Cold War Movie Review (Non Spoiler) film theory

Cold War what is this film all about and
is it worth watching let’s take a closer look Cold War is a Polish romantic drama
directed by Pawel Pawlikowski who won Academy and BAFTA Awards for his
previous film Ida the film stars Tomasz Kot and Joanna Kulig and depicts the
impossible love story of Wiktor a musician and Zula a singer who were
mismatched but are condemned by their love for one another set against the
backdrop and impossible times of the Cold War in Poland Berlin Yugoslavia and
Paris this is another film I saw at the local Film Festival in my area this week
which will have a wider international release in October all the way till the
end of December I actually lived in East Berlin former East Germany for several
years and I usually did something to celebrate German reunification on
October 3rd so I thought a review of Cold War which as the title suggests
takes place during the Cold War and partially in East Berlin was very
appropriate Cold War is one of the best executed films I’ve seen this year as it
manages to blend a compelling narrative stunning visuals hypnotizing music with
amazing performances all rather seamlessly cold war may remind you of a
film like Casablanca but it’s actually dedicated and loosely inspired by the
director’s parents so it does have its own unique story there is some gaps and
time jumps in this love story but the director felt that these were the most
boring and convoluted parts of his parents love story I actually appreciate
that he left these out and showed some restraint because it works out in the
viewers favor we begin to fill in these gaps on our own and it gets the viewer
involved in the story which is actually really effective let’s talk about the
characters and performances the performances are all excellent
especially by the main actress Joanna Kulig who is very charming along with
Tomasz Kot who both actually perform the songs that will leave you breathless
what is interesting about these characters in relation to the themes of
the film is how these characters are mismatched
Wiktor desires more freedom for his music in the West and Zula is loyal to
her motherland Poland in the East so there’s a lot of conflict between the
two but they both passionately love one another so deeply that they cannot exist
without the other they are at a constant struggle which is a brilliant metaphor
for the Cold War itself let’s quickly talk about the visuals of the film which
is a major component the shots are so beautifully composed beginning to end
that some parts made my jaw drop with just how gorgeous they were in that
regard this film reminded me of another personal favorite The Cranes are Flying
another romantic drama from the former Eastern Bloc with some of the best
cinematography you will ever see highly recommend this one besides the amazing
compositions that film is black and white and also at 4:3 ratio which really
adds to the authenticity which I felt were smart risks that really make the
viewer feel like we are in that time period something interesting to note is
that despite the backdrop of the Cold War there is no scenes of war related
violence but the film is full of visual symbolism and metaphor
seeing as how Cold War is a love story between a musician and a singer the
music is another major component of this film with real performances that are
blended into the story seamlessly what I really loved is how the different
musical styles actually mirror their relationship as we progress in this
story so at the beginning we hear simple folk music then smooth jazz and by the
end some rock music this was so impressive and done flawlessly without
spoiling the plot of the film one sequence that made me really think was
how these rural people of Poland were used to performing their own folk songs
are forced to change and perform these songs to spread the propaganda of the
former Eastern Bloc cold war is easily another one of the best films I’ve seen
this year it’s just executed so well on the story the performances the visuals
and the music that it’s pretty much flawless
I don’t really much to criticize so I’m going to give Cold
War five out of five stars I would highly recommend this film if you’re
interested in the subject matter what did you think of Cold War leave your
thoughts and perspectives in the comments down below so we could have a
discussion and if you’re new to the channel and enjoy the content please
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