Code Geass Drama CD [Stage 9.725 “The Night Before the Battle”] (Subbed)

Stage 9.725 The Night Before the Battle I’ve sent a group ahead to the Narita mountains. I already know the
Japan Liberation Front’s tactics. You’re enjoying this. I am. This is my chance
to finally take revenge on Cornelia. You hate losing, too. Doesn’t everyone? That attitude’ll get you killed. What do you mean by that? Lelouch? Are you there? Suzaku?! Got a minute? I’m coming in. Hold on a sec! My room’s a mess right now! Hey, stop it! What are you- -Quiet!
-Can I come in? W-What’s up, Suzaku? Lelouch? What are you doing under your bed? Uh, um, I just dropped something… Quite a nerve you have,
stuffing me in a hiding spot like this. Shut up. Suzaku… I know we’re friends,
but you can’t just come barging into my room. But I knocked. I didn’t say you could come in. You could think a little before you act, you know. Even since we were kids,
you always barge into places. Do I? Yes. You need to learn the meaning of the word, “Pri- You just keep too many secrets. That’s all. At the Kururugi Shrine,
you had these snacks, and this stuffed weasel and- Hold it! How come you remember all of that? How rude. I’m really not that forgetful, you know. You are. You even forgot the password I came up with just now. What, 500 lines of strange blocky letters?
Who’d remember that? I do. But you ended up making it
much simpler. Yeah, ’cause you couldn’t understand it. Thank you, Sir Lelouch. I am forever in your debt. Dumbass. Just say “thanks” like a normal person. You really have changed. Have I? Yup. You used to be selfish,
and speak less formally. And what about you? You’ve become kinda crude, and… Well, you are 17. I guess it’s normal. What is? You got a girlfriend, right? I mean… There’s a long hair here.
It’s not Shirley’s or Nunnally’s. Shut up! That’s just… That’s not a girl’s hair! You don’t need to hide it. And I won’t tell Nunnally. We’re both 17 now.
That kind of thing is totally normal. “That kind of thing?” That kind of thing… What does that mean? So? What’s she like? I’d like to know! Well… I don’t really get her. You mean she’s mysterious? Yeah. Is she cute? Nope. Not in the slightest. So she’s mature? Nope. She’s lazy as anything. Are you sure she’s a good match?
You don’t deal well with the unpredictable. Yeah, she’s a handful. She leaves her clothes lying around, she’s untidy, selfish, haughty… And her diet is really unbalanced. Lelouch? The bed just moved. Maybe I turned on my alarm by mistake. Alarm? Yeah, it moves the bed. Special function. Anyway, Suzaku.
What are you here for, at the dead of night? I came to give your math notes back. Thanks, by the way!
Next week’s test shouldn’t be too bad now. Tests are nothing but a game between the teacher and the student. It’s easy if you just read your opponent’s thoughts. I thought you’d say that. But why come all the way here for this? You could’ve given them to me in class. I’ve got work from tomorrow. Military stuff? Yeah… We’re going to inspect… or, uh, study, a factory. Oh? The one in Shizuoka? Yeah… I’m surprised you knew. It’s just coincidence. Lelouch. You’re not thinking of doing something risky, right? And make Nunnally cry? Of course not. Right. Yeah, I guess not. Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked. Well, see you! I gotta get up early tomorrow. See you later. I didn’t realize the two of us were lovers. If you weave some truth into a lie,
people are more likely to believe it. Huh. And here I was thinking
you were gonna confess to me. Don’t be stupid. I’d never go out
with an unpredictable girl like you. What? Are you mad? Nope. But I’m glad it’s not
Narita where your friend will be tomorrow. Suzaku’s in an engineering unit.
He’s never on the front line. “The only ones who can shoot are those
who are prepared to be shot.” That’s what you said. Yeah. Then I ask. Are you prepared to shoot? Even if the person you shoot is
somebody important to you? So you’re prepared to be shot, but not to shoot, huh? I can shoot. -Can you?
-Stop badgering me. No matter who that person may be… I will shoot them.

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