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What’s bothering you?
– I can’t figure out how to end the story. Don’t you worry,
I got a plane. We shall look into
Korean for content, English for making Telugu for songs,
Tamil for nativevity. Hindi for hero & make a story inspired
from them, simple, isn’t it? Knob head!
Am I baking something to blend all those? I’m already worried,
you ain’t making things any better. When did you ever take my advise? Eureka!
That would be cut, cut and magic. Sir, may I narate?
– Let me put my cell on silent. Please go ahead.
– The plot has a countryside backdrop. The heroine would be near a sea,
walking towards the camera. And we’d reveal her.
The titles would follow. That’s the end,
what do you think? It’d have been next level
with punch lines in it. Sir, but that’s not possible. I can’t do a movie without punch lines. Sir, I can’t…
The story is the soul of the movie. If we keep searching for soul,
my pocket would be of holes. Hey, that’s one right there.
– Sir, please hear me out. We shall make a blockbuster
once you make the script with puntch liners. I’ll be back with bunch of punch lines.
– That’s the spirite. All the best! Namaste, sir!
– Namaste. I’d like to narate a story to you.
– Sure. The story is set in a village.
– Like ‘No country for old men’? Our plot is quite different.
The protogonist is female. What do you think?
– I like it. But it’s an experimental female
centric story, don’t you think it’s risky? I assure you story is good,
movie would be great. I have recently seen a Korean film,
Why don’t you start with it in Telugu? Won’t it lead to copyrights infrigment?
– No one cares about Korean films. But we can’t relate to their’s nativite.
– Why not… pick 1 of the 3 Tamil films whose rights I own? Our nativite is pretty similar. I worked really hard on this story,
I’m confident, movie would do great. I can’t risk.
Let’s remake a hit movie you like. Okay, sir.
– Cya. Namaste, sir.
– Hello! Aren’t you my nephew’s friend? Yes, sir.
– Story? Yes, sir.
– Narate me. In the opening scene, heroine would
be walking towards the camera from a sea. Titles would roll here.
– When’s the hero’s intro? In later scenes, sir.
– Would there be any elivation? Nothing of that sort,
story revolves around a village. As if it were Earth which revolves
around Sun. Isn’t hero the protogonist? Film’s story is our real hero. Whatever,
Hero doesn’t even have single fight scene. Hero has got a real strong characther.
– I don’t care, has he got any fight scene? Our film is an emotional journey.
– I can’t make a film without fight scenes. Please hear out the entire story.
– Come back to me with some fight scenes. Okay, sir. Sir,
shall I start? Yeah, please.
– Story is set in a village. The opening… Titles would roll down here.
– Story’s nice. Is this your first one? Yes, sir.
– So, it’s your first time. I’ll undertake this project.
– Thank you, sir. I’ll produce the film, pay you as well.
But you won’t get any credit for it. I worked hard on this for 2 years.
– I understand. But film business is worth crores.
Why should I invest on you? Sir,
I want to direct my story. You have got no experience, I’d rather make
this movie with an experienced director. Your story would hit the screens.
And you’d be paid. I believe in myself.
I can direct the film. In that case, make a small pitch video. It should be about 10-15 minutes
and must summarize your story. You don’t have to concentrate on any
technicalites rather your direction skills. You may direct the film if you convince me.
– Okay, sir. Thank you! This is some car collection.
I wish to buy one in future. What’s taking her so long? What happened?
– He liked it. You don’t seem happy about it?
– He asked me to make a demo video. So?
– How’re we gonna find actors? We shall conduct an audition.
– Great. Let’s go. Shall we start.
– Yup. Okay.
– I’ll do Samantha’s dialouge. Okay. Action!
– Generally, there’re two kind of boys. Type 1;
The moment they see a beautiful girl… Are you fine?
– I’m sick but it’s okay, I’ll finish it. They start to stalk you.
– Any problem? I’m infected by viral fever.
– Then why’re you here? Because I want to become viral.
– ‘What the…’ You may leave now, we’ll get back to you.
– What about my audituion? Once your viral fever is cured
we’ll work on making you viral. “Acharya Deva, what have you spoken?”
Why is this dialouge so hard? Haven’t you got any Hindi dialouges?
– Nope! Can’t we correct it while dumbing?
– We can do so. Get in touch with my manager,
he will give you my dates. Okay. Why approve such guys for audition?
Give me the sheet. How would I know? Acharya Deva, what have you spoken?
What did you say? You say that a charioteer can’t compete?
Crazy! What a lame statement! No more statements, you better leave.
– Go, get going. Action!
– There’re two types of boys. The moment they see a girl,
They form a group… group of… group of… boys and…
– Not somemany times, only 1 time. Fasak! Super!
– Ma’am, I can say that dialouge. Don’t fasak the fasak, if you
fasak the fasak, the fasak fasaks you. I’m not the fasak!
I’m mazak! Don’t you joke with me, else,
you’re gonna take a stroke from me. You may leave.
– Please leave. You’re killing the talent. Tell him his dialouge.
– Okay. Sir, your dialouge is
‘Acharya Deva, what have you spoken?’ I haven’t spoken, yet.
– Sir, let me finish. It’s test of skills not war of military.
– I can’t give any tests. ‘OMG!’ Please calm down and listen.
What about your father Bharadwaj’s birth? Why question my family?
– When did I? How dare you? Show him the way out.
So annoying. Shu away! Shall we start?
– Sure but what’s the budget? What’s my remunaration?
– Have you acted in any movie before? I have worked in plenty;
Baahubali, Agnathavasi… Oh, really?
– I even acted in ‘Bharat ane nenu’. Oh!
– But I have never seen you before. Maybe they cut my part because I’m good.
– Haven’t you seen those films? I’m busy, gotta do lot of shows and all.
You haven’t told me the budget of the film. One minute.
– Hello! It’s a small budget film. ‘Such a braggart.’
– I’m hear to make a deal. I’ll call you back later.
– Have you taken sir’s number? I have.
– We’ll call you. You have my number, don’t you?
– Yeah, we do. Block his number immediatly.
– Sure thing. Shall I?
– Yup! You question my social class?
Aren’t all humans equal? You say we’re of different castes?
Tell me, what’s your caste & what’s mine? Weren’t both of us
given birth in a hospital? May be our birth places were different.
Why should I be the one who enligthens you? Despite your education,
you speak of caste? Why be so lame? Despite wiser men insiting on equality,
you still discreminate on basis of caste? Was it good, ma’am? What was the original dialouge?
What did you say? You made a mess of it. I made some changes and spoke it my sytle.
– Why would you kill it’s emiontion? You think it’s easy?
Why don’t you give it a try. What did you say? You tell a charioteer
can’t compete on basis of social class? Such a derogatory statement!
It’s test of skills. Not of birth. It shouldn’t be so either! If it’s test based on castes,
What about your father Bharadwaj’s birth? How obnoxious was your birth? Weren’t you born in a clay pot?
What’s your caste? Wasn’t our grand father, old man of Kuru
dynasty, son of Shantanu born in the womb of Ganga river? What’s his caste? Why make say all that? Isn’t our dynasty progenitor, Vasishta,
son of a courtesan, Urvashi. Didn’t he marry
low stature Arundhati and begot shakti? Didn’t Shakti heniously begot Parashud. Didn’t he & Matsyagandhi,
a fisher woman begot my grandfather Vvyasa? My grandfather begoted
my father from grandmother Ambika. my uncle Panduraj
from grandmother’s sister. & with our family servant, he gave birth to
Vidura, the one you honour as most lawful. Long ago, Kuru dynasty has given up
on propagating on basis of caste. So, why dispute about the caste? Hey!
Someone’s here for audition. Let him in. Please come in.
He’s here. Tell me your favourite dialouge. In the universe,
anything in motion shall not stop. the flowing river, the air we breath,
the swinging tree, the rising sun. Even the blood flowing in your veins,
which is yearning you to succed. Nothing,
nothing shall stop. You’re good. Have you acted anywhere before?
– I have recently acted in a movie, ‘Manu’. Whose the director?
– Phanindra Narsetti, it’s his debut film. Oh, okay. Get the producers number.
– There isn’t any producer. It’s a crowdfunded film.
– What’s that? Well, 115 cinephiles, from their own pockets
have contributed as much as they pleased ranging from Rs 5k to 40 Lakh
to make this movie. This journey took us 2 years. This product
is result of 2yrs of our hard work. I wanna see it, when is it releasing?
– On 7th of september. Okay. I’m the co-director.
Don’t worry, I’ll handle it. Ouch!
– I asked you to book tickets, did you? What for?
– I told you to book tickets for ‘Manu’. Fine, I’ll.
But do you expect it to do well? That doesn’t concern me. People shown faith
in them and contributed a crore in 4 days. I’d be watching two years of hardwork. How can one judge it’s a hit or not in 2hrs?
– That’s true. So, book tickets for the film. We’ll watch.
– Okay. Manu. A local artist. Loneliness is reflected in his works. Loneliness,
probably that’s what connected me. Excess of sugar on tongue always tastes sweet.
But once it’s in the blood, it creates mayhem. Namaste, people! what’s up? Hello! We tried
Sr NTR’s dialouge for the first time. We can’t deliver perfectly like him.
Please excuses us if we made any mistakes. If we did anything wrong,
please accept our apologise. Don’t forget to watch
Manu on 7th September in theaters near you. I hope you like this video. Do like, comment
share & subscribe to our channel, Dhethadi.

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