Today is Sunday, so let’s go for a movie. Let me get ticket first. This is cineteca national in Mexico City which was open in 1974. Ticket here is
50 pesos which is around two dollars and sixty cents. If you watch a movie in a
regular theater in Mexico City, the price is double. There ten movie theaters in
here. It got Toy Story 4 but most of the other movies are like international
or sort of like minority movies. I want to see a Mexico documentary but it’s full. Wow! So I got another one. I think is the French movie.
Let see how it goes. Next to the box office, there’s a brief description of
each movie. It also has a weekly schedule of the ten theaters and outdoor theater. The outdoor theatre is available every
weekend at 8:30 in the evening. I watched a documentary there the previous
night. Audience can sit anywhere on the ground and is free. There are not only movie theater in here you
can also find bookstore like the one next to me and there are lots of
restaurants and also some souvenir shops so let’s go. Next to this place, there’s a building
for parking. It’s 20 pesos per hour but if you have a movie ticket it’s 30 pesos
and it will cover the whole movie time if you don’t drive a car there’s a
parking space for bike as well it is such a beautiful place I love it
so much we don’t have to come here just for the movie you can come here to get
the coffee and ice cream a snack and then bring your best friend or a book
and then come here to chill and relax for the afternoon isn’t it nice? Let me
find my theater it will tell you house seven to ten are on the
first floor so that you need to walk up my movie is about to start so let me go
inside to get the snack and a drink Churreria! I got this classical. 25 pesos for 4 pieces Okay, I’m done. The movie was almost like 2 hours, a very very heavy movie. They spoke a little bit of French, mostly in a local language, sorry I don’t know what it is. with Spanish subtitle. so I’m not able to understand any of
those languages but I know what it means in the story. It’s not a very big theater
but very beautiful. It only got 8 rows of seats but it’s very wide. Rain rain rain. That’s
what happened in Mexico City in the afternoon. Remember me. but look at those seats over there so cute together umbrella so they got like you see
is it it’s dry My battery is dying so I have end my video in here.
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