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Namaste! You’re aware of Kerala’s plight. The military, navy and some volunteers
are risking their lives to save Keralites. As we can’t physically be there
for them, let’s support them financially. Use the link below the video to make
your donation to disaster-struck Kerala. Thanking you,
yours Jalsa Rayudu. Oh, I did book a ticket for the movie.
But I’m having second thoughts about it. People would post about it on FB.
Why should I be left behind? I shall go. Is my shirt iorned?
– In a minute. Be quick, I’m getting late. Do I have to waste my time on it? Better
listen to its review from my US friend. Dude, are you sleeping?
– Yeah, what’s it anyway? What’s the talk about the movie?
– It’s got an average review. Watch it on tamilrockerz.
– You say so. I thought so too but I desire
to check-in & post about it on FB. Let me think.
– Fine, cya. I guess I’ll watch it in the theatres. What are you getting ready for?
– Don’t you know? It’s Sunday, today.
A new movie got released. Would movies put some food on the table? They might not but I can’t eat anything
without watching a movie on Sundays. Hope I’m not wasting my time.
Let’s check the review online. ‘3.5’, that’s a good rating. Mom, don’t I look like a movie star?
– You’re a rockstar. But you didn’t see me yet.
– I’m obliged to answer the same either way. You’re using TV one liners on me.
I warn you, I’m gonna unsubscribe cable TV. I’m cooking fish curry, be home for lunch.
– I’d not miss out on fish curry. Hey! We’re you going?
– I’m going to a movie. But why in the rain?
– Don’t worry, It ain’t any acid rain. He’s a cinephil. “We had to sell off her both bangles.”
– Yay, Bangel star! First, I’ll post a pic on FB. I almost forgot
to take screen’s pic. This ones good.
I’m excited about the comments. Boss is here!
Hurray! Yay!
– How much did I miss? 5 mins, why be late for the movie? I’m
sure, you would be late for everything else. I have already got 10 comments
and 5 likes. That’s some response. Damn! That’s awesome!
– Calm down, dude. What’s the point
of watching it on the big screen? Hey, what’s it?
Yup, I’m watching the premiere. It’s okay.
Are we having a party? Should I start now?
Oh, it’s after an hour. I’ll be there after interval.
Okay. Hello! I’m in the cinema hall.
– Get out and talk! I’ll call you later.
– Turn off your phone. Turn it off! ‘One who uses a phone
in cinema halls and temples must be hanged.’ Punch him! What a dialouge!
It was written well, wasn’t it? Hello! Yeah, I’m at the movie. You were
supposed to meet me, why didn’t you? I did wait for you. It’s okay, I already
posted about the movie, we can talk. I’m bored.
I’ll leave. Get me a tea.
– Sure, sir. This rain!
– What would you like, sir? A strong masala tea. Where are you, dude?
– I’m in the cinema hall. Are you returning back?
– It’s raining, I’m waiting at a tea shop. I’ll be back. How’s the movie?
– Was average, not as per my expectations. Who asked you to have expectations?
– Who the hell are you? I saw the movie as well.
– Must be the floor ticket, I suppose. Yup but not a jerk like you.
– Watch your tongue. Don’t get offended, what let you down?
– The heroine was a major set back. She can’t act and didn’t do any exposing.
– If so, why not watch ‘R’ movies? Don’t show off your cheap standards.
– You seem desperate, so I said it. The movie is the same everywhere, do you
think movies would be huge without us? Stop acting smart? We, at times, cook our food with excess salt or
no salty. Such is the case with movies as well. It’s hard to digest the disappointment.
– Why use so strong words? You might have bought the ticket online,
I had to stand in the queue. Have you ever erected flexes at the multiplex?
– I did, at Mallikarjuna theatre. Why would I? You guys are mad.
– You’re right. We are mad. We make a grand opening
ceremony for the movie. We always have our collars up.
Make noise to show our joy. People like you watch & post about movies
to get some attention on social media. Even if the movie is distaours,
we don’t pity ourselves like you do. We get satisfied with what little it has to
offer & get excited about the next film. You’re the reason our industry is medicore.
We guys need to learn from Tamil & Mallus. Oh, nice.
You’re using the trending critic dialogue. You love a movie as if it were a girl.
I love a movie as if it was a mother. If movies adopt Tamil style,
you would accuse them of copying. Always complaining about the hero, how weak the
songs are, heroine hasn’t shaken it off enough. Suggesting to concentrate
on nativity, commercial elements and so on. When people are miced up for feedback, they start rating like a taylor
would measure; 3.75, 3.25, 2.5. If you’re so worried about a 120min film, imagine how much the makers who worked for
120 days would be worried about the movie. What would you say if the movie’s great?
– We would ask for more such movies. Isn’t it? But later, you complain
of making a similar kind of movie. Educated people like you
support piracy as well. You ought to read the review before you watch.
But I don’t care about any review. Any new poster, I’ll be at the cinema hall.
– You guys are hardly supporting new talent. Aren’t we? How would you explain
the success of all small budget movies? And the success story
of short film directors. There’s a new upcoming director,
who’s a short film success story? He is Phanindra Narsetti,
directing his debut feature film ‘Manu’. I have seen Manu trailer with few
college students who were here recently. The trailer had a different vibe.
– You know about Manu, ha? What does a crowd-funded movie mean?
– Don’t you know it already? I know, I’m just testing your knowledge. Don’t just be active on social media,
learn stuff too. ‘How do I explain?’ Just like how we collect donations
to celebrate Vinayaka Chavithi, Similarly, cinephiles pooled money
to make a movie to encourage new talent. That’s how ‘Manu’ was made. I’m proud
to be one of crowdfunding producer. Don’t watch a pirated copy of my movie.
Watch it only in the theatres. One would earn money doing his job. But an artist would earn
people’s admiration along with the money. Our artist reciprocate such admiration by
always standing up at the time of calamity. I request you not subside
such industry by encouraging piracy. Lately, all sort of rumours has put
the film industry in news for wrong reasons. This is discouraging parents from
letting young talents enter cine industry. I request you not to throw dirt
on the industry. Encourage new talent. Singing off, Jalsa Rayudu.
– Hi! I’m Akira, co-director. Hi!
– Are you interested in doing movies? I’m doing this videos to prove
my talent and make it into the movies. We didn’t ask you to be part of our movie.
As, we thought you’re not interested, sorry. This happens quite often.
Please don’t forget to subscribe. ‘How can they conclude
without asking for my opinion?’ ‘Manu’, a local artist.
His works always reflect loneliness. ‘Lonelyness’,
probably that’s what connects us. Excess of sugar on tongue always tastes sweet.
But once it’s in the blood, it creates mayhem.


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