Climate Change Theatre Action: starting a dialogue with theatre

Climate change is an important issue
right now because it is perhaps the greatest existential crisis that we face
as a civilization, as a species, there is no person who is not touched
by climate change. While many people might know
something about climate change often times looking at climate models or the data that’s associated with it may
not always be the clearest thing unless you’re a climate scientist. Theatre becomes a much more
accessible place to have these conversations it makes it
human it makes it something that’s relatable so that we can have these
conversations more broadly. Climate Change Theatre Action
is a distributed festival of new short climate change plays commissioned from 50 playwrights. In 2017 we had over 200 events All 50 states, seven out of ten provinces, and
many countries in just about every continent except for Antarctica had events hosted through theatre groups through universities presenting readings
to stimulate conversation through theatre about climate change. The launch event that we held here at York most of those people who were reading
were current York students, we had recent alumni who were a number of the
playwrights who contributed materials. York is unique in that it’s theater
program is perhaps the only in the world that has a sustainability focus and has
wrapped it around its entire theatre training curriculum

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