Club Spotlight: UBC Musical Theatre Troupe

Hi, I’m Chandler I’m Heather Duke I’m McNamara And we’re the Heathers I’m Hannah Dyck-Chan I’m an Events Director for UBC MTT Musical Theatre Troupe The only musical theatre club on campus Right now we’re rehearsing for our spring musical Heathers – The Musical It’s an Off-Broadway production Musical Theatre Troupe is an all-inclusive club Anybody can join Just a bunch of people who really enjoy musicals enjoy watching them enjoy performing them I’m Danni I’m the current set designer along with Scout Wasdell I’m Camille I’m doing costuming I’m the choreographer My name is Brandi And I play the saxophone Justin And I play the clarinet I’m Scott And I play the drums I heard you have a really good voice Can you sing us something? Hannah thinks so Very cool hair I dye it myself What’s your name? William And what’s your character? Hipster Dork

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