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hi everybody Scott Hards here and I am
with Woody from Toy Story well the box says 4 but this is of course Woody
from Toy Story everything because he’s a super iconic character and I guess this
is from the figure-rise series from Bandai Oh though there’s nothing on the
box alluding to any special series name but yeah I got to build Woody just after
he came in and my first impression was WOW he looks great and secondly this was
a super easy kit to build you know it only took me about an hour and 45
minutes to put Woody together here straight out of the box and that was
with a couple of breaks I think in there to watch some great scenes from from Toy
Story and in-between so yeah as you can see let’s move the box out of the way
here Woody is super super expressive and super super poseable some interesting
things about this particular kit compared to some other kits for those of
you who might be experienced with them is there are no poly caps in this all of
the joints are just plastic on plastic but the tension is just right you know
so so woody is really nice and poseable that also makes for easy assembly too
and again stress here this isn’t painted at all now the box does give you
instructions for adding a little bit of paint if you want to liven up the
areas where some paint would help him look a little better would be of course
his shirt here you can see the cross hatching in the actual movie he has
slightly red stripes here so the the reddish-ness is of course not there also
this is getting very fine on the edges of his vest officially these have got
little black stripes on them and they have the ridges in there for him so if
you wanted to use maybe a marker or do an enamel wash you could probably
duplicate that if you want and then also the brim of this hat or the Hat has a
band a darker brown band around it which is not showing here and they do not
provide a sticker for that but it doesn’t really show so those are the
three areas where the the quote-unquote real Woody would have more detail I
guess the the little badge on his holster here is also supposed to be gold
stuff like that but but that’s about it so you can see right here what we have
is a straight out-of-the-box Woody with no additional effort at all put in of
course you could liven him up but this is what you’re gonna get with nothing
but a pair of nippers now it’s again he’s super poseable and super fun to
play with and the the best part I think are his eyes because you know his eyes
actually move within their sockets so you can you can you know get him looking
off to the side here like that and of course you could put him in some kind of
crazy sort of disease mode there if you wanted to but now we don’t I do that to
poor ol’ Woody he’s he’s so much fun we want to keep him looking pretty pretty
sober here one little thing I guess this is kind of a compromise they had to make
for the sake of poseability his hat actually does not stay on very well and
you know it’ll you can plunk it up there and it’ll stay okay but if you wanted to
have it like off to one side or something
you might have to use some kind of a super high-tech solution to achieve that
as we have here in the form of good old cellophane tape stuck in his hat there
so you know if you want it to be off to one side or something like that that
works pretty well but yeah it doesn’t have a sort of a snug hoop you know into
place there as you put it on but again that gives you the ability to be a
little bit more creative with how you do it now he comes with all kinds of stuff
– of course he has four sets of hands as you can see I’ve chosen to use an open
palm on this side and the thumbs up over here we have another other hands – we’ve
got like a pointy finger and all kinds of stuff here I don’t have to remember
them because the box shows them off probably so we can just bring this over
here and see all the different hands that woody comes with in addition he
comes with separate stickers for the bottom of his feet you can do either
Andy or Bonnie I’m an old-timer so of course I love Andy on the bottom of his
foot there and of course best of all he comes with multiple faces so let’s see
how we can we can change his face real quick here because I think I want to try
a completely different pose here so you know we’re gonna pop his hat on
and then you know in a big surgery here you just gotta have to carefully pop the
front of his face right off there and it comes right off and let’s see
what we can do with one of the other faces here okay we’re back in now I have
done my best here to kind of create a shocked and exasperated woody of course
you see him a lot like that in the movies because Buzz or somebody’s always
doing something that that Woody just disappears off but frankly you know I’m
kind of finding this sort of this sort of pose to not be you know the way I
like I like my figures to be you know I want him to look like he’s having a good
time because you know I’m always trying to have a good time so I think I’m gonna
switch him back to to his normal pose here hang on just a sec while we go
flip-flop the plastic again now when you make the switch for Woody’s faces here
you do also have to flip-flop his hair because that moves from from face to
face and you see there’s a little groove in the top and his hair just fits right
into position like that and then we can put his little face right back on there
and we’re good to go now let’s see if I can get kind of a cute pose something
like what they’re doing on the box here they’ve got him looking off to one side
with his finger holding up his hat I got it going the other way but let’s see
what we can do here if we can get a good smirk to round out my my efforts here
you want to get his eyes aligned or else he’s gonna look like he’s on something
so all right so we got him poking up his hat they’re looking on to the corner of
his eyes in the camera so yeah as you can see lots of posing fun with your
your Woody here and as you can see he also comes with the the base there’s
just a simple peg that goes in the the heel of one of his boots in order to
hold him up and of course these bases is if you’ve played with them before you
know they connect to each other and it comes with a little piece that you can
use to snap the bases together and of course there’s one more figure from the
new Toy Story series that you’re going to want to connect the base to in order
to enjoy your Woody you can even double or triple as the case may be and
of course Dave is gonna have a complete look at the exciting new Buzz Lightyear
kit that has also just come out in our next episode so don’t miss that in the
meantime I’m gonna go riding off into the sunset and getting the snake out of
this guy’s boot love you Woody


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