It was good but I didn’t find it entertaining Do you understand what i’m telling? Show me ‘Cinema’inside this Cinema now i will announce take 2 ,let’s make our movie more filmy Is anyone there? hey ,explain the scene properly to sir this is okay with hero ,then what about herione?? should i show her legs??áor the hip?? no I will go with top angle move the crane aside..No ..not there.. is it so?? one minute let me ask the producer and confirm sir it seems there is an issue with illeana’s datesá..are you ok with sunny? heyy my money!! Director sir..áwhy are you troubling the hero with take 2á lets manage with take 1 do you want a normal movie with 20-30 crore collection or blockbuster movie that collects 200crores I want 200 crores movie only then see take2…. director sir..ámmm you nailed it that is the power of take 2 it’s time for lunch break..Everyone leave Don’t take it ,that way..let try it in another way lunch is being served there it is not about lunch sir can you listen to my point of view once? lets continue with take 1 sir who the hell are you to suggest me sir please listen to me once who the hell are you to suggest meáand why should i listen to you I wont listen.. Sir sir plz sir.. Listen to me, then the decision is yours okay cool tell me sir in the previous scene hero is projected very weakly, he gets beaten up by street rowdies and is admitted into the I.C.U In the I.C.U emotions work between hero and heroineáand there begins their love track we are projecting the hero in a weak role there but coming to this sceneáthe hero is being projected like a hero with super natural powers purely logicless sir please sir understand it ,take 2 is pointlessálets continue with take 1 We’re running out of time and schedule sir.. please tell them oh rgv!! You don’t know about production values…. you don’t know how to make films and elevate hero.. why do you people even come to this industry! *getting ideas* heyy scriptwriter ,come here open scene 33 in our movie strike off whatever is written in it Yeah.Now write whatever i’m gonna say now when hero gets admitted in to I.C.U nurse gives him steroids instead of anasthesia when research is being done on D.N.A and R.N.A in Dr.Zoro’s laborataries those steroids get misplaced and reach the hospital and then the nurse gives him steroids instead of anasthesia this causes scientific reactions in his body and his strength gets doubled every day The hero’s muscles grow and finally lets end it with a bang lets show sixpack in the climax and elevate the hero power by adding 50 fighters and end it in a crazy way. producer sir..ápart2 science fiction with love story what do your say? sir science fiction with romance Sir!!ácrazy combinationá We would get our money back,even before release itself Agree his proposal sir In that case ,lets make it. what do you say,Whom do you think we could cast? I think deepika Padukone I would suggest alia bhatt lets ask for Scarlett Johnson too Dude..What an amazing idea you gave!!
00:13:24,921 –>00:13:25,800
what are you talking?
00:13:26,000 –>00:13:28,000
why are you so frustrated?áDo you realize you have given a crazy idea. Crazy idea?!Are you mad? Do you realize that based on this idea the director has changed the entire storyline! Dude,this (this kind of story)is exactly what audience expect from us. they want an entrance of hero which projects heroism They expect foreign locations,huge sets,a scene with 150 car’s chasing, masala songs,heroines in short skirts, vulgar comedy,few scenes which fans of the hero would like.. that’s all by combining all these and creating hype showing huge openings,We can mint money stories should just project all these scenes Audience have got accustommed to watch this type of scenes.They want these! We don’t have the right to criticize audience. It is only because of their love towards the hero that some of the worst movies ever madeáalso turn out to be commercial hits. And that’s why ,We cannot criticize audience. what have we been doing for past 20 years? Increments in investments, improvements in publicity development in actors,enhancements in technology artists from america,dancers from europe, female artists from russia ,fighters from china, supremacy in locations,ultimacy in dialogues, adequacy in performance,áintimacy in romance we have developed in every aspect,Except one A proper story ,Isn’t that what is required the most? These days ,people are spending 15rs in internet cafe and instead of searching for sunny leone ,they’re learningáhow to make short films.They are writing stories overnight and are finishing the shooting in a day and uploading and are uploading them on youtube and are garnering applauds. these people are criticizing us in theatres and why?Because they’ve understood they techniques of film making. And now if the producer asks us what’s the difference between them and us? What do we answer? ‘Proper Storyline’is the answer If someguy in foreign uses 3d technology ven we are using it.Infact we’re bringing those technicians here or we’re even going there! and taking their help.Right from the ones who sketch to the makeup artists Yet our movies are not as good as theirs.Why? The difference isn’t in the way of filming but in the storyline and the concept. Cinema isn’t a business It is a beautiful picture made by combining different arts It is a temple for all these artists who make their livelihood through this. It is a platform for different artists to establish themselves And for this temple,the producers of the movie are the gatekeepers. While the god of this temple is our STORY. Please come out of this feeling that It is our responsibility to change this situation Please understand..Let’s change Amazing ,bro! Who’s that guy? I shouldn’t see him on sets from tomorrow Who’s that guy? Assistant director sir Ask him if has written any good scripts Okay sir ..Definitely sir


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